C24—- Fast Boss

After getting this major problem solved, He Yishu’s mood was much more relaxed: “So what are we going to do now? I don’t have classes this morning, do you?”




Adrian’s mood also became very good: “Me too, do you have any plans?”




“I want to finish today’s custom orders first, and then we can go to the virtual arena together to play some games, right?”




Adrian nodded, as if he suddenly thought of something, his eyes faintly flashed, “I remember that those rune cards just now have the special attribute of boosting spiritual energy, can you feel it?”




Being reminded of this, He Yishu carefully perceived the situation in his mind, and then to his surprise, he found that the light that was previously nestled in the corner seemed to have brightened a bit: “I feel it, it did improve, it should be because the level of my mental energy before was too low, the improvement doesn’t feel small. ”




“Your situation should be unique in the entire interstellar, so in ordinary times you must pay more attention, don’t expose this,” Adrian was very happy for He Yishu, after all, the improvement of mental energy for him had absolutely huge benefits, but at the same time, he also didn’t forget to remind the other, ” Including your identity and origin, unless it’s someone you can trust completely, don’t mention it easily, because it may bring you a lot of trouble.”




“Of course I know, I won’t casually tell others about this matter, only the two of us know.” He Yishu nodded with a smile and tried to move his mental energy out of his mind again and observed it carefully for a while before he ran off to make another rune card with satisfaction.




Hearing He Yishu say this, Adrian’s mood inexplicably became better, only two people knew the secret, it was very comforting to hear.




A total of twenty rune cards, He Yishu only took less than ten minutes to complete it, Adrian looked at him and became more sure of the idea that he had inadvertently dug up a huge treasure.




When the rune cards were finished, He Yishu handed them directly to the robot and turned his head to Adrian, “I’m ready to go to the virtual arena.”




Adrian put down the cup and looked at He Yishu with a smile on his lips: “First, I’ll give you the credits from the sale of the rune cards.”




As soon as he heard the word “money”, He Yishu’s eyes lit up: “Yes, yes, you can give me half of the credits you get from selling the rune cards.”




Adrian looked down and used his light computer to send He Yishu a sum of money: “It’s all for you, after all, I did nothing but use my name.”




Fearing that He Yishu wouldn’t agree, Adrian added: “If you really feel that I’ve helped you, you can just buy me dinner, I prefer this way of appreciation.”




“All right then.” He Yishu lowered his head to check his receipt, when looking at the amount of money transferred, He Yishu’s eyes were wide, his mind was even directly filled with [hahahahaha], it was completely unexpected that he had earned so much money so quickly, this felt really beautiful ……




“By the way, there is one thing I forgot to tell you before,” looking at He Yishu’s happy and silly expression, Adrian couldn’t help but smile, “It’s possible to set a pay mode in the virtual arena, in the pay mode, anyone who wants to spectate the game, must pay a certain amount of credits. After the match, this part of the credits will be paid to the contestants of the match according to a certain percentage, which is also considered a source of income.”




“That’s great, so can we use this to make money as well?” He Yishu’s eyes lit up as he listened, according to the popularity of those posts in the discussion forum earlier, there should be quite a few people who would be very interested in them, right?




Adrian felt as if he saw the unit symbol for credits in He Yishu’s eyes, and the smile at the corner of his mouth grew even stronger: “Today we can go directly to the pay area of the virtual arena for our matches, so that as long as someone watches our matches, we will have a certain amount of income.”




He Yishu smiled so much that his eyes narrowed, “Then hurry up, I can’t wait to make money!”




As soon as he entered the virtual arena, He Yishu immediately received thousands of requests to watch the match, and he immediately turned his head to ask Adrian: “What does it mean to watch the match?”




“You have also received the application to watch the battle?” Adrian was also looking at his operation interface, “The watch battle application means the person is interested in your battle, if you accept, in the future, when you enter the virtual arena, as well as enter the battle arena, the other will receive a reminder and can quickly enter the watch platform.”




“So.” After getting the answer, He Yishu smiled and clicked a button to accept, since it was to make money, of course, the more people around the better.





Although Adrian couldn’t see He Yishu’s specific operation, but by looking at his small expression alone, he could guess what he was thinking and doing.




Immediately after, the two directly opened the battle match.




So when a certain unlucky duo of newcomers, full of fighting spirit and expectation, were matched with a group of opponents in the virtual arena’s fee area and transported into the match’s battle venue, they were surprised to find that the number of people gathered around the battle had risen to over 10,000 in just half a minute!




The cannon fodder mecha warrior spoke with excitement, “D*mn! Since when did our fame become so big? This is a paid area, yet so many people came in to watch the battle!”




His companion Cannon fodder Rune Card Master, however, was shivering all over as he was checking the information of their opponents for this match, and at this moment even his voice was shaking: “He just entered the virtual arena yesterday and directly won twenty matches in a row, are these …… those two big guys who are particularly popular in the discussion area right now? ”




The cheerfulness on the face of the cannon fodder mecha warrior was immediately replaced by shock and fear: “Cr*p! We can’t be that unlucky!”




However, in fact, they were so unlucky that after a minute of preparation time, the battle started, and before the two Cannon Fodder brothers were ready to fight, they were directly killed by their opponents in ruthless seconds.




The mecha warrior & rune card master: “Just what the hell happened?”




The crowd of onlookers also launched a comment screen to mourn the battle that had mercilessly ended before it had officially begun.




[so what just happened? Stunned. JPG]




[I feel like I’ve watched a fake competitive game. There’s no time for anything to happen in three seconds. It’s over! (`□ ‘) ╯ (┻━┻)]




[I’m curious about the big man’s opponent’s psychological shadow at this time 2333333…]







[He’s worthy of being the boss of my family. He abuses people without any mercy. The rhythm is 6666.]


[TN: 66666— Awesome]




[Upstairs, you’re delusional. The boss is obviously from my family! Hum!]





Some people in the discussion area also posted relevant posts. Some even calculated the duration of each battle between the two in the virtual arena. The title was very ambiguous [want to know how fast a big man can be].




The commentators under the post were obviously amused, and others wondered what expression the Big Brother would put on if he saw the post.



He Yishu and Adrian were completely unaware of all this, because they were still in the virtual arena, once he thought of the share he would get, He Yishu was full of fighting spirit, even if he didn’t eat and sleep, he could always fight, this was the power of money ah!



But unfortunately, both of them didn’t have time to finish the twenty competitive matches this time, they were forced to end their streak early, because Adrian received a communication request from reality.




Receiving communication requests was also available on the virtual network, but one must first exit the virtual arena battle mode.




Seeing this, He Yishu thoughtfully spoke first, “Let’s continue the competitive match next time, we’ve already made a lot of money today anyway.”




Because the one who made the request was his father, Adrian could only nod and quit the pay mode.




Considering the issues that he might discuss with his father later, Adrian didn’t directly connect to the communication on the virtual network, but first exited the virtual network with He Yishu and returned to his apartment before he accepted the request.




“Adrian, have you recently opened a store in the virtual network?” As soon as the communication was connected, Adrian’s father, Arman, immediately asked.




Adrian had expected this question, so he answered dryly: “Yes, father.”




“Is it a rune card store whose name is unreadable?” Although Arman used a question, his tone was certain, he didn’t wait for Adrian to answer, he continued, “Although you have seen a lot of high-level rune cards, your level of making rune cards is very ordinary, so those sold rune cards wasn’t made by you, and the name of the store is also very odd, with your style it’s impossible to come up with such a store name, so can you explain what is going on in this matter? The most important thing is, which rune card master made those unusual rune cards?”




When asked these questions, Adrian subconsciously glanced in the direction of the study. Just now, after exiting the virtual network, He Yishu had consciously gone directly to the study, and he should be sitting at his desk right now, carefully making magical rune cards that were even more incredible than those displayed in the virtual store, right?




After a few moments, Adrian withdrew his gaze and answered the question: “Sorry, I can’t answer these questions yet.”




“The more you grow up, the more you disobey, do you know that the military is already investigating this matter? There are also those masters in the rune card world, they are also concerned about the store, you should know how much impact this matter will bring to the whole rune card world, right?”




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