C54 —Attacked By A Group


Hearing these words from He Yishu, the other was instantly enraged, “It’s too much for you to say that!”


“Because there are only these two possibilities, otherwise how would you propose such a groundless and ridiculous thing?” After retorting, He Yishu directly began to refute the other party’s proposal, “First, mecha combat is completely different from physical combat, even if the mecha damage degree is increased to 99%, it doesn’t mean that its offensive nature is only 1% left. In this case, any defensively weak mecha rashly approaching may be fatally attacked, and even bring down other contestants, so the request you just made will bring at least a 50% or more risk boost to your own teammates.”



“I am not ……” The other wanted to defend himself, but was once again stopped by He Yishu.


“Second, under normal circumstances, the number of people on each team is fifty, and when we attack, there are really only two mechas in the main force, so the previous battles have also been 2:50 matchmaking ratio. Now if we were to follow your method and divide the points equally among each member, it would definitely lead to multiple pauses in the battle, which would not only increase the difficulty and riskiness of the battle, but would also invariably extend the combat time by at least twice as long, which is very unfavorable for the team to gain points;” He Yishu’s speed of speech wasn’t fast, but there were no obvious pauses in the process. “Third, to put it mildly, in the current situation, the team’s points and the safety of the team members are mainly dependent on my partner and mecha warrior #739, do you think if these two mecha are eliminated, the other team members can really survive until the end of the competition? ”



“Definitely not!” A high voice gave a firm response, this was the first time Mecha warrior #739 stood with Adrian, “And what the hell was this guy thinking, to make such a ridiculous request! Do you know how hard it is to charge into battle when we usually fight? You’re not capable yourself, and you still want us to help you get points, will you stop dreaming?”



It was also the first time that He Yishu looked at Mecha Warrior No. 739 so favorably, and he said with a smirk, “Mecha Warrior No. 739, if everyone else thinks the same way, how about we just give up on these people and advance by taking individual points?”



Mecha Warrior No. 739 immediately expressed his strong approval: “That’s a good idea, I just like fighting, I simply don’t have the patience to get along with so many people, and now that there are people who can make such excessive demands, I don’t want to care about them even more.”


Adrian spoke in a deep voice at this point, “I support my partner unconditionally.”



As soon as they heard even Mecha Warrior No. 532 say this, the other members who had been silently watching were silent.


They hadn’t thought about this kind of thing, but when they heard someone bring it up, they were slightly moved to see how mecha warrior #532 and mecha warrior #739 would react, and now that they said so, if they continued to remain silent without knowing what was wrong, then they really deserved to be abandoned!


Team Member #1: “Rune Card Master #532, please don’t misunderstand! We don’t think the same as him, we both know very well that the reason we have survived safely until now is because we are relying on you guys to protect us, so how could we think that way?”


Team member #2: “Yeah, I’ve been attacked several times before and it was mecha warrior #532 who saved me, if it wasn’t for him, I would have been eliminated long ago!”



Team member #3: “Besides, Mecha warrior #532 and Mecha warrior #739 were able to gain points solely because they were really strong, and it would be too much if others became jealous or even made unreasonable requests because of such things!”



Team member #4: “I know very well that I have not been able to contribute anything to the team from the beginning to the end, therefore, I will never make such a request that obviously drags the team down, such a request is simply for my own selfish desire and completely disregards the interests of the team.”




The team members each spoke, vieing to show their attitude, in fact, most people were selfish, once it touched their interests, they’d inevitably be moved, but thinking was one thing, talking about it was another.



He thought that after he raised this matter, the others would be on his side to support him, but the result was the exact opposite of what he thought!


Only when everyone had finished talking did He Yishu speak slowly, “Enjoying the protection of others and the points they earned on one side, while trying to hold everything in your hands. At least in this competition, there is no such cheap thing. If anyone feels they have the strength to earn points, then just come out and speak with strength, and if you don’t have that kind of strength, just keep some of your dark thoughts inside and don’t say them and make others look down on you.”



“Don’t be angry,” It was Adrian’s first time seeing such an aggressive He Yishu, which made him feel a little surprised and at the same time feel warm inside, because the reason why Xiao Yishu would be like this was to defend him, “If you don’t like these people, we can leave them alone, as long as you are happy.”



The other team members simply wanted to cry and kneel down, big brother, please don’t abandon or give us up ah!


He Yishu turned his head to look at Adrian with a faint smile, “I don’t hate them, neither do I think them having some dark thoughts, is wrong, after all, everyone has their own life and their own emotions, occasionally having some negative emotions is normal. I just think that even in the face of negative emotions, you should learn to use reason to weigh and judge, you don’t need to be self-loathing because of these negative emotions, but also shouldn’t go to hurt other people.”



“You’re right.” Every time he heard He Yishu say something like that, Adrian would have a whole new understanding of something, it was a wonderful feeling and very useful to him.



” I’m not really angry, on the contrary, right now I’m actually in a good mood because I feel like I just protected you and I succeeded.” He Yishu smiled as he explained how he felt.


This feeling of protecting someone he liked was also new to He Yishu, and unlike when he was in trouble before, when something was directed at Adrian, he would be more eager to find the optimal solution to the problem as soon as possible than when he was faced with those situations.


The softly smiling He Yishu had a different kind of attraction for Adrian, making his heart thump instantly and making him want to be closer to this person, closer, like a warm, soft sunlight shining on his body.


Such raging thoughts made Adrian’s action precede his reason, he turned sideways and kissed the corner of He Yishu’s lips, then he slowly spoke: “Yes, you succeeded in protecting me, my …… baby.”


The two of them weren’t in a position to cover up their relationship, so after being slightly surprised, he accepted it openly, and he even took the initiative to kiss Adrian back.


Then the internet exploded once again.


Fan #1: Cra-p, cr-ap, cra-p, cr-ap! My eyes are blind, blind, blind! The two big guys are really a pair ahhhhhhhh! ~(≧▽≦)/~


Fan #2: Where am I now? What am I doing? Who am I? Who the hell are these two guys who are so handsome, this is so awesome, they kissed!


Fan #3: It’s so sweet, it’s k-illing me, please give me two more bowls of sugar, pure, unadulterated sugar! (*^ワ^*)


Fan #4: It’s horrible! I didn’t expect Adrian to be so gentle when he met love, I really believe in love again!


Fan #5: I’ve repeated the scene twenty times, and I’m going to watch it two hundred, no, two thousand times more. (*/ω\*)


Fan #6: Even the cool Adrian has found his baby, and I’m still a single dog. _(:з”∠)_




The other team members in the competition didn’t know what the two did in the mecha, they just felt that He Yishu’s words made them feel quite a lot, the existence of negative emotions in a person’s heart wasn’t terrible, the terrible thing was that he used these negative emotions to hurt others or himself.


With this in mind, they felt both guilty for their own petty thoughts just now and angry at the member who raised this matter, and they spoke up one after another: “Do you realize your mistake now? If you have realized it, please apologize seriously.”


In this situation, even if that person didn’t realize his mistake, he could only bow his head and apologize, so without waiting for a reaction from the other party, He Yishu had already spoken first, “For this kind of apology that I cannot be sure of the sincerity, even if he said it, I would not accept it, so it isn’t necessary. But for the sake of the other team members, I won’t bother with him for now.”


Adrian followed, “I support my partner unconditionally.”


This time Mecha Warrior #739 wasn’t happy: “How come after all the bickering, you still end up minding these people, huh?”


Before He Yishu could say anything, Adrian coldly responded, “With your strength, if you act alone, you may not be able to advance successfully.”


Before Adrian felt that the 739th mecha warrior was annoying, but now this feeling became deeper, obviously he should be the one standing beside He Yishu, but this guy ended up running out to stir up trouble.


At this time, Adrian had apparently selectively forgotten that the reason why the 739th mecha warrior had just gotten involved in this matter was because he was completely brought in by He Yishu.




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