C59—The End Of The Mixed Team Competition

All the spectators watching on the virtual network subconsciously stopped breathing, keeping a close eye on the situation at all times, as if they themselves had become one of the members of this team, fearing that any change might occur next, leading to a huge shift in the outcome of the match.



They felt that this team must win, not because they had fallen in love with this team, but simply because there was a group of contestants in this team, and both the mecha warrior and the rune card master among them had shown amazing strength in the competition, which forced them to develop a strong admiration and view from the bottom of their hearts.



Although they knew very well that even if all the other members of this team were eliminated, these two people would definitely be able to advance successfully, but after all, the two of them had been guarding this team for almost ten whole days, and if any change occurred at this most critical moment, everyone would feel sorry for that.



And at the moment when the match was about to end, the virtual arena staff also began the final statistics, and then they were surprised to find that at this point in the virtual webcast, one of the shots of the number of spectators, surprisingly exceeded 60% of the total number of people, and the duration of this ratio, had exceeded five full hours!


This was a situation that had never occurred in previous competitions, after all, there were many experts participating in the mecha competition, Even if some scenes had a high audience, it was impossible to gather more than half of the audience in the same scene, let alone its duration.


However, when the staff checked the channel clearly, it suddenly became clear. Even as a staff member, he subconsciously put most of his attention on this page before.


Under the common attention of everyone, the time slipped back little by little, and the time to the end of the game was also reduced little by little, 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes



Everyone became more and more nervous. The closer to the end of the game, the more worried they felt. They were afraid that something would happen at the most critical moment.



One minute before the end of the mixed team game, two mecha suddenly rushed out of a hidden corner from the team members who were a little away from them and attacked them!


In order to prevent such an accident, He Yishu and Adrian should have already met up with the other team members, after all, very often, the speed of language transmission was far faster than the speed of the mecha attack, but at the critical moment when the game was about to end, they were afraid that the participants’ need to get points would suddenly surge, so they dared not risk meeting up with other team members.



After seeing this scene, the hearts of the virtual network onlookers were in their throats. According to the current situation, Adrian was too far to help, and in this way, members of their team would be eliminated!



The team members who were suddenly attacked were thinking the same thing, and the other side was obviously not weak, they didn’t even have time to ask for help from mecha 532, both mechas were already close at hand, raising their laser swords at the same time, the target of the attack had no time to dodge.


Everyone’s heart was tense and helpless, were their ten days of persistence really going to be lost in this last minute of time?



Just when the two laser swords were about to cut into the mechas, just when everyone thought that the team might really be finished this time, two round beasts, not too big, suddenly popped out of the ground, each pouncing on the mechas that were attacking.


These two small beasts looked exactly the same and didn’t appear to be large, but their movements appear to be extraordinarily hard, and surprisingly, they directly knocked the two mechas into mid-air at the same time, and after completing this impact, the two small beasts fell back to the ground and disappeared in front of the crowd.



The two mechas that were knocked into mid-air quickly adjusted their posture and landed again, but before they could relaunch their attacks or even move, a small round beast appeared under their feet once again, pushing them mid-air.


So for a minute, everyone saw the two mechas being pushed up into mid-air, then down, then up again, then down again ……



This cycle, until the moment the match ended, came to an abrupt end.


[The team mixed competition has ended, and in one minute, the contestants will be teleported off the map!]



[The group promotion results of the Team Mixed Tournament will be announced in the virtual arena in ten minutes, at that time, please pay attention to the relevant information and prepare for the next round!]



[The promotion results of individual points in the team mixed competition will be announced in the virtual arena in ten minutes. At that time, please pay attention to relevant information and prepare for the next round of competition!]



[The voting and promotion channel for the team mix competition has been opened. Please watch the crowd vote in time. The results of the team mix competition will be announced 24 hours later. At that time, please pay attention to relevant information and prepare for the next round of competition!]



A series of announcements popped up at the same time, presented in front of every contestant and onlookers.



Because of this sudden series of announcements, everyone finally slowly came back from their dumbfounded state and started to cheer.



They had just been protected in such a cute way by the little beasts that appeared out of nowhere, they had really all lasted until the last moment of the competition, they were really going to advance, this news was too exhilarating!



Just as everyone was cheering, He Yishu’s calm voice suddenly came over the team’s intra-team communicator: “Mecha Warrior No. 739, I hope you won’t be eliminated too early in the next match.”



Mecha warrior No. 739 didn’t expect He Yishu to say such words to him, and asked with some surprise, “Are you concerned about me?”



He Yishu calmly smiled, “You think too much, I just don’t like you and want to eliminate you personally at the competition afterwards, so I hope you’re not too weak to be eliminated by the other contestants first.”



“……” Mecha Warrior 739’s expression froze he couldn’t help but grit his teeth, “I’ve wanted to beat you up hard for a long time too!”



“I can give you a chance, I’m just afraid you won’t last until then,” He Yishu laughed lightly with a bit of contempt, “I’m not going to lie, if it wasn’t for the overall interest of the team, I would have been tempted to just eliminate you myself at the beginning of the match, and I think the people who think the same as me should be quite a few.”


Someone in the team accidentally hummed in agreement and immediately silenced it.


Mecha warrior 739’s expression was almost twisted: “Don’t worry, I’ll never be eliminated until I beat you up! And the others in the team, listen to me carefully, if anyone is met by me, I will also eliminate you without mercy!”


The atmosphere in the team had already become serious because of the conversation between He Yishu and Mecha warrior No. 739, and now Mecha Warrior No. 739 said so, so this last minute celebration suddenly turned into a crusade.


Team member #1: “Mecha warrior #739 is really annoying, at the very beginning, he obviously had no leadership ability, but still had to be the leader of the team, if not for Mecha Warrior 532, maybe we would have been wiped out.”


Team member #2: “Yeah, and he often fights against mecha warrior #532, obviously the strategy of mecha warrior #532 is correct, but he must sing the opposite, he really didn’t follow the team discipline.”



Team member #3: “And his personality is also so bad, there is no one in the team that has a good relationship with him, obviously everyone else gets along well, only he is completely out of touch.”




The virtual audience were stunned, shouldn’t everyone be friendly with each other after the game and then say goodbye to each other? How come here, the style had suddenly changed into this?


Mecha Warrior 739 was furious, obviously he was the second in the team in terms of points and had made a great contribution to the team, why did he become a worthless, narrow-minded guy in the mouth of these people?


These people were jealous of him, so they deliberately said so!


Mecha Warrior No. 739 was just about to retort when he heard the system beep suddenly ring out.



[You will be teleported out of the battle map in three seconds, please get ready!]


Then Mecha Warrior No. 739 was teleported out of the map with a dumbfounded and resigned expression and returned to the virtual arena.



The ten-day mixed team competition finally ended, and He Yishu and Adrian were able to return to reality.



He Yishu had thought to rest for two days and eat more delicious food to change his mood, but who knew that on the day the competition ended, someone would appear who would make him feel bad.



He Yishu had just returned to class and was listening carefully when his light computer suddenly flickered, and when he opened it, it was a notice from the First Academy’s security office.



The content of the notice was very short: [You have received a meeting request, the other party is waiting in the school guard room, please finish processing within five minutes.]


At the bottom of this notice, there was a clear photo attached, and the moment he looked at the photo clearly, He Yishu’s eyebrows twitched twice uncontrollably.



He Chengkun actually came to visit him, this was too incredible, right?



Happy New Year!!!!

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