C111 —- The Auction Begins

Hearing He Yishu say this, Adrian opened his mouth and reminded him, “The auction is going to be held tomorrow, so it will probably be very busy; it’s better to start the day after tomorrow.”


“That’s right, then starting from the day after tomorrow is fine.” Although He Yishu had barely helped with the auction before, he definitely had to participate in this auction tomorrow.



Listening to the words of the two men, Arman silently swallowed back the words that had reached his mouth. In fact, the date when He Yishu provided the Chinese character symbol card to the military headquarters could still be moved back a few days; after all, he still had to use this matter for himself, Adrian, and He Yishu to gain more benefits.



However, when He Yishu gave the Chinese character symbol card to the military, he’d definitely get it directly, so the date aspect wasn’t a problem.



After discussing this matter, Arman pulled He Yishu to briefly ask about his daily life and then personally sent the two out of the military department.



The next day, the auction was officially held.



He Yishu and Adrian arrived at the military headquarters early in the morning; however, some people came earlier than them. The patriarchs of the five great clans who had the honour to cooperate with He Yishu waited in the banquet hall early.



As soon as they saw He Yishu, these people immediately took the initiative to greet him enthusiastically. As the power holders of the rune card industry, they naturally understood how heavenly and important He Yishu’s existence was more than anyone else. As long as they could have a good relationship with him, whether it was for themselves or for their entire family, it was all very favourable.



It was also for this reason that, for this auction, they didn’t let the rest of their family take charge of it for them but personally rushed over.



He Yishu wasn’t very interested in dealing with these people, but seeing that they had very friendly attitudes and appeared to be extraordinarily enthusiastic, coupled with the fact that Adrian had also said earlier that the patriarchs of these major Rune Card families were all on good terms with Arman, it would be even worse for him to just walk away with a cold face.



The group of people exchanged pleasantries for a while before they each took their seats. He Yishu was finally relieved, but since it was a banquet hall used by the military department, naturally there was no such thing as a private room, which made He Yishu suffer.



However, whenever anyone who received an invitation entered the banquet hall, they would first run over to actively greet He Yishu, which directly led to He Yishu becoming the busiest person at the scene even though he wasn’t responsible for anything else.



After more than an hour, He Yishu finally watched as the auction officially began; everyone had to return to their seats, and He Yishu’s surroundings finally stopped being busy.



Listening to He Yishu’s long sigh, Adrian smiled and came over to tease, “Actually, Xiao Yishu doesn’t really hate this situation, right?”



He Yishu raised his eyebrows in puzzlement.



“If you really hated it, you would’ve run out or turned a cold shoulder long ago.” Adrian’s hand held He Yishu’s hand on the back of the chair, gently rubbing the back of his hand.



He Yishu coughed lightly. “This was all discovered by you.”



Indeed, as Adrian had said, with his nature, if he really felt disgusted with these people, he would have nonchalantly turned his face away or directly found a place to hide.



But the truth was, although he wouldn’t forget his own identity and position because of these people’s flattering attitudes, He Yishu actually didn’t hate this feeling; on the contrary, he was a little happy.



Adrian slowly inserted his fingers between He Yishu’s fingers and said with a low laugh, “Little bad egg.”



While the two were chatting, the host of the auction had already walked onto the stage in the centre of the banquet hall and began to solemnly read out the specific process and rules of this auction.



“Distinguished guests, this auction is conducted by Mr. He Yishu and…” While the host was reading out these contents, He Yishu was just sitting there dazed on one side while being toyed with by Adrian’s fingers on the other.



Originally, after the host finished reading these contents, Arman wanted to arrange for He Yishu to go up and say a few words, but that was rejected by He Yishu, not because he felt that he couldn’t afford to hold up this kind of scene, but because he didn’t have much interest in this matter.



Arman didn’t force the issue and cancelled the session, so after the rules and procedures were read out, the auction officially began, and the first item to be placed on the auction table was a Grade A defensive talisman card from the Charles family.



The starting price of this card was 100,000 credits, and it was finally sold for 1.5 million credits.



After that, there were many more A-grade or A+-grade rune cards that were put up for auction, and since the majority of the people who came to participate in the auction had their attention focused on He Yishu’s Han character rune card, this part of the auction didn’t completely mobilise everyone’s motivation.



It wasn’t until the S-class rune cards were put up that the pace of the bidding became intense, but He Yishu wasn’t really interested in any of this; after all, these rune cards had almost no attraction for He Yishu.



Just as He Yishu was drifting off to sleep, there was a sudden burst of suppressed noise from the surroundings, and Adrian’s voice rang in his ears: “Xiao Yishu, it’s time for your rune cards.”



He Yishu instantly sat up straight, finally getting a little excited.



On the stage, the host carefully placed the rune card on the auction table, then took a deep breath and said with excitement in his voice, “Please give me ten seconds to calm down; this is the first time I’ve ever been so close to a Han character rune card, and it’s really hard for me to repress the excitement in my heart!”



Low friendly laughter came from below the stage, and someone couldn’t control himself and said loudly, “During the time you are calming down, can you give me a chance to get close to the rune card?”



The originally friendly low laughter was instantly replaced by good-natured booming laughter, and many others followed along.



The host covered his heart and said, “No, before this Han character rune card is auctioned off, I want to have it all to myself!”



Saying this, the host dropped his gaze to He Yishu on the stage: “Mr. He, will you allow me to do so?”



Immediately, all eyes fell on He Yishu, who smiled faintly: “I promise for this rune card.”



The atmosphere of the auction venue was completely enlivened.



The host also finally got back to the point and began to introduce the information about this Han character rune card: “Then next, please let us look at the specific test results of this rune card. This is a Grade B Offensive Rune Card, but everyone should know very well that for a Han character rune card, the grade of the card has almost no significance, and its effect grade, its quality, and its special attributes are the most important things. Then its effect… my god!”



The host’s words had just reached the halfway point when they were replaced by an exclamation of astonishment: “The effect of this Han character rune card has actually reached the S-rank; this is simply too incredible! And its quality has actually reached perfection! And its special attribute… ”



When he said this, the host’s voice came to an abrupt halt, and only after a few seconds did he slowly suck in a breath of cool air: “You guys must not be able to imagine what its special attributes really are!”



In order to heat up the atmosphere of the auction site, the host didn’t directly display the test results of the rune card but relayed them through his own words, which made everyone subconsciously hold their breath and their hearts stuttered in their chests.



Especially when the host spoke in such a twisting and turning manner, the expressions of those who were ready to bid were almost twisted together. Someone clenched their fists tightly and couldn’t help but urge, “Can you finish your sentence at once?!”



It really wasn’t that they didn’t know how to be polite and speak on such an occasion; it was really that the Han character rune card was too mysterious and important to them, and it was the first time that they were so close to the Han character rune card, so they couldn’t control their emotions at all!



The host took another deep breath and finally started to answer the most crucial information for everyone: “This Han character card has two special attributes; the first is that it can increase the basic effect of the card by five times! That is to say, not only does this B-grade rune card have the attack effect of an S-grade rune card, but at the same time, its attack effect is also increased to five times the normal S-grade rune card’s attack effect due to the special attribute!”



As soon as these words were uttered, everyone took deep breaths along with the host; such a rune card attribute was simply too heaven-defying to be true!



Some people came back to their senses first and urged in an eager voice, “Hurry up with the bidding; I must get this rune card!”



Surprisingly, there was another person who directly refuted: “Impossible! I’m determined to get this rune card; no one can steal it from me!”



The fact that such a dialogue would occur on such an occasion showed that everyone was indeed shocked by the attributes of the rune card, and when they spoke, they could no longer think about processing their words at all.



Seeing that everyone had reacted in the same way as himself, the host’s psyche was finally balanced, and he smiled faintly. “Please don’t be in a hurry, because next I will unveil another special attribute of this rune card, and before that, I hope that all of you will be psychologically prepared, so that you don’t hold up the next bidding session because you are too shocked.”



While everyone was anxious in their hearts, they were also a bit puzzled by the meaning of the host’s words. Even when the five-time attack effect was laid out, could there be any special attribute that was even more terrifying than that?



And according to their previous understanding, wasn’t another attribute of a general Han character rune card that could enhance the maker’s mental energy?



With such doubts and curiosity in mind, when the host said the other special attribute of this Han character rune card, all of them stared blankly in amazement.



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