C25—- Rare Things Are Precious

“Yes, I am well aware of that.” Adrian’s expression became serious.



In this current situation where no rune card masters were able to produce so many quality rune cards in a short period of time, once an exception appeared, it would inevitably cause a huge fluctuation in the entire industry, after all, this kind of thing itself had already affected the interests of many people.




Arman sighed helplessly: “So you still refuse to tell me the truth? Even if your personal ability is outstanding, when you are facing the whole industry, you have to admit that you are likely to be crushed under their feet.”




But Adrian didn’t change his attitude: “When I need father’s help, I will definitely take the initiative to ask for it, for example, now, I hope you can stop certain people from extending their hands too far, after all, as your son, extending their hands to me is tantamount to provoking you.”




Arman almost fainted because of this son, he didn’t tell him anything yet he was asking him to help cover up, when did his cheek become as thick as his own!?




Wait, he was scolding himself as well, the exasperated Arman immediately found the problem, his mood suddenly became worse: “Anyway, if this matter is screwed up by you, I will not help you clean up the mess!”




“Then thank you, father.” Adrian knew that since his father said this, he had already agreed to his request.




Arman reprimanded Adrian for a few minutes more, but his tone seemed to have suddenly softened considerably, a change that left Adrian somewhat puzzled, but it was ultimately a good thing.



But the truth was, Arman suddenly felt that the fact that his son could make such a big noise at such a young age, seemed quite true to their family’s history, so when he thought about it, his mood didn’t seem so bad.




After hanging up, Adrian began to seriously think about the problem mentioned by his father, the store had just opened, but it had already attracted the attention of the rune card world, then after a while, what would it become?




But the heavy mood only lasted for a moment, once he thought that he was over here thinking about such a serious issue, while He Yishu was making those rune cards just to earn more money and make a better life for himself, Adrian’s mood became better all of a sudden.




If He Yishu knew how much of a stir his actions would bring to the entire rune card world, what kind of cute expression would he have? Thinking of this, Adrian’s mood completely turned clear, since He Yishu was simply thinking of making more money, he would solve the other troubles for him.




If this person was He Yishu, Adrian was willing to become his shelter, to shield him from all the wind and rain.




As He Yishu was happily making rune cards, he didn’t know Adrian was thinking about something like that, if he knew, he would smile innocently. What did he do wrong that he was misunderstood to be a silly person who only cared about making money?




In fact, although He Yishu was fair-skinned, he wasn’t stupid at all. Since he understood the basic situation of the rune card industry, he naturally wouldn’t be unaware of what kind of impact he would bring to the whole rune card world with this move.




At the same time, he also knew very well what kind of drawbacks existed in the current rune card industry. The industry looked shiny and prosperous, but its internal corruption and injustice had been growing thicker and thicker.




Rune Card makers with a high level of card making skill could be admired and sought after by countless people, and the rune cards they produced were hard to find and were expensive.




Gradually, they had become accustomed to such a superior status and treatment, forgetting their original purpose of making rune cards, forgetting that rune card making should never rest on its laurels, but should be constantly explored.




Even if they had the ability to make more and better rune cards, they stopped because of various scruples, because only in this way could they always be worshipped as masters and become well known.




After all, the world of rune cards had never been more precious than when rune cards were scarce, and once each rune card was released, it was like exposing the rune text on the card directly to the public, a rune card master could easily imitate it.




So it was better to hold the thing in their hands, and then wait for the right time to sell it for a sky-high price, in this way, they could also take the opportunity to raise their own identity, it could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.



In such a vicious circle, the more prestigious the rune card master, the fewer rune cards were produced, a rune card master produced rune cards occasionally, during auctions, buyers could only see the rune card test results, but they couldn’t see the rune card itself.




Such a situation was tantamount to stagnation, and even if it still looked prosperous on the surface, it was slowing down or even stopping on the inside.



Of course, He Yishu didn’t feel that he was so great that he had to break this situation, but if, while breaking this situation, he could carry forward his love of Chinese characters, the nature of this matter was completely different for him.




When he thought that with his own efforts, everyone in the entire intergalactic empire would regard Chinese characters as a treasure, He Yishu’s heart was filled with a strong sense of pride and honor, which no personal achievement could ever compare to or replace.




So from the very beginning, He Yishu had no intention of hiding anything, and he had even thought about how to promote Chinese characters step by step, but before that, he had to make more money first.




But no one knew about his ideas yet, which didn’t affect him, but created a misunderstanding with someone who wanted to protect him properly, but that didn’t seem to be a bad thing?



After all, there were some misunderstandings that would bring a happy ending.




He Yishu, who was planning to do something big, didn’t know that the world of rune cards had already paid attention to his virtual store that just opened two days ago.




In short, apart from classes, all of He Yishu’s energy was spent on making money.




From another point of view, He Yishu spent almost all of his time after school with Adrian, because he worked part-time as a secondary rune card maker for Adrian, opened a virtual store selling rune cards with Adrian, and went to the virtual arena with him as a partner.




This seemed to be a very full day, but in fact it was very simple to summarize, He Yishu enjoyed the current state, calm and full of hope, everything was slowly becoming better.




Until one day, He Yishu was suddenly stopped in his tracks by a stranger.




“Hello, I’m Alan, a second year mecha major, nice to meet you.” The tall boy with short light gray hair stood in front of He Yishu and smiled with a mildly arrogant expression.




He Yishu looked at the other in confusion, “May I ask what you want to see me about?”




Alan looked up at his surroundings and proposed, “I have a matter that I want to seek your help, I wonder if we can talk in detail in another place?”




Being in the First Academy and with the other party directly revealing his identity, He Yishu wasn’t worried that he would encounter any danger.




Plus, although this person seemed a bit arrogant, his attitude was good, so He Yishu nodded after thinking for a moment, “There is a café near here, let’s go there.”




“Okay.” Alan came in an airship, and at that moment, he directly summoned the airship with the controller, and also carefully helped He Yishu open the door of the airship, as he waited for He Yishu to bend down and sit in, a flash of contemptuous disdain passed through his eyes.




But when he sat in the airship from the other side and looked at He Yishu again, a smile was back on his face.




When they arrived at the café, they each ordered a cup of coffee and sat opposite each other.



He Yishu asked bluntly, “May I ask what exactly you need help with?”





Instead of answering, Alan replied with a question, “You should know about the annual mecha competition hosted by the virtual arena, right?”




He Yishu really didn’t know: “Mecha competition?”



Alan disliked He Yishu’s ignorance in his heart, but he smiled and explained to him: “There have always been many mecha competitions, but the mecha competition hosted in the virtual arena is the most authoritative one in the entire interstellar empire, even the Ministry of Military Affairs recognizes the results of this competition, as long as you can break into the top ten of the mecha competition, you can directly enter the Ministry of Military Affairs. Of course, the virtual arena itself will also provide generous rewards for those who win the awards, so every year there are countless teams that sign up for this competition.”



After roughly explaining, Alan raised his eyes to look at He Yishu, he originally thought that after hearing this, the other would have a very strong interest in the mecha competition, but to his surprise, the other’s expression didn’t change, as if he was completely uninterested in this matter.




Alan was surprised for a moment, but then thought that the reason why He Yishu would react like this was probably because he lacked knowledge of the benefits that the mecha competition could bring to him, and after thinking about it, he added a few words, “Do you know how difficult it is to enter the military department now? Unless your mental energy level can reach A or above while your physical quality is above excellent, it is simply impossible to enter the military department without meeting those requirements.”




He Yishu blinked, somewhat unable to grasp the point of Alan’s explanation, “So what?” What did how difficult entering the military department have to do with him?





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