C45 – Surrounded


An hour of preparation passed quickly, and the moment the game started, the teams had already started.



Some of them used the hour to roughly check out the nearby terrain and decided to choose a safer location to settle down first.



Some had also stayed in place, intending to take a look around first.



Others temporarily formed small alliances and decided to attack other teams together to gain more points.


Of course, there were also some that because of their leader’s determination, action plan, personnel allocation and other issues caused a fierce debate, until now they were still in the middle of an unresolvable dispute, completely unable to come up with a strategy.



As for the team that He Yishu and Adrian were on, they immediately attacked the team closest to them as soon as the game started.



Fifty people versus fifty people, fifty mechas versus fifty mechas, with equal numbers, the first to strike was clearly superior.



Before the opposing team had time to react at all, He Yishu’s side of the team had already used their attack rune cards and speed boosting rune cards and began to launch their fiercest attack.



Adrian and Mecha Warrior #739, as the main force in the team, were the ones who rushed to the front, and they reaped five Mechas in a row in just a few minutes, while the team behind them also combined their efforts to take out a few mechas in the process.


The team that was attacked finally reacted at this time, and the team leader immediately ordered a retreat. Unprepared and having already lost several mechas at the same time, they weren’t willing to go directly against their opponents.



However, how could Adrian’s team easily let them go?


After forming a basic numerical advantage, the team members became more and more courageous, and under the leadership of Adrian and Mecha warrior #739, it took more than half an hour to wipe out this entire team.



Happily, no team members on Adrian’s side were eliminated, only a few mechas had their mecha damage elevated.



Once Mecha Warrior #739 took a look at the situation, he smugly spoke, “I told you that my strategy couldn’t be wrong, you guys were just too cautious before!”



None of the other team members spoke up, not that they felt they had nothing to say, but their minds were simply not on that.



After a group battle just now, they already had a deeper understanding of Adrian’s ability to manipulate the mechas. In the battle just now, there were many times when they were attacked by their opponents’ fierce counterattack and were in crisis, it was Adrian who saved them, otherwise they would not have been able to reach zero elimination rate.



What made them feel most touched was that although Mecha warrior 532 helped them, he didn’t take away their personal points, but immediately took on other opponents after resolving the danger.



This was the first time they deeply realized what terrifying strength it was to have both a spiritual energy level and a mecha control level of S class, and the first time they had a strong admiration for someone so outstanding, but couldn’t develop any jealousy.



Seeing that no one was paying attention to him at all, Mecha Warrior No. 739 felt a little bored and looked up and around, then his eyes lit up: “There seems to be two teams fighting over there, let’s go over and take a look.”



Mecha Warrior No. 307 spoke up, not quite at ease: “We just fought, and our rune cards are almost used up, it would be bad if we rashly go over there now and run into trouble.”



Rune Card Master No. 984 agreed: “Yes, let’s find a place to settle down and make a few more rune cards, right? With rune cards, we can act much more securely afterwards.”



Mecha Warrior No. 739 cut them off impatiently, “We’ve already wiped out a team, why are you still so timid? Didn’t you guys see that we just took out the other team without losing a single member of the group at all?”



This tone was as if he alone was responsible for their victory just now.



The other members of the regiment were just about to open their mouths to retort, when they heard Adrian speak up at that moment, “Since it has been tentatively decided that Mecha Warrior No. 739 is the leader of the team, it is better for us to listen to him for now, it is a necessary discipline for the team.”



“That’s right, now I am the leader, you all have to listen to me, got it?” Mechwarrior No. 739 spoke arrogantly.



The others didn’t say anything more this time, but they didn’t shut up because 739 was the leader either, but because of Adrian’s words.



There was still some distance between the two sides, and mecha warrior No. 739 directly took the lead and rushed over there, followed by the other team members.



He thought he would just watch them and reap the benefits in the process, but who knew that the team had just gotten close to the other side’s battle area when they saw the two teams suddenly surround Adrian’s side of the team.


In this mixed team competition, in order to match the rules of the competition, the mechas’ particle cannons, electromagnetic cannons and other long-range offensive weapons were forbidden, otherwise a particle cannon from a mecha may directly blow away a team.



Under such rules, if you wanted to send your opponent’s mecha out of the game, you had to use melee means. Although melee would make the mecha’s control very constrained, in fact, this also happened to bring the effect of the rune card into better play.



It wasn’t until they were completely surrounded by their opponents that it dawned on Mecha Warrior #739 that these two teams were not fighting, they were simply putting on a show on purpose so they could attract their team over!



“Sh-it! How dare you guys cheat!” No. 739 mecha warrior couldn’t help but curse, while feeling a little pain on his face, after all, he was the one who just insisted on coming over to take a look.



Someone among the opponents laughed lightly and said playfully, “How can this be fraud? It’s just a tactic of combat, and it’s you who wanted to come over and pick up the spoils, we didn’t call you over.”



The other one spoke in a cold voice: “Don’t talk more nonsense, do you still want to leave them time to react? Let’s settle them first.”



“What’s the hurry, with 2:1 numbers, plus the two of us here, will we let them get away?” The one who spoke first said so, but then gave orders directly, “No. 532 seems to be the most powerful of their team, let’s not provoke him, leave No. 739 for me to deal with, try to earn more points, the others can also be collectively dealt with, but as long as the rune cards can be used carefully, the win is ours. ”



With that, he directly manipulated his mecha to rush towards No. 739, while his partner instantly helped him to boost his attack with the rune card.



“Got it.” The one with the cold voice responded, and then began to launch a fierce attack.



He Yishu and Adrian looked at each other and he asked with a faint smile, “Ready?”


“Ready.” Adrian smiled in response.



He Yishu nodded and put the prepared rune cards into the rune card slot, and in the next instant, Adrian maneuvered the mecha into the battle circle like a gust of wind.



With the two-way support of speed and attack rune cards, in just two to three minutes, Adrian had already harvested more than ten mechas in a row.



In the process, he also saved a few of his team members’ mechas from his opponent’s hands.



Since Adrian’s speed was too fast, by the time the opponent’s battle core realized the severity of the problem, they had already lost more than a dozen mechas.



What was even more frightening was that even after such a long battle, Adrian’s speed still showed no signs of decreasing, and his attack power was terribly high, almost always eliminating his opponent’s mechas directly with a single strike.



Everyone in this battle, both the teammates who were on the same team as Adrian and their opponents, were stunned by Adrian’s actions.



The one who was still attacking mecha #739 saw that the situation wasn’t good and immediately turned his head to attack Adrian, but he soon realized to his horror that he couldn’t catch up with Adrian at all with his speed!



“Cra-p! How is this possible?!” Once again, he couldn’t help but curse, if they continued in this form, the result wouldn’t be that they had wiped out their opponents, but that they themselves would be wiped out first!



Just as he was gripped with anger, his companion gave another piece of bad news: “Don’t chase after him, I just confronted him, but I’m no match for him at all.”



“Even you can’t beat him?!” This was simply too frightening for him, if that was the case, even if he caught up with him, he wouldn’t be a match at all.



But what the hell was wrong with this guy?



Even if he used a rune card, his speed and attack shouldn’t have lasted this long! Why was it that his speed hadn’t decreased after such a long time?



Such a thought not only appeared in the mind of one person, everyone present was filled with this doubt, according to the normal rune card use time, even the S-class rune card only had 2-3 minutes of use, but Adrian had already sped up for 6-7 minutes ah!




Could it be that the rune card master for this mecha had used many speed boosting rune cards in a row?



After all, it was only an hour or so before they entered the battle map, so there was no way someone could have created so many rune cards in such a short period of time!



When the crowd was overwhelmed with confusion, more and more onlookers on the virtual network had already noticed the situation, some of them had been following Adrian’s every move, some were attracted by the situation here when switching the camera, and some were reminded by their friends to come over and watch.


Compared to the scene of those unknown, full of doubt contestants, the spectators who watched the internal operation should be very clear about what was happening now, yet at this moment their emotions weren’t at all better than those players, and could even be said to be worse.



Because at this moment their hands frantically filled the screen with a series of [cra-p]!




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