C22—– Magical Runes Cards

He Yishu froze for a moment when he opened the store for the first time. It seemed that he had had good luck recently. He sorted out the orders, first kept aside the rune cards that were in stock, and then counted the types and quantity of customized rune cards. All levels together, were a total of 40 pieces.



For other people, it would take months to make so many cards, after all, each card required a lot of energy and time.




But He Yishu’s situation was completely different, he hardly used his spiritual energy when making the rune cards, and drawing the rune card pattern wasn’t difficult for him, after all, he didn’t need to follow the original rune card pattern in this world to copy it exactly, he only needed to follow the approximate proportion in the direction of Chinese characters.




So it only took one night for He Yishu to complete all these orders. The next morning, he bought breakfast and went to Adrian’s apartment with the completed rune cards.




The specifications of the First Academy’s student apartments were all completely uniform, and so were the second-year ones, so when He Yishu sat on the living room couch in Adrian’s apartment, he felt no different from staying in his own apartment.




“Here are the ordered rune cards, I’ll have to trouble you to send them out according to the address.” He Yishu put away the breakfast he brought, and then took the box specially designed to hold the rune cards out of his bag.




Adrian nodded and left the matter directly to his robot, while he started to eat breakfast together with He Yishu.




He Yishu held up his chopsticks and looked at the robot who was dutifully mailing the rune cards, and silently lamented that it was good to be a rich man, he was about to enter the ranks of the rich now, so he felt very happy thinking about it.




When they finished their breakfast and the robot had successfully completed the mailing task, He Yishu thought about it and started discussing the matter with Adrian: “Adrian, I think we should take the rare route and not sell too many of these rune cards, after all, things are precious when they are rare, once there are more things, they will seem worthless, what do you think?”




“You’re right, but the current situation is that you are the only one who can make such a rune card now, even if you make a thousand rune cards every day, it will take more than ten million days to achieve a handful of such rune cards, so you don’t need to consider this kind of problem at all now,” Adrian pondered for a moment and revealed his thoughts, “I’m more worried about the problem of imitations, after all, as long as someone buys the rune card, they can know what kind of pattern on the rune card, it shouldn’t be difficult to imitate.”




He Yishu’s gaze flickered and he smiled slightly “In this situation now, it’s really not difficult to achieve the resemblance, but there’s still a long road ahead, some things are very difficult to imitate, just watch, my best card hasn’t been completely taken out yet.”




The profoundness of Chinese characters wasn’t something these interstellar people who knew nothing about Chinese characters could easily understand. Even if they could imitate nine out of ten in appearance, they couldn’t appreciate the profound depth and weight of the horizontal, vertical, skew and downward, which was the most attractive and difficult to imitate root of Chinese characters.




The other’s previous actions had completely exceeded his expectations, leaving him shocked, but he didn’t expect him to have cards that he hadn’t taken out.




Adrian inexplicably felt a sense of satisfaction that he had inadvertently dug up a huge treasure, but he also felt a heavier sense of responsibility, he thought for a moment, then his expression became extra solemn: “Don’t worry, I will protect you well.”




“With your protection, I am also at ease,” He Yishu nodded with a smile and brought the topic back to the previous question, “In that case, I plan to provide a limited number of twenty talisman cards with effects spanning two levels every day, with unlimited types, on a first-come, first-served basis, what do you think?”




“Yes, but would that be too tiring for you?” Adrian hadn’t seen He Yishu making rune cards with his own eyes, so he was naturally a little worried about it.




He Yishu raised his eyebrows a little proudly: “I’m very good, the forty rune cards I sent out before were made by me in one night yesterday, I’m very good, right?”




This answer made Adrian’s heart shake once again, to be able to produce so many cross-grade effects of fine rune cards in one night, this ability was too heaven defying!




He Yishu lifted his chin slightly, even more smug: “So twenty rune cards are a piece of cake for me, it doesn’t take much effort at all.”




He Yishu rarely showed such an expression, Adrian suddenly felt that he looked a little cute like this, this feeling washed away some of the shock in his heart: “So there is no problem.”




At this moment, He Yishu directly hung the announcement of custom rune cards on the store, then took out two rune cards, “These are the two extra rune cards I made last night after finishing the orders, I think they should be quite good, we can keep them for our own use.”




Since He Yishu himself said it wasn’t bad, the effect of the rune cards must be very good. Adrian put the two rune cards into the simple rune card tester in the apartment with this thought, but he was still surprised by the test result.



Rune card grade: D grade
Rune card function: Intermediate defense
Rune card production difficulty: D level
Rune paper grade: intermediate rune paper
Rune pen type: ordinary rune pen
Rune completion level: 1.53%
Spiritual power injection level: F-grade
Rune effect level: A+ level
Rune card quality: Rare
Special Attributes of Rune Card.
Attribute I: [Primary] Increased duration, i.e. the duration of rune card use is increased to twice the normal state.
Attribute two: [Primary] Spiritual power enhancement, that is, during the process of making the rune card, can permanently enhance a small amount of spiritual energy.




Looking at this item of data, Adrian’s eyes were full of shock, it was just a D grade rune card, but it reached the effect of A+, and what was even more frightening was that its quality was rare to the point had never appeared before!




And what about this inexplicable extra rune card special attributes!




Although the explanation given by the test results seemed clear, the existence of such things itself was already very unscientific, okay! He never saw this information in the test results of any rune card! Absolutely not!




For the first time in Adrian’s world, an emotion called madness appeared, and it took a while before Adrian manually suppressed this emotion and turned his head to look at He Yishu searchingly.




When he clearly looked clearly at He Yishu’s expression, Adrian felt that his battered emotions were finally a little comforted, because at this moment, the maker of this rune card, also had a dumbfounded expression on his face.




He Yishu didn’t expect at all that the rune card he made would inspire special attributes, and two such awesome special attributes, knowing that in the interstellar context, whether it was increasing the duration of use of the rune card or permanently boosting spiritual energy, it was a very incredible thing.




So was this situation in front of him a coincidence, or was it the inevitable result of some of his own actions?




After being completely confused and overly excited, He Yishu began to seriously think about this question.




He carefully thought back to the situation when he made this rune card, this was the first time he used the standard regular Chinese characters to make a rune card, and his intention of doing that was just to reveal to Adrian, to let the other know what kind of effect he could probably make a rune card into, but he didn’t expect it to bring such an unexpected effect.




Could it be that these two special attributes were both brought about by the Regular Script?




But he had actually put the pattern on the card in the direction of the Regular Script before, but the test results of the card didn’t have the special attributes.




While He Yishu was thinking about this, Adrian had already put another rune card into the rune card tester, and the test result soon appeared on the tester’s screen.




Rune card grade: C grade
Rune card function: medium level to strengthen the defense
Rune card production difficulty: C level
Rune paper grade: Intermediate rune paper
Rune pen type: ordinary rune pen
Rune completion: 0.96%
Spiritual power injection level: F-grade
Rune card effect level: A+ level
Rune card quality: Rare
Rune card special attributes.
Attribute 1: [Primary] Quality, i.e. the number of times the rune card is used is increased to twice the normal state.
Attribute 2: [Primary] Mental power enhancement, i.e. during the process of making a rune card, it can permanently enhance the maker’s mental power by a small amount.




A C grade rune card with the same A+ grade rune card effect, the same rare quality, and the same two special attributes activated, the only difference was that there was a difference in the special attributes activated.




One was to increase the time limit of the rune card, and the other was to increase the number of times the rune card could be used.




Looking at the results of this test, a thought that surprised even himself suddenly flashed through He Yishu’s mind, and his eyes lit up as he directly took out the talisman pen and a blank piece of talisman paper from his bag.



“You want to make a rune card now?” Seeing He Yishu’s movement, Adrian just barely managed to come back from the huge shock, “Do you need me to go out for a while?”




Many rune card masters didn’t like to have people around when they were making rune cards, for fear of being disturbed, and secondly, they didn’t want their process of making rune cards to be spied on, or even to be directly learned and used.




He Yishu pursed his lips and shook his head, all his thoughts were now on the talisman paper in his hands, if his guess was true, then he might really be on his way to the top of life and marry a Gao Fushuai!



[TN: Gao Fushuai —- male version, Tall, rich and handsome.]



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