C43—- Preparation


Hearing the voice coming from the mecha communicator, He Yishu and Adrian looked at each other and after communicating with their eyes, the two chose to reserve their opinions for now.



But with fifty teams put together, there were definitely a lot of people with opinions, and almost immediately, someone asked in disbelief, “What are you? Why should we obey you?”



“It doesn’t matter what I am, you just need to know that my spiritual energy level is A+ and my mecha control ability is also A-grade,” the arrogant voice spoke again, with some conceit hidden in it, “If anyone is stronger than me, come forward now, if no one else, I am the captain of this team.”



The team channel immediately quieted down, He Yishu didn’t know if there was anyone else stronger than this person, but the strength of this one beside him was definitely far from the arrogant guy who opened his mouth, he turned his head to look at Adrian.



After making sure that the communicator inside his mecha was only open on the receiving end and not on the output end, Adrian spoke: “I don’t think this person is capable of leading this team, but now we only have an hour to prepare, if we argue about the team leader, it will waste a lot of unnecessary time.”



He Yishu nodded understandingly, “I actually don’t care much about this matter, even if we do let him be the team leader, it won’t really make a big difference to us.”



Adrian smiled and rubbed He Yishu’s head, he always liked to do that lately: “Have you thought about what kind of rune card you want to make?”



He Yishu had already gotten used to Adrian’s small gestures, and continued as usual: “I haven’t thought about it yet, but there’s no need to hurry, I can make the cards quickly anyway, one hour is enough.”



“Well, I’ll ask that person’s intention first,” Adrian nodded, reached out and opened the communicator output, and his gentle voice instantly became calm and serious, “My contestant number is 1687531, you can address me as mecha warrior number 531 afterwards, contestant No. 605739, if you’re the leader, how do you intend to arrange the next action?”



The way Adrian inquired had set the way for everyone to address each other afterwards, so that the address didn’t require too much self-introduction, but also seemed clear and unambiguous.



The mecha warrior of the 605739th participating group didn’t think much about it and directly accepted such a way of addressing each other: “I am mecha warrior number 739, and I am about to issue a mission to you. Now we have a total of fifty mecha warriors and fifty rune card masters, we only have one hour now, we must make full use of every minute and second to achieve the highest efficiency of time use. Now, the rune card masters should start making rune cards, and the mecha warriors discuss the next battle plan together.”



Adrian, as well as the others, listened quietly, and only after the man had finished speaking did Adrian add to it by asking, “So do you have any specific plans for the rune card production of the rune card masters?”



Since it was a team battle, the rune card master obviously couldn’t directly make rune cards according to their own ideas, but needed to consider the whole team’s battle plan, so as to make rune cards with a purpose.



After a moment of silence, he said, “The duration of this mixed team competition is ten days, at the very beginning, most of the teams should not act rashly, in this case, instead of waiting for other teams to find trouble, we should take the initiative directly, so the rune card masters will first focus on making offensive and speed rune cards.”



After saying these words, Mecha warrior No. 739 stopped again, as if he had already assigned the task in detail.




Adrian had to speak up again: “First, please report your spiritual energy level, as well as the highest level of rune cards you can make within an hour, and I’ll make a record.”



After a few seconds of silence, everyone began to report their numbers.



“Rune card master number 731, spiritual energy level B+, can make A- grade and below grade rune cards.”
“No. 307 Rune Card Master, spiritual energy level C-, can make C+ level and below level rune cards.”
“Rune card master No. 984, my spiritual energy level is …… is D+ level, can make C- level and below level rune cards.”




He Yishu was the last one to report, “No. 532 Rune Card Master, my spiritual energy level is F, I can make ……”



No. 739 mecha warrior didn’t wait for He Yishu to finish his sentence, he directly interrupted him with an excited tone, “Cra-p! There’s actually someone on our team with a F spiritual energy level? That’s too scary!”




He Yishu: “……” Even if you want to express your opinion, you should at least wait for me to finish my sentence first.



Adrian: “……” If this level of things is like that, then later you may be scared straight to death.


The 739th mecha warrior didn’t know what these two people had in mind, after hearing He Yishu’s spiritual energy level, he then directly and arbitrarily said: “You spiritual energy level is so low, you can just stay by the side, of the remaining 49 people ……Mecha warrior 531, you just counted their spiritual energy level?”



Team members: “……” why did they feel that this leader is particularly unreliable?



Adrian gave a direct answer: “Among the 50 people, 3 people have reached the A level of mental power, 14 people have reached the B level, 27 people have reached the C level, 5 people have reached the D level, and 1 person has reached the F level.”



“I told you that the F-rank spiritual energy guy doesn’t need to be counted, I really don’t know why this kind of person is participating in the mecha competition,” No. 739 mecha warrior couldn’t help but complain a bit, “This is simply pulling down our team’s combat power!”



Adrian’s gaze was cold and he was about to reprimand the man for his rudeness when he was tapped on the shoulder by He Yishu.



He Yishu pressed the switch on the output with the other hand and said with a smile: “Let him talk first, so that the punch in the face is more interesting, and we are now spending precious time, is not it? It’s a waste of time to argue over such things.”



Adrian had to shake his head helplessly, giving up his intention to defend his lover, and then snickered dotingly, “You’re such a bad boy.”


He Yishu grinned.



After complaining, Mecha Warrior No. 739 thought for a moment before stating his planning, “There are 49 people in total, the A- and B-ranked mental power rune card masters are going to make offensive rune cards, and everyone else is going to make speed rune cards.”



Such a plan made Adrian frown: “No need to make defensive rune cards?”



Although what Mecha warrior No. 739 said about taking the initiative had its feasibility, other teams might also adopt such a strategy. If they only considered attacking without taking care of their own defense, they would be removing their own back roads, and such a plan was bound to be very risky.



The 739th mecha warrior obviously didn’t consider the possibility of teams acting in cooperation with each other, and if his team was besieged by other teams, it might even lead to direct annihilation.



No. 739 Mecha Warrior, however, didn’t think so and insisted on his decision, “At the very beginning, we don’t have many rune cards, we don’t need to worry too much about the defense, if we really encounter a strong enemy, we can just run.”

Hearing these words, Adrian no longer insisted on his opinion, now they really didn’t have much time to spend on arguing: “Then let’s ask all rune card masters to start making rune cards.”



After saying that, Adrian turned off the output of the communicator again and turned his head to discuss with He Yishu: “What kind of rune card do you want to make?”



He Yishu shrugged indifferently, “Since they all won’t make defensive rune cards, I’ll do a good job.”



“Okay, you can make rune cards according to your preference, after all, there are many options.” Adrian’s trust in He Yishu had increased enough to full points, even if He Yishu said he didn’t want to make any rune cards right now, Adrian probably wouldn’t have any problem with it.



After determining the mission of the rune card master, the team members began to discuss the mission planning of the mecha warriors again. Compared with the production of the rune cards, the issue at hand would obviously cause more arguments, after all, the fighting style and cooperation of the mechas was the most intuitive reflection of the competition situation.



With previous experience, this time mecha warrior number 739 spoke directly: “All mecha warriors report their spiritual energy level, as well as their mecha control ability. I’ll go first, mecha warrior number 739, spiritual energy level A+, and mecha control ability is also A level.”


Team member: “……” What’s with this thick bragging tone?
“Mech Warrior #823, spiritual energy level B+, mech control ability B-.”
“Mech Warrior #023, spiritual energy rank B-, mecha control ability A-.”




This time, Adrian was also the last to report, “Mecha Warrior No. 531, spiritual energy level S-rank, mecha manipulation ability S-rank.”



Once Adrian spoke, the entire team channel fell into a silence, and only after a few seconds did they hear the exasperated voice of Mecha Warrior #739: “Da-mn! Your spiritual energy level and mecha control ability has reached S-rank? You can’t be deliberately lying, right? If your strength is really that strong, why didn’t you say so just now?”



Adrian calmly replied: “First, we only have one hour to prepare, and13 minutes and 48 seconds has already passed, whether I lied you or not, now is not the right time to discuss this matter; second, a person’s personal strength and his leadership ability, don’t necessarily correlate, if you must discuss this issue, we can do that later. What do you think?”



No. 739 mecha warrior was blocked speechless, he could only coldly snort, “Anyway, I’m the leader, since you didn’t say it, now there is no chance.”



Adrian said in a deep voice, “So can you tell us your plan now?”



Just as the team was discussing the battle plan on this side, someone from the Star Live audience had already searched for Adrian’s coordinates: [Ahhhhhhh! I finally found Adrian!]




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