C9 – Bad Children Must Be punished



Feng Huai frowned, he intuitively felt that the doctor in front of him wasn’t quite right, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.


He inclined his head to Jiang Fang , “Go out first.”


“Huh? I’m not ready yet.” Jiang Fang froze, pointed to his still ble-eding nose, and turned to the doctor, “Can you prescribe me some morphine? I’m still sore here.”


The doctor in the white coat smiled and said good-naturedly, “Sure, wait for me.”


Jiang Fang’s eyes lit up as if he was flattered, not expecting the doctor to be so nice today, he nodded, “Okay, how much?”


“Five milligrams.” The doctor said.


Jiang Fang smacked his lips as if it was too little, but it was better than nothing.


He sat back in his chair and watched the doctor walk into the inner room of the infirmary’s pharmacy.


“Five milligrams of morphine is worth a lot more than the cigarettes you roll in here! It’s a good thing!” Jiang Fang excitedly explained to Feng Huai, guessing that the newcomer didn’t know about the prison’s “trading system” and wanted to introduce it with great enthusiasm.


However, Feng Huai’s focus wasn’t here.


He got off the bed as the doctor walked into the inner room of the pharmacy, walked quickly to the door of the infirmary, and tentatively pulled the door, but it wouldn’t open.


Jiang Fang looked at Feng Huai in a daze and asked, “What’s wrong? The door is locked? What’s the point of locking the door in the middle of the day? …… Let me try.”



Jiang Fang came to the door and rattled the door lock. After a few seconds, he couldn’t help but frown: “What’s the matter?”


He turned to Feng Huai and saw Feng Huai turn his head and step on the table, trying to open the half open window.


Just as Feng Huai’s hand touched the window, he heard a loud crash, and all the windows against the wall closed without anyone touching them.

Jiang Fang shivered and looked at Feng Huai, a bad guess emerged in his heart.


The last time he and Feng Huai shared a room and Feng Huai suddenly got out of bed and looked to the right and left, nothing good happened.


He swallowed and lowered his voice, “No way, did we meet that again?”


Feng Huai lightly jumped off the table, glanced at the goateed man whose face was full of nervous anxiety, and said lightly, “Didn’t I ask you to leave?”


Jiang Fang wanted to cry: “How could I know it was because of this …… I will do what you ask me to do next time, and never say anything.”


“You want to encounter this situation again?” Feng Huai asked rhetorically.



He didn’t look too nervous, nor did he look like he was trapped anywhere, and such a gesture invariably comforted Jiang Fang.


Maybe it wasn’t as dangerous as the last night, right? Jiang Fang thought with a hint of luck.


He laughed dryly, “Then I definitely don’t want to encounter this situation, but is this something I can’t run into just because I don’t want to?”



Feng Huai smiled slightly and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, obviously amused by Jiang Fang.



He looked at Jiang Fang and gave an encouraging look, “Clear cognition, good mindset.”


Jiang Fang accepted the Great man’s words as a compliment.



“Is there something wrong with that doctor?” Jiang Fang opened the topic again, he quietly looked into the pharmacy but didn’t see a single person, he muttered, “I told you, how could the doctor be so nice today, he said he’d give me mor|phine.”


Feng Huai suddenly yanked up Jiang Fang’s back collar, and coldly threw him behind him.


The doctor in the white coat came out from behind the half-opened door of the pharmacy room, holding a thick syringe in his hand and looked at Jiang Fang with a smile: “It’s ready, come on.”



Jiang Fang only felt that this doctor was smiling strangely and his body was covered with goose bumps.


He turned his head and asked Feng Huai in a low voice: “Why do I feel that he is strange? Is it a psychological effect?”


Feng Huai didn’t answer, he just lowered his voice and asked him: “Are the screws with you? Is it iron?”


Jiang Fang didn’t understand why Feng Huai suddenly asked this, but still nodded: “It’s iron, but it’s rusted.”


Feng Huai nodded, “Okay”, then he whispered a couple of instructions.



“What are you doing over there?” The doctor standing in the doorway was slightly impatient, but still had a smile on his face and gently urged, “Jiang Fang, come here first, you can lie down and rest after the injection.”


When Jiang Fang heard this, he hurriedly shook his head, “No, no, no, no, I don’t want an injection, I’ll ……”



He said, while backing up, until he got to the side of the bed before stopping.



The doctor’s face didn’t change, but he still smiled. He wasn’t angry when he saw Jiang Fang retreating,, “The injection works quickly. It is most effective to deal with you children who are afraid of pain and will make trouble. ”



Child? Jiang Fang wasn’t too young. What was more, if he was a child, could he have five milligrams of morphine?


He said dryly, “But doctor, I’m not making a fuss, I just want some morphine, forget it, I’ll manage. How about I go first?”


“Don’t go.” The doctor’s expression suddenly sank, the smile disappeared completely.



Jiang Fang’s heart jolted, he gulped and watched the doctor approaching him.



The closer the distance between the two, the weirdness he felt was more obvious.


Until the doctor reached out and grabbed Jiang Fang’s shoulders, Jiang Fang suddenly reacted to what the strange feeling was –


He always felt that the doctor’s head and body looked extremely uncoordinated, no matter where he went, no matter what he was doing, his head was like a wooden man, turning only as his body turned.


Only now, when the doctor came to him, he noticed that the head and neck area, which was hastily covered by the collar, was a pile of clumsy and rough surgical stitches.


It looked like a child’s childish and messy technique.


Cold air made Jiang Fang’s heart jolt.



Feng Huai moved silently to the back of the doctor, but the doctor was unaware that he was using a rubber band to bind Jiang Fang’s arm, gently patting the skin to show the veins.


Jiang Fang shivered slightly, not knowing if it was his psychological effect, he just felt that the doctor’s palm was terribly cold, not at all like the temperature of a living person.


He stared in horror at Feng Huai.


Feng Huai stood behind the doctor, coldly raised his eyes, seeing Jiang Fang’s expression, he nodded slightly, slowly raised his arm, his fingers moved to the countdown –


3, 2, 1


The cold tip of the needle pressed against the skin of his arm.


Jiang Fang suppressed his fear and, as Feng Huai had previously instructed, ducked out of the doctor’s unsuspecting body and flew around to the other side, hiding behind Feng Huai.



The syringe in the doctor’s hand was empty, and five milligrams of morphine spilled out and landed on the floor tiles.



The puddle of water on the floor tiles seemed to anger the “good-tempered” doctor.


A hiss of suppressed anger escaped his throat: “Naughty boy! Bad boy who makes trouble all the time! You must be punished, and I will tell the dean. ……”


He stiffly turned his body and head, looking clumsy and sluggish compared to his previous movements.



When he turned head-on behind him, his gaze ran right into Feng Huai’s eyes.



Feng Huai narrowed his eyes slightly, clasped the screw that belonged to Jiang Fang between his fingers, and under the doctor’s completely unexpected stare, slapped his palm violently, slapping the sharpened screw raw into the doctor’s chest.

His movements were so fast and accurate that no one would have thought that a finger-length screw would be played with in Feng Huai’s hands.



He slapped his palm against the doctor’s chest, and then, like beating a drum, he slapped the doctor’s left and right chest and upper and lower abdomen, corresponding to the left and right lungs, liver and spleen, and gallbladder respectively.



Each slap was so precise that there was no doubt that if he had been given a butcher’s knife, he might have been able to dismantle the doctor on the spot.



The sharpened nail heads were hidden in Feng Huai’s palm wind, leaving small, insignificant wounds on the doctor’s body.


The doctor yelled out in pain, not caring that his body and movements were difficult to coordinate, he opened his arms and lunged at Feng Huai, only to be dodged by his opponent’s deft spin.


Jiang Fang noticed with a sharp eye that the wounds from the screws were not stained with blood on the white coat, but the area around the wounds corroded, which was painful to look at, but the doctor seemed oblivious to it.



Feng Huai was chasing after the enraged doctor in the small infirmary, and saw the opportunity to leave a wound on the other.


Jiang Fang’s mouth was slightly open – the big man was …. so powerful.


He was like a BOSS in a game.


Jiang Fang felt that this description was a bit inappropriate, but he couldn’t seem to find a better way to say it.



“What are you frothing at?!” Feng Huai shouted coldly.



As soon as Jiang Fang returned to his senses, he saw the doctor rampage over in his direction.


Jiang Fang broke out in a cold sweat, and before he had time to dodge, the doctor had already rushed in front of him.



He could even see the wound that was sewn up on the doctor’s neck, and because of the intense running, the already loose surgical lines were ripped open, and he could see the scene behind the doctor through the crude articulated gaps between the flesh.



He was a little nauseous, it seemed that he could smell the pus stench coming from the wound. He subconsciously held his breath, thinking he was going to vomit.



However, the doctor’s movements came to an abrupt halt and stopped right in front of Jiang Fang’s body, not moving.



Jiang Fang blinked his eyes very slowly and reacted before rolling and crawling out from under the doctor.



Once he got around to the back, he saw his screw, which was shot into the back of the doctor’s head by Feng Huai with unparalleled precision.



Jiang Fang swallowed his saliva and was incomparably grateful.



Every wound on the doctor’s body from the screw was smoking like corrosion, especially the wound on the back of his head.


Jiang Fang didn’t dare to look any further, the man stood motionless in place, the corroded trauma all over his body was getting bigger and bigger.



Feng Huai walked over, reached out and touched him lightly, the doctor’s entire body fly away at the moment his fingertips touched him.



At the same time, the infirmary they were in, as if it had collapsed, the surrounding wallpaper rustled off, the floor tiles cracking and shaking.



Jiang Fang’s eyes widened: “An earthquake?


However, in the next second, everything returned to calm.


Jiang Fang looked around and was shocked to find that they were actually standing in the corridor.




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