C61—A good dog bite dog show

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When He Chengkun saw He Tingting’s unforgiving look, he suddenly turned cold: “Tingting, don’t be ridiculous, Daddy really has something important to discuss with your brother, so I’ll talk to you later.”



He Tingting’s tears immediately fell, this feeling of betrayal made her want to cry, she choked up and yelled, “He’s not my brother! He’s just a loser who was kicked out of the He family, I don’t have a brother like him!”



“Tingting!” He Chengkun was also annoyed, especially since there were already a lot of students gathered around, he felt humiliated.



He Yishu was happy to watch the hilarity from the side, but when he heard He Chengkun say that he was He Tingting’s brother, he immediately became unhappy as well: “Mr. He, although I don’t know why exactly you were looking for me, I can’t agree with your statement, after all, I really don’t have any relationship with the He family or you anymore, so please be careful with your words. ”


He Chengkun couldn’t continue to say anything more, he revealed an ugly smile, “Xiao Shu, I came to see you today because of something important, can we change places?”


“There is no need, but before that, I do have something to tell you,” He Yishu looked at He Tingting, who was already crying, and took the initiative to speak for her, “Just now, He Tingting challenged me to a rune card contest, and I have just made it very clear. If you agree, I will accept her challenge, what do you think, Mr. He?”



When He Chengkun heard this, he became even more annoyed, he had already made it very clear to He Tingting that she shouldn’t provoke He Yishu again, but the day after the competition, she came to challenge He Yishu, she was going against him!



He Chengkun glared at He Tingting, and hurriedly turned to He Yishu: “Xiao Shu, Tingting doesn’t know what she’s doing, don’t take it personally, just pretend she didn’t say anything.”



“In that case, Mr. He doesn’t agree?” He Yishu raised his eyebrows and helplessly turned to He Tingting, “He Tingting, it’s not that I don’t want to agree to your challenge, but since your father has said so, then it’s better to forget it.”


“No!” He Tingting sniffled and said pointedly, “Challenging you is my business, it has nothing to do with him, he has no right to make decisions for me!”


“Tingting!” He Chengkun looked at He Tingting with a stern expression, “You’re not a child anymore, can you stop fooling around?”



“You think I’m fooling around? You actually think I’m fooling around!” He Tingting’s tears fell even harder, and her voice became even more hysterical, “Do you know how He Yishu humiliated me before? Do you know how much I have suffered and been ostracized for this? You don’t care about me at all, and now you dare to say that I am fooling around, are you my …… Father or not?”






A crunching sound brought He Tingting’s voice to a screeching halt as she covered the right side of her face in disbelief and stared at He Chengkun with a twisted expression, “How dare you hit me?!”



He Tingting was close to collapse and roared, “I’m not the one at fault, why did you hit me? Why did you hit me for this trash!”



Looking at He Tingting who was staring at him like this, He Chengkun’s heart was also on fire, he had always thought that even though his daughter wasn’t very soft, she was still quite well-behaved and understanding, but he never thought that his daughter would deliberately disobey him like this!


At this moment, He Chengkun even suddenly felt very strange, this person with a distorted expression and hatred written in her gaze, was really his daughter?



He shook his head, but quickly realized his situation and adjusted himself, “Tingting, don’t continue to be unreasonable, it’s all my fault that I usually indulge you too much, that’s why you have developed such a nature.”



After saying that, He Chengkun turned to He Yishu and said, “Xiao Shu, Tingting doesn’t know how to behave, I apologize on her behalf, please don’t bother with her, I will definitely teach her well.”



He Yishu was having a good time watching the fun, when he heard He Chengkun say this, he just smiled good-naturedly: “She has done this not once or twice, I have long been used to it, but I will not get involved in the family affairs of the He family, as for the matter of He Tingting’s challenge to me, I will pretend that nothing has happened, so Mr. He should be satisfied, right? ”


He Chengkun didn’t look at He Tingting, but looked at He Yishu with a smile on his face: “It’s true that Tingting is wrong, I’m glad that you don’t mind, but can we find a place to sit down and talk now? I have a lot of things I want to say to you.”


He Yishu shook his head without any hesitation, “I can’t, because I have to go back to class, goodbye Mr. He, and I hope you won’t come to me next time.”



After saying that, He Yishu turned around and was about to go back to class, but He Chengkun hurriedly stopped him and said with a reluctant smile, “Xiao Shu, there are many misunderstandings between us, I hope you can give dad a chance to make it up to you properly.”


“As of now, the fact that you no longer appear in front of me is probably the best way to make up for me.” He Yishu glanced at He Chengkun coldly, then walked around him into the classroom.



He Chengkun was so angry that his face turned red, under the crowd of so many people, He Yishu didn’t even leave him any face, which simply made him lose all his face.



What made him feel even more humiliated was that He Tingting even added: “Didn’t you beat me up for He Yishu? But what happened? This is how he treats you now, dad, you must be feeling very bad right now, right? But you deserve this, you brought this on yourself!”



Now, He Chengkun’s face turned completely pale: “Shut up! Who gave you permission to speak to me like that?”



“Just now, when He Yishu treated you like that, you didn’t even have a temper, now I just said a few words of truth, and you scolded me like this, dad, am I your daughter or not? He Tingting cried, her voice was so loud that everyone around her could hear it clearly.


With another “pop”, He Chengkun slapped He Tingting once again, he was really angry with this stupid daughter!


If he continued to stay here, it would only make him lose face even more. He Chengkun looked at He Yishu’s back with a dark gaze and turned around to leave.



Originally, He Chengkun thought that He Yishu’s promise to see him would be a good start to repair the relationship between their father and son, but now it seemed that He Yishu had just deliberately let him in to cause conflict between him and He Tingting.



It was impossible for He Chengkun not to feel angry and irritated, but thinking of the huge benefits He Yishu could bring, he had to suppress his temper and began to seriously think about what to do next in order to transform the relationship between him and He Yishu.



He Chengkun, who was thinking about this problem, had just taken two steps when he was stopped by someone. He looked up and saw that the other should be a student of the First Academy, but he didn’t know him.



Without waiting for He Chengkun to speak, he already asked, “Are you Mr. He Chengkun?”



He Chengkun nodded somewhat confused, “I am, may I ask who you are?”


“Hello, I am a classmate of the same major as He Yishu,” His attitude seemed polite, but the next words were not so pleasant, “I’m surprised to see you here, but there’s one thing I want to ask you, since you drove He Yishu out of the He family, then why are you here now? Why did you appear in front of him and even try to repair the relationship with him? Is it because his performance in the competition was too outstanding?”



He Chengkun’s face, which originally had a little smile on it, suddenly became stiff, “Sorry, this is a family matter of the He family, I don’t think I’m obligated to answer your question.”


“You’re right, you really have no obligation to answer my questions, but accordingly, you and He Yishu are now two completely unrelated and independent individuals, if you still come to harass him again and again despite being rejected by He Yishu, I think He Yishu also has the right to defend his rights,” Apparently, this student had watched the live broadcast on the virtual network, and had become one of He Yishu’s supporters, “I will remind him of this in a timely manner. With his talent and strength in making runes, he should’ve waste his time on such things.”


There were also quite a few people around looking over here, and although they didn’t speak like this person did, they were all looking at He Chengkun with contemptuous and repulsive eyes.



He Chengkun was blocked from saying anything, and didn’t want to continue to make trouble here, so he could only coldly grunt in indignation and fled with a red face.



As for He Tingting, who had just been slapped twice in a row, she really had no face to return to the classroom and ran out directly from the other side, and didn’t come back to class afterwards.



On the contrary, He Yishu, who started this father-daughter war, wasn’t affected by this incident at all and went back to the dormitory directly after the class.



But what made He Yishu feel a little surprised was that his roommate Qiao An didn’t come back after he left the First Academy to go home in the morning.



However, He Yishu then guessed that it was probably because Qiao An had performed well in the team mixed competition that his family had called him home, so he didn’t think much of it.



After a brief preparation, He Yishu went straight to Adrian.


On the other hand, after He Chengkun returned to He’s house, he immediately lost his temper with Lu Na. What he experienced today made him lose face, and if he didn’t vent it out, he might really be angered to death.




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