C36— Please Shut Up


Elisa, who had tears in her red eyes, froze slightly at this moment and almost reflexively said, “That’s impossible! There are no other outstanding rune card masters around you at all, you must be lying to me!”



“Elisa, you seem to have misunderstood me, I’m just telling you an established fact, not asking you to agree with it, nor do I have any intention of giving you any extra explanation,” Adrian’s tone showed some impatience, “the fact is that I already have an exclusive partner, and he is about to become my exclusive rune card master, as for whether you believe it or not, it has nothing to do with me.”


Even after hearing these words, Elisa’s face was still filled with disbelief.


“I have made this matter very clear, after that if there is nothing else, also please don’t contact me again,” Adrian looked straight into Elisa’s eyes and said with a blank expression, “then today’s conversation ends here.”



Adrian stood up and was just about to leave when he heard Elisa’s voice sharply questioned, “Since you said you didn’t lie to me, tell me, who is your exclusive partner? Who the hell is that person?!”



Adrian’s movements paused for a moment, but instead of sitting down again, he looked down at Elisa, “I don’t think I should be obliged to answer this question of yours, so goodbye.”


Seeing Adrian lift his feet to leave without any hesitation, Elisa finally lost the last trace of reason, she nearly lost her balance and yelled with a sharp voice: “You must be lying to me! I investigated, except for that trash who was expelled by the He family, there is no other person who can make rune cards around you! It’s impossible for you to find a suitable partner!”



Hearing these words, Adrian suddenly stopped in his tracks and went back to the table, his gaze cold as he looked down at Elisa: “What did you just say?”



When Adrian looked at her with such a cold gaze, Elisa felt her heart tremble inexplicably, but she still spoke angrily with her head high: “I said that it is impossible for you to find a partner for this competition, you must be lying to me!”


“That’s not what I asked,” Adrian’s voice was quiet, but it didn’t have any warmth in it either, “‘The loser who was kicked out of the He family’? I think that’s what you just said?”



She didn’t expect Adrian’s questioning would be about that, Elisa, after a slight daze, also realized that her statement had lost its connotation, but in this situation, she simply couldn’t apologize for such an unimportant sentence, she was even more angered by Adrian’s reaction, and said nastily: “I did just say that, did I say it wrong? Isn’t he supposed to be a low-qualified waste, or are you going to accuse me for a waste?”



Adrian’s gaze became even colder: “Apologize, please retract the rude remarks you just made, and apologize for that as well.”



Elisa felt that Adrian’s words were like a slap on her face, without any mercy: “Adrian, are you deliberately insulting me!”



Adrian’s attitude was powerful: “I’m not interested in humiliating you, but I won’t tolerate you humiliating my future lover and partner at will!”


“He’s just a worthless ……” Elisa was halfway through her exasperated words when she finally understood, as an afterthought, what Adrian’s words had meant, and she went from angry to shocked and overwhelmed. “You …… what did you just say?”



“He Yishu is my partner and my future lover, and I am pursuing him now,” Adrian stated the truth in a frank manner, “Please retract what you just said and apologize.”



Elisa didn’t even hear the second half of Adrian’s sentence, because her entire attention was focused on the first half of his sentence.



It was ridiculous!


Adrian actually said that he was now pursuing that loser and even wanted to make the other person his lover!


Was he intentionally humiliating himself as well?



It was clear that whether it was her status, family status, or strength in card making, she was far superior to that trash, but Adrian had rejected her and instead went after that trash?!



Elisa almost lost her ability to think, she couldn’t understand how this matter had turned out to be like this, and she couldn’t imagine how she had ended up in such a terrible situation before her eyes!



Adrian refused to team up with her for the tournament, but chose a loser instead.



Adrian rejected her heart and instead went after a loser who was nothing!


Elisa felt she had truly never experienced anything so ridiculous, a feeling that was both absurd and infuriating, forcing tears from her eyes once again, “Adrian, you’re …… simply an as*shole! How could I look at a person with no vision like you in the first place!”



“Me not having vision has nothing to do with you, please apologize first for what just happened,” Adrian didn’t mind Elisa’s accusation against him, but he couldn’t tolerate the slander against He Yishu, “If you insist on refusing to apologize, I will report you. ”



Now Elisa completely broke down, she froze for a moment, then cried out: “Adrian, how can you do this to me? He is just a low-qualified waste, and you want to report me for him? That punk ……”


“Shut up!” Adrian finally couldn’t stand it, “Elisa, please shut up! I never knew you were such an arrogant and rude person, I think we should never cross paths again!”



Adrian wouldn’t get into a more direct physical confrontation with Elisa, but as he walked out the door, he opened his light computer and reported what had just happened.



Behind him, Elisa cursed even more angrily, but Adrian didn’t bother anymore, he contacted his father directly after finishing the report.



Adrian didn’t call him, but sent the audio recorded of their conversation, about ten minutes later, he called Adrian.



Once the video communication connected, Adrian asked directly: “Father should have listened to the audio just now, right?”


Arman’s expression was serious: “Yes, I’m surprised that Elisa said that, and I’m also surprised that you chose such a partner. I don’t want to be like Elisa and say that he’s a loser, but the fact is that he is not highly qualified, do you really think he won’t affect your performance in the competition?”



“Whether he will affect me or not, it’s my own choice, I just wanted to use this incident to tell you and mother, please don’t interfere too much with my choice,” Because of what just happened, Adrian’s mood wasn’t good, “as well as my personal emotional problems, please tell mother to stop doing those boring and meaningless things.”



Arman sighed lightly, “So it seems that you have already made up your mind?”



“Yes, and I won’t change my mind,” After making his attitude clear, Adrian couldn’t help but say a few more words for his lover, “and He Yishu isn’t a person who will become a burden to others, on the contrary, he has a very great charm in him, just for the time being almost no one has seen his strength and charm.”



Arman didn’t feel that Adrian was an overly sentimental person, even if he did have feelings for the other, he wouldn’t lie for his sake, so he vaguely sensed the hidden meaning of his son’s words: “So what kind of charm exists in He Yishu that would make you so devoted to him?”



Adrian actually wanted to show off, but thinking of his lover’s next plan, he shut his mouth tightly.



However, his father was a wily old fox, and even if he didn’t say anything, Arman quickly came to a speculative conclusion: “Those rune cards you sold on the virtual network, were they all made by He Yishu?”


Adrian wasn’t surprised that his father could guess the truth, but he still kept his mouth shut and didn’t admit it directly, and certainly didn’t deny it.


It was easy for Arman to get the right answer from his son’s reaction, thinking about the effect and quality of those rune cards, and then thinking that the one who made them was a first-year student with a negligible mental power level, even if he was extremely knowledgeable, he was still surprised.



But Arman knew very well that even if he was curious, it was impossible to get more information from Adrian’s mouth, so he let the matter go reluctantly, and by the way brushed up the goodwill of his future son-in-law: “Since you have chosen him, you must be faithful to him, treat him well, and do not let down his support and trust in you, understand?”


“Father, don’t worry, I will definitely not fail him.” Adrian answered seriously.



After brushing up his goodwill, the old fox Arman also didn’t forget to seek benefits for himself, he sighed helplessly: “But you really know how to find trouble for me, the previous matter about the competition has already made your mother very unhappy, and now this kind of thing, the person who is most unhappy is me.”



Adrian, who knew his father equally well, so he smiled, “I will ask Xiao Yishu and see if he is willing to send you a few rune cards.”


[TN: Xiao Yishu —- Little Yishu]


With his goal achieved, Arman immediately assured him, “Don’t worry, I won’t let your mother interfere with your affairs too much anymore, after all, you’re all grown up now.”



“Then, thank you father.” Adrian was also satisfied with the result of this conversation, and father and son looked at each other with a smile and hung up.




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