C52—- The Brandt Family


The two people’s heartbeats and breathing slowly became harmonious in the silence, and He Yishu gradually relaxed and fell into sleep.


Adrian’s hand on He Yishu’s waist tightened silently and he sighed contentedly, the feeling of sleeping together was too wonderful, when this competition was over, they should be able to sleep together in reality, right?


With such a wonderful expectation, Adrian gradually fell into sleep.


In contrast to the quiet, calm and warm atmosphere inside the mecha, the virtual internet was already wailing at this time.


CP fan #1: Ahhhhhhh! Why did the live broadcast suddenly shut down! Why? Why? Why? Why? I haven’t seen them lying together yet, how come it’s closed! _(:з”∠)_



CP fan #2: upstairs calm down, although I also want to know the subsequent development plot, but this is the rules of the competition, we can’t do anything about it. ╮(╯▽╰)╭


CP fan #3: Itchy! For the first time, I feel that the live broadcast of the competition has missed the most exciting episodes! Since we don’t have to watch it, let’s have a chat to relieve our depressed mood. Guess who’s left (shang) and who’s right (xia) when they’re sleeping? (*/ω\*)


CP fan #4: I stand for Adrian! It must be the Great Adrian! ~(≧▽≦)/~


CP fan #5: Adrian greatly +1, it must be Adrian tenderly hold the rune card big brother in his arms, patiently pampering. (*^ワ^*)


cp fan #6: You guys are enough! It’s too much to discuss something so dirty in this thread! But I also think it must be Adrian ah, although today when I saw the Rune card big brother abuse those scum, he looked particularly powerful, but in this case, I still firmly stand for Adrian. * 罒▽ポーツ*




And unlike the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere on the virtual web, many places were tense at this time because of today’s game.



For example, the military headquarters, the Star Empire Research Institute, and the main residence of the Brandt family.



At this time, the night was deep, but the main house of the Brandt family was still brightly lit. The servants had been ordered to go back to the room to rest, and were not allowed to walk around at will. Only a few key members of the family were sitting in the huge living room, looking grim.


The virtual screen in the middle of the living room, was repeatedly playing a video that just came out today.


A rather young-looking black-haired youth sitting in a mecha calmly drawing a rune card, his hand held an ordinary rune pen, the end of the rune pen on the blank rune card quickly traveled, but in a few dozen seconds, a rune card was made.


The next was the second rune card, the third rune card …… his movements was without the slightest pause, as if he was doing a small thing that he had long known by heart, without any preparation or conception at all.



Immediately after the screen turned, the black-haired youth inserted a rune card he had just made into the rune card slot, which immediately took effect, then a minute passed, two minutes passed …… until ten minutes later, the rune card in the slot was still flickering slightly, still not invalid.


Next, the video reverted to the very beginning and once again began a new round of repetitive playback until an old man with white hair sitting in the middle of the living room closed the virtual screen and only then did the eyes of everyone in the living room retract and fall on the old man.


Baird Brandt looked at the white-haired old man with a stony expression, “Father, can’t you see what exactly these rune cards are?”


The old man already had fully white hair, his face held many wrinkles, but his gaze was extraordinarily sharp, he sighed heavily and shook his head: “I have been dealing with rune cards for hundreds of years, I have never seen such rune cards, this young man is really not simple, have you checked his origins?”


“This person’s name is He Yishu, eighteen years old, he’s a first year of the first college rune card major freshman, before he had no outstanding performance, He was also admitted by the first college on an exceptional basis,” Baird revealed his investigation results. “In addition, before he entered the first college, he had been expelled from his home by his father.”


Burton Brandt moved his finger: “What kind of rune cards had he made before?”


Baird immediately opened his light computer and presented his father with several rune cards from He Yishu that he had investigated before: “Because the management of the First Academy is very strict, there is no way to find the rune cards he drew during the entrance test, these are all rune cards he made in the practice class, among which the best test result is this offensive rune card, a C grade rune card, but has the effect of a B+ grade.”


Burton snorted lightly, “Compared to the rune cards he made in the tournament, this kind of rune card is not worth mentioning at all.”



“Yes, it’s secondary to the properties of the rune card he made in the tournament, that rune card actually has special properties and can permanently boost the maker’s spiritual energy, that’s what’s scary.” Baird couldn’t help but sigh.


In the Star Empire, the spiritual energy of everyone was determined innately, and no one had ever been able to enhance their spiritual energy through acquired means, and now that someone was able to break this confinement by making a rune card, it was a meaningful thing for all of humanity.


Therefore, this rune card impacted not only the development of the rune card world, but also possibly the future of the entire interstellar empire.


So what the hell was going on with this young man!?



His first eighteen years had been obscure, let alone in the production of rune cards, he was simply not even heard of, and now he suddenly produced such an amazing rune card, this was too incredible!


Burton’s fingers tapped on the back of his chair, and all the eyes fell on him, obviously waiting for him to make up his mind.



After a while, Burton reopened his mouth with a heavy tone: “The appearance of this rune card, the impact on the entire rune card world, we can temporarily ignore, but what it means for the Brandt family, you must be clear, I will never allow the glory of the Brandt family to be overturned because of its appearance.”



Hearing these words, the expressions of several people present suddenly became even more grave, and Baird reluctantly smiled, “Father, even if this rune card is no longer astonishing, it is still just a rune card. Moreover, He Yishu is alone now, he doesn’t even have a family, there’s no way he can turn out anything.”



Burton’s sharp gaze fell on Baird, he sternly responded: “You still don’t see the situation clearly, have you forgotten how the Brandt family prospered? The prosperity of the Brandt family was slowly accumulated by a unique rune card, how can you still underestimate the role of rune cards!”



“Father, I don’t mean that, I just think that even if he is powerful, after all, he is only a person without support, but the Brandt family is the first family of rune cards that has been operating for a long time, if father really thinks that he will bring a threat to the Brandt family, we can directly recruit him over, so that he can be used for the family.” Although Baird was subdued by that rune card attribute just now, he didn’t feel that this person would have much influence on the Brandt’s family, “As long as there are lucrative benefits, I think he will not refuse.”


Burton didn’t deny this statement, but he didn’t agree with it either, he just heaved a sigh, “Keep going, find out all the information you can about him, I want to know it all. Also, this young man’s partner in this competition seems to be the kid from the Elvis family, right?”



Speaking of this matter, Baird’s expression suddenly became very bad: “Adrian really doesn’t know how to be generous, he clearly wanted to team up with Elisa, but ended up finding a kid who wasn’t known!”


“No good? I think he’s a good judge of character.” Burton didn’t care about those things that were childish, he was more invested in a person’s vision. “Before a person becomes famous, go help him, then it’ll be very different from later. Adrian can find his strengths before this. This is not what ordinary people can do, but he is lucky.”



Baird had nothing to say, even if he hated Adrian, he had to admit that his luck was very good this time, he found such an amazing partner.


But at the thought of Elisa, Baird couldn’t help but sigh, originally Elisa had been sad for Adrian’s matter for some days, when she learned about this matter, he didn’t know how sad she’d be.



Seeing Baird reveal such an expression, Burton quickly reminded: “You love your daughter, I can care less, but everything must be done with the family in mind, don’t let the small make you lose the big.”


“I know, father.” Baird immediately nodded his head.


“You all disperse, it’s late, do what you need to do and go.” Burton waved his hand and shooed away the juniors.


Only when everyone else had left did Burton reopen the virtual screen and once again carefully watch the process of He Yishu’s rune card making, over and over again.


After a long time, Burton heaved a sigh, he had always known all the drawbacks of the rune card world, but for the sake of the family’s interests and future, he could only choose to carry on like this, and could not make any changes.


Now such a person suddenly appeared, he had a completely different insight and presentation of the production of the rune card, he may even change the future of the entire rune card world, this should be a good thing, but Burton wasn’t completely happy, or rather, he now didn’t know how to feel.


One side was the rise and fall of the family, the other side was the future of the rune card world, he could only choose one of them.



After carefully watching the process of He Yishu’s rune card making once again, Burton finally closed the virtual screen again and got up, dragging his tired body towards his bedroom.



Since he had already made his choice, what did he have to hesitate about now?


And besides the Brandt family, many other families, large and small, that had rune card making as their base business, were also paying attention to this matter.


And there were many people who not only watched the process of He Yishu’s rune card making, they also immediately put the contents of the video into practice overnight and tried to make a rune card like this.


However, to their disappointment, no matter how hard they tried to draw similar patterns, no matter how much spiritual energy they injected, the result was so bad that they couldn’t even achieve the grade effect of the rune card, let alone make the card stimulate amazing special properties.


The pattern was obviously similar, but why couldn’t they achieve that effect?


While these people were puzzled, they also became even more envious of the rune cards that He Yishu had produced.




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