C3—– Dead Rose


All the prisoners were gathered in the clearing.


Due to the blo-odbath in cell number nine next door, the remaining eleven death row inmates were subjected to a full body check to rule out the possibility of sharps on their bodies.



“He will examined by me.” The prison warden spoke indifferently and walked in front of Feng Huai, raising his hand to stop the prison guard who was about to untie his prison clothes.



The prison guard paused at his words, his eyes subconsciously lingering on Feng Huai for two seconds.



–It was a good-looking death row inmate.



The guard grinned inconspicuously and quickly turned to walk away, flashing an unspoken smile at another fellow guard beside him.



The guard didn’t respond to him, but instead glanced at the prison warden’s instantly condensing gaze, and couldn’t help but stand even straighter, a drop of cold sweat running down his face.


Feng Huai slightly raised his eyes to survey the man in front of him.


To be fair, he was really good looking.


Fenghuai once had 3000 disciples, and all of them were beauties.


It was also said that there were three disciples under the great Feng Huai Emperor, who were unique in appearance.



These three disciples were trained personally. One was a gentleman, and the other was casual and the other was romantic. The other people seldom saw them and knew little about them. They all said that his disciples was more like the shadow of Emperor Feng Huai .



Some people once joked that Feng Huai the Great couldn’t escape from the mundane, always loving beauty and one of the unwritten rules to enter Feng Huai the Great’s disciples was to look good.



This of course wasn’t true – at least Feng Huai never admitted it.



Because of his impaired vision, everything Feng Huai saw in front of him was covered with a faint bl-ood color, which was a perfect match for the man in front of him.



The person in front of him was about thirty years old, with pale lips and slightly curved lips, always giving the impression of a smile. A pair of narrow leaf-shaped eyes that seemed to see through the human heart, all the disguise and tricks seemed clear to him.



“What’s your name?” Feng Huai asked, his hands slightly behind his back, his gaze flatly looking at the man, not at all like a prisoner, but rather like he was interrogating the prison warden.



The man with the goatee on the side heard Feng Huai’s question and felt a chill in his heart. Since the riot a few months ago, no one had dared to disrespect the prison warden like that.



A few other inmates were watching with their mouths agape, waiting to see what would happen if the new inmate pissed off the prison warden.


When the young warden first arrived, there were prisoners trying to challenge his authority, one tried to flirt with him but the warden broke the outstretched hand.



This incident became the trigger for the death row prisoners to provoke a riot. The young prison warden simply ordered the guards to lock up all the death row inmates and him together in the open space where they were released daily, using this quadrangular open space as a fighting arena.



Whether he, or the thirteen death row inmates, they all went bare-handed into the arena, life and death was at their own risk.



The death row inmates who were locked up here were blo-odthirsty maniacs who didn’t want to die. Even the old guards didn’t dare to let down their guard on these death row inmates when they were released on weekdays, let alone the prison warden alone with his bare hands and these people locked up in one place.



All the guards felt that the young and impetuous prison warden was too impulsive, but couldn’t persuade him, so they had to prepare so the prison warden wouldn’t be killed, they planned to rush in with electric batons to rescue him.



As a result, no one expected that in less than half an hour, the prison warden came out of the inside with bl-ood on his body, followed by thirteen death row inmates who fell to the ground moaning and crying out.


In this regard, no one dared to challenge the authority of the prison warden.


Until the newcomer this time.



The death row inmates who had been severely beaten by the prison warden, all quietly waited to see the newcomer’s misfortune.



“My name?” The young prison warden took another small step forward slightly, close to Feng Huai, he leaned down slightly and lowered his head, whispering in Feng Huai’s ear, “My name is Yu Rui, don’t forget it again.”


Feng Huai subconsciously frowned as the man approached and tried to pull away, but froze when he heard the other man’s words.



Yu Rui? His name sounded familiar, but he couldn’t think of where he’d heard it before.



He looked at the man, unable to decide whether the other side was an old acquaintance to him or with this body.



“Stand still and reach out your hand.” Without waiting for Feng Huai to think more, the prison warden had already pulled away, faintly voiced out an order and patted Feng Huai’s shoulder and arms.


The inmates waiting to see what was going on at the side stared in amazement – such a gentle gesture from the prison warden, wasn’t the difference in treatment too much?


“You’ve had a good look at him?” The old prison guard saw the situation and asked rhetorically.




In a short time, all the prisoners were checked, and the guards really did find a lot of sharpened wire and pen nibs, hidden in a short, thin cigarette.

–The goateed man alone had two wires and a sharpened nib, that was actually the most privately hidden of all the prisoners.



Feng Huai was more or less surprised, but quickly adjusted.


This was a death row prison, no one would be a respectful fighter.



In the hands of these prisoners, even wire and nibs were enough to threaten the personal safety of a prison guard.


Experienced veteran guards saw the situation and immediately manipulated electric batons to teach a few prisoners who were found with contraband.



The goateed man was beaten up by the guards and curled up together, a series of curses popping out of his mouth.



Feng Huai noticed that the goateed man deliberately stayed close to the guards while taking a beating.



The prison guard’s feet were next to the manhole cover, the goateed man pressed against it, using his body to block the movement of his hands, quickly using his fingernails to pick out a screw cocked on the manhole cover, and then quickly shoved it in his mouth.


Feng Huai slightly raised his eyebrows.



The screws were obviously more pleasing to the inmates than the wire and nibs.


The manhole cover was in the middle of the open space, usually when the wind was released, there were prisoners that liked to pile up here, just lying on the ground to pick the screw was too noticeable, so no one did it like that.



And this time, by mistake, the goateed man got a bargain.



The goateed man’s movements were so fast and thievish that none of the prisoners, except Feng Huai, noticed the small movements.


“That’s enough.” The prison warden slowly spoke, and all the prison guards stopped and stood in a straight line with their hands down.



The prison warden’s eyes swept through all the prisoners, looked at the goateed man for two more seconds, the man started sweating, both in pain and also fear, he quickly straightened.



Yu Rui redrew his gaze and said lightly: “All prisoners head back to the cell, half an hour after the labor reform as usual. As for those who violate the ban, you’ll get severe punishment.”



Once the goateed man heard this, his face turned two shades whiter and he returned to the group with trembling legs.



As soon as the iron door was closed, he spat out the screws in his mouth and hid them in the gap between the bedpan and the wall, turning his head and smiling at Feng Huai.



“Thanks for not turning me in just now.” The goateed man said.


Feng Huai didn’t care, he instead asked another thing: “He said severe punishment, what is it?”



“…… I don’t know, only that they’ll be locked in a special basement, it’s soundproof, so no one knows clearly what happens inside.” The goateed man’s face hardened for a moment.



He paused for two seconds and then said, “The last prisoner who was put in there was ki-lled by that thing the night he was first released.”


“But, it should just be a coincidence.” The goateed man laughed dryly twice, after all, the death of other prisoners, and the basement had nothing to do with it.



Only after such a coincidence, all the prisoners’ fear of the prison warden added another layer, they felt as if the young warden had made some kind of cooperative deal with the ghosts in this death row prison.



Feng Huai nodded slightly at his words, and after a few seconds, he asked implicitly, “So, what is labor rehabilitation again?”



“?” The goateed man looked at Feng Huai like an alien, “You don’t even know about labor reform?”



Feng Huai looked at him expressionlessly.



The man touched his nose and coughed lightly, “It’s …… to work well, to improve every day, to do your best, to create more social value, and to build a harmonious community.”





“Wait and see what I do, just follow it.”


“By the way, Arthur’s side, you should have less contact with him, he …… is very dangerous.”



Feng Huai responded.



As Arthur walked towards him, the bl-ood fusion ants he had gathered in his sleeve appeared to be visibly stirring.


Usually blood fusion ants would only react to two kinds of people, one was the master, the other was food, or both, none of them were people with bl-ood debts on their hands.



In the open space just now, the bl-ood melt ants in his sleeve only reacted to Arthur.



Feng Huai looked thoughtfully at the goateed man and was just about to ask again about Arthur when the prison guard opened the iron door of the corridor and walked in, electric batons banging against the bars on either side and shouted, “Okay, stop chatting!”



“Jiang Fang, you’re the first one, come with me to the punishment room.” The guard opened Feng Huai and the man’s cell and looked at him.



The goateed man’s breath caught: “…… I’m the first?”



“Don’t dawdle.” The prison guard pushed him, “The others, stand in line! Prepare for labor reform!”




The place where the labor reform was carried out was a wasteland in the death row prison, full of dead roses and covered with wild vines and thorns.



The death row prison was built on a cliff, originally an orphanage, and after being left ungoverned during the war, it fell into disuse over time.



Until recently, it was renovated again as a death row prison for those who had committed capital crimes but weren’t executed for various reasons.



The group walked into the barren garden covered with wild vines, thorns and dead roses.



The prison guard walking in the forefront began to recite what they had to do: “Everyone work here for the full three hours, at least clear a third of the place, when I come back and see a piece of fallen leaves and dead vines, you won’t eat lunch.”



“Well, let’s take this as the boundary ……,” the guard used his baton to separate the thorny vines blocking his body, his voice abruptly stopped, his feet stopped in place.



“What’s wrong?” The other two guards walking on either side of the prison guard came forward and asked suspiciously.



The lead prison guard sucked in his breath and his baton pointed straight ahead: “…… fuck, it’s Old Tang.”



Everyone followed the baton with their eyes, no one said anything for a while, it was so quiet that they could only hear each other’s breathing –



A man was stripped na-ked and hung on the thorny strips, limbs hanging wide open, as if a sacrifice openly spread his chest, dead roses seemed to bloom on his body.



On the ground around him, was the shredded prison guard uniform.


The scene was both bizarre and beautiful.




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