C14—- I Accept Your Challenge

Hearing He Yishu’s words, Adrian was silent for a while before he looked at him, “You have a point, everyone has to be responsible for their own choices, besides, I think you handled that incident in the correct manner.”


“Thank you, after this incident, I don’t think anyone will be foolish enough to come after me anymore,” He Yishu added casually as he sorted through the cards in his hands in a good mood, “and you don’t have to worry about that.”


Adrian looked at He Yishu twice then he nodded: “Let’s get started.”


After this incident, it was true that no one dared to trouble He Yishu, but soon someone came up with a new method, because their practice class had finally started.

There were a total of three practical classes for the first year of Rune Card Majors, which were the three courses of “Intermediate Rune Card Making”, “Primary Coalescence of Spiritual Energy”, and “How to Use Intermediate and Low Level Rune Cards”, and the first class was “Intermediate Rune Card Making”.


As the name suggested, the course “Intermediate Rune Card Making” was based on how to make an intermediate rune card, which generally contained D-grade rune cards and C-grade rune cards.


As a student who was admitted to the First Academy’s rune card program on a breakthrough basis, the only rune card He Yishu had ever made was the low-level rune card used for defense that was used for the entrance exam, so this subject was undoubtedly a new challenge for him.


He Yishu wasn’t afraid of the challenge, on the contrary, he was very interested in this practical course, but what he didn’t expect was that during the first class of this practical course, someone challenged him righteously.


The person who came to challenge He Yishu was none other than Du Fangping, who had been deducted 0.5 credits a month ago because of He Yishu and had a big fight with his scum boyfriend Brooke.


After a month of adjustment, Du Fangping seemed to have forgotten the conflict between them a month ago and greeted He Yishu with a smile on his face, “Yishu, I heard that you’re Adrian’s assist rune card master, congratulations.”


He Yishu, however, only looked at Du Fangping coldly, “As a poor person who once considered you as his best friend, but was set up by you many times instead, and even had his boyfriend stolen by you, I am not in the mood to have any communication with you.”


He Yishu’s attitude was as nonchalant as ever, but his words made Du Fangping’s face darken, he was almost unable to carry on the conversation between them.


He secretly took a deep breath before he could barely suppress his temper, he maintained a stiff smile, and continued as if he hadn’t heard anything: “Yishu, I believe that since you could become Adrian’s assist rune card master, you must have something that others can’t compare with. I wonder if you would be willing to guide us, so that we can improve?”


This speech was too skillful, it sounded like he was asking for advice, and his attitude was also very good, but in fact it was directly pulling He Yishu and all other students on opposite sides, he was trying to help He Yishu pull hatred.


It happened that this kind of words was the most difficult to reply. If he really answered this, it was tantamount to accepting his statements, which was obviously very offensive.

But even if He Yishu opened his mouth to deny it, others may not think his attitude was humble, but may read this behavior as condescending or conceited, which was also not pleasing.


So Du Fangping’s seemingly calm and humble words were actually digging a hole for He Yishu, waiting for him to jump into it.


He Yishu looked at Du Fangping calmly: “May I ask what evidence you have to prove that I have a special talent that no one else can match? If you can’t provide reasonable evidence, I can only assume that you’re deliberately slandering me.”




Although his true intention was indeed to deliberately dig a hole for He Yishu, but this sentence, no matter how one looked at it, was a compliment to him, right?


Now even complimenting others could be labeled as slander? Du Fangping’s heart almost collapsed.


After He Yishu said this, he swept his gaze around the students and continued calmly: “And if you can’t give a reasonable explanation, the target of slander is not only me, but every student present, because you can’t prove that they really have strength that is inferior to mine.”


Du Fangping: “……” My words clearly didn’t mean this!


The onlookers: “……” We were really just watching the fun.


He Yishu didn’t care what these people thought, and after a slight pause, he gave Du Fangping an ultimatum: “Now then, please show us the evidence.”

“…… Yishu, you misunderstood me,” Du Fangping’s expression had completely cracked, he tried to defend himself, “I really just wanted to ask you for advice, I don’t have any desire to slander you, nor do I have an intention to slander you, or slander the others.”


He Yishu raised his eyebrows and said suspiciously, “But that’s not what you just said, if you accidentally forgot what you just said, I can play back the recording for free, what do you think?”

Du Fangping’s fingertips were very itchy, he especially wanted to hit someone, he used his right hand to hold his left hand hard before he could resist this strong impulse: “…… no need, it may be that I just didn’t think carefully when I spoke, that’s why the ambiguity appeared, I didn’t mean it, I hope you don’t take it into account.”


“So you’re apologizing to me now?” He Yishu looked straight at Du Fangping.


Du Fangping’s face was almost purple, but he had to temporarily lower his head and grit his teeth, “Yes, I’m really sorry for bringing about such a misunderstanding.”


“I’ll graciously forgive you on the basis of such a sincere attitude in admitting your mistake,” He Yishu revealed a smile and came back with a twist, “but since I’m not the only one you slandered just now, but also every other student present, I think it’s necessary for you to seriously apologize to them as well. ”



Du Fangping’s face instantly turned from purple to green, making him apologize for the loophole in his words just now had already made him very humiliated, did he have to repeat this humiliation countless times?!


“Of course, I’m just giving you a suggestion, after all, the person you need to apologize to this time isn’t me,” seeing Du Fangping’s expression turn extremely ugly, he smiled and returned the little ploy that had just been used on him, “but you seem to be a very polite person, there’s no way you’d make a mistake and refuse to admit it, right?”


Du Fangping’s face turned even greener, so if he wasn’t willing to seriously apologize, he would be admitting that he was a very impolite person?


Moreover, he had just used this tactic, so when He Yishu said this, it was like he was deliberately slapping his face!


Du Fangping was angry and furious, but he couldn’t use the excuse of “slander” to refute him like He Yishu had just done, because once he said that, he would be admitting that he didn’t know how to be polite and refused to admit to his mistake even though he had made a mistake.


The feeling of being pitted against others was too bad, Du Fangping was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but could only resign himself to turn his head and apologize to the others.


But fortunately, the people around were just watching the hilarious drama, so they wouldn’t make things difficult for him, but after this incident, how his fellow students looked at him would definitely change.


He thought that since this matter had come to this point, he could only swallow his loss, but Du Fangping didn’t expect that He Yishu, who had just smashed his teeth and made him swallow blood, would make a mistake on his own initiative.


After Du Fangping finished apologizing, He Yishu looked at him with a calm expression, “Du Fangping, from what you just said, you want to challenge me, right? For the sake of your willingness to admit your mistake, I accept your challenge, how do you want to do this?”


Du Fangping first froze, and then it was like light suddenly appeared, worried that He Yishu might back out, he hurriedly responded, “Since you are a student majoring in Rune Cards, how about a direct sparring session on how to make an intermediate level Rune Card, what do you think? Of course, if you think that making an intermediate level rune card is a bit difficult, we can also set the object within the range of low level rune cards.”


This person really didn’t have a long memory, just now he moved a stone to smash his own feet, and now he started using his small tricks again.


However, He Yishu didn’t bother about this, after all, the main event was a week later, after pondering for a while, he nodded: “Since the content of the sparring match has been decided by you, let me determine the time of the sparring match, it’ll be a week later, what do you think?”


Although Du Fangping felt a little regretful that he couldn’t make He Yishu cry now, a week wasn’t long after all, and he didn’t want to give the other party a hard time now, so after thinking about it, he quickly agreed: “It happens that this time next week is also a practice class, so let’s set it at that time.”


After it was determined, the two of them didn’t have any more unnecessary communication, and the surrounding students finally took their eyes off them and shifted to the course content.

He Yishu was also listening to the lecture carefully, but in his spare time, he would inevitably think about learning from others. He was a very enterprising person, and he had been practicing how to make a rune card constantly these days. Although the level of the cards were still uncertain, at least he was already very familiar with this matter.


With the fact that he was 80% confident, He Yishu was ready for the contest, but before that, he needed to raise his 80% confidence to 100%.



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