C106 — Finally Met You

Lu Na left with tears and a smile on her face as she was taken away by the people from the military department.



It was only at this time that He Tingting seemed to truly realize what she was about to lose, and it was also the time that she truly realized how much damage she had caused to her mother.



She screamed loudly on one side and cried her heart out on the other, but unfortunately, she was only afraid that she would never be able to see her mother again, and as for the pain and remorse in her heart, she would only be able to slowly experience it on her own.



He Xiaochen stood beside He Tingting with no expression on his face, only his hands clenched tightly into fists. This time he didn’t stop He Tingting’s crying; he just stood next to her, silently soothing her.



All of this seemed like an ending, but it could also be just a middle point. As for what else would happen afterward, only the one in the dominant position was qualified to know.



This night, the lights in the He family were on for the entire night, but some people stayed up all night while others slept soundly.



He Yishu had actually forgotten that today was the previously planned day for the military department to take Lu Na away, so he spent the whole day concentrating on his own things, and at night, he also shrank into Adrian’s arms and slept well, and it wasn’t until the next morning that he remembered this matter under Adrian’s reminder.



“So it was yesterday; I forgot.” He Yishu yawned and rubbed his eyes; apparently, even after remembering the incident, there was still not much change in his emotions. “I’m too tired from last night; I’m not going to go to class today.”


Adrian saw that he didn’t care about it, so he didn’t say anything more; he just came over and kissed his forehead. “Okay, you can sleep for a while. I’ve put breakfast in the thermos; remember to get up and eat it later.”



He Yishu answered, and after Adrian left, he covered himself with the blanket.



He Yishu didn’t care about the He family’s matter, so after this, he wouldn’t bring up this matter again. Anyway, what should be arranged had already been arranged, and the next plan would be handled by the military department, so he really didn’t have anything to worry about.



As for He Xiaochen and He Tingting, even if they had been thinking about this person, they obviously wouldn’t run in front of He Yishu at this time to brush up their existence, and the two parties were thus separated from each other.



Soon, He Yishu and Adrian ushered in the second match between the two of them, and very fortunately, in this match, they actually met an opponent that they had always wanted to meet, and that was Elisa.



Ever since that embarrassing incident, Elisa’s reputation has been greatly affected. Coupled with the fact that the Ministry of the Army was now eyeing the Brandt family, she was even more afraid to act rashly in normal times.



Even if her heart was itching with hatred, Elisa didn’t dare to find trouble with He Yishu again; she just didn’t expect that she would meet them in this tournament.



The maps used for the duels were of the most common specifications, without any terrain differences, so there was nowhere for Elisa to hide even if she wanted to.



“Yo, what a coincidence; I actually met you here.” He Yishu’s mood instantly became extra bright because he met such an opponent. “I’ve long wanted to meet you on the field, but I just hadn’t had the chance to do so, and I felt quite regretful before, but now it seems like it was destined for us to meet on such an occasion.”



As soon as she heard He Yishu’s voice, Elisa felt her hands itching, but she had to hold back: “Since we’ve met, let’s have a fair match!”



Although Adrian was there, as long as He Yishu didn’t use the Han character card, they still had a high chance of winning.



“I originally wanted to have a fair match with you as well, but thinking about your love for Adrian, let’s forget about it.” He Yishu turned his head towards Adrian, a bit jealous. “I’ve wanted to abuse this person for a long time, and now that I’ve finally gotten this opportunity, don’t you dare steal it from me; I’m definitely going to defeat her with my own hands.”



He Yishu had planned it out before; if he really met Elisa on the field, he definitely wouldn’t let Adrian fight—not really because of jealousy, but because there were a lot of people who knew about Elisa’s love for Adrian, and they had even thought that the two might get together.


In this situation, if Adrian really defeated the other party without mercy, it would probably become an excuse for some people to deliberately discredit him. As Adrian’s lover, He Yishu didn’t want this to happen.



Hearing He Yishu’s words, Adrian was just about to open his mouth when he heard He Yishu emphasize, “I’m just jealous, so I don’t want you to fight; do you agree or not?”



He Yishu was so insistent; how could Adrian not agree? He could only helplessly and indulgently say, “Agree; of course I agree; I will listen to you.”


“That’s more or less the same,” He Yishu hummed arrogantly before turning to Elisa again. “Are you ready to fight with me?”



Just now, when she heard He Yishu and Adrian flirting, Elisa was already furious. At this moment that she was deliberately provoked by He Yishu, how could she still hold her temper? “Do you mean to say that the two of us should manipulate the mechas and have a fight?”



“Yes, I’ve never maneuvered a mecha before,” He Yishu nodded, and explained further, “As for the issue of the rune cards, we can just give our partner the rune cards we’ve made.”



Although Elisa was a rune card master, she also had experience in maneuvering mechas before, so at that moment, she was indeed tempted by He Yishu’s suggestion, so after pondering for a moment, she directly agreed: “Okay, I’m willing to accept.”



As for Elisa’s partner, since this was the partner that the Brandt family had chosen for her, she had absolutely no say in the course of the match.



After the new mode was finalized, the two sides exchanged positions. He Yishu sat in the main driver’s seat and handed a thick stack of talisman cards to Adrian: “Honey, feel free to use them.”



“I trust you.” Adrian took the cards handed over by He Yishu and kissed his forehead.



At this moment, the virtual internet had already exploded because of He Yishu’s decision.



Onlooker #1: Rune Card’s big brother made such a stupid decision just because he was jealous; doesn’t he know that Elisa had a lot of experience operating mechas before? And Adrian even agreed to it. I don’t know what expression to put on my face anymore!



Onlooker #2: Although I also think that Rune Card Big Brother’s decision is a bit hasty, but I don’t know why, seeing his face like this makes me think that things won’t be that simple.



Onlooker #3: Am I the only one who sees a screen full of dog food? Adrian’s kiss was so gentle, I can’t control my beating heart anymore!



Onlooker #4: As long as there is a Han character card, even if the mecha is standing there and not moving, it will definitely be unbearable. Of course, I am not questioning the strength of the Rune card, big brother, so don’t get me wrong.



Onlookers #5: Did you see Elisa’s expression? Looking at her expression, distorted by her anger, I suddenly have a little sympathy for her.



Onlooker #6: As an innocent passerby who was once deceived by Elisa’s disguise, now no matter what kind of expression I see her make, I have completely lost all feeling for her because I have manually added three words to her face, that is, Black! Hearted! Lotus!






Accompanied by the increasingly heated discussions on the virtual internet, the live match had finally officially begun.



Elisa had already set up her stance and was ready to ruthlessly abuse He Yishu, however, just as she pressed the button and was about to launch her attack, she suddenly realized that the mecha couldn’t even move!



This instantly reminded Elisa of the situation in one of the previous matches, and her original fighting spirit was instantly replaced by panic. She pressed the control buttons with all her might; however, the mecha never made any movements, as if it were pinned there.



Elisa gritted her teeth with an ugly expression and questioned, “He Yishu, how could you use the Han character card?!”



“I didn’t use a Han character card; the one who used a Han character card was Adrian.” He Yishu’s tone appeared extraordinarily innocent: “But this matter can’t really be blamed on him, because the rune cards I gave him were all Han character cards, and all of them are the same type of Han character card. So besides this kind of rune card, he doesn’t have any other rune cards to use.”



Elisa was about to vomit blo*od in anger. “So why did you only make this one type of rune card?!”



“I didn’t make only this one type of rune card; I just gave only this one type of rune card to Adrian,” He Yishu continued innocently. “As for why I did that, of course, it was to fight you. In fact, I had prepared these rune cards a long time ago, and they were specially prepared for you, but they just hadn’t been put to use.”



“He Yishu!” Elisa’s face suddenly turned pale; it looked wonderful. “You clearly didn’t use the Han character cards in that previous match; did you do it on purpose?”



“Although I did it on purpose, I still have to defend myself. I didn’t use the Han character card in the previous match; does that mean I can’t use it in this match? As long as the rules of the tournament don’t state that I’m not allowed to use Han character cards, then I can use them as much as I want.” He Yishu still sounded very, very innocent, yet it was this innocence that made Elisa so angry that she almost jumped to her feet.



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