C102 – Spiritual Domain Problems

By the time they arrived at the hospital, He Tingting had already fainted from the pain, and He Xiaochen immediately carried her to the emergency room.

However, after giving He Tingting a preliminary examination, the doctor just shook his head with a serious expression. “The results of the examination just now show that her spiritual domain is being subjected to a very strong impact, but we aren’t able to determine where this impact came from for the time being. May I ask if she has come into contact with anything unusual recently?”

Lu Na and He Xiaochen looked at each other and shook their heads through gritted teeth. “No, no.”

“Then we need to conduct further examinations on her; please leave for the time being.” The doctor could see that Lu Na’s expression wasn’t quite right and didn’t pursue the question any further but only added, “If you think of anything, you can come over and communicate with me at any time.”

Lu Na was trembling as she was helped out of the emergency room by He Xiaochen, and her two legs were shaking so much that she could barely walk properly.

He Xiaochen’s condition was a bit better than hers; he held Lu Na’s hand and soothed her, “Mum, don’t worry too much first; Tingting will be fine.”


“I ……” Lu Na choked and spat out a word, then she could no longer speak.

He Xiaochen knew what Lu Na was thinking and could only grip her hand hard: “Mom, don’t think nonsense now; Tingting will be fine.”


Now that they were in the hospital, in such a fully monitored environment, anything they said wrong could be very detrimental to them.

But He Xiaochen then thought that if He Tingting’s headache was really caused by that, perhaps the other party already knew about his mother’s plan, so even if they were more careful, they wouldn’t be able to change the end of things, right?

And if that was really the case, He Tingting’s life would be completely ruined!

He Xiaochen narrowed his eyes, forcibly yanking his thoughts back. Perhaps things weren’t as bad as he had imagined; he shouldn’t be thinking of worst-case scenarios at this point in time.

He Xiaochen accompanied Lu Na in the waiting room for more than an hour before the doctor from before appeared once more; his expression looked serious and heavy: “We’ve done an in-depth examination of the patient, but the results aren’t optimistic; the results show that the patient’s spiritual domain is being destroyed little by little, but we can’t find the cause at all.”

Hearing these words, Lu Na, who had just stood up, once again collapsed on the chair, her reddened eyes slightly widened, full of disbelief and thick with despair: “How could…?”.

He Xiaochen was also shocked: “Why can’t you find the reason?”

“I’m sorry, although we found the presence of an abnormal substance within the patient’s spiritual domain, after extracting it, we were unable to detect its composition.” As he said these words, the doctor’s gaze flickered between He Xiaochen and Lu Na, a glint flashing in his eyes.

With the current medical technology, it was rare that there would be substances whose composition couldn’t be detected, and the reason why this usually happened was because the substance was listed as a banned substance in the information database, which couldn’t be queried by the general system.

Coupled with the abnormal behavior of these two people, the doctor had clearly thought in a certain direction.

Lu Na was only concerned with her shock and grief. However, He Xiaochen noticed the doctor’s attitude, and his heart sank. On the surface, he appeared calm as he spoke, “Doctor, if the cause cannot be found, how should we proceed with treatment?”

Although he had doubts, when faced with the patient’s family’s inquiry, the doctor still truthfully said, “We can only try to slow down the destruction of the patient’s spiritual domain through the existing means; other than that, we may not be able to use any other methods for the time being.”


“I understand, thank you.” He Xiao Chen clenched his fists and nodded. He waited for the doctor to leave before he spoke to his mother, who was sitting on the sofa, covering her face, and crying, “Mom, don’t cry first; let’s…”

“Xiao Chen, what should we do? What should we do?” Lu Na cried and interrupted He Xiaochen’s words. She grabbed He Xiaochen’s arm as if she had grabbed a life-saving straw. “I didn’t expect things to turn out like this; I really didn’t expect it. I should have known that Tingting would…”

Seeing that Lu Na was likely to say something she shouldn’t, He Xiaochen immediately interrupted her and said, “Mum, calm down first; this isn’t the time to talk about this.”

Lu Na cried even more fiercely, but at this moment, her thoughts were incredibly clear: if she had known that things would turn out like this, she should have listened to Xiao Chen’s words and given up on this plan.

When He Xiaochen told her to give up, Lu Na felt that her son wasn’t on the same page with her anymore. Now,  in retrospect, she realized how stupid her plan was. Not only did the plan fail, she also harmed Tingting!

And now, Lu Na also finally realized how terrifying the power behind He Yishu was; she was afraid that this matter wouldn’t end so easily. As soon as she thought of this, her tears fell even more uncontrollably. Lu Na tightly clutched He Xiaochen’s arm and quietly said, “Xiao Chen, I blame me, I blame me for not listening to you, I blame me for not listening to you! ……”

He Xiaochen felt bad as he listened to Lu Na’s words; he could only pull his arm out of his mother’s hand, then held her shoulders and said seriously, “Mother, calm down; now is not the time to say these words!”

With that, He Xiaochen reached out and stroked Lu Na’s back for a while, waiting for her emotions to completely stabilize before speaking again: “Mom, if we still can’t get the results, can’t we consider taking Tingting home directly?”

If the situation was confirmed, even if He Tingting continued to stay in the hospital, her condition was unlikely to improve, and instead, there was a greater risk of exposure.

After all, He Xiaochen knew his sister’s nature very well, and in this situation, what she would say simply couldn’t be controlled.

Hearing He Xiaochen’s suggestion, Lu Na also quickly comprehended his meaning. Although she felt very torn, after thinking about it, Lu Na still agreed: “You’re right, letting Tingting continue to stay here won’t help at all; why don’t we just take her back? We’ll also be able to take better care of her.”

After discussing the matter, the two of them were ready to talk to the doctor about it; however, just as they stood up, they saw a paramedic hurrying over: “The patient just woke up, but her mood is very unstable; please go over and take a look.”

He Xiaochen and Lu Na’s hearts jumped at the same time, and they quickly followed the paramedic.

As soon as He Xiaochen pushed open the door to He Tingting’s ward, he heard He Tingting yelling at the medical staff, “I don’t believe it; there’s no way that my spiritual domain is gone. You guys must have made a mistake. Where’s my mom? Where is my mom? I want to find her!”

“Tingting, mom is here.” Once she saw He Tingting, tears welled up in Lu Na’s eyes once again.

Although He Tingting had woken up, she was still in very bad condition; her face was as pale as paper; even her lips had lost their color; her hair was in a mess; and she looked miserable and pitiful.

He Tingting’s tears also fell, and she ran towards Lu Na regardless: “Mum, you’re finally here; these people said that something is wrong with my spiritual domain; they must be lying to me, right?”

Facing her daughter’s expectant gaze, Lu Na covered her mouth and couldn’t say anything at all. He Xiaochen, who was at the side, couldn’t help but sigh and say, “Tingting, Mum and I came here to take you home; go and rest with Mum first; I’ll go and pay for the medical bills.”

He Tingting’s eyes lit up: “So there’s really nothing wrong with my spiritual domain, right? They were just talking nonsense, right?”

He Xiao Chen didn’t answer directly but only urged Lu Na to take He Tingting to the other side, after which he paid the medical bills and exchanged a few words with the doctor before leaving with the two of them.

On the way back, He Tingting was still asking the same question: “Mum, why didn’t you answer my question? There must be nothing wrong with my spiritual domain, right?”

“Tingting,” Lu Na barely suppressed the lump in her throat and opened her mouth to confess, “It’s all mom’s fault; it’s mom who caused you harm.”

He Tingting looked at her mother blankly, as if she couldn’t understand her words, “Mum, what do you mean? Why are you saying this?”

“Tingting, our plan failed.” Lu Na looked at He Tingting with red eyes, guilt and self-reproach in her eyes. “He Yishu found out about our plan a long time ago, so our plan failed.”


“Impossible!” He Tingting raised her volume to retort, “I personally watched him drink the drink; our plan clearly succeeded, and at this time, he must have long had a headache.”

Halfway through her words, He Tingting’s voice instantly came to a screeching halt, then her eyes slowly widened, and her entire body looked as if she had frozen.

The medication to relieve her headache had slowly lost its effect with the passage of time. He Tingting felt her head throb violently for a moment, and immediately after that, the familiar pain swept over her again, causing her already pale face to become even more unsightly.


But what was the most unacceptable to He Tingting at this moment wasn’t this pain, but a thought that suddenly popped into her mind: why did she suddenly feel a headache? Why would the doctor say that something was wrong with her spiritual domain? Why did her mother say that their plan had failed?


All of this pointed to the same reason: the drink that He Yishu drank wasn’t problematic at all; instead, it was the drink that she herself drank that was problematic!

“No…… impossible!” He Tingting endured her increasingly intense headache and shook her head frantically. “Things can’t be like this! I don’t believe it; I don’t believe it!”

Lu Na cried and hugged He Tingting, choking as she spoke, “Tingting, it’s Mummy who’s sorry; it’s all Mummy’s fault.”



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