C20 —– Virtual Shop

He Yishu nodded, “It’s the rune cards I refined during this period of time.”




“Can you show me the rest of the rune cards later?” Adrian inquired as he pressed the button to open the virtual cabin.




“Sure.” The two of them came out of the virtual pod, and He Yishu directly handed all the rune cards in the anthropomorphizer to Adrian.




Because of the battle just now, some of these rune cards had already turned into waste cards, the rune characters on them had completely disappeared, so Adrian picked out these rune cards and began to study the remaining part of the rune cards.




After reading these cards one by one, Adrian put them into the rune card tester. The test results presented by the tester made his expression become more serious, and when he finished measuring the data of the last rune card, Adrian’s eyebrows were already tightly wrinkled together.




Such a reaction was already considered very calm, if other people saw a D-class rune card was tested B+ effect, they would probably scream on the spot, or even faint from excitement.




What was even more frightening was that this situation wasn’t unique, among these rune cards that have just been tested, more than half of them had actually achieved such an effect, which was simply too incredible, okay?




He Yishu also followed the tension on the side, he hadn’t even taken out his real skills yet, and he had already scared Adrian like this?




“Are you okay?” He Yishu’s tone was full of caution.




Adrian looked at He Yishu, his gaze complicated: “I won’t ask how you made these rune cards, but even just from the effect and quality of these rune cards, it’s already enough to prove how special your card making ability is, it’s a very powerful talent, and at the same time it could be a sharp blade that could hurt you, because it’s really …… incredible.”



Probably feeling that his expression like this wasn’t enough to make He Yishu pay attention to his ability, Adrian thought about it and added: “He Yishu, even the most powerful rune card maker I’ve ever seen can’t reach a level like yours.”



He Yishu’s eyes widened slightly, and before he could speak, he heard Adrian say in a more serious voice: “You need a powerful shelter, only then can you continue to walk safely on this path and do what you want to do.”




“But ……” He Yishu was just about to speak, but he was interrupted by Adrian.




“Believe me, this world is not as simple and safe as you think, only with enough strength or reliance, can you continue to move forward safely and worry-free.” Adrian spoke solemnly once again.




He Yishu could see that Adrian was really concerned about him, “You’re right, in a situation like mine, I do need a strong shelter, but where am I going to find that?”




Adrian stood straighter with his chest up: “Isn’t he standing right in front of you?”




“……” He Yishu suddenly didn’t know what expression was on his face, so when Adrian said he’d protect him, he wasn’t joking?




His heart felt warm, and at the same time he felt that he was really too lucky, although the situation after coming here was a mess, but the two friends he met were good people with good characters.




Especially Adrian, the first time they met, he gave him a ride; the second time, he gave him a rare part-time job; now he was very serious about being his protector, it would be a lie if he said he wasn’t touched.




He Yishu couldn’t help but smile as he looked at Adrian with a bright gaze: “Then I’ll be relying on you from now on.”



“I will protect you,” Adrian’s heartbeat inexplicably began to accelerate, when his gaze met He Yishu’s dark eyes, his tone seemed extra serious, “I never told you, my father is a military marshal, my mother is an imperial councilor, and I’m also serving in the military, you can choose to trust me.”




Having never thought that his friend had such an illustrious identity and background, He Yishu stared in amazement, “You’re so powerful!”




Although he didn’t mean to show off, when he saw He Yishu looking at him with such a gaze, Adrian inexplicably developed a subtle sense of satisfaction, but his attitude was still modest: “It’s just from the shelter of my parents, it’s not much.”




“But not everyone can have such parents, since it is fate that you were born in such a family, then the shelter and help they brought would have been the capital that belongs to you,” He Yishu patted Adrian’s shoulder and looked at him with a smile, “just like I met you now, after all, not everyone can be as lucky as I am to be able to hitch a ride on your boat so coincidentally and also become your rune card assist master, don’t you think?”




“You make a good point.” Adrian nodded, but in his heart, he thought, “Actually, all of this is not a coincidence.”




The two people who evolved from a friend relationship to a sheltered relationship didn’t change much when they got along, and it was only at this point that He Yishu had the chance to say what he intended to do, “Actually, the reason why I’m using these rune cards on purpose is to make money.”




“Make money?” Adrian raised his eyebrows, “You want to sell these rune cards?”




“Yeah, if even you think these rune cards are powerful, then they should be able to sell for quite a lot of money, right?” A bright light flashed in He Yishu’s eyes and he asked hopefully, “What do you think? Will anyone be willing to buy them?”




Adrian thought seriously and gave an appropriate answer, “Probably all mecha warriors would love to buy such a rune card.” Even he wanted such a rune card.




“In that case, I might be getting rich soon,” He Yishu’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t forget his patron, “Don’t worry, even if I get rich, I won’t forget you, you can just tell me whatever rune cards you usually need, and I will unconditionally provide you with the best quality rune cards.”




Adrian’s eyes lit up for a moment, but he still pushed back, “No, I can pay ……”




As a result, just halfway through the sentence, he was glared at by He Yishu: “If you say that, I will be angry, according to the result we just discussed, you are now my backer, as a person who is being sheltered by you, should I accept your protection without giving anything? There is not much I can do now, and I can only return your help to me in this way, if you refuse this, then I really have no face to accept your shelter.”




He Yishu was a man who knew how to repay his kindness. It was true that there was very little he could do now, but he believed that he would always have the opportunity to thank Adrian for his selfless help with a reciprocal, or even more generous, return in the future.




Faced with He Yishu’s serious response, Adrian could only smile helplessly and agreed: “When I need a rune card, I will take the initiative to ask for it.”




“That’s good, don’t worry, I’ll definitely leave you the best rune cards.” He Yishu had previously tested that if he used pure Song Chinese characters to complete the rune card, he could make the effect of a C grade rune card to reach the effect of A+ grade stably, and the quality of the rune card could also reach perfection.



The quality of a rune card mainly represented the stability of a rune card. There were seven levels of quality, from low to high: scrap, pass, ordinary, excellent, fine, rare, and perfect.




The quality could only reach pass, anything below was basically equivalent to a waste card, it couldn’t be used.




The average or excellent quality meant that the card had basic stability and could be used at least once, but the effect may be deviated or there may be other problems in the process.




Fine and Rare meant that the card was highly stable and there was no need to worry about any accidents during use, while the card may be used more than once.



As for perfect, this was a state that didn’t exist yet, no one knew what a rune card that reached perfect quality would look like.




Now, He Yishu had already secretly produced more than one perfect quality rune card, and if word got out, it would really alarm the entire interstellar empire.




But now He Yishu wasn’t interested in alarming the entire interstellar empire, he only wanted to make more money as soon as possible, so that his pockets would quickly bulge.



He Yishu rubbed his hands with high ambition and said smilingly, “Adrian, if you want to open a store on the virtual network, do you have to have a real name?”



“Yes, but under normal circumstances, no one can view your real information.” Adrian nodded his head and explained.




“Of course I won’t worry about the normal situation, but if I encounter special circumstances, someone can still view my information, right?” He Yishu held his chin and looked at Adrian, a small calculation flashed in his eyes, “As my backer, can you do something now to prevent my information from being accessed by certain people?”



Although there was no direct request, He Yishu’s meaning had been expressed clearly, Adrian couldn’t help but ask: “If you use my information to open a store on the virtual network, in the future, the earnings of the store will be directly sent to my light computer, have you really thought it through?”




With He Yishu’s talent in card making, this store would definitely bring in very huge profits in the future, and these profits would only go to the light computer of the person who set up the store, if He Yishu couldn’t trust him completely, he wouldn’t have made such a decision.




“Of course, I’ve thought it through very clearly.” He Yishu smiled and nodded, of course he already had complete trust in Adrian to make this decision.





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