C19— Strongly Crushed

“This is a two-person virtual pod, it can accommodate two people to enter the virtual network at the same time,” Even though he said that, Adrian’s expression was slightly unnatural, he glanced at He Yishu and subconsciously explained, “This virtual pod was prepared for me by my mother, I didn’t pick it myself. ”



The implication was that he didn’t pick this two-person virtual pod himself, and he never wanted to lie side by side with anyone intimately in this virtual pod and enter the virtual network with them.



He Yishu looked at Adrian with a smile, and frankly took off his jacket and laid down.



Although it was a two-person virtual cabin, the space inside wasn’t large, so as their shoulders touched, it felt a bit intimate, Adrian inexplicably felt that the air was a bit stuffy, while He Yishu tried to avoid their bodies touching as much as possible: “Ready?”



“Yeah.” He Yishu closed his eyes and answered softly.



Adrian pressed the button, the virtual pod slowly closed, about a few seconds later, He Yishu felt a brightness in front of his eyes, and when he opened his eyes again, the scene in front of him was completely different.



He found himself standing in a simple and clean space, the arrangement here looked quite similar to the lounge in Adrian’s mecha training room, and sure enough he heard Adrian speak a moment later, “This is my virtual lounge, let’s go straight over to the virtual arena now.”



The virtual network was equivalent to a complete virtual world, where people could also eat, play, shop, and study, and it was even faster and more convenient than the real world, because no matter how far they were, it only took a few seconds to transport themselves to their destination.



After Adrian determined his destination, he directly clicked on the teleportation, taking him along to the virtual arena.



As soon as he entered the virtual arena, He Yishu saw an additional viewable panel in front of him, and when he clicked on it, it was a message reminding him to register.



Although the original owner had always aspired to become an outstanding rune card master, he was very clear about his own mental energy level, so he had never set foot in the virtual arena.



Seeing He Yishu stop with a slightly complicated expression, Adrian made a guess: “Let’s find a place to sit down first, then you can fill out the registration form.”



“Can you also see this message?” He Yishu looked at Adrian in confusion.



Adrian shook his head: “I can’t see it, but I guessed, you should be entering in the virtual arena for the first time, right?”



“Well, it’s indeed my first time here,” He Yishu nodded and followed Adrian to find a place to quickly fill out the registration form, after which he looked up and asked, “What do we do now?”



Adrian made a suggestion, “You can first go to the personal training area to familiarize yourself with the mode and rhythm of the place.”



The personal training area was a single-player operation area, if He Yishu accepted this advice, Adrian would have to continue to wait, so He Yishu shook his head in response, “No, I can familiarize myself with the mode here during the battle.”



“Okay, I’ll invite you to team up.” Adrian didn’t continue to insist, and after inviting He Yishu to team up, he directly opened the auto-match.



In less than a minute, the two had already met their first group of opponents and were quickly transported to the battle venue.



In the virtual arena, the virtual mechas were provided by the arena, and the models were completely uniform in function, so the main competition was the strength of the mecha warriors who manipulated the mechas, and the rune card masters who assisted the mecha warriors in the mecha battles.



After being transported into the battle field, a screen automatically appeared in front of He Yishu.



[The battle will start in one minute, please be informed about this battle.]



Competition mode: Normal mode



Rune card type: C grade and below



The maximum number of rune cards allowed: 10



Adrian looked at He Yishu and spoke to help him reduce the pressure: “Don’t feel any psychological pressure, even if we don’t use any rune cards in this battle, we won’t lose.”



Adrian’s words were by no means conceited, but he did have enough capital to say so. He Yishu smiled at him, “Don’t worry, I’m not nervous at all right now.”



The enemy mecha used two C-class rune cards directly at the beginning, instantly boosting the mecha’s attack and speed, obviously wanting a quick battle.



He Yishu improvised and put three rune cards into the secondary card slot at once, one to boost the mecha’s defense, and the other two were D-rank rune cards that boosted attack and speed respectively.



Adrian glanced at the rune cards and immediately understood He Yishu’s intention. Without any hesitation, he directly manipulated the mecha and launched the fiercest attack.



Three seconds later, the two mechas brushed against each other, and then the system sent out the result of the battle: [The opponent’s mecha damage has reached 100%, the battle is over, player will be transported out of the battlefield in three seconds.]



After being transported out of the battle field, He Yishu looked at his battle record, the number of battles had changed from 0 to 1, and his win rate had increased to 100%.



“Your rune card ……” Adrian’s face held a trace of surprise, but he only said the words halfway, then he abruptly changed the topic, “How do you feel? ”



He Yishu also didn’t question what he wanted to say before, instead he responded in a good mood, “It feels quite interesting, since we are already here, why not fight a few more times?”



After a moment of silence, Adrian nodded: “Okay.”



But at this moment, his heart wasn’t calm, he had guessed before that the two rune cards He Yishu gave him wasn’t a coincidence, but when the guess turned out to be true, he was still shocked.



In the battle just now, the configuration of both sides’ mechas was exactly the same, and at the very beginning of the battle, the other side obviously attacked before them, but when the battle was over, the damage on his mecha was only 12%.



Such a disparity was enough to show how frightening the effects of the three rune cards that He Yishu used were.



At this moment, like Adrian, his opponents were also in a very unsettled mood.



After being teleported out of the battlefield, the two people were really confused for a while before they reacted and cursed angrily: “D*amn! It took five seconds to end the battle, these two people must have cheated!”



After cursing, the two immediately reported the battle, this kind of people who dared to cheat in normal mode, were simply scums, they must be expelled from the virtual arena in order to solve the hatred of their hearts!



However, two minutes later, the system feedback results made their eyes widen: [After investigation, the number P23841 combat data is normal, and there is no foul play, please be informed.]



The two people were simply stunned: “D*amn! I can’t believe they said the data is normal, that’s to say they didn’t cheat at all? How is this possible? Could it be that the system is the one helping them cheat?”



Just as the two of them were completely unable to accept this result, He Yishu and Adrian had already finished three more matches in a very godlike manner, the duration of these three matches were 10 seconds, 18 seconds and 7 seconds respectively.



And by the time they reached ten consecutive wins in the virtual arena, all nine opponents reported them, and then they quickly received the exact same reply except for the battle number.



【 After investigation, the combat data numbered P24082 is all right, and there was no foul play. Please be informed. 】



F*uck you! How could there be no cheating! They’d all been beaten like this. It would be strange if the opponent didn’t cheat!



Since the system couldn’t help them solve the problem, these people immediately shifted the battlefield to the virtual network discussion forum, and so one after another, cynical posts were born.



#Virtual arena: system family relatives appear, cheating level 666!



#VirtualArena: 5 seconds into the match, I was teleported out of the battle arena. Is this a god-like opponent, or is this cheating under the cover of the system? #virtualarena



#Who dares to say that the system is absolutely fair and impartial? #Who dares to say that the system is absolutely fair?




If there was just one post, people wouldn’t take it seriously at all. After all, there were occasional people who weren’t skilled enough and were beaten badly that came to the discussion forum to vent their negative feelings.



But now, in just a few minutes, there were nine consecutive different posts about the same thing, the posters were also completely different, which made it even more interesting.



And these nine people, in order to prove that what they said was true, all attached videos of their previous matches to their posts. Many people clicked on them out of boredom, everyone was surprised to find that the opposing side of these nine matches was actually the same competitors!



Just at this time, the tenth post of accusation appeared.



#Streak 555 was broken, I was beaten in 55 seconds, I’ve began to doubt life. #



The tenth post was made by a small god-like player who had been competing in the ordinary field for several months. As he said in his post, he had reached a winning streak of 555 in the normal mode, which showed that his level was definitely not low, yet he was beaten in 55 seconds.



So, without He Yishu and Adrian’s knowledge, the video of their fight became extremely popular, pushing it to the top of the list of the hottest posts on the discussion forum that day.



He Yishu had been catching up on all kinds of information and knowledge recently, and had no time to pay attention to the discussion forum of the virtual network, while Adrian obviously wouldn’t go to the discussion forum to hang out, so until the two finished their 20-win streak, and wandered around the virtual network, and finally left the virtual network with ease, they were completely unaware of this matter.



After waking up in the virtual pod, He Yishu turned his head and saw Adrian staring at him, his heart inexplicably jumped: “What’s wrong?”



Adrian’s dark green eyes stared intently at He Yishu and he asked solemnly, “The rune cards you used in the virtual arena just now, were all made by you?”



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