C53— Internal Conflicts

He Yishu didn’t know what these people had done at night, he slept beautifully in Adrian’s arms, and then woke up beautifully from Adrian’s arms early the next morning.


In the moment of consciousness, He Yishu was a little surprised that he could sleep so well under such difficult circumstances.


“Good morning.” Adrien, who had woken up early but never got up, gazed softly at He Yishu.


He Yishu blinked and felt Adrien’s big hand still on his waist, so he could only try to create a conversation: “Good morning, did no one attack last night?”


“No, probably because it’s the first night,” Adrian continued to stare at He Yishu, “Good morning, dear.”


“So?” He Yishu seemed to understand Adrien’s meaning a little, but he chose to pretend not to.




Adrian’s eyes took on a bit of resignation: “You forgot to give me a good morning kiss.”




As expected, He Yishu looked at Adrian helplessly, leaned over and kissed him on the corner of his lips with a smile, “Good morning.”




Adrian contentedly raised the corner of his lips, “Thank you, but I suddenly remembered that I was too nervous last night and forgot to ask you for a good night kiss. Can I make it up now?”




The two of them finally parted, and Adrien directly embraced He Yishu and gave him a deep kiss.





When the two finally separated, He Yishu stared at Adrian with his chest heaving: “Do you remember that we’re in a competition?”




Adrien’s deep gaze fell on the corners of He Yishu’s rosy lips, and he nodded gently: “Yes, that’s why this kiss is so much more touching and emotional.”




He Yishu: “……” Adrian who would say such a thing must have had a breakdown in his persona! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻┻





Adrien was amused by He Yishu’s frantic look and raised his hand to rub his soft hair: “Good boy, get ready, we’re going to change modes.”





He Yishu grunted and straightened his hair, and sat down obediently: “I’m ready.”




The next moment, the mecha control room changed from rest mode to battle mode, and the interstellar live broadcast was also opened at the same time.




After waiting all night, the live broadcast audience cheered at once when the camera had a new scene.




CP Fan No. 1: Finally, I didn’t sleep, but I still didn’t see anything 〒_〒





Fan No. 2: Good morning, Adrian. Good morning, Rune Card boss. A new day has begun. How many teams are you going to k-ill today?



CP fan #3: I didn’t see anything all night, it’s really a pity, I want to know what the two big guys did last night. (*/ω\*)



Fan No. 4: CP fans, please respect yourself. Do you want Boss Adrian and Big Brother to be attacked at night? Can’t they have a good rest?


CP Fan No. 5: CP fans are just saying this, but they don’t really think so. Why should we take things so seriously_ (: з ゝ∠)_


Fan No. 4: Isn’t it because CP fans are so good at making things up? Maybe Adrian and Rune card Boss are just good friends? ╭(╯^╰)╮


CP Fan No. 6: Don’t make any noise! ​​Me, me, me… Why do I think the faces of Boss and Adrian are a little different? Σ ( ° △°|||)︴




Fan7: I noticed that too! Both of them are a bit red in the face, and their ears are red! Yes! Their lips are also …… very red ah ah ah ah! ~(≧▽≦)/~





CP Fans 8: red +1687532, I seem to have found something remarkable! ヾ(●`●)Wow ~



Fan No. 9: CP fans shouldn’t pull me.


Fan No. 10: CP fans shouldn’t pull me +1687532.


Fan No. 4: I …… I take back what I just said, I also want to enter the CP pit [cover face].




He Yishu and Adrian unaware that they had instantly produced many more CP fans because of the exposure of certain details, and they tidied up their team and started their journey for the day.



In the process of earning points, He Yishu had been paying attention to whether he would meet a certain two familiar scum, however, the day quickly passed, yet he didn’t even see the shadow of scum.




“Do you think Brooke and Du Fangping will have been eliminated by the others? If that’s the case, it’s really quite regrettable.” If he couldn’t abuse the scum with his own hands, it would really make He Yishu lose a lot of fun.



Adrian comforted: “Don’t worry. I’ve noticed Brooke’s mecha control ability before. Although it is far less than mine, it is of some level. He shouldn’t be eliminated so soon.”


He Yishu always felt that Adrian’s words were a disguised boast or a deliberate boast to himself, such behavior wasn’t in line with his character at all, but somehow it felt very cute.


After complimenting himself seriously, Adrian continued, “It doesn’t matter if they’re eliminated, we can challenge them in the virtual arena or in reality after the tournament.”




If Adrian could make them form a team in this tournament, he could also make them accept his challenge elsewhere.





“You’re right, the abuse of scum also depends on fate, if I can’t meet them, forget it, there are many opportunities in the future anyway.” He Yishu couldn’t help but laugh, in fact he didn’t think he would definitely meet Brooke and Du Fangping at the tournament, only that day when he saw Du Fangping’s performance, He Yishu guessed that the two should have had a disagreement over the matter of forming a team to participate in the tournament, which was why he deliberately provoked them.




The two people who participated in the competition were destined to be eliminated, either by the others or by He Yishu himself, and whichever of these two scenarios it was, it was enough to make He Yishu feel happy.




But the latter was more enjoyable for He Yishu than the former.



After the second day of accumulation, before dark, the team score had reached 1345 points, while Adrian and He Yishu’s personal score had reached 1091 points, and most of the rest was obtained by the 739th mecha Warrior.


He Yishu was satisfied with the result, but the points of the teams weren’t public, so they couldn’t judge whether the level of points was high or low.


Before the evening break, Adrian assigned people again. This time, he changed the other four groups to watch the night. The others were the same as before.


“If there is any abnormality during the night, please inform everyone on the team channel in time.” After a final explanation, Adrian was about to let everyone go their own way when someone suddenly spoke up at this time.


“Mecha Warrior 532, I have a request for your permission.” The person who spoke up was a contestant who had barely spoken on the team channel in the past two days.



Adrian responded politely, “Go ahead.”


The other paused for a moment before summoning up the courage to speak: “This is the case, now our team’s points are almost all on you and mecha warrior #739, once you have any accidents in the competition, our team’s points will instantly fall to the bottom, so …… so I was thinking, from tomorrow, starting tomorrow, can you please balance the points of everyone, so that the team’s points are distributed more evenly?”


The entire team channel was silent as soon as the words came out, no one expected this person to say such a thing.


A few moments later, a light laugh broke the silence as He Yishu spoke, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed, but I have to say, with your strength, I’m afraid it’s not realistic for you to take the lead in a battle.”


The other was a little annoyed by He Yishu’s response and retorted, “I’m not trying to fight first, I’m just ……”



However, He Yishu didn’t let him finish his sentence, directly interrupted from the middle: “If you don’t want to fight the first battle, then what is the meaning? You can’t possibly want us to raise the damage of the opponent’s mecha to 99% first, and then let you go up and wave your fist and collect points for nothing, right?”



The person who made the comment couldn’t keep his face straight and said in a hard tone, “But we’re on the same team after all, shouldn’t we help each other?”





“As partners of the same team, we should really help each other, not to exploit and oppress our partners for our own interests, I hope you can understand this,” He Yishu said with a slightly aggressive attitude, “From the beginning of the battle, my partner has been doing his best to protect everyone. The team is trying to get team points to increase the probability of team advancement, under such circumstances, you can still make such unreasonable demands, don’t you think your behavior is despicable?”


The other was also completely annoyed by He Yishu’s words and retorted loudly, “How am I despicable? I have already said that the reason I made this request was because I was worried that the team points would fall on one member, which would be very risky, and I did it for everyone’s sake.


He Yishu’s voice was sarcastic: “Do you really think you’re thinking about the team when you say that?”


“Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t say that!” The other replied with a straightforward answer.


“If you really think that way, then I may be wrong in blaming you, because you may not be a wrong-minded person, but rather intellectually deficient.” He Yishu sneered and said sarcastically without any courtesy.



He even wanted Adrian to help him get points for free. Had he considered his feelings?





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