C41—–The Start Of The Auditions


Since it was a mecha competition held by the virtual arena, it was obviously different from other regular competitions. With the huge space, advanced technology and super high traffic volume of the virtual arena as the backing, the number of registered participants for the mecha competition wasn’t at all comparable to other regular live competitions.



People didn’t need to rush from distant places specifically for this competition, wasting too much time in the useless journey process, as long as there was a virtual pod in hand, they could easily enter the virtual arena to participate in the competition.



The convenient and time saving way of competition, coupled with the original popularity of the virtual arena support, this year’s registration for the mecha competition players were as many as tens of millions, which also directly led to the mecha competition’s auditions having to lengthen the time front.



The contest lasted for a month, and every day there were nearly a million challengers in the virtual arena, the onlookers were overwhelmed, and at the same time every day there were countless contestants tragically eliminated, losing the qualification to enter the official competition, which at the same time highlighted the prosperity and cruelty of the mecha competition.



He Yishu and Adrian took part in the first audition match on the second day of the official competition, and it took them less than twenty seconds to eliminate their first group of opponents.



After that was the fourth day, the sixth day …… of the auditions, in the case of only knowing the opponents’ competition number, the two went all the way without any ripples a d suppressed all opponents and finally passed the auditions without any doubt.



In this whole process, because of the low difficulty of the competition, He Yishu didn’t even have time to take out those Chinese character cards that he had crafted, the competition was already over, so he could only regretfully wait for the official competition.



During this process, the two also had further discussions and planning about the Han character cards.



“Once the Han character card is released, it will certainly cause a big stir in the entire rune card world, and even in the military department,” Adrian said with a serious expression, “and once the military department intervenes in this matter, your personal information will certainly be unearthed by many parties, I will try my best to protect your safety, but I’m afraid that the rhythm of your life will definitely be disrupted as a result.”



Adrian’s father, Arman, although he was the Ministry of War’s marshal, the Ministry of War internal forces had always been intertwined, internal strife happened constantly, many things were difficult to contain.



He Yishu smiled faintly and looked well prepared, “I’ve considered this before, so my plan is to slowly popularize Chinese characters and give everyone the opportunity to learn to make Chinese character cards.”



“Are you really planning to do that?” Adrian was really shocked by He Yishu’s words, although he also didn’t agree with all the bad habits in the current rune card world, but to directly put things out like this and let everyone have the opportunity to learn was also completely out of Adrian’s expectation.



Seeing Adrian’s gaze, He Yishu couldn’t help but laugh: “Do you think of me as too generous and selfless? Although I do intend to set out the Chinese character cards, not everyone can learn them well. If one cannot understand the essence and divinity of the Chinese characters, even if they are copied in exact imitation, it would be impossible to bring out even one tenth of the effect of the Chinese character cards. Besides, do you really think I would put something out for free without any consideration for my own interests? I have to make a living, too.”



Adrian slightly settled down, in fact, after this period of time together, Adrian also slowly found that although He Yishu seemed calm and easy-going, he would never let himself suffer.



“And there are more types of Chinese characters than you can imagine, and each type of font will bring different special properties, it’s much more difficult.” Speaking of Chinese characters, He Yishu felt extra proud.



Adrian couldn’t help but smile and nodded in agreement, “Indeed, although I’ve only seen some of the characters you’ve written, I can see that each of them can be self-contained and have their own characteristics.”



“Naturally, each font has its own flavor and undertone, and it’s not possible to achieve the uniqueness of those fonts overnight,” He Yishu added, lifting his chin slightly with pride, “so even if I want to promote Chinese character cards, it will definitely take a short period of time. So I would like to ask you to do me a favor.”



Looking at He Yishu’s slightly narrowed eyes and his small look of pride, Adrian’s hands itched to reach out and rub his head, but thinking that the two were talking about business, he reluctantly held back: “What kind of favor?”



“I’m just a student now, and I don’t have much authority in what I say, so maybe what I’m doing is good, but I’ll be deliberately misinterpreted and attacked, so I need an external representative,” He Yishu solemnly patted Adrian’s shoulder, “Young man, I think you’re very suitable for this task. .”

Adrian’s gaze clearly flickered for a moment, although He Yishu’s words sounded like he was asking for his help, but in reality, how was He Yishu not helping him by doing so?



He knew very well what kind of huge changes He Yishu was about to bring to the rune card world, and even to the entire interstellar empire. If these changes were placed on an ordinary person, they might bring glory, power, and money to that person, and at the same time, they would probably bring him a huge disaster and endless troubles.



But if all this was put on him, Adrian knew more than than anyone, it would be a ladder in the military department!



When the feeling of shock stopped a little, what followed was a strong joy and sweetness from the bottom of his heart.



Since He Yishu would propose this matter, it was obvious that he had seriously considered it before, just like when he opened the virtual store before, if he didn’t trust him completely, He Yishu would never easily propose such an idea.



At this time Adrian sincerely felt that it was a blessing in itself to be trusted by the person he liked.



And even more fortunate was that not everyone in the military could meet such a powerful lover who would shake the entire interstellar empire.



Various emotions turned around in his heart, Adrian couldn’t help but gaze at He Yishu, “Honey, can I kiss you for a while?”



“……” He Yishu silently withdrew his hand on Adrian’s shoulder and flirted, “You wouldn’t want ask for a favor, that’s why you’re using this way to fool me, right?”



Adrian’s radiant gaze continued to stare at He Yishu, “I’ll tell you after the kiss.”



He Yishu sighed lightly and said rather helplessly, “Okay, but when you say kiss for a while, how long is it?”



“Please let me think about this slowly while kissing you.” Adrian hooked up the corners of his mouth, while slowly coming closer to He Yishu.



Then they directly kissed for more than ten minutes, when He Yishu unsteadily pushed Adrian away, his head had almost turned into mush, forgetting what the two were discussing.



Adrian was also breathing unsteadily, but his thoughts became extra clear because of this kiss, his eyes shining as he stared at He Yishu’s lips that had become red, his voice was raspy with a hint of seriousness: “As your guardian, this task is mine.”



He Yishu hooked his lips: “Then …… thank you for guarding me.”



Adrian moved unsteadily and couldn’t resist pulling He Yishu to kiss him again for a while, and after the kiss, the two calmed down a bit, then they continued to discuss the main thing.



“Xiao Yishu, thank you.” Adrian sincerely thanked, he knew very well what he was about to get from this matter.



He Yishu lightly patted his face arrogantly: “I’m not helping you, it’s just that I prefer a win-win situation to a single win.”



“And what if the target is Brooke?” Adrian asked with bad intentions.



He Yishu froze, then he forced a stiff smile: “Actually, a single win is quite good.”



Adrian raised his hand and rubbed He Yishu’s head, the corners of his mouth curved uncontrollably in a pleasant arc: “Xiao Yishu, do you mind if I tell my father about this? Although I have a certain amount of power in the military department, it is far from being comparable to my father.”



“I don’t mind, with the military marshal’s hand, this matter will be more secure.” He Yishu shook his head graciously.



Adrian thought about it and couldn’t help but say with red ears, “Actually, I mentioned you to my father before, and he knows how I feel about you.”



He Yishu’s eyebrows twitched, he was actually a little nervous: “What did your father say?”



“He said that since I chose you, I must be consistent and treat you well, so that I can live up to your support and trust in me.” Adrian brought out Arman’s original words, using them to please him.


He Yishu was surprised by Adrian’s words, “Has your father ever met me before?”



“No.” Adrian dared not say that his father must have secretly investigated him.



“Then he is so supportive of you?” Faced with Adrian’s relay, He Yishu really felt flattered.



Adrian smiled, “He believes in my choice.”



“Okay, but it turns out that you do have good eyes,” He Yishu’s heart was also gleaming, it was quite a subtle feeling to have the approval of his boyfriend’s father before he even met him, “Well, for your father’s sake, I’ve decided to let you transfer early. ”



Adrian’s eyes snapped open and his heartbeat instantly accelerated several times: “So I’m now your official boyfriend?”



“Yeah, are you feeling particularly satisfied now?” Although He Yishu was acting generous, it was after all his first time experiencing this kind of thing, his face was already starting to flush slightly.



Adrian stared at He Yishu closely, “Not satisfied.”



“Unsatisfied?” He Yishu raised an eyebrow.



Adrian pulled He Yishu into his arms, smiled lightly and whispered in his ear: “How can I be satisfied so quickly when I haven’t turned lovers into partners yet?”



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