C15—- Level D Defence Rune Card

Therefore, after the last class, He Yishu didn’t go straight back to the dormitory, but went straight to Adrian’s mecha training ground.


Adrian’s mecha training ground had a rune card testing instrument that could accurately test the detailed data of a rune card, so He Yishu had come for this very reason.


Before that, He Yishu had already asked Adrian for the right to use the rune card detector when he got the job, but just to be safe, he had never used it, and now he was finally going to use this right.


After a month of working together, the relationship between He Yishu and Adrian progressed greatly, and a foundation of trust had been established between the two, so He Yishu wasn’t as worried as he was initially.


He took out several rune cards that he had drawn by hand in advance, He Yishu first put an ordinary defense type rune card into the rune card detector, and almost immediately, the precise data of the rune card was already displayed on the rune card detector.


When he saw the last data of the rune card test result, that was, the result of the rune card’s effect level, He Yishu stared in amazement and immediately put the remaining rune cards with different effects into the rune card tester one by one.



When he finished testing the data of the last rune card, He Yishu had a clear smile on his face. After putting away the tested rune cards, he thought for a moment and didn’t erase the data left by the rune cards he just tested.


He now considered Adrian a friend, and he trusted him, based on such a foundation, some of his thoughts and practices had to undergo a transformation.


However, even if He Yishu deliberately left the test data, Adrian didn’t reveal anything unusual, and the two people’s mode of getting along didn’t change in any way because of this incident.



In such an uneventful relationship, a week quickly passed, and the agreed time for the sparring session between He Yishu and Du Fangping came.



As one of the parties involved, He Yishu was very calm, but the other, as well as the other people, weren’t calm.


From this time a week ago, they were secretly looking forward to this day, waiting for this failure to tear He Yishu’s confident expression apart, he always looked calm, it would be good to see his embarrassed expression.


Therefore, at the beginning of the practice class, Du Fangping took the initiative to find He Yishu: “Yishu, do you still remember our agreement a week ago?”

“If you’re willing to call me by my full name, I will tell you that I still remember it.” He Yishu looked at Du Fangping a bit unpleasantly, both of them had clearly torn their fake pleasantries apart, was he disgusting him or himself by addressing him like this?


The expression on Du Fangping’s face froze, and the resentment in his heart thickened by a few more points, thinking of the sparring match, his mood finally got better: “He Yishu, are you ready?”


He Yishu’s response was calm: “Almost, the content of our sparring session should be making intermediate level rune cards, right? Have you thought about what type of intermediate rune cards we’re going to make?”


Du Fangping pretended to think seriously for a while and answered the question while not forgetting to reveal He Yishu’s scars: “We just started learning to make intermediate level rune cards, plus your spiritual energy level isn’t too high, I think it’s better to choose from D level rune cards, what do you think?”


Rune cards were roughly divided into three types: low-level rune cards, intermediate-level rune cards, and high-level rune cards, where low-level rune cards contained F-level rune cards and E-level rune cards, intermediate-level rune cards contained D-level, C-level, and B-level rune cards, and high-level rune cards contain all rune cards of A-level and above.


“OK.” He Yishu continued to respond calmly, not at all embarrassed or upset by Du Fangping’s words.


His calm response made Du Fangping very dissatisfied, he felt like his fist had hit cotton, and he also vaguely felt that something was wrong, but with He Yishu’s ability to make rune cards, there was no way he could beat him, so after thinking about it, he could only conclude that He Yishu was deliberately using a calm attitude to hide the panic in his heart.


Du Fangping secretly took a deep breath, suppressing his anger: “Then let’s set it as a D level rune card, how about a D level defense rune card?”


“Okay.” He Yishu once again agreed readily and casually found the reference pattern of a D-rank defense rune card from the textbook.


Because of the lack of knowledge in Chinese, people in the interstellar world couldn’t directly identify the contents of the rune cards, and could only define the level and type of the rune cards based on the effects and strengths they exhibited.


For example, He Yishu had seen the patterns of two rune cards on the Internet before, they were both placed in the C-level attack rune cards, and their effects were very similar, but the Chinese characters on the patterns weren’t the same, one was painted with [Strengthen attack eight times effect], and the other was [Normal attack twenty times effect].

One of these two rune cards used [Strengthen Attack] on an E-rank rune card as the basic unit for an eight-fold effect stack, while the other used [Normal Attack] on an F-rank rune card as the basic unit for a twenty-fold effect stack.


The basic units of the two weren’t the same, but because the normal effects of these two cards were similar, they were both classified as C-level cards.


The reason why “normal effect” was mentioned was that some under-leveled runesmiths could lower the effect of a D-ranked rune card to E or even F, while some high-leveled runesmiths could raise the effect of a D-ranked rune card to C or even higher.


So if he wanted to draw a D-rank defense rune card, it was possible to have different options, such as [Strengthen Defense Double Effect] rune card, and then for example [Normal Defense Five Times Effect] rune card.



Preparing the intermediate talisman paper and ordinary talisman pen for the practice class, Du Fangping impatiently spoke, “Let’s get started!”


“Okay, let’s begin.” He Yishu nodded, but his hands didn’t move, he silently thought about what level he should use.


Should it be a direct hit, or a standout performance? Or should it just be enough to suppress Du Fangping?


For He Yishu, this question was obviously more difficult than the content of the competition, so he even thought about it for a few minutes.


However, his action in the eyes of others, was a sign of incompetence. He could disguise himself as calm, but when really faced with a problem, all these disguises would be ruthlessly stripped away, leaving only his strength.


But this result was also natural for them, after all, they already knew how low He Yishu’s spiritual energy was because of He Tingting’s secret propaganda, and everyone had concluded that it was already a miracle that he could be admitted to the First Academy’s Rune Card Major.


And miracles, often didn’t appear twice in the same person.


Du Fangping didn’t pay attention to He Yishu’s situation, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to pay attention, but he was now drawing the rune card while injecting spiritual energy, he had to remain quiet during the whole process, a slight distraction would destroy the rune card.


Generally there were two ways to inject spiritual energy into a rune card, one was to draw all the patterns of the rune card first, then inject spiritual energy into the patterns of the rune card at once, while the other was to slowly inject spiritual power into the rune card during the process of drawing the patterns of the rune card, and when the patterns of the rune card were finished, the injection of spiritual energy would also be completed simultaneously.

From the perspective of the effect, the effect of the rune card drawn through the latter was often much higher than the former.


Accordingly, the difficulty of completing the latter was also much higher than the former, because the injection of spiritual energy was different from the drawing of the pattern, it absolutely couldn’t be interrupted, once there was an interruption, it was the same as the rune card being condemned.


Because of this, only rune card masters with high spiritual energy level that were very familiar with the steps of drawing rune cards would draw patterns and inject spiritual energy at once to complete a rune card.


Now, as a new student of the First Academy, Du Fangping was obviously showing off his ability to make rune cards, but also taunting and ridiculing He Yishu.


He Yishu didn’t care how Du Fangping was making the rune card, after solving the problem in front of him, He Yishu also started to make the rune card, he made a [Strengthen Defense Double Effect] rune card.


If He Yishu wrote it down in pure Chinese characters, no matter what font he used, it probably wouldn’t take more than a minute.


But now he had to hold back his OCD and spend more than ten minutes completing this task, and he also had to twist the original lovely Chinese characters into patterns that resembled ghost drawings, this feeling was too bad for He Yishu, who used to be a god of learning!


When he finally finished drawing the pattern, the expression on his face was already close to distorted, but in the eyed of other people, his expression had another meaning.


It must be because he already knew that he could never win this competition, that was why he showed such a miserable expression, some of them felt sympathetic for He Yishu, but most of them were watching him gleefully.


It took nearly twenty minutes before Du Fangping finally finished drawing his rune card. When he saw that He Yishu had finished, Du Fangping glanced over and then he let out a mocking laugh.


As far as the lines drawn by He Yishu were concerned, it would be good if the completion degree of the characters could reach more than 60%, was he being intentionally funny?

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