C18 — Handwriting

The handwriting on the letter caught Feng Huai’s attention.


It was his handwriting.


He paused and opened the letter to read page by page.


“If you feel strangely bewildered when reading this letter, then unfortunately, I still ended up lost in the game after receiving the letter today, and I hope these letters can help you.”


“In 2019, on New Year’s Eve, February 12, this is the fourth time I am about to enter [the game]. The interval between the end of the game and the start of a new game is being stretched longer and longer. But this is a good thing, the more time I spend in the real world, the less I forget who I really am.”



Feng Huai paused as he frowned.


Forgetting your true self?


How long would it take to completely overwrite the memories of a twenty-year life?


Yu Rui stood in front of Feng Huai and looked at him quietly with downcast eyes.


He could tell exactly what Feng Huai was thinking from one of his raised eyebrows, but he didn’t say anything.


Feng Huai continued to read on –


“I started keeping a diary in case I woke up one day and forgot why I was here. The presence of the system’s hints in the game’s progress became increasingly faint, so much so that …… was in that world for so long that I even forgot I was in the game.”


“So future me who received the letter, whatever situation you are facing, please continue to record it in your diary.”


“After experiencing the game world three times, I gradually felt that I was disconnected from my real world, and even though time does not pass in reality, I was no longer a young man inside, much less able to talk and laugh with my friends as I always did.”


“What I experienced was more than the process of the game, it was part of the life of a character. I fulfilled the destiny of those characters, but at the same time, those characters were like shadows that haunted me, and they became a part of me, a part that could not be detached.”



“I had to write it down, in the form of a diary to warn myself that those were games, an immersive gaming experience only, and not real.”


“I’m going in soon, and I hope this one won’t be too long.”




The letter came to an abrupt end here.


Feng Huai felt like he was reading a talking book, but when he tried to open the next page, he found that the talking book was a scrap, and the second half of the book wasn’t in his hands.


He was curious about what happened to the “I” in the letter after he entered the game.


He let out a soft “tsk” and put the letter away.



Feng Huai turned around and bumped into a wall behind him. He raised his eyes and saw Yu Rui standing behind him, and pursed his lips: “When did you get behind me? Why haven’t you left yet?”


Yu Rui: “……”


Feng Huai saw the situation, “Oh”, then changed to a polite way of speaking: “You can go. Or, what else do you want to tell me?”



Yu Rui smiled, his mind turned: “Yes, but ……”


“To exchange for a price?” Feng Huai cut him off, thinking of the discovery upstairs that had given him a headache, the so-called “small price” in exchange.


“Then I don’t want to hear it for now, go away.”


Yu Rui: “……”


Feng Huai put away the letter, lifted the bead curtain and went upstairs. After a few steps, he ran down again and saw that Yu Rui was still standing in the store, he wondered what he was thinking.


Feng Huai greeted him, “When you leave, help me put the door on the store, the sign that says “Closed for Business” should be turned outward.”


He said, while also pointing to the door, the suspended side was now facing the inner room.


Yu Rui raised his eyebrows: “You are not afraid that I will take away the things in your store?”


Feng Huai’s eyes widened slightly, pretending to be surprised: “You want these things?”



His gaze indicated the store’s incense and candles, meditation paper ……


The corners of Yu Rui’s mouth twitched as he looked over at Feng Huai’s gaze.


Feng Huai smiled knowingly and let out a light chuckle, “Don’t forget.”


Yu Rui smiled helplessly and nodded in response.


Feng Huai turned around and paused, then said, “See you at the next game.”


Yu Rui froze, staring at Feng Huai’s back, and only after a few seconds did he remember to respond, “See you at the next game.”


Feng Huai lifted the beaded curtain and went upstairs.



He sat on the stairs and listened to the sound of the door closing after a few minutes downstairs.


Feng Huai lowered his eyes, and his fingers subconsciously fiddled with a corner of the letter paper, thinking.


After a long time, he suddenly got up and returned to the room.


The apparently modern décor and electronic equipment didn’t give Feng Huai too much of a sense of strangeness.



An unfamiliar melody came out of the speakers, which Feng Huai didn’t think he had heard before, but he relaxed under the melody.



He squeezed the envelope, like he was squeezing the only bit of mark left, and frowned as he slowly fell asleep to the melody.


As for who the other original owner of this house was, let’s treat it as another mystery for now.


Anyway, there wasn’t more than this one.


This sleep was until the daytime of the next day.


When Feng Huai was planning to go out for a stroll to familiarize himself with the environment, the settlement confirmation panel of the last game popped up in front of him.



[Death Row Prison Copy – Novice Copy Settlement:
Triggered side quests: 3
Triggered monster icon: 4
Main quest: Completed
Game props: Blood fusion ants – can’t take out of the copy, convert points 1 point
Popularity accumulation: not open
Reward: Not open
Total 17 points]



If not for the system popping up, Feng Huai would have forgotten that he still had points to use.



He swept around and his eyes fell on the last few lines.


“Well …… no wonder that guy wanted to do some kind of exchange with me before he left yesterday, the content he wanted to say was this, right?” Feng Huai slightly narrowed his eyes.



He smiled, and remembered how that guy looked yesterday after he rejected him.


–He looked like a lost leopard, even his eyebrows were visibly drooping, and if there was a tail behind him, it would have been hanging listlessly on the ground, sweeping from side to side.


Feng Huai thought and smiled, turning in a good mood to look at the system interface again.



He had 17 points, so he was a big spinner.


There were five types of reels: gray, green, blue, purple, and gold, and each reel had five different kinds of rewards of different grades, but the difference was how much they accounted for.



The gray carousel corresponded to one rotation and required 2 points, while the other four grades were 10, 30, 50, and 100 points respectively.



Feng Huai intended to make the best use of what he had, turning the green rank carousel once and the gray rank carousel three times.


Grey Order Carousel Spinning –


“Congratulations to player Feng Huai for gaining the Gray Order Basic Skills: Night Vision Ability lv1, Dynamic Vision Capture Ability lv1, Perception Acuity lv1.”


Feng Huai didn’t feel that these skills were baad, who knew what could be found in the darkness, those things that were eager to hide in the shadows were the source of fear, if he could see them and feel them, it would be convenient.


The Green Order spinning wheel spun –


“Congratulations to player Feng Huai for obtaining a blue-rank item: [Infinite Binding Band] a mid-level alchemical product that can instantly stop bleeding, belonging to the great Nicholas Flamel. No terrible wound can smash his sign. No limit to the number of uses, can be brought into every game scene.”


Feng Huai gave a soft “hiss” and looked at the white straps that appeared out of thin air in his hands. This reward was practical, but it didn’t seem like a good sign.


“Points remaining: 1 point. Distance to the next game: 48:00:00”




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