C49— I Lost

Hearing He Yishu point out all these things one by one, and thinking that this match was broadcasted live on the stars, there was no telling how many people would hear these words, He Tingting became a little mad with anger: “He Yishu, shut up, don’t you talk nonsense here! No one will believe you!”



“Am I talking nonsense, don’t you guys know better? As for whether other people will believe me, they naturally have their own judgment,” He Yishu’s voice was cold and full of sarcasm, “From the age of eight to eighteen, how many times have you hurt me in these ten years, I think you should know better than anyone else. You still don’t understand by now?”



He Xiaochen pursed his lips tightly, he regretted it now, had he known that He Yishu’s partner was so powerful, he wouldn’t have made such a choice just now!



Even if he was eliminated from the competition, it would be better than being humiliated by He Yishu again and again, and being blamed by countless people!


But since he had already made his choice, there was no more room for change, because He Xiaochen knew very well that what He Yishu had just said, that he would leave him a chance to change his decision, was just another trap.



If he really changed his choice at this time, it would only lead to more ridicule and make things even worse, so even though he had already lost face, He Xiaochen could only grit his teeth and persevere, watching as his companions were eliminated one by one, listening to He Yishu say one thing after another that made him feel ashamed and exasperated.



He had to be dealt with!


Only by eliminating He Yishu from the game could he erase the anger and resentment he was feeling at the moment. With this thought in mind, even though he didn’t succeed in any of his attacks, He Xiaochen kept attacking regardless of everything.


However, the tragic ending was already predetermined, until there were no other companions around him, he was not able to touch Adrian’s mecha even once.



Of course, it wasn’t that Adrian had already wiped out all the members of He Xiaochen’s team, it was just that more and more people had stopped attacking Adrian as more and more things were listed by He Yishu.



They didn’t expect that the companion who had just made them feel admiration and trust would be such a guy with a vicious heart since childhood, and they no longer wanted to fight with such a person.


After realizing that there was no longer anyone else around to attack him, Adrian stopped his attack.



“He Xiaochen, there is no longer anyone willing to fight alongside you, do you still plan to continue?” Because the number of things just listed had long exceeded the range that could be measured by fingers, He Yishu had already put his hand down, and at this moment his hand was lightly tapping on the armrest.



He Xiaochen, however, as if he had heard nothing, continued to launch the most violent attack.



Adrian unhurriedly dodged his attack, while He Yishu said in a light and slow tone: “Are you annoyed and angry? In fact, what happened today is not all bad for you, at least it tells you a truth, for things that you cannot bear the consequences, you must carefully choose whether to do or not to do it, otherwise one day, you will taste the evil consequences it brings you.”



“Shut up!” He Xiaochen finally couldn’t stand it any longer and roared out, why was it that no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t touch the other even a bit?



He Yishu said nonchalantly, “Or to put it another way, since you did such despicable and shameless things in the first place, you should have thought about what kind of impact it would have on you one day when they were exposed to the public.”



He Tingting’s reaction was much more agitated than He Xiaochen’s, she had already cursed many times, now seeing her brother beside her had been provoked to the point of red eyes and a hideous expression, He Tingting once again cursed in a sharp voice: “He Yishu you trash, who are you to say such things about big brother! You are the most redundant one in the family, no one likes you at all, even father has driven you out of the He family! Even if we did that to you, so what!”



Even He Xiaochen, who was on the verge of anger, was shocked back to his senses: “Tingting, shut up!”



He – retarded – Ting – piggyback – Ting didn’t feel that she said something wrong: “Brother, am I not right? It was supposed to be ……”



“Shut up!” God opponent + pig teammate, He Xiaochen was simply about to collapse, he also finally stopped, because he already knew very well in his heart, even if he attacked with all his might, it was simply impossible to touch the other party a bit.



He Tingting cried with aggression, she was clearly helping her big brother, why did he do this to her?


Seeing He Xiaochen stop, He Yishu tsked, “Finally no more pointless attacks?”



A moment later, He Xiaochen’s voice slowly rang out, full of exhaustion, “It’s me who lost.”



He Xiaochen knew very well that he had made a mistake from the beginning, he thought he could just send He Yishu out of the arena before he opened his mouth, that was why he didn’t deny his words, one wrong step, just one wrong step, by the time he finally realized that he had lost, everything was a foregone conclusion, he had even lost the chance to refute.



Only then did it dawn on him that He Yishu’s real purpose wasn’t to force him to expose his selfish nature, but he had long planned to expose his sinister and malicious side to the public through this way.



He deliberately said that, just because he didn’t want to give him any opportunity to regret.



In order not to carry the reputation of selfishness and self-interest, he could only choose to fight with his companions, and once the battle began, the outcome was already predetermined.


He Xiaochen reached out and covered his face, a bitter light smile covered his lips, this game, he lost, there was no more room for reversal.



“Sometimes, knowing how to admit defeat is also a very good quality, if you had just admitted defeat at the beginning, things would not have turned out this way,” even if He Xiaochen’s situation at the moment was extremely wretched, He Yishu still couldn’t have any sympathy for him, a person should learn to take responsibility for what he did, because he deserved it. “Since the private matters have been solved, we can now continue to earn points, dear, you can arrange it.”



“Okay.” Adrian soothingly moved over and kissed the corner of He Yishu’s lips.



On the virtual internet, the viewers who were feeling righteous indignation and shouting for the abuse drama one moment, suddenly saw this blinding scene in the next moment, and their heads exploded.



Fan #1: C-rap, C-rap, C-rap, c-rap! What the hell did I just see!



Fan #2: Adrian was …… he kissed him! ( ⊙ o⊙ )!



Fan #3: Wait! Why can’t I suddenly see anything? My eyes are blinded! /My eyes are blinded!


Fan #4: Poison, I fell down! _(:зゝ∠)_



Fan #5: No wonder Adrian teamed up with the big guy, they have long …… Boing Boing, why should I lose my love twice at the same time in one moment, desperate tears!




Fan No. 6: It turns out that all the big guys have gone to fall in love with big guys. No wonder I can’t find a single big guy around me. I’m sad and want to go to the CP pit ( ̄︶ ̄)︿




Fan No. 7: I… I feel like I believe in love again. (*/ ω\*).







The two men in the game didn’t know how much of an impact their actions had just brought to these viewers on the virtual internet, and after He Xiaochen conceded defeat, they quickly resolved the remaining members of those on the same team as He Xiaochen, but this had nothing to do with personal grudges, it was simply to get points for the game.



At this point, only He Xiaochen’s group of contestants remained in the entire team, but do you think He Yishu would really let them go? Of course not.




“He Tingting, let’s have a match.” He Yishu spoke lightly.



When He Tingting, who was crying in aggression, heard He Yishu’s words, her first reaction was, “He Yishu, what the hell are you trying to do again?”



“Didn’t you just keep saying that I’m a waste with poor qualifications to the extreme and have no qualifications to participate in this competition at all?” He Yishu sighed innocently and said in a light tone, “But I don’t think so myself, on the contrary, I think my card making ability should be better than yours, that’s why I I want to compete with you. Of course, if you are worried that you will lose and don’t want to compete with me, I won’t force you.”



He Tingting’s eyes lit up, but before she could respond, she saw He Xiaochen turn off his communicator and turn his head to her, “Tingting, don’t compete with him, this is a trap set by He Yishu.”


He Tingting, however, as if she had seized the last chance, clenched her fist, “But he definitely can’t win against me, his mental power level is only F, while mine is B+, I can definitely beat him!”



He Xiaochen held He Tingting’s shoulder and said with a dark expression, “Tingting, calm down first, you saw how I was just counted out by him, there’s no way he would have offered to compete with you if he didn’t have absolute certainty.”



“But big brother, this is our only chance to turn the tide, ah, he just humiliated us like that, should we just let it go?” He Tingting said, her voice had taken on a crying tone, “Big brother, if we really go out like this, we will definitely be laughed at by everyone, I’m not willing to do it! I really don’t want to!”


He Xiaochen did feel sad, but at least he was much more sensible than He Tingting: “Tingting, I understand your thoughts very well, because I am thinking the same thing now, but we can’t ……”



Just halfway through his words, he heard He Yishu’s voice come in, “He Tingting, it seems that you don’t dare to compete with me, in that case, then ……”



With He Tingting’s intelligence, how could she stand such a provocative method, she gritted her teeth, and while He Xiaochen wasn’t paying attention, she directly opened the communicator and said loudly, “I agree!”



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