C7—– Whose Ears Hear Far

Yu Rui didn’t say anything more, after this accident and cleanup, it was already late.


All the prisoners went back to their cells under guard, and the iron door of each cell was closed in turn after the roll call.


When Feng Huai returned to his cell, he saw that his cellmate had already returned.


When the small man with a goatee saw Feng Huai, he immediately greeted him, “Hey!”


Feng Huai raised his eyebrows, “My name is not Hey.”



The corners of Jiang Fang’s mouth twitched and he laughed dryly: “That’s funny …… I heard about the situation you encountered in the Rose Garden and the cafeteria, it was horrible.”


Feng Huai nodded noncommittally as he moved at a somewhat tired pace back to the bed and threw himself into it.


Jiang Fang chattered in excellent spirits, “For the first time, I’m glad I was locked up in a severe punishment room, really, it’s better than this eventful day you’ve had today.”


Feng Huai didn’t pay any attention to him, resting with his eyes closed.


Jiang Fang didn’t care, he continued speaking, “Although I had to undergo a modified version of waterboarding and be tortured by that disgusting warden, at least I felt safe in that small punishment room.”


The guards patrolling outside the corridor came and kicked the iron door twice as a warning: “Curfew, don’t talk!”


Jiang Fang was silenced. Feng Huai relaxed at the quiet he had waited for.



The patrol guards walked away, but unexpectedly, Jiang Fang lowered his voice and continued: “I heard ……”


Feng Huai’s face sank.


He interrupted the man’s words, maliciously tugging up the corners of his mouth and looked at Jiang Fang: “A sense of security?”



“Ah, yes, the severe punishment room is small and square, everything can be seen at a glance. The doors and windows are locked, and there is no mirror.” Jiang Fang said. The monster from before climbed out of the mirror.


“Monsters don’t go through only doors and windows. Mirrors are not the only connection channel either.” Feng Huai put his hands behind his head and said lightly, “Where do you think the things in the cafeteria came from?”


With these simple words, the goateed man’s face instantly went white.


He began to rejoice again, he was so lucky that he didn’t encounter anything strange in the strict punishment room.


Feng Huai, who had a headache from Jiang Fang’s broken chanting, he stared sorrowfully at the upper bunk and said quietly, “Kil-ling people in death row prison isn’t something only those monsters can do.”


“Is that right? Like what?” Jiang Fang poked his head out of the top bunk with some interest, thinking he could discuss and ask for advice from the big man, until he met Feng Huai’s angry eyes.


Jiang Fang swallowed the words that were slipping out of his mouth, made a silent gesture, and laid back on the bed resentfully.


Unfortunately, he was quiet for a short time, and suddenly sat up as if he had been electrocuted: “Ah, I was going to say, I found a big secret!”


As soon as he said that, an iron chopstick abruptly passed through the bed and was nailed diagonally into the wall behind Jiang Fang.


Jiang Fang drew a cold breath, “F-uck.”


He dared not come out.


What secrets couldn’t be said in the morning. The most important thing was the big man’s rest.


Jiang Fang covered his head and slept on the periphery of the bed rails, and in his heart he didn’t understand why the iron chopsticks he used yesterday hadn’t been taken away by now.


No one was disturbed that night.


The next day, a line of prisoners, after the morning reform, waited in line for their meals to be released.


Jiang Fang came close to Feng Huai and whispered, “I’ll share a secret with you, I found it yesterday in the underground corridor.”



“When I came out of the severe punishment room yesterday and walked through that long corridor, a floor tile cracked.” Jiang Fang’s voice was mysterious, a pair of alert little eyes looked around, successfully attracting other inmates around, “Guess what I saw?”


Rabbit Hair urged: “What are you selling? Hurry up and speak!”


“There was a small finger bone hidden in it!” Jiang Fang revealed the secret.


Rabbit hair sucked in a breath: “Finger bone?”



“It looked small, maybe a child that was only four or five years old.” Jiang Fang added.



“I wonder what else is buried there?” The prisoner on the side said thoughtfully.



Jiang Fang said with conviction, “So this wasn’t only once an orphanage, but also a mass grave.”


Feng Huai frowned, no wonder there was always a seemingly fatal aura here, nourishing those things so vibrantly.


If many people were buried underneath, that would make sense.


Rabbit Hair carefully looked around to make sure Arthur wasn’t around before whispering, “When you guys said that, I remember that every night before going to sleep, Arthur would take out a particularly dirty and old book, spread it out in front of his bed, and he sits on his knees on the edge of the bed, reading with his eyes closed.”


Rabbit Hair was Arthur’s current roommate.



“I thought it was a Bible, until I glanced close once and realized it looked like a roll call, and the year was still early last century.” Rabbit Hair said.


“Roll call?” Jiang Fang raised his eyebrows in confusion.


Rabbit Hair nodded and wanted to say something else, but saw Jiang Fang suddenly change his face and waved his hand at him implicitly.


Rabbit hair saw the situation and suddenly closed his mouth.


The atmosphere was a little awkward for a while.


“There are quite a lot of people, are you queuing up to fight, or are they talking about some secret?” He didn’t know when Arthur came over, he walked with big steps, stood behind Rabbit Hair and spoke meaningfully.



Rabbit hair shivered slightly in fear.



The other prisoners quickly dispersed.



Arthur stood in the same place, watching them leave, he snickered, rabbit hair didn’t dare look up: “Why did they leave as soon as I came? So, it was about me?”


Rabbit hair froze, and then shook his head repeatedly.


He laughed dryly: “Everyone is just talking about the strange things that appear here.”



After he finished, he looked at Jiang Fang and Feng Huai for help.


Jiang Fang nodded his head and responded dryly, “That’s right.”


“Oh.” Arthur feigned a sudden realization as he smiled towards the expressionless Feng Huai, “Then I do know a little. Interested in hearing it?”


Jiang Fang and Rabbit Hair looked blearily at Feng Huai.


“I hope it’s not too boring.” Feng Huai nonchalantly responded.



Arthur laughed and took a pose, “I think you all know that the original site of this orphanage was built during the wa-r.”



“The orphans who couldn’t be dealt with during the wa-r were abandoned here. Later, because of the war, the director and caretakers of the orphanage either died from stray bu-llets or fled, and no one was left to devote their energy to the children over here.”



“Those children were abandoned, forgotten, a little drained and desperate as they waited aimlessly to pray for hope to come. They were trapped and dying.” Arthur said in a subdued voice.


He pretended to wipe the corners of his eyes, but his eyes stared wickedly at Feng Huai: “It was only when the new century came and this place was expropriated and converted into a prison that they were found and buried underneath in place.”



“This is both an orphanage, a death row prison, and a mass grave.” Arthur softened his voice and leaned close to their ears, then spoke again, “Both their mass grave and yours!”


Jiang Fang was so frightened that he shivered. Rabbit Hair’s face was blank as he looked at Arthur.


Arthur laughed, satisfied that he had frightened others.


Feng Huai remained expressionless, as if listening to a lame story.


“The souls of the dead in the mass graves began their own revelry and revenge.” Arthur’s voice returned to a soft volume, smiling but speaking in creepy words, “With bl-ood and terror, to this world
to vent the injustice and misery they have suffered.”


Jiang Fang swallowed, this was the end of the story, so he opened his mouth, “So those monsters before, they were all orphans from here at one time?”


“Monsters?” Arthur asked rhetorically, “If it were me, I wouldn’t call them monsters. They are the masters of this place, the dominators, and the miracle itself.”



“Miracles?” Jiang Fang wondered.


“Spanning centuries and battles, nirvana from death, what is this if not a miracle?” Arthur looked at Jiang Fang.


Jiang Fang choked, and for a moment, he couldn’t find the words to refute, there seemed to be no problem.


“Then.” Feng Huai suddenly spoke.


Everyone’s eyes subconsciously focused over and looked at the pale, thin man in front of them.


“Tang Jieming’s death and the shattered corpse were also the work of the orphanage’s dead souls? And the reason?”


Arthur looked at Feng Huai and didn’t answer directly, “If it is a guest who is not welcome by the host, what does it matter if he dies?”



Feng Huai looked at him coldly and smiled mockingly, “If those things are the owners of this place, then the thunder that struck down last night must be the heavenly law.”


Arthur’s face suddenly sank as he looked at Feng Huai grimly.



Jiang Fang sniffed out the tension between the two, and hastily pulled Feng Huai’s sleeve, lowering his voice, “Forget it, the prison guards are looking over, we’d better hurry up and leave.”



Feng Huai looked around and saw the prison guards standing in the four corners looking at their side, then they raised their feet towards their direction.


At this time, the intercom on the guard’s waist suddenly “rustled”, several guards coincidentally stopped in their tracks, picked up the intercom and looked at each other in confusion.


It was like a strong current interference noise, nothing strange.


But those few prison guards’ eyes suddenly became dull and their movements stiffened in place, like wooden men, they were eerily silent.


“What are they doing?” Jiang Fang asked Feng Huai in a low voice.


Feng Huai frowned slightly, and his eyes fell on the intercom that kept ringing on the waist of those people.


The prison guards made another move, they coincidentally took out the pens in their pockets and uncapped them, their movements stiff but neat.



The guards’ eyes showed profound fear, which made Jiang Fang and several other people more puzzled.


“What’s going on? What are they afraid of ……”


Before Jiang Fang could finish his words, he saw the prison guards at that end move sluggishly to raise their arms one after another, and in the next second, they viciously stuck the tip of the pen into their own ears!




Painful screams exploded in the space, and the guards screamed in agony while they uncontrollably continued the action of their hands, stabbing the tip of the pen into their ears over and over again.


Jiang Fang and the others were dumbfounded as they watched the scene in front of them, it was indescribably weird and creepy.


The current sound of the walkie-talkie at their waists was unknowingly turned up to maximum amidst the screams.



“Sha Sha …… Zee …… Sha Sha ……”


“Sha Sha …… whose ears are short, Lilly’s ears are short ……”


“Whose ears are pointed, Ming’s ears are pointed ……”


“Whose ears hear far, Dean’s ears hear far ……”


“Twenty-six ears, hehehe, all gone!”


“rustle …… squeak …… rustle ……”


Over the intercom, they gradually heard children singing an adapted nursery rhyme.



The crisp, sharp laughter stung their taut nerves, and all faces became oddly ugly.




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