C65 —- Putting A Plan In Place


Although he was indeed jealous, Adrian also understood that his jealousy didn’t come at a very reasonable time, so he didn’t directly emit the sour smell of jealousy, but reached out and wrapped his arm around He Yishu’s shoulders and looked at Qiao An with a serious expression, “If you have any difficulties, Xiao Shu and I will try to help you, after all, you are Xiao Shu’s best friend. ”



While declaring sovereignty, Adrian also kept reassuring himself in his heart that he actually didn’t need to be jealous, after all, there was still a big difference between a best friend and a boyfriend, although this self-assurance didn’t play any substantial role.


Qiao An nodded gratefully and thanked them sincerely, “Thank you.”


“Since we’re already best friends, you don’t have to be so polite with me,” He Yishu gave Adrian a sidelong glance, knowing his little mind like the back of his hand, then he turned his head to Qiao An, “Now that you have done all you can do, it’s time to rest and relax, put this matter aside for, because you really didn’t do anything wrong in this matter, and there’s no need to have any psychological burden.”


Qiao An knew that He Yishu still had something to discuss with Adrian, and these words might involve some information that he shouldn’t know, so Qiao An nodded and went straight back to his bedroom.


When only He Yishu and Adrian were left in the living room, He Yishu looked again at the metal box in front of him, “If I remember correctly, the Brandt family should be the number one rune card family in the Star Empire, right?”


“The Brandt family is indeed the number one family in the rune card world, with absolute strength and status in the rune card world, many very famous rune card masters, are from the Brandt family,” Adrian nodded, and also took the initiative to give a direct account of certain things, “Eliza is also from the Brandt family. ”


He Yishu raised his eyebrows, not caring extra about Eliza’s information, after all, this girl posed no influence to him: “So the Brandt family is trying to get my method of making rune cards by monitoring me?”


“It should be,” Adrian nodded with a serious expression, “Your appearance would directly shake the Brandt family’s absolute position in the rune card world, and even cause all their previous glory to collapse overnight, under such circumstances, they would never allow you to continue making those rune cards. And as far as my personal guess is concerned, I think it is very likely that they want to take your achievements for themselves, so as to further enhance the Brandt family’s status in the rune card industry.”


“Then I’m afraid the ending will definitely disappoint them.” He Yishu laughed lightly, the “they” he said didn’t only refer to the Brandt family, he believed that as long as the rune card master families who had seen his performance in the team competition, they would all have more or less similar thoughts to the Brandt family.


They might want to take his skills in making rune cards directly for themselves, they might want to cooperate with him in order to make huge profits, or worse, they might want to just destroy him completely to prevent him from having any negative influence on them.


But no matter how they thought, He Yishu obviously couldn’t let them do as they wished, because he would only walk on the path he wanted to.


Adrian, however, thought more than He Yishu: “I’m afraid this time it’s not simple, as I just said, this surveillance equipment, only the military department has the right to use it, in addition to its sophisticated surveillance function, it also has a very strong anti-detection function. In other words, the reason why the Brandt family chose this surveillance equipment is perhaps to put me in the scope of surveillance as well.”


He Yishu stroked his chin: “Could this mean that the Brandt family has colluded with certain people within the military department, and certain people who colluded with the Brandt family are most likely not on good terms with your father, so they would take advantage of this opportunity to use them to do something to you?”


“I also guess so, I will tell father about this matter, let him investigate carefully,” Adrian, and He Yishu looked at each other, “but before he investigates the results, I don’t recommend directly alarming the snake.”


He Yishu looked at the metal box in front of him with some amusement, “So we have to use this monitoring device now, right?”


Adrian nodded, while further explaining in detail: “For this device, line of sight monitoring and signal monitoring are its two main functions, if they are installed in your bedroom, then the monitoring line of sight range, is your room, but its signal capture range can be extended to within a hundred meters, this distance is enough to cover my apartment. At the same time, because its anti-detection function is equally strong, even if the monitoring range is wide, it will not be easily detected.
Of course, even if it was inadvertently discovered, it could never be easily linked to people in the military, after all, this surveillance equipment was found from your bedroom, and between you and the people in the military, it’s also interspersed with the presence of Qiao An, his family, and the Brandt family.”



“So it seems that the person who came up with this kind of tactic is indeed very clever,” as Adrian narrated, He Yishu’s expression became more and more serious, but then he smiled at Adrian flirtatiously, “but with you as my guardian, I don’t seem to feel scared at all .”


Adrian’s expression instantly relaxed, “It’s an honor to be your guardian.”


“So …… the solution now is that we pretend for the time being that we haven’t found anything, install this surveillance equipment in my bedroom, and then we will try to catch their fox tails, right?” He Yishu smiled and clapped his hands.


“The truth may be different from what you describe, although it is true that this surveillance equipment needs to be installed in your bedroom, but we won’t let this surveillance equipment perform its original function,” Adrian took out a surveillance pin from the metal box and explained in detail, “During the first few days, in order to prevent the other side from suspicion, we do have to reflect the situation in your apartment to the other side truthfully through this device, but after this sensitive period, I will directly obtain the control of this monitoring equipment, so that this monitoring equipment will become our control tool.”


“And on the other side, what he can receive will be the monitoring screen after the camouflage, as well as the signal capture information. Therefore, the real situation will be that although the surveillance device is indeed installed in your bedroom, it won’t bring any impact on your life. To give you a very simple example, when you leave the apartment, the environment in the bedroom is always in a state of stillness, and we can use this state of stillness to override the situation when you return to the apartment, in which case whatever you are doing in the apartment at that time will not be detected by the other side.”


“It sounds like it’s very powerful.” He Yishu looked at Adrian, and increasingly felt that his man was particularly handsome and powerful.



Adrian was satisfied with He Yishu’s gaze, he slightly straightened his back and continued: “Even if it is military equipment, there are also advantages and disadvantages, although this set of monitoring equipment is much more powerful than ordinary monitoring equipment, but the other party obviously doesn’t want to reveal their true identity, and therefore don’t dare to use more high-end monitoring technology. And this is one of his points of omission, we can use this to counter-monitor their signal sources, so as to further determine their identity.”


He Yishu said heartily, “Adrian, you really look very charming right now.”


Adrian’s dark green eyes stared at He Yishu: “Although we are now discussing serious matters, but I still can’t help but ask, since you find me very charming, you really don’t want to give me a kiss?”


Without saying a word, He Yishu leaned up and “met” the corner of Adrian’s lips.


Adrian clenched his fist, although he was now very eager to hold He Yishu and deepen the kiss, he reluctantly resisted: “Thank you for the kiss, now I have more confidence to guard you.”


He Yishu asked with a smile, “So now all I need to do is pretend I don’t know anything and live my life as usual, is that right?”


“Yes, in addition to that, try not to show anything unusual in classes and other activities, the other side may not have adopted only this way to monitor you,” Adrian’s gaze became deeper, and there seemed to be a faint rasp in his voice, “Also, in the first few days, you better not use the light computer to view any sensitive information, and don’t create text rune cards.”


“I understand.” He Yishu nodded to show his understanding.


“So …… by now we should have discussed business, right?” Adrian inquired as he stared at He Yishu’s lips.


He Yishu continued to nod, “It should be almost …… well ……”


He Yishu didn’t have time to finish his words before Adrian kissed him and his waist was encircled by his strong arms.


After the kiss, the two calmed down a bit and called out Qiao An again. Apart from some hidden information about the military, He Yishu truthfully told Qiao An all the other information: “We planned this for the time being, but in this way, you may not be able to get rid of your family in a short time.”



Qiao An shook his head: “I have no relationship with them, this incident may not be a bad thing for me if it happens later. And if I can, I might be able to get more evidence, so you can act a little better afterwards, right?”


“That won’t be necessary, I don’t want you to get too involved in this matter for my sake.” He Yishu refused Qiao An’s good intentions, after all, essentially his situation and Qiao An’s were very different, their personalities were also very different, it wouldn’t be too good for Qiao An to be involved in this matter.


Adrian also said from the side, “Don’t worry, I will arrange this matter properly.”


Hearing the two say so, Qiao An didn’t insist.


After that, Qiao An followed Adrian’s instructions and waited for He Yishu and Adrian to leave together before sneaking into He Yishu’s bedroom and installed the surveillance equipment on top of the four corners of He Yishu’s bedroom according to his father’s instructions, and then secretly called his father.


For Qiao An’s high efficiency, his father was naturally very satisfied, and even his tone of voice softened, but Qiao An no longer wanted to say anything more to him, and quickly found a reason to hang up.



As for He Yishu and Adrian on the other side, after they left He Yishu’s apartment, they went directly to Adrian’s apartment.


Adrian needed to inform his father, Arman, in detail about this matter, and also discuss matters related to the font rune card.


At the very beginning, He Yishu just sat aside and watched Adrian seriously discussing with his father, and only when Arman mentioned the arrangement to reveal the secret of the font rune card did He Yishu speak up, “Uncle, I don’t think this matter needs to be rushed.”


In the video screen, Arman turned his gaze to He Yishu, and his expression instantly changed from that of an unapproachable marshal to that of a kind-eyed elder: “Does Xiao Shu have any plans of his own? You can talk to uncle about any ideas you have, and uncle will help you analyze exactly what to do.”


Adrian: “……” He suddenly felt a little humiliated.


He Yishu: “……” He suddenly understood Adrian’s awkward conversation skills, no wonder he changed after he fell in love.



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