C13—- I Don’t Accept

He Yishu’s speech was very fast, but each sentence was very clear and explicit. As Lyle listened, he became even more dumbfounded. He didn’t understand how his personal issues rose to such a horrible academic problem, and even involved the college system.

What was even more frightening was that he completely understood the other’s meaning, but he couldn’t find words to refute, because these words sounded really reasonable ah!

He looked like he was watching a fire-breathing dragon, seeing his dumbfounded expression, He Yishu didn’t intend to easily end the topic:
“If you disagree, under normal circumstances, there are only two kinds of thoughts. One is based on the individual, because you have negative feelings towards me personally, in order to slander and hurt me, you deliberately got involved in this matter, and decided to use it as the starting point of the attack to maliciously slander me; The other is based on the system, because you are dissatisfied with the part-time system of the college, but you don’t want to raise this question positively, so you used this as a tool and used me as a breakthrough point to attack and slander. ”


He Yishu paused slightly, then asked solemnly, “Then the question is, which of these two situations is your true thought?”

“I …… I didn’t ……” Lyle was completely speechless, he was completely confused, why were things going this way?

The expressions of the surrounding onlookers were filled with shock and undisguised admiration, it was the first time they had seen someone sensible enough to turn an attack into a one-sided overwhelming academic lecture!

He Yishu waited for a moment, and seeing that Lyle couldn’t answer the question, he thoughtfully added a few more words, “Of course, these two scenarios are just two basic possibilities I have deduced, and you can also come up with a third reasonable reason to explain your slanderous behaviour against me personally as well as the academy system.”

“I didn’t slander you at all, and I don’t have any grievances against the academy’s system!” Lyle had been silent for a while, but only came up with this sentence with a clear lack of confidence, “I’m just …… just a little jealous of you!”

Although being jealous wasn’t a good thing, compared to slander, it seemed much better.

“So because you were jealous of me, you decided to personally slander me as well as the system related to the academy?” He Yishu asked in confirmation.

Lyle was a little annoyed, he clenched his fist hard, “I already said I didn’t slander you, let alone question the system of the academy, I was just envious of the fact that you became Adrian’s Rune Card Assist!”

He Yishu smiled faintly, “I just said that there is a necessity to reach a conclusion on any matter, but your words obviously cannot constitute an objective reason, so I can’t accept your explanation.”

“Then what else do you want?!” Lyle clenched his fist, already regretting his previous actions, but at the same time, he also felt annoyed, “He Yishu, do you know that there are actually many people in the academy who are very unhappy with the matter of you becoming an Adrian’s Rune Card Assist? So I’m not the only one who has such thoughts, can you stop holding on to me?”

“My reasoning is simple, since you just stated that you have no objection to the academy’s system, then let’s leave this matter to the academy to judge, isn’t that the fairest way?” He Yishu wasn’t annoyed by Lyle’s attitude, instead, he calmly responded, “As for your second question, I can give you an answer.”

“Human emotions are subjective, you can like or dislike a person or a thing, that is your freedom, but when you show your emotions through your behaviour, it has objectivity. You hurt a person, whether unintentionally or because you hate me, since you hurt me, the matter itself is an objective fact. And this is exactly why even though there are many people who are unhappy about this, I will only report you.”

Once again, Lyle was dumbfounded by He Yishu’s words, especially when he heard that he wanted to report him, he immediately became afraid, his tone also became weaker: “I …… was just explaining the reason I did it, I don’t think it was right to do so, I’m willing to apologise to you, please don’t report me!”

“Seeing that you are willing to admit your mistake this time, I’ll give you an advice,” He Yishu looked at Lyle and spoke very kindly, “First, before doing anything, use your brain, make sure you have the courage and ability to bear the consequences, and then put the idea into practice; second, if you really worship Adrian, please don’t mention him in an argument, and do not use him as an excuse for your evil, he is the object of your worship, not your guardian, and shouldn’t pay for your foolish behaviour, understand?”

Lyle felt suffocated, but on the surface, he still had to put on an appearance of being humbly taught and nodded, “Thank you for your teaching, I will definitely be more careful.”

He Yishu nodded in satisfaction, then smiled, “Your attitude makes me very pleased, but in order for you to remember this lesson, I still have to finish this report.”

Lyle’s expression of forced humility cracked, and he stared at He Yishu incredulously, his voice extra sharp, “I’ve already apologised to you, why do you still want to report me?!”

He Yishu continued to smile, “Because I didn’t accept your apology.”

“But …… but ……” Lyle couldn’t even stutter out a reply, because just now He Yishu really didn’t say that he had accepted his apology, this discovery made him feel both frustrated and angry for being fooled, “He Yishu, did you deliberately fool me?

If not for the fear that pervaded his heart that he was about to be reported and that he didn’t want things to get worse, Lyle might have already taken action directly.

He Yishu reported then looked up and responded with an innocent smile: “Are you trying to slander me again? Just now I was kindly teaching you, you didn’t listen,instead you deliberately misinterpreted my meaning.”

How did I misinterpret your meaning, it was originally distorted! Lyle roared madly in his heart, but he couldn’t find a flaw in his words, he could only hold onto his anger, his dark eyes angrily glared at He Yishu.

However, He Yishu obviously wouldn’t change his mind because of this gaze, he easily finished the report, and politely said goodbye to Lyle and the students, making him roll his eyes angrily in response.

In less than ten minutes, He Yishu’s report already had its result, and the report was substantiated, deducting 0.5 credits from Lyle’s class as punishment.

In just one month after entering the school, three people had already had their credits deducted for offending He Yishu, which He Yishu was very satisfied with, he was especially satisfied with the college’s system.

In the era he used to live in, campus bullying had been impossible to eliminate, and had even become an indelible psychological shadow in the hearts of many students. This was the kind of thing that many people abhorred, but it simply couldn’t be effectively resolved, let alone cured.

Even if a student who encountered a school bully informed his or her teacher or parents about the incident and briefly solved the problem, what he or she got afterwards was likely more vicious attacks and aggression.

But in this interstellar era, technology had developed to a certain level, every public area in the college, even the most secluded corners, were covered under the full range of surveillance, no foul play could be hidden, even the most ordinary students, could reasonably and effectively defend their rights, this feeling was great.

However, other people didn’t think so, especially those students who didn’t like He Yishu, faced with a guy who was so calculating, how could they bully him properly when he always ran to report things!

He Yishu didn’t care what these people thought, after killing the chicken to make an example of the monkey, he was in a good mood, when doing his part-time work, he mentioned the incident to Adrian as an interesting story: “I don’t know what that student was thinking, even if his is still dissatisfied with me, he won’t take such a stupid initiative, isn’t that the same as taking the initiative to send your shortcomings to the hands of others?”

Adrian responded with a serious expression, “Did your acceptance of my part-time job bring you a lot of trouble?”

He Yishu’s focus hadn’t been on that point, he froze, and then smiled: “Not really, they won’t cause any trouble, besides, even if there’s really trouble, this is my choice, I want to make money through this part-time job to obtain a stable income on one side, and on the other side, I can’t dislike the person who brought me these gains. ”

Adrian’s gaze flickered slightly, seemingly amazed by his statement, he seemed to be thinking about something.

It must be said that He Yishu’s words were actually very reasonable, and at the same time seemed very open-minded.

“People always have to make choices and be responsible for their choices. If I really cared about the impact this would have on me, and was even bothered by it, I would have weighed the pros and cons when it happened and simply chosen to stay away from you,” He Yishu thought Adrian didn’t understand what he was saying, and explained further. “And since I’m going to continue with this part-time job, it’s enough to show that this matter doesn’t bother me and it didn’t make me change my mind about you.”




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