C21 —– Sold Out

Adrian’s heart shook, his emotions fluctuated uncontrollably, a moment later, he took a deep breath and calmly spoke: “I will fill in the application form for the store, but the store information will be determined by you.”



Adrian then opened the light computer and pulled up the application form: “Virtual store is divided into two kinds, one in the form of a virtual version of the existence, others can only see the name of the store, as well as the sale of goods items information, but they can’t enter the store to see. The other kind is similar to a real store, others can enter the store to see, but you need someone to take care of it and receive the customers.”




He Yishu made his choice without much hesitation, “The first one, I guess, is much more convenient.”




“The name of the store?” Adrian inquired.




He Yishu thought carefully, “Can the name be handwritten by myself? The name I want to use might not be in the existing language system.”




“It can be hand-written.” Adrian directly put the light computer in front of He Yishu.




He Yishu wrote three Chinese characters on the light computer, it was his name, he wanted to choose a more noble name, but there were too many noble words in Chinese, he thought about it and couldn’t make up his mind, so he finally chose to use his own name.




Anyway, people here didn’t know Chinese characters, no matter what name he gave the shop, it would look very high class.




After entering the name of the store, He Yishu filled in the next few options by hand, and then he was stumped by one option: “Does it provide physical services? What does this mean?”




Adrian immediately gave a detailed explanation: “Our store wants to sell rune cards, through the anthropomorphizer, rune cards can be used directly on the virtual network, but the reverse doesn’t hold true, so generally the rune cards purchased in the virtual store, can only be used in the virtual arena, but cannot be brought into reality. But if we are willing to provide physical services, we can have customers shop in the virtual store and we ship in the real world, so that customers will be able to use the cards in reality.”




“In that case, I think we can start a physical service, what do you think?” He Yishu stated his idea, while seeking Adrian’s opinion.




“Mailing items isn’t troublesome, and the use of rune cards is just as common in reality, I agree with your choice.” Adrian reached out and checked this option.




The two of them spent a few more minutes to open the virtual store, but they still needed to slowly replenish the information of the various types of rune cards in the store.




He Yishu looked at his existing rune cards, put the few types of rune cards he had already made into the virtual store first, and finally opened a few more types of custom rune cards.




[This store can undertake the production of all types of C-class rune cards, the effect level can reach A- and below.]




[ The store can undertake the production of various types of D-class rune cards, the effect level can reach B- and below.]




[The store can undertake the production of various types of D-class rune cards, the effect level can reach B- and below.]




[The store can produce all types of E grade cards, the effect level can reach C- and below.]




[The store can to produce all types of F grade cards, the effect level can reach D- and below.]





After getting the information of these rune cards done, He Yishu closed his light computer contentedly, not considering at all what kind of storm this store would set off on the virtual network.




At first, there wasn’t much discussion about this strange store on the virtual network, only one person made a post, saying that he might have suddenly become illiterate since he didn’t even recognize the name of a store selling rune cards, attaching a picture of the name of the store.




The owner of the topic page also didn’t forget to spout off about the rune cards placed in this store, saying that he had never seen anyone able to take on the production of rune cards of all types with effects two levels above the rune card level.




After a few people clicked on the post for fun, looked at the pictures on the post, and then said they were probably also illiterate because they couldn’t comprehend the characters on the pictures.




There were also a few people who said that this store might be someone playing a prank for fun, and at a glance they knew the store was fake, and they also condemned this irresponsible behavior.




But at this time no one took the store seriously, at best it was a couple of teasing comments, the post barely had any popularity.




At the same time, the discussion forum for the previous twenty games had become louder and more intense, even the virtual arena couldn’t sit idly by.




In order to clarify this matter, the virtual arena first sent a letter to He Yishu and Adrian, they first introduced the general situation, and then proposed that the two people could agree to them releasing the rune card information used in those games, accordingly, the virtual arena would also give them some financial compensation.




When He Yishu received this letter, he was still a bit confused, and after he went to the discussion forum of the virtual network and looked around, he found that there were dozens of posts discussing this matter, his expression immediately turned into one of amusement and confusion.




But then, He Yishu rubbed his chin and showed a meaningful smile, it seemed that his previous plan was still very successful.




Because the class was in session, He Yishu couldn’t discuss this matter with Adrian in person, he could only send him a message of advice, the other also quickly replied: [It’s your choice, I’ll support you.]




Seeing this reply, He Yishu’s eyes narrowed with joy. After seriously expressing his gratitude to his patron, He Yishu immediately replied to the virtual arena again, and he readily agreed to the virtual arena’s request, but asked the virtual arena to keep the pattern of the rune card secret.




In other words, they could post the specific testing information of this rune card, but they couldn’t tell them exactly what this rune card looked like and how it was drawn.



He Yishu was still expecting to make money with this, so of course he couldn’t release the most crucial core technology so quickly on his own initiative.




In less than a minute, he received a letter back from the virtual arena, as well as a transfer notice, the virtual arena agreed to his request, and at the same time transferred him 10,000 credits as compensation for this time.




He Yishu suddenly had the illusion that he was rich again, and he wanted to run to the discussion forum to see what was going on, when he heard the professor in front of the class call his name, so He Yishu had to turn off his light computer and stand up to answer the question.




And on the virtual network, the virtual arena, in addition to making an announcement on its own turf about this matter, also used its official account to post a thread in the discussion forum, which gave details of the use of rune cards for the twenty matches that had been complained about before, and stressed again and again that the data of those previous matches were indeed all normal, and there were no irregularities.



As soon as this post appeared, it immediately caused countless passersby to look around, because the rows of rune card data given in the post simply blinded their eyes!



A D-grade rune card, surprisingly reached C+, or even B- effect, the quality even appeared to be unbelievably fine!




A C grade rune card, yet it achieved the effect of A-, was this a joke?




All the people who read this post had dull expressions. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe it. In fact, there had been high-quality runes with cross-level effects before, but this kind of Rune could only be refined when it was a highly skilled high-level rune, and the probability of occurrence was very slim, so it was very precious.




But! Yes! Now! Now!




There was someone who used 69 of these cards in a row in 20 matches of the primary mode.



You dare to do such a heartless thing, do you dare to come forward and tell us how in the world you got so many precious rune cards!?




With these data, everyone’s attention immediately shifted from it being a scam, to worshiping the big man, and almost everyone was asking the same question.




Who exactly was the person who used these rune cards? And who was the person who made these cards? Please come forward, big brother!




Just when everyone was scratching their heads over this matter, someone finally mentioned a certain newly opened store that they didn’t even know the name of and was treated as a joke by everyone.




Netizen 1: Weakly, I ask, do you think this store will be able to really make this kind of rune card?




Netizen 2: Although it seems very unreliable, then why do I vaguely see a little hidden profound atmosphere from it?




Netizen 3: The more I talk, the more I think it’s very possible, so should I go and place an order to see what happens or not?




Netizen 4: Cr@p! You are simply too heartless, I just went to place an order, but it showed that it was sold out!




Netizens 5: You’ll be able to get a good deal on a C-grade custom card, although the price is three times more expensive than a normal C-grade card, but if the effect can really reach A-, it’s quite a bargain.




Netizen 6: Mizuzi bought three d-level Rune cards with C + effect. They were in stock. Hey, hey




Netizen 7: You don’t know if it’s true or not, but you guys are just happy, maybe it’s all a scam to cheat people!




Netizen 8: Upstairs, don’t pretend, you didn’t grab a rune card either, right? _(:зゝ∠)_




Netizen 9: QAQ Although you are telling the truth, but can you not be so quick to expose me ……







He Yishu didn’t know much about the buzz on the virtual web, but as deputy store manager of the store he received a bunch of orders from the virtual store.




In just one morning, all the rune cards in the store, including the custom-made rune cards, were all sold out, even though He Yishu was usually calm, at this time he was stunned by this situation.




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