C8 – “How about starting with your heart?”

Arthur stood with his chest clasped, his expression unchanged as he looked at the screaming prison guards.


On the side, rabbit hair and Jiang Fang sucked in a breath: “What are they doing? It’s evil.


“Then it’s collective self mutilation?” Jiang Fang covered his ears with a sour expression. “It’s really dark. No wonder those prison guards were so frightened just now.”


“Is someone listening to nursery rhymes on the walkie talkie?” Rabbit hair asked.


“The nursery rhymes I listened to when I was a kid were not so threatening.” Jiang Fang rubbed the goose bumps on his arms twice and turned to Feng Huai, “There must be something wrong with the nursery rhyme. Isn’t that right, big brother?”



He had just finished asking, but he saw Feng Huai swept out quickly and rushed to one of the guards. He grabbed the guard’s arm with one hand and the other’s wrist holding the pen with the other. With a firm effort, they heard the crisp sound of a dislocated wrist.


Jiang Fang’s eyes widened slightly in surprise. He didn’t expect Feng Huai would attack those people.


Feng Huai covered his mouth and slightly coughed. His action just now triggered an invisible wound in his chest, which made his face turn pale again.


But he was already pale and ill, and no one could see the difference.


Soon, other unaffected prison guards around also responded and rushed to help.



However, those few prison guards controlled by the walkie-talkie, their strength was surprisingly strong, two adult men couldn’t suppress them, the scene was chaotic.


Jiang Fang watched the fire from a safe distance, let alone helping the prison guards.


Rabbit Hair’s eyes widened in surprise as he watched Feng Huai easily and crisply control a prison guard, and then looked at the others that were in a mess.



He suddenly realized that the man who looked sickly and would blow away when the wind blew, was completely different from his appearance.



“Warden! Over here!”Someone shouted at the top of his voice.



Feng Huai let go of the prison guard under him, who was no longer able to move his hands, and looked out the door.



He was wearing a very strict three-piece suit today, which perfectly complimented his body proportions, and a pair of beautiful dark brown oxford shoes on his feet.



He strode towards the uncontrolled prison guards, unbuttoning his suit and cufflinks, looking like he has just returned from somewhere.



Yu Rui’s eyes darted over Feng Huai and the guards in his hands, and paused for a second when they fell on the dislocated joints of the guards’ hands.




“Warden! I can’t hold them down!”


A uncontrolled prison guard fiercely pushed two adult men, and then raised his arm high, fiercely about to shove a steel pen straight into his ear.



Jiang Fang looked at him from a distance and said coolly, “Ah, this angle is so powerful that he didn’t leave a hand on it. It’s estimated that his ears will be torn. Tut, I can’t bear to see it ”


He said so, but his eyes were still looking in that direction with great interest.



Rabbit hair unexpectedly widened his eyes: “The prison warden’s movements are exactly the same as the new arrival!”




It was like being carved out of the same mold.


Yu Rui’s eyes sank. He suddenly turned around and got close to the prison guard’s back. Just like Feng Huai, after containing his opponent’s scope of action, he simply dislocated the man’s wrist.


It seemed to be carved from a mold.


Jiang Fang also saw it. He scratched the back of his head and looked at his roommate in disbelief.


This attack move was unusual. It couldn’t be said that it was a coincidence. It was a perfect copy.



“What a coincidence! I think they are from the same school.” Rabbit Hair said casually.


“A policeman and a criminal, dare to say that they are from the same school?” Jiang Fang rolled his eyes.





While the two were chatting, Yu Rui handled all the other uncontrolled prison guards.


The other two were in the same room.


The four adult men who were groaning and rolling in pain were on the floor, their right hands, which had been holding pens, were hanging down weakly, and the white tiles were covered with clusters of bl-ood splatters.


Feng Huai frowned and stared at Yu Rui. As Yu Rui approached him, he opened his mouth, “Who the hell are you?”


He saw it most clearly, the moves Yu Rui used, every single punch and kick carried his shadow, no one could have done that.


“You can find out for yourself.” Yu Rui said, lowering his voice. “It’s enough for you to know that I’m always on your side.”


The original meticulous hairstyle with hair gel was slightly disordered due to fighting, and a slightly long fringe hung down, half covering his eyes.


“You look bad, go to the doctor’s office for a checkup later.”



Feng Huai didn’t answer. He wouldn’t go to the doctor’s office because the doctor’s office wouldn’t be able to check his problem.



Yu Rui was like a worm in Feng Huai’s stomach.





While pulling his twisted tie and his shirt collar, he spoke, “Maybe I’ll check for you.”



Feng Huai frowned, “I see.”




He quickly averted his gaze and ordered his men, “Take these people to the infirmary, while the others continue to eat. At 3:30, all prisoners will gather in the open area of the playground.”




He frowned slightly, “And these radios, get rid of them.”


“Warden, how do we deal with this?” A prison guard asked, he didn’t even want to touch that thing, afraid of becoming like those officers.


Yu Rui impatiently said: “Burned, buried, smashed and locked up, do you need me to demonstrate one by one?”


“No need!” The prison guard shivered as he felt the warden’s anger pounding on his face.


After scanning the time on his wristwatch, he said nothing more and hurriedly turned around to leave.


Feng Huai looked at Yu Rui’s back and became even more convinced that he should be an old friend of his, but he didn’t know why the other was covering up.


He heard a few prison guards whispering that they were glad the warden had returned in time.


“It’s a good thing the warden came back early, otherwise all these people would be finished. I couldn’t even hold them down.”



“No? By the way, where did the warden go with this outfit today? I don’t usually see him dressed like this.”


“I heard that he went to a hearing, it seems to be about the crime scene destroyed by the warden.”


“Oh ……”




Jiang Fang waved to Feng Huai from afar.


Feng Huai didn’t listen to those prison guards’ whispers any more. He walked slowly to the side of Jiang Fang and stood in line to continue the unfinished meal.



Jiang Fang hurriedly went up to him and asked in a low voice, “What did the warden say to you just now? Is it to pick a fight with you? I saw you glare at the warden, I was afraid he would do something to you.”





“No.” Feng Huai touched his face, “He only told me to go to the medical office for a checkup.”


Jiang Fang was shocked, the prison warden actually cared about people?


Arthur looked at them with a cold face, then he spoke morosely, “You helped the prison guards.”


Feng Huai glanced at him indifferently, not taking Arthur’s words into account, not to mention ignoring them.


Jiang Fang gulped and rounded off: “This is not called helping ……”


Arthur snorted and suddenly hit Jiang Fang.


Jiang Fang was unprepared. He fell to the ground in pain, covered his mouth and nose with his hands, and bloo-d poured out of his fingers.





“I’m talking to him!” Arthur said, “What are you talking for?”




Jiang Fang’s eyes flashed a flash of hatred and stifled, he clenched his fist, between his fingers hid a sharpened screw, faintly revealing a metallic shine.




But after a few seconds, he withdrew his hand, still did not say anything, sitting on the ground silently.





Soon after, a prison guard came and pulled Jiang Fang up and into a corner, cursing and swearing at him for causing trouble.


Arthur looked at Feng Huai, following up on his previous comment, and said grimly, “It seems that you have not considered what I said to you earlier.”


“I did.” Feng Huai interrupted him, he said casually, taking the lunch box from the window, “I didn’t think about who I wanted to be on the same team with, I’m fine on my own.”


Arthur’s expression sunk.



“Then I hope you won’t regret it.”


Feng Huai “snorted”. He was so rarely threatened by others that when he was seriously threatened, he thought it was funny.



“It seems that there is nothing new about your threatening words.” Feng Huai said. He turned around and looked straight into Arthur’s eyes with calm but profound eyes. “I hope your little actions will be more interesting than your threats.”





Arthur’s face became even more ugly as he took a deep look at Feng Huai, turned his head and walked away.



Rabbit hair beside him left the cafeteria with Arthur, not even eating his meal.



Feng Huai took the rice, found an empty table and sat down, chewing slowly on the unappetizing rice.



“The end of people that annoy Arthur is more terrible than the end of annoying the prison guards here, tut.” The prisoner at the next table said.


“The only way to survive is to cling to the prison warden’s thighs.”


“Or pray for the return of the lightning like miracle last time.”


“Seriously, was the last thunder related to that?”


“You mean that rumor? If the rumor is true, there won’t be so many cases that people are worried about.”


“What rumors? What rumors?”


“Tut, it is said that there is a number of people in the death row prison, who are beyond the control of the prison directors of all generations. He is said to be a prisoner here, but he is more like the guardian of this place. If there are prisoners or prison guards who violate the rules, they will be looked at by him, like a justice judge here. But no one has ever seen him. Especially, I have been here for so long, and I have seen nothing fair. Maybe the so-called legend is something an old prisoner made it up to trick the newcomers… ”




The next table’s discussion gradually sounded lighter.


Feng Huai finished his meal quietly by himself, he put down his dishes and walked to the prison guard standing by the side: “I want to go to the medical room.”


The prison guard looked at Feng Huai, probably because he had been reminded by the prison warden, he nodded his head and took Feng Huai to the medical room without any objection.


In the medical room, Jiang Fang sat obediently on a chair and let the nurse stop his bleeding.


When he saw Feng Huai coming, he greeted him with a dose of relish.



“Arthur didn’t do anything to you afterwards, did he?” Jiang Fang asked.



Feng Huai took a look at Jiang Fang’s nose, except for some swelling, it was fine, not broken.



He responded carelessly and didn’t tell Jiang Fang about Arthur’s threatening words.



“Oh, you are the new one, right? I know you, the warden has instructed you to come for a full body checkup.” The doctor in the white coat lifted his glasses and looked at Feng Huai, “Please sit down then, where should I start?”


“Why don’t we start with your heart?” The doctor said.



Feng Huai’s heart jumped and he suddenly looked up at the other side, but he saw the doctor smiling harmlessly at him, holding the regular examination equipment in his hand, as if everything was normal.




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