C50—– Self Elimination


He Xiaochen was too late to stop it, he could only look at He Tingting helplessly and disappointedly, why was He Tingting still so ignorant after so many things? Maybe he and his mother had really spoiled her.



Seeing He Xiaochen looking at her with such a gaze, He Tingting panicked, she hurriedly grabbed his arm, “Big brother, don’t worry, I can definitely win!”




Looking at such a He Tingting, He Xiaochen heaved a sigh, but didn’t say anything more.



He Yishu had expected such a reaction from He Tingting, and deliberately gave a light laugh, “He Tingting, do you really agree? If you back out now, it’s not too late.”



“I’ve already said that I’ve agreed to accept your challenge, you’re saying that now, it’s not because you know you can’t beat me, so you want to backtrack, right?” He Tingting was so angry that she gritted her teeth and choked back in defiance.



He Yishu shrugged indifferently, “Since you’re so confident, why don’t we add some more bets so that things can become more interesting, don’t you think?”




He Xiaochen held He Tingting’s arm, looked at her with a serious gaze, and slowly shook his head.



He Tingting gritted her teeth and also hesitated a bit, but at this time, she heard He Yishu say in a light tone, “If I lose in the competition later, I will voluntarily accept the elimination and send myself out of the competition.”



The hesitation that had just risen in He Tingting was instantly dispelled by these words, and her eyes glowed as she eagerly asked in return, “Are you telling the truth? If you lose, you’ll eliminate yourself from the competition?”



He Yishu responded calmly and said in passing, “Yes, but since it’s a bet, it must be mutual, and if you lose, you’ll be punished in the same way, what do you think?”



He Tingting was just about to say yes when she felt pain in her arm, and when she turned her head, she met He Xiaochen’s gloomy and unpleasant gaze, and he was telling He Tingting with his gaze that she absolutely couldn’t agree to the bet.



But at this time, He Tingting’s attention was all caught up in the bet, she only thought that if He Yishu lost later, he would eliminate himself in front of everyone, this was simply too relieving!



As for the rest, He Tingting, who was already lacking in intelligence, couldn’t even think about it. She lowered her voice urgently and said to He Xiaochen, “Big brother, we can definitely win, this is our last chance, I absolutely can’t miss it!


He Xiaochen still held He Tingting’s arm tightly and didn’t change his attitude. He Tingting became anxious and said with a crying voice: “Big brother, even if I reject him now, we have lost everything and will be laughed at by everyone! Even if we lose again, it’s better than giving up the only chance to turn the tide! Big brother, please don’t stop me anymore!”



Hearing the strong hatred and unwillingness in He Tingting’s voice, He Xiaoxhen’s gaze flickered and he heaved a sigh, and it was only after a while that he finally slowly withdrew his hand and moved his gaze away.



The more He Xiaochen was like this, the more panicked He Tingting was in her heart, but now that the situation had turned out to be like this, she could only cling to this last chance, because she had no other choice!



He Tingting took a deep breath, barely suppressing the trembling in her voice, and said loudly, “I agree, if you lose this competition, you must give up the game, and if it’s me who loses, I will do the same!”



One last chance, she must firmly grasp it!



“Okay, it’s a deal.” He Yishu’s lightly spoken words finalized the contest.



He Tingting jumped into the trap, but the 739th mecha warrior wasn’t happy, he couldn’t help but complain, “Didn’t you just say that the private matter had been settled? Now this whole competition, isn’t this a long time to waste?”



He Yishu smiled in response, “Don’t worry, I will settle this competition within a minute, I won’t make you wait too long.”



“One minute? Who are you trying to fool?” Mecha Warrior No. 739 snorted, not believing He Yishu’s words at all.



He Yishu smiled faintly and didn’t pay any more attention to him, but the viewers on the virtual network couldn’t help but sigh, kid, you really are still too naive, how dare you disbelieve the words of the big brother ╮(╯▽╰)╭.



“Since this is a competition, there is always a rule to be set, what kind of rune card do you think is more appropriate for us to make?” After asking this question, He Yishu paused slightly for a moment and directly stated his suggestion, “In my opinion, how about we just specify the type, not the rank, and whoever produces the best effect of the rune card will win, how about that?”



He Tingting’s eyes lit up slightly, considering from the perspective of spiritual power level, this rule was very beneficial to her, because the higher the spiritual power level of the rune card master, the higher the level of the rune card he could produce.


Therefore, He Tingting barely hesitated and agreed straight away, “Okay!”



“Then what do you think about offensive rune cards?” He Yishu continued to inquire.


“No problem.” He Tingting immediately agreed to it, as if she was afraid that He Yishu would backtrack.



The rules and the content of the competition were determined, and the competition soon began. He Tingting racked her brain for a long time before taking the risk of choosing an A-grade offensive rune card and using the method of drawing the rune card pattern on one side and injecting spiritual power on the other.



As for He Yishu, he also seriously thought about it, pretending to be terrible wasn’t an option, but he also had to consider everyone’s ability to bear, directly scaring people silly wouldn’t be good.



After spending a few seconds seriously thinking about it, He Yishu decided to make a C-rank rune card with doubled offensive power, but before putting it into practice, he still turned to ask for Adrian’s opinion: “Do you think it’s appropriate for me to directly use the cursive script to make a rune card now?”



Those rune cards he made before were not tested, so even if the effects were unbelievable, it only made everyone marvel in droves, but it wouldn’t be as much as the impact brought to them by the visual data.



However, this competition would expose the data of the rune card directly, including its special properties, so that it would seem very terrifying.



Adrian nodded and gave He Yishu an encouraging look, “Don’t worry, I’ve already discussed this with my father.”



“Then I’m about to start.” He Yishu smiled faintly.



As soon as he said he would do it, He Yishu took out the Ordinary Rune Pen and Intermediate Rune Paper and began to make the Cursive Script Rune Card, which he had carefully tested before; Song Body Script could increase the number of times a rune card could be used, Regular Script could increase the time a rune card could be used, and Cursive Script could make a rune card carry its own attack effect.



As for why He Yishu chose an ordinary rune pen and intermediate rune paper, naturally, he didn’t want the rune card he made to scare others to death because the data was too unbelievable.



About thirty seconds later, the rune card was completed.



He Yishu lightly breathed a sigh of relief, and after glancing at Adrian, he put the rune card into the rune card tester that came with the mecha, and soon, the rune card test results were presented in detail.


Rune card grade: C grade
Rune card function: medium level attack
Rune card production difficulty: C level
Rune paper grade: Intermediate rune paper
Rune pen type: ordinary rune pen
Rune completion level: 0.82%
Spiritual power injection level: D-grade
Rune effect level: A+ level
Rune card quality: Perfect


Rune card special attributes.
Attribute 1: [Intermediate] Attack bonus, i.e. the rune card comes with the normal attack effect of an A+ level rune card in addition to its basic attributes.
Attribute 2: [Intermediate] Spiritual power enhancement, i.e. during the process of making a rune card, it can permanently enhance the maker’s spiritual power by an appropriate amount.



The moment the rune card detection data was displayed, the expressions and emotions of all the onlookers on the virtual network froze instantly.



What the hell did they see!!!



A C-grade rune card with a D-grade spiritual power injection and 0.82% rune text completion had produced an A+ grade attack effect! Perfect quality!



The most frightening thing was that this rune card actually had two unbelievable special attributes!



In addition to the basic attributes of the rune card, A+ grade rune card normal attack effect was already very unbelievable, it could actually also permanently enhance the maker’s spiritual power, this was simply …… They didn’t know what words to use to describe this!



This unspeakable shock wasn’t relieved until a dozen seconds later, they had just collectively forgotten to breathe because they were too shocked, they suffocated until they came back to their senses.



Then again, the entire virtual network directly exploded.



#Mecha Athletic Competition #surprised by the appearance of heavenly rune cards, what is the origin of the mysterious big man! #What is the origin of the mysterious big man?



# What I saw was probably fake data, what I watched was also a fake competition, maybe even my life is fake! # I’ve seen fake data, I’ve watched a fake game, maybe even my life!



# Rune card test results appear special attributes, is this an accident, or a system failure? #


# Spiritual Energy level can be improved through the day after tomorrow, is it a surprise? Is it a surprise? #I’m not sure if I’m surprised.



#I’m begging you to test all the other rune card data, so that I can go crazy at once!



The spectators were going crazy, the virtual network was going crazy, the professionals were going crazy, and even the bigwigs in the military were going crazy!


At this time, Arman’s office had been crowded with the top brass of the military department, they all had serious expressions watching Arman who was sitting calmly in his office, eager to rush up and take away the pen from his hand and remove the documents in front of him.



After a few minutes, someone finally spoke up: “Marshal, do you know who your son teamed up with in this year’s Mecha Competition?”



Arman raised his eyes absently and glanced at the anticipation on their faces, then he nodded lightly, “I do.”





The inquirer’s tone became more nervous: “Then do you know his level of rune card making?”



Arman nodded: “Adrian mentioned it to me, and he also mentioned how those rune cards were made.”



Everyone subconsciously held their breath, nervously and eagerly waiting for his next words.



In the face of everyone’s eager and burning eyes, Arman, after a moment’s pause, smiled slightly: “But I can’t tell you.”



Everyone: “……” They wanted to throw this ba-stard out of the window!







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