C23—- Revealing One’s Identity

But soon, He Yishu forced this excitement down, because the most important thing about writing was the state of mind, if the mind wasn’t quiet, the handwriting would seem impetuous, it would be difficult to express the charm of Chinese characters.



He Yishu sat in front of the desk, closed his eyes and concentrated for a long time before he opened his eyes again and moved the brush.




This time, he used the cursive script, which was spontaneous, with wild and unrestrained strokes.




In a short time, He Yishu had already put down the rune pen, and then he handed the rune card to Adrian, the test results would tell him the answer.




He took a deep breath and carefully put the card into the detector.




Rune card level: F grade
Rune card function: primary defense
Rune card production difficulty: F level
Rune paper grade: low grade rune paper
Rune pen type: ordinary rune pen
Rune completion: 0.27%
Spiritual power injection level: F-grade
Rune card effect level: B+ level
Quality: Rare
Rune card special attributes.
Attribute 1: [Primary] Attack bonus, i.e. the rune card comes with the normal attack effect of a B+ grade rune card.
Attribute 2: [Primary] Spiritual Energy enhancement, that is, during the process of making the rune card, it can permanently enhance the maker’s spiritual energy by a small amount.




After seeing the special attributes of this rune card clearly, He Yishu made another three rune cards, and when the attributes of all three rune cards were detected, He Yishu had a definite answer.




But at this time his mood miraculously calmed down. This was perhaps one of the charms of Chinese calligraphy, as long as one could focus on the calligraphy, no matter how irritable or excited one was before, one could slowly return to peace with the movements of the brush.



He Yishu turned his head to look at Adrian, who was still in shock, and his voice was subconsciously very soft: “I seem to have found the reason.”




“So?” Adrian stared closely at He Yishu, his voice low.




He Yishu didn’t answer the question directly, but stared at Adrian’s expression and eyes for a while. He had indeed regarded this man as a friend and also classified him as one of his own, but when it came to the deepest secrets of his heart, some hesitation still inevitably rose up in He Yishu’s heart.




Even though he had just arrived here, He Yishu already knew something about the business of rune card masters, and he was very clear about how terrifying the strength he was showing now was, and how much impact it would bring to the entire interstellar empire.




A powerful to terrifying strength, in addition to bringing him huge benefits, it also symbolized a terrible crisis, if this matter was exposed at this time, He Yishu would face various dangers at any time.




With his current strength, it wasn’t enough to protect himself.



Seeing He Yishu’s hesitation, Adrian also realized his mistake, he immediately apologized: “Sorry, I was just too shocked and I had no intentional thoughts of probing your secret, please don’t mind. Later I’ll completely erase the data on this rune card detector. In the future, you’d better not take this kind of rune card to other rune card detectors to test the data, or even, you shouldn’t let other people have the chance to see this kind of rune card.”



In front of He Yishu, Adrian completely erased the data in the rune card detector.




Seeing the other’s action, He Yishu no longer hesitated, since he had already started, why hesitate in the process, since he had chosen to trust, why should he revive suspicion in the middle?




What was more, when Adrian saw the test results, although he was stunned, he didn’t show any greed, which was enough to show that his character was absolutely reliable.




Under such circumstances, why should he hesitate?




He Yishu took a deep breath, he chose to reveal the answer, “It’s because of the fonts, I used different fonts to make the rune cards activate different special attributes.”




He Yishu had made a total of six talisman cards that had special attributes, two of which used regular script, two of which were pure Song script, and the remaining two were cursive script.




Because the fonts were different, the special attributes varied, and with the same font, the effect of the activated attribute should be related to the state of mind of the maker, as well as the type of talisman paper and talisman pen.




The reason why He Yishu was able to determine that the special attribute was related to his state of mind was because he had also made the patterns on the rune cards infinitely close to the normal Chinese characters before, but because he didn’t see his actions as practicing, and he didn’t make any adjustments to his state of mind, the rune cards he made were the ones that didn’t have special attributes.




And last night, when he made those two rune cards, he was making them with the state of mind that he was re-experiencing the kind of words he was familiar with, and the special attributes activated.




Adrian’s eyes flashed with shock, he didn’t expect He Yishu to reveal the answer so bluntly, it made his heart beat faster: “He Yishu, you really don’t need to tell me ……”




He Yishu interrupted Adrian’s words with a smile, “I’ve made my choice, if you don’t want to hear it, then reject me.”




Adrian stared at He Yishu in silence for a moment before finally succumbing to the rapid beating of his heart: “The font you mentioned, what is it?”




He Yishu glanced at Adrian, the smile on his face became more obvious, but his attitude was still serious: “Adrian, you should have just seen the process of me making the rune card, right? Have you ever seen others draw rune cards like this before?”




“No.” Because He Yishu didn’t ask him to leave, Adrian could see very clearly, being able to draw rune cards at such a fast speed was something Adrian had never seen before.




He Yishu looked straight into Adrian’s eyes and spoke slowly, “The reason I was able to draw such unique rune cards extremely fast is because this is the script that I was once very familiar with and had been using.”




Adrian’s gaze was serious and deep, but he seemed really shocked: “What you’re doing is a kind of writing?”




“Yes, in fact, I think it is highly likely that the runic script you have here evolved from this kind of script, only to slowly lose its original form and be assimilated by your own language because it has lasted for too long.” He Yishu stated the speculation in his mind.




The amount of information in these words was really too much, Adrian stared for a while as he tried to understand his words, before correctly understand the meaning of He Yishu’s words, and then, he barely suppressed the shock that appeared in his eyes: “So you ……”




He Yishu smiled and nodded calmly: “That’s right, I’m from another world.”




While He Yishu was calm on the surface and apprehensive inside as he revealed his identity to Adrian, the fast and convenient transportation network had already delivered the mail from here as the starting point to the buyers.




After receiving the rune card, the buyers reacted in a surprisingly unanimous manner. They immediately dropped what they were doing, took out the rune card, and ran to the rune card detector.




When they saw the results displayed on the card tester, their reactions were surprisingly consistent, each of them stared in disbelief, and their heads were filled with rows and rows of “D*mn”.




Cr*p! Cr*p! D*mn! That store didn’t lie, they really bought such a magical talisman card!




And then, they did the same thing in unison, immediately ran to the virtual network, found the store, and clicked on the order button!




However, this time, the result of their operation couldn’t exactly be the same, because they found that this store had put up an announcement that from  today onwards, it would only accept twenty custom-made rune cards with effects spanning two levels every day.



In other words, only the first twenty of them were able to successfully customize such a rune card, and everyone else would have to go home helplessly empty-handed.



The surprise of just getting the rune card was almost entirely covered by the regret and helplessness at this time, so the discussion forum was set off by another storm.



#Shocked! The D-grade rune card I bought actually has a B- effect! My buddies and I are stunned! #Shocked!




#With the big guy’s rune card, I don’t have to worry about being hung in the arena anymore ahahahahahahahaha ……#




#Does anyone know who the big man behind the rune card store really is? I’m begging for information on the big man, I want to go begging for a package, a relationship and a rune card! ##



# Tears! Why is it that yesterday there were 40 cards and today there are only 20? Why didn’t I grab today’s rune cards! Why why why why why! #Tears!




#Record post: those who have used the rune cards. Come here to say something about the effect.




# Can’t grab a custom rune card I can only kneel down and beg the big man to put on a little more stock _(:зゝ∠)_, big man, hear my bitter plea QAQ#





He Yishu didn’t hear the pleas of the discussion forum, he was now staring at Adrian’s light computer with a dumbfounded expression, after revealing his identity to Adrian, He Yishu was actually very apprehensive, but when this apprehension was placed in front of the continuous flow of money, it seemed less important.



From the beginning, until now, Adrian’s light computer had been constantly sending alerts, almost without stopping.




[You have received a transfer of 200 credits from account XXX, please pay attention to it!]



[You have received a transfer of 1000 credits from account YYY, please pay attention to it!]




[You have received a transfer of 2200 credits from account ZZZ, please check!]






This was a great feeling!




Of course, if the money directly went to his own light computer, the feeling would be more enjoyable.



He Yishu blinked and withdrew his gaze: “Where were we talking about?”




Adrian replied, “About your identity.”




He Yishu choked on his own saliva, his expression became a little unnatural: “So do you have any opinion on this?”



“I trust you,” Adrian gave his answer without hesitation, “although your experience is indeed bizarre, I trust that you are not lying to me, just as you trusted me when you chose to tell me this.”



Trust was supposed to be mutual, and only by trusting each other could two people go farther together.




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  1. One of the rare instances where the transmigrated person reveals their identity quite early in the plot.

  2. Im happy he revealed it, but im sorry, if someone said ‘thats right, im from another world’ in such a serious convo I might just burst out laughing

    1. Maybe not if they’ve already upended your fundamentally held belief about a significant aspect of society.

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