C105 – The Last Hour

“But this time the plan was clearly designed by mom!” He Tingting angrily defended herself, not taking into account the feelings of Lu Na, who was sitting beside her.


He Xiaochen’s face became even more ugly. He walked step by step in front of He Tingting, gazing at her condescendingly. “The reason why mother did this was all for you; if it wasn’t for the fact that you always complained in front of mother about He Yishu humiliating you in the academy, do you think mother would have really taken such a desperate step? But you did this entirely for your own sake! You haven’t even considered for a second what Mother will be punished for if this matter is revealed, have you? Life imprisonment—do you know what that means?”


In the past, He Xiaochen had always been gentle and accommodating when facing He Tingting, but this time he didn’t leave any mercy; every sentence seemed extraordinarily aggressive, forcing He Tingting to be at a loss for words.



“I… didn’t know!” He Tingting’s tone had clearly become more subdued.



“Yes, you only consider your own interests and feelings and never know how to consider others, so of course you won’t know!” He Xiaochen sneered and continued to blame her with a cold expression. “Mother made such a plan for you. Throughout this planning process, she had already figured out how to shield you and she didn’t even let you directly intervene in anything, afraid that the plan would be exposed and affect you.


But how did you treat her? He Tingting. Ask yourself, now that things have turned out like this, is it really mother’s responsibility? She took such a huge risk just to help you out, yet you still want to blame her in return; don’t you think your behavior is too chilling?”



Lu Na, who was sitting at the side, had already choked up because of He Xiaochen’s words and whispered, “Xiao Chen, stop it. This matter is all my fault.”



“Mom, this matter isn’t your fault; if you want to blame something, you can only blame it on the fact that you pampered Tingting too much and made such a risky plan for her.” He Xiaochen turned his head to look at Lu Na, and his tone softened. “You made so many sacrifices for her, and now she only knows how to complain about other people and never knows how to find the reason for herself. Do you still need to protect her like this?”



At this moment, He Tingting had already been confused by He Xiaochen’s unflinching accusations, and all of her original strength had been dispersed; she had indeed only thought of blaming others before and had never considered why her mother had formulated such a plan.



But even if that were the case, she was also a victim in this matter. Why did Big Brother use such a tone to say such words? Didn’t he know that she would be very sad after hearing it?



As if he had read He Tingting’s mind, He Xiaochen glanced her way and continued, “Are you feeling sad now? Have you ever thought about how sad and heartbroken mother felt when you said those accusing words? In the end, you are simply a selfish person who only cares about yourself and never thinks about others.”




“I didn’t!” He Tingting said loudly, but she couldn’t hide the emptiness in her tone.



“You didn’t? You can’t have forgotten the vicious language you used to accuse me and my mother before, right?” He Xiaochen let out a cold laugh and repeated what He Tingting had said before: “You said that we were the culprits for making you like this, that mother was to blame for this matter, that we were the ones who caused you to suffer; it’s impossible to forget these words that you said yourself so quickly, right?”



He Tingting was blocked; there was no way for her to retort, but she wasn’t willing to admit it either.



He Xiaochen also didn’t intend to make her admit it; the purpose of him doing this today was just to give He Tingting a lesson so that she recognized her current position clearly and didn’t continue to do things that would invite trouble.



In the past, He Xiaochen thought that he could always spoil He Tingting; even if she wasn’t smart enough or sensible enough, it didn’t matter, but now the facts are right in front of him: if she continued to be unable to control her temper like she was in the past, and if she spoke out of turn, she would only bring more trouble to the family.



He Xiaochen sighed in his heart, but his words became colder and more ruthless: “He Tingting, I’m seriously going to make it clear to you now that, from now on, if you ever dare to lose your temper randomly in the house again or do anything unfavorable to the family, please get out straight away.”



The impact of this sentence was greater than the series of accusations just now. He Tingting directly froze there, then tears flowed out. She was just about to open her mouth to throw a tantrum when she was hit back by a stern look from He Xiaochen: “This rule is effective from now on; I’m not joking. If you dare to shed a single tear or say one more word of disobedience, you can directly get out.”



Lu Na on the side was also a bit overwhelmed by He Xiaochen’s action. She knew that there must be a reason why her son did this, but seeing him say such heavy words to He Tingting, she couldn’t help but feel a bit heartbroken for her daughter. Just as she was hesitant, He Xiaochen gave a soothing look, signaling that she shouldn’t open her mouth at this time. Lu Na had no choice but to hold her tongue.



Being so frightened, the tears that had already fallen halfway were immediately scared back. He Tingting’s lips opened several times, but she didn’t say anything; she could also hear that her brother wasn’t joking.



Although she was usually arrogant at home, when it really came to this time, He Tingting was still very afraid that He Xiaochen would really kick her out.



However, if she wanted to ask for help, she didn’t necessarily have to use her mouth. He Tingting, in her anger and helplessness, could only cast her eyes towards Lu Na, who was sitting beside her, but after receiving her son’s gesture, even if Lu Na was filled with embarrassment and pain, it was obviously impossible for her to open her mouth and slap He Xiaochen’s face, so she could only look away helplessly and look elsewhere.



He Xiaochen noticed He Tingting’s eyes and snorted, “He Tingting, after ruthlessly hurting mother, how do you have the face to ask for help from her again?”



When He Tingting heard these words, her body stiffened, and she could only hastily withdraw her gaze, biting her lip and lowering her head.



Seeing He Tingting obediently shut her mouth, He Xiaochen’s attitude didn’t soften in the slightest: “Don’t expect to ask Father for help either; if Father knows what you did, I’m afraid that he won’t need me to say anything; he’ll just kick you out!”



Pausing here, He Xiaochen clenched his fists, forcing himself to say even more ruthless words: “Now that your spiritual domain has been destroyed, it’s equivalent to being an invalid. If you don’t want to end up with nothing, you should be obedient and not cause any more trouble for us; otherwise, even if I’m your own brother, I definitely won’t be soft on you!”



The word “invalid” was more lethal than all the words just said; even if He Tingting was stubborn, she couldn’t control her tears, but this time He Xiaochen didn’t bother with her; instead, he pulled aside Lu Na and directly went upstairs, leaving He Tingting sitting on the sofa alone in tears.


After going upstairs and closing the door behind him, He Xiaochen’s face was instantly covered by fatigue: “Mother, if you continue to indulge Tingting now, it will only cause her to intensify her behavior and cause trouble for us, and no one will be able to save her when the time comes. Although she has now become an invalid, as long as she can completely curb her temper, she might still be able to live well.”



Although He Xiaochen didn’t know He Yishu very well, he felt that with He Yishu’s character, he would definitely not really take He Tingting’s life, and he would probably be more interested in seeing how He Tingting, who had already turned into a waste, would live in pain.



Hearing He Xiaochen’s words, Lu Na couldn’t help but shed a tear: “But this matter is really my fault; if it wasn’t because my plan was too naive, Tingting wouldn’t have ended up like this.”



He Xiaochen reached out and wiped the tears at the corner of Lu Na’s eyes; although he couldn’t bear it, he still had to speak: “Mum, I just went to beg He Yishu, but he didn’t agree to my request.”



The implication was that Lu Na might not be able to avoid life imprisonment next.



Lu Na wasn’t surprised by this answer; they had hurt He Yishu like that in the beginning and even wanted to destroy him. If the other party really let them off easily, it would make Lu Na feel unbelievable. Just thinking of her elder brother, who was innocently implicated by her, her tears suddenly fell even more fiercely: “It’s all my fault; why did I do such a stupid thing and even think that my plan was seamless? It’s all my fault that I have caused you all…”



“Mother, things have come to this point; there is no point in saying these words again; the most important thing now is how to minimize the impact of the matter on us.” He Xiaochen had already considered this matter carefully on his way back, so he didn’t wait for Lu Na to react; he had already started speaking: “If father knows about this, he’ll probably choose to divorce you directly, or even kick Tingting and me out.”



Mentioning He Chengkun, Lu Na’s face had long since lost the intense love and affection that she had at the beginning, and there was only endless resentment and disappointment: “Don’t worry, even if he really divorces me, He Yishu will never let him off the hook.”



“You really don’t have any feelings for him anymore?” He Xiaochen asked with some hesitation, although he knew some of his parents’ dishonorable things, in He Xiaochen’s memory, his father and mother’s relationship had always been very good, especially his mother, who had always been extraordinarily dependent on his father.



Lu Na wiped her tears and let out a cold laugh. ”At first, I also thought that there must be true love between your father and me; that was why he betrayed his own wife for me, but in retrospect, a person who would betray and abandon his partner in marriage without any sense of responsibility, what kind of true love can there be? In the end, all of this might be retribution; if I hadn’t been momentarily obsessed at the time and interfered in someone else’s family for the sake of vanity and so-called true love, none of this would have happened.”



He listened to his mother’s words in silence. He felt a bit desolate, but since his mother had already said so, he really didn’t need to say anything more.



Perhaps it was indeed retribution; at this point, even he himself had such thoughts.



In the following days, He Xiaochen didn’t return to the First Academy, and He Tingting also honestly stayed at home, not continuing to lose her temper.



As if she had already foreseen her future, Lu Na had been thinking of ways to cook delicious food for her siblings in the past few days, and every time, she couldn’t help but shed a tear when they ate these things.



But during this period, He Chengkun had never returned home, and the three people in the family had never mentioned this person.



Until five days later, the people from the military department finally came to the door.



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