C42—– Mixed Team Competition


After the month-long auditions, the Mecha Competition finally kicked off officially, and the agreement signed between He Yishu and Adrian and the virtual arena also came to a successful end.


After the initial screening of the audition, the original tens of millions of contestants to only 100,000 groups, a total of 200,000 contestants remained.



The difference between these two groups of data was naturally huge, fully reflecting the cruelty of the audition, but if they considered it from the perspective of the competition, 100,000 groups of teams was still too many, after all, in the end, only a hundred and ten places could really stay in this year’s competition.



Therefore, after the end of the audition, the virtual arena immediately opened the next schedule, which was the mixed team competition.



As the name implies, the mixed team tournament was conducted in teams, each team consisted of fifty teams, and these teams would be randomly dropped into a huge competitive map at the same time to ki-ll each other.



During the tournament, each team was limited to 100 rune cards, with no limit on the level of rune cards.



Teams would compete against each other for ten days, eliminating their opponents while maintaining the integrity of their teams.



In addition, the tournament also set up a point system, points were divided into two kinds, team points and individual points, these two kinds of points were calculated in team and individual units, each elimination of an opponent, the team could harvest 1 team point, while the elimination of opponents by the contestants would also harvest 1 individual points.



At the end of the match, the remaining number of teams and the total number of team points would be counted, and if the team was destroyed during the match, all team members would be eliminated directly.



The rest of the teams would be ranked according to the number of remaining teams, and the top 200 teams would be selected first. If more than one team had the same number of remaining teams, they would be eliminated according to the number of team points.



All members of these two hundred teams could directly advance to the next round, and even those who were out in the mixed team competition could be directly resurrected.



In addition to the 10,000 teams, 5,000 participants would be selected from among the surviving players to advance to the next round, using the total number of individual points as the ranking criterion.




At the same time, in order to balance the fun of the competition and the interaction with the audience, after completing these two steps, the competition officials would invite the audience to vote on the remaining survivors and select 5,000 teams from these contestants to advance to the next round of the competition.




To sum up, through the selection of this mixed team competition, only a total of 20,000 contestants would be able to successfully advance.



After seeing this rule, He Yishu raised his eyebrows in confusion: “Letting the audience vote directly, won’t they worry that the result isn’t fair enough?”



“The virtual arena is arranged in this way to increase the fun and interactivity of the competition, and doesn’t really give all the decisions to the audience, so there is no need to worry about this,” Adrian handed He Yishu a glass of milk, and rubbed his head, “Besides, the majority of the audience who pay attention are either mecha warriors or people who are interested in the competition, and their votes are mostly based on the performance of the contestants in the competition, so they’re not too biased.”



He Yishu nodded and took a sip of milk, “So it seems that the next competition will be quite interesting.”



After waiting for such a long time, finally having the opportunity to apply the Han character card in the game, He Yishu could now be described as fist pumping and full of energy.




“With you around, I also think this session will be interesting.” Adrian smiled tenderly.



The reason why Adrian originally signed up for this competition was to get more experience, after all, standing in a position like his, the more honors from personal strength the better, and also to let him pass this competition and officially join the military department.



But after meeting He Yishu, many things had become completely different from before, Adrian was full of expectations for this competition.


He Yishu nodded, but there was still a doubt in his heart: “But the whole ten days of the competition, everyone won’t need to eat and sleep?”



Adrian couldn’t help but smile: “If you stay in the virtual network for a long time, the virtual cabin can provide sufficient nutrients for the body, and at the same time, in the virtual network, the body and spirit can sleep normally, so there is no need to worry about this problem. However, the ten-day competition is really not short, and the participants need to adjust their real-life work and study in advance so that they can fully devote themselves to the competition.”



“I see, it’s quite convenient,” He Yishu had to marvel at the advanced technology of the interstellar empire, it was really great, he sipped his milk and thought of another question, “What do you think is a better strategy for us to adopt in this competition? Fifty teams, that is, a hundred contestants, if we have to take care of so many people, it seems a bit troublesome, so from the point of view of difficulty, it is simpler to go alone. But these people are also considered our temporary teammates after all, so if we just ignore them, it won’t seem too good.”


“If we just think about it from the perspective of saving time and effort, it’s indeed easier to just focus on ourselves, and with you around, we don’t have to worry about being eliminated during the voting,” after a period of time, Adrian already has an in-depth understanding of He Yishu’s character, “But don’t you think it would make the game more interesting if we fought as a team? And the kind of teammates we’ll get is still uncertain, if the teammates are good, it won’t be good to disregard them, but if we meet the teammates that we don’t like, then it’s another story.”




“That’s right, it’s not like we have to worry about being eliminated anyway, so it’s better to wait for the competition to start and then think about it.” He Yishu happily accepted Adrian’s suggestion and finished the rest of the milk in one gulp.



Adrian’s gaze was fixed on the corner of He Yishu’s lips, which were slightly stained with white milk, he slowly put down the coffee in his hand: “Is the milk good?”



“Not bad.” He Yishu smacked his lips, he didn’t like drinking pure milk, but after adding sugar, it tasted good.



Adrian’s throat knot rolled up and down a bit: “It does look like it’s good, I want to try it too.”



“You can pour it yourself ……” He Yishu’s words were halfway through, then he was suddenly silenced as he felt something soft and warm slowly sweep past the corner of his mouth.




Before he had time to react, Adrian had already backed away, and said with a satisfied expression, “The milk is indeed very sweet.”



He Yishu’s face flushed uncontrollably, but it didn’t stop him from bravely teasing back: “I also want to know if your coffee is good.”



Adrian pretended not to understand and glanced at the coffee on the table, “There is still half a cup, you can taste it.”



“I know your coffee has no sugar in it, if I drink it directly, it’ll be too bitter,” He Yishu rolled his eyes and slowly came up to Adrian, “so I want to taste the coffee in a different way, what do you think is better?”



“Since it’s you, then naturally it’s fine to taste it any way you want.” The distance between the two was so close that they could almost feel each other’s warm breaths.




A bad smile appeared at the corner of He Yishu’s mouth and he suddenly stepped back, pretending to be serious, “Then I’ll trouble you to bring me a square of sugar.”




Adrian’s eyebrows jumped, then he directly reached out and wrapped his arm around He Yishu’s waist, once again closing the distance between them, “That’s too much trouble, I have a simpler way that you should like.”



“What way?” He Yishu asked knowingly.



Adrian didn’t answer with words, but directly told He Yishu the answer with actions.



After a long time, the two of them separated again, and He Yishu’s face had turned red. He gasped and said with a smile, “You obviously didn’t put sugar in the coffee, how come it’s still so sweet?”



Adrian’s gaze sank and his voice trailed off, “You’re the one who’s too sweet.”



“No,” He Yishu retorted seriously, “It’s obviously because the milk has too much sugar in it.”



Adrian laughed and rubbed He Yishu’s head, and kissed him gently on the corner of his mouth: “You’re right about everything.”



The day after the rules for the mixed team tournament were announced, specific team match information was sent to each participant, although they received only the match numbers of their teammates, not their personal information.



At 11:30am the next day, the participants in the Team Mix Tournament entered the virtual pods and entered the virtual arena one after another, with the entire team arriving at 11:50am.



At 12:00, the competition map opened on time and the team mixed competition officially started!



All participants were teleported into the arena at the same time and had one hour to familiarize themselves with their teammates and to create the rune cards they would use next.



One hour later, the fierce fight was about to begin.



The reason competitors had to make the rune cards after entering the competition map was to ensure that the rune cards used were from their own hands, and also to give the rune master a chance to show their strength.



Although the mecha competition must be paired by the mecha fighter and the rune master, it was often the strength of the mecha fighter that could really get the opportunity to show off in the competition. After all, the mecha fighter was the party that directly controlled the mecha to fight in the competition. On the surface, the task of the rune master was only to insert the rune card into the slot.



Therefore, the arrangement of the competition was very considerate to the participants, and they cherished this rare opportunity. As soon as the competition started, they started to carefully select the rune pen and paper under the live camera of the virtual arena, and at the same time, they thought about what kind of rune card they wanted to make.



In order to allow the rune card masters to better utilize their strength, the virtual arena provided them with virtual rune paper and rune pens of all levels, so they could play to their heart’s content.



An hour sounded long, but for these rune card masters, it was actually very short, because the more advanced the rune card, the longer it took to make, so their choices were actually very limited, especially since they were now in a team battle, and it was impossible to think only about their own safety and security.


At the same time, fifty mechas slowly gathered together, and a slightly arrogant voice was the first to come out of one of them: “Everyone in this competition just needs to listen to my arrangement, and we will definitely be able to advance!”




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