C55— Rules Of Mutation


“Although I’m not as strong as you, I’m very strong!” Mecha warrior #739 said defiantly, “At least I’m much stronger than these guys, and I have no intention for you to give up your points to me.”



After expressing his emotions, Adrian didn’t continue to say anything more to Mecha warrior No. 739: “It’s not early, everyone follow the arrangement just made, those who should rest now should go, the rune card masters will continue to make rune cards, but they must also rest on time.”


The night seemed calm and quiet, as if the episode had never happened, but from the next day onwards, everyone stopped paying attention to the member who caused the episode, and even during the march, everyone was unwilling to walk with him.


Although he wasn’t directly punished, these things still made him remorseful of his previous actions, but also more annoyed with the attitude of these people towards him.


After spending the first three days of relatively easy and peaceful race life, from the fourth day onwards, Adrian no longer continued to take the team on long-distance marches, because as time went on, the pace of the race would become more and more intense, and they were about to face more dangers.


From the third day onwards, the team began to suffer attacks from other participants. In addition to some teams with a large number of members, there were also many participants who acted alone, because their team members had been eliminated, which forced them to earn more points in order to get a chance to advance.


And as time continued, the attacks on the team became more and more violent, although Adrian was able to successfully help the team defuse the crisis every time, and although He Yishu’s rune cards could play a powerful to terrifying role every time, but after all, the number of rune cards they could use was limited.



In order to preserve their strength and not let the team go wrong at the most critical moment, Adrian decided to temporarily lead the team to hide in a relatively hidden location and not to take the initiative anymore.


In this place, the team finally got rid of all kinds of attacks and successfully stayed until the last day of the competition.



Five hours before the end of the competition, the team members were relieved, this ten-day team competition was a rare experience, it let them feel a full ten days of tension, now that this competition was about to end, their nerves slowly relaxed.



In such a gradually relaxed atmosphere, everyone had a pleasant chat.


Team member #1: “Now we have 2891 points, I think we can definitely rank in the top three.”


Team member #2: “I don’t know if we can rank in the top three, but my points this time are really a huge surprise to me, I didn’t expect the team to get so many points at all before! But it’s all thanks to mecha warrior #532, without them, we might have been eliminated a long time ago.”


Mecha Warrior #739: “Huh, you guys only remember Mecha warrior #532, did you forget that I also earned you guys a lot of points?”



Everyone unanimously muttered in their hearts: If you didn’t have to say a few words of rebuttal every time Mecha Warrior #532 made a decision, we would probably appreciate it too.


Mecha Warrior #3 just pretended not to hear Mecha warrior #739’s words and continued to chat happily: “Now that the competition is finally coming to an end, although I do feel a lot more relaxed, I surprisingly also feel a little reluctant to leave.”


Mecha member #4: “Yeah, although it’s really a good thing that we all advanced, but if we meet in the next tournament, we’ll be opponents who must eliminate each other, and it’s a little heartbreaking to think about.”


After being ignored, mecha warrior #739 once again flared up: “Oh, you people are really pretentious, it was just a competition, did you actually build up a deep combat friendship with each other?”


Just as the crowd was about to counter him once more, a notification message suddenly popped up from the system.



[Attention all contestants! The rules of this competition have been temporarily changed, in the last three hours of the competition, the system will directly announce the points ranking of each contestant, as well as the coordinates of the contestant’s location map, by eliminating other contestants, you can directly obtain each other’s personal points!]

[ Attention all participants! The rules of this tournament have been temporarily changed. In the last three hours of the tournament, the system will directly announce the ranking of the points earned by each contestant and the coordinates of the contestant’s location map. If you eliminate other contestants, you can directly get their individual points!]

[ Attention all participants! The rules of this tournament have been temporarily changed. In the last three hours of the tournament, the system will directly announce the ranking of the points earned by each contestant and the coordinates of the contestant’s location map. If you eliminate other contestants, you can directly get their individual points!]


This very important piece of information was repeated three times before it finally disappeared in front of every contestant.



After everyone was dumbfounded for three seconds, they all exploded, especially Adrian’s team.


The team atmosphere, which was peaceful just now, had been replaced by panic and shock, and the expressions on everyone’s faces were close to collapse.


Team member #1: “WTF? There was no such rule in the previous competition, okay? This must be a deliberate attempt to screw us, right? Right? This must be a deliberate attempt to screw us!”


Team member No. 2: “I have a sentence that I must say that. Is the virtual arena run by humans or not? It unexpectedly used such a bad trick to delicately punish us! We’re so pitiful,!”



Team member #3: “And temporarily change the rules? Is changing the rules something that can be played around with? Who changed this rule in the end? Dare to stand out and let us k-ill you!”


Team member #4: “It’s over, it’s over, it’s over! Although there are still two hours to go before the information is announced, as long as there are coordinates, no matter where we hide, the other contestants can definitely gather over directly to plunder the points ah, then wouldn’t we be directly finished?!”




Very similar to the situation within the team, at this time, the virtual online onlookers after learning this rule, also exploded.


Fan #1: Change your sister ah change! Can the rules be changed randomly? Isn’t this a deliberate attempt to screw people! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻┻


Fan #2: Although I didn’t see the ranking directly, I just switched a lot of shots, and the one with the most points is Adrian! If the rankings are really announced, Adrian will be the first to be attacked!



Fan #3: I’m really pissed off! What the hell is going on in the virtual arena? It’s not afraid that it will end up killing its own game! Bump (`0)bump


Fan #4: I’m so worried about Adrian, he’s just gotten so many points, what if he’s really robbed!? _(:з”∠)_



And compared to these anxious, angry, panicked, worried onlookers, Adrian and He Yishu, who were the parties involved, quickly calmed down after the initial shock and began to consider the next countermeasures.


No matter what the reason and purpose of the virtual arena was to make this rule change, since this had become a fact, the most important thing was to solve the problem instead of complaining and venting.


Adrian pondered for a moment and spoke calmly: “There are still five hours left until the end of the competition, and after two hours, the individual point rankings will be announced, we can advance as long as we survive the remaining three hours. Therefore, we now have two hours of preparation time.”



He Yishu also nodded and calmly analyzed, “Each group of contestants is limited to 100 rune cards, we have already used 71 before, there are still 29 left available, with the effect of the rune cards I have made, we can definitely last until the end of the competition.”



“I don’t doubt your strength in the slightest, but before that, we need to consider how the other members of the team should be arranged, after all, if we stay with them all the time, it is highly likely that they will be eliminated,” Adrian looked at the other mechas within the team, his gaze became more focused. “After all, what we are going to face next is not the attack of a few teams, but the collective siege of all of them.”



If the rules had just been changed to allow the ranking of points to be seen, as well as the coordinates of each participant, instead of gaining points from the other team by eliminating them, perhaps the other participants wouldn’t have been too crazy.


But now with huge points as bait, contestants with a little bit of confidence and desire to advance would choose to take the risk, after all, the good thing of eliminating a group of contestants and gaining nearly two thousand individual points at once could completely change their fate in the competition.


In this way, Adrian and He Yishu’s situation became very dangerous.


“We must stay away from them, and Mecha 739 must also stay away from the other team members, because our two groups have the highest individual points in the team.” He Yishu suggested.


Adrian nodded and waited until the emotions of the other members finally calmed down before he spoke in a calm and steady manner, “Everyone, calm down first and listen to my plan.”


Hearing Adrian’s calm and steady voice, everyone subconsciously felt reassured and at the same time had extremely complicated feelings, now their team points were all hanging on mecha warrior #532 and mecha warrior #739, if anything really happened to these two, even if the other team members could survive, they might not be able to advance successfully.




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