C60 – I want to challenge you

If He Yishu wasn’t mistaken, it seemed that he no longer had any relationship with He Chengkun, and he blacklisted him, but He Chengkun actually came to him on his own initiative, he couldn’t be sleepwalking, right?


However, regardless of whether He Chengkun was sleepwalking or not, He Yishu definitely couldn’t go to see him, so he directly rejected the meeting request.


However, what He Yishu didn’t expect was that He Chengkun came back the next day, and his attitude was very proper, and he didn’t ask He Tingting or He Xiaochen to inform him, but waited in the school guard room of the First Academy.


So He Chengkun was trying to impress him with sincerity? Did he not know that it didn’t exist at all?


But He Yishu could also understand He Chengkun’s approach, after seeing his performance in the team mixed competition, He Chengkun probably felt that he had huge benefits and had to draw him back to the He family, but unfortunately from the moment He Yishu left the He family, he never thought of going back.



He Yishu snickered in his heart and was about to reject today’s request for a meeting when he saw He Tingting walking over with a cold expression.


After being eliminated from the competition several days ago, He Tingting came straight back to reality, but after a few days of adjustment, she failed to get out of the shadow brought by the competition, every time she thought of that incident, she felt a lot of anger and resentment.


She really couldn’t figure out why her brother had to make that kind of move, they left the game in such a humiliating way!



Even after leaving the competition, He Xiaochen told her to stop issuing challenges to He Yishu and not to go after He Yishu anymore.



He Tingting was angry and puzzled, but what she couldn’t figure out was that after she left the competition, her father called her to tell her that she must adjust her relationship with that loser He Yishu and not confront him anymore!



Why would her elder brother and father, who had always loved her, do such things that broke her heart over and over! Why?


It was as if everything had changed overnight, she had become a child who was unreasonable in the eyes of her father and elder brother, while He Yishu had become the object of their defense!



All this was unacceptable and incompressible to He Tingting, and with He Tingting’s personality, it was obvious that she couldn’t really listen to her father and elder brother’s advice, she quickly made a decision.


When He Yishu left the tournament, she would definitely challenge him and defeat him so that her father and brother would know how stupid and ridiculous their decision was!



And today, He Tingting had come for this very reason!


“He Yishu!” He Tingting called He Yishu’s name, which made him raise his head, but the resentment and annoyance in her voice was easily heard.



He Yishu glanced up at He Tingting, he hadn’t seen her for a few days, her expression was very ugly, as if she hadn’t rested properly for several days, however, this didn’t make He Yishu feel any sympathy, he just smiled lightly, “May I ask what you want?”



“I want to challenge you!” He Tingting stared at He Yishu with flaming eyes.



He Yishu couldn’t help but laugh, as if he had heard a joke: “If I remember correctly, we had already competed in the group mixed competition a few days ago, right?”


“That time doesn’t count!” He Tingting clenched her fist and gritted her teeth as she retorted, “That time our competition didn’t even end before it was interrupted by my big brother, so that time doesn’t count at all!”



“Interrupted by your big brother?” He Yishu raised his eyebrows in a bit of surprise.



After abusing the scum, He Yishu hadn’t paid any more attention to them, so he didn’t know that He Xiaochen had chosen to eliminate himself before He Tingting had produced the rune card.



It seemed that He Xiaochen was indeed quite selfless towards this sister, preferring to take the blame rather than seeing He Tingting suffer, but He Tingting obviously didn’t understand and was particularly brainless, and now rushed over to seek death.



He wasn’t interested in responding to He Tingting’s challenge because it was too unchallenging, and he really didn’t want to see He Tingting’s twisted expression for even a second longer, but then He Yishu thought of the meeting request he had just received.


He Yishu thought about it for a few seconds, then he smiled and nodded, he quickly set the meeting place with He Chengkun at the entrance of the classroom in five minutes.



After doing this, He Yishu looked up at He Tingting: “According to reason, since you chose to eliminate yourselves in the competition before, the competition between us is considered to have a result ……”



“I didn’t do it!” He Tingting’s voice was sharp as she interrupted He Yishu, “The one who chose to be eliminated wasn’t me!”


“But it wasn’t me either,” He Yishu shrugged, “No matter what exactly happened to you at that time, the responsibility shouldn’t fall on me, right? And the fact is that your mecha partner chose to be eliminated, and I never received the test data of the rune card you produced, so even if you explain it any further, the fact is …… you lost.”


He Tingting was indignant, but she really couldn’t refute He Yishu’s words, so she could only grit her teeth, “That’s why I’m challenging you again, if you’re not afraid of losing to me, then accept my challenge!”



“I’m really sorry, this provocation method is useless to me,” He Yishu didn’t get angry, he just looked at He Tingting with a smile, “How about you change your method, for example, put a sincere attitude like the time you apologized before, or beg me, maybe I’ll agree? ”



“He Yishu, don’t go too far!” He Tingting was so angry that her eyes turned red.



He Yishu shrugged and sarcastically responded: “Since you think I’m excessive, then don’t come to me ah, obviously you took the initiative to come over and challenge me, I refused you, but I was just exercising my right, how come when it comes to you, it becomes that I’m excessive? Don’t you think that the one who is really going too far is you?”



“If you want to reject me, just say so directly, I won’t accept deliberate humiliation!” The exasperated He Tingting turned around and was about to leave.



However, He Yishu gently called out to her, “Did I say I was going to reject you? And am I humiliating you? I just want to tell you one thing, whether it’s being a person or doing something, attitude is very important. Since you came to lay a challenge, you should at least correct your attitude first, it is the same as going to apologize to others, saying words of apology but still doing the wrong things, isn’t it the same as slapping yourself in the face?”



He Tingting knew very well that He Yishu was deliberately mocking her for taking the initiative to apologize earlier, but thinking of He Yishu’s first words, she still chose to hold back for the time being, “So you agree?”



“I can promise you,” He Yishu looked at the time on his light computer, then spoke slowly, “but only if your father agrees.”



When she heard the first half of the sentence, He Tingting already showed a bit of excitement, but when she heard the second half of the sentence, her expression tensed up again: “What does this matter have to do with him? You’re no longer a member of the He family, and you have nothing to do with him, so why do you need to involve him?”



“You can think of the answer to this question, yourself, but my condition is that I will only agree to your challenge if your father agrees.” He Yishu emphasized.



If it was before then, He Tingting might not have cared about this request, because at that time she hadn’t had a big fight with He Chengkun, and He Chengkun hadn’t changed his attitude towards He Yishu, but now, if she really told her father, he would definitely stop her!



However, before He Tingting could continue to argue, she heard a voice outside the classroom, it was the school guard room staff who was responsible for bringing He Chengkun in: “Student He Yishu, please come out for a moment.”



“Excuse me, I need to go out for a moment, someone came to see me.” He Yishu smiled faintly, stood up and walked outside the classroom.



He Tingting reluctantly followed behind He Yishu, and when she saw who was standing at the classroom door, her eyes immediately widened, “Daddy, why are you here?”


He Yishu said with a smile, “I think Mr. He is here to see you, right? It’s just that when he was writing the application for the meeting, he might have accidentally filled in the wrong information and wrote my name.”



“Dad, you came all the way over to see He Yishu?!” He Tingting looked at her father with a shocked expression, not expecting that her father would appear here for He Yishu, the trash, instead of coming to pacify her!



He Chengkun couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and at the same time his heart was filled with anger towards He Yishu, setting the meeting place at the entrance of the classroom was clearly a deliberate attempt to let Tingting see him, but thinking of He Yishu’s performance in the competition, He Chengkun had to smile.



He Chengkun first gave He Tingting a look and said soothingly, “Tingting, I’ll talk to you later, but right now I have something to discuss with Xiao Shu first, go back to the classroom first.”



“Xiao Shu? Dad, have you already forgotten that he was kicked out of the He family by you and has long since ceased to be a member of the He family?” He Tingting, however, was completely enraged by He Chengkun’s action, they had just had a big fight before and had never contacted each other after that, it was rare to see her father, but he was actually here for He Yishu, how could He Tingting not feel angry and sad?




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  1. Has the MC memorized the Art of War? Probably. Sowing internal discord is a highly effective method to destabilize and eliminate your enemy without needing to expend as much effort on your part.

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