C17—- Who Is The Co-resident?

Feng Huai sat on a mahogany tai shi chair in the store, with Yu Rui sitting on his left hand side.


Feng Huai had to take some time to digest the information he received.


First of all, “he” ran a small store, he was the “little boss” that the little girl had called out earlier.


It was a bit weird that this was actually an incense store, specializing in selling things for the dead.



According to the little girl who looked after the store, their store business wasn’t very good, but the salary had been paid very stably.


The corners of his lips twitched as he touched the mahogany taishi chair under him.


If he looked at the entire store, the value of all the things in the store combined was probably not enough to cover the armrest of the tai shi chair under him.


Not to mention, he kept two in this store.

Secondly, it seemed that “he” suddenly appeared a few years ago in this small 18th tier city. He built a two-story residential house near the tomb area, with his house upstairs and the incense shop downstairs.



To be honest it was pretty weird, usually people were a bit taboo these things, but on the contrary, it seemed that “he” loved to be with these things.


–The store was a good place for the dead to live in the underworld, and it’s all done by the small boss himself.


After Feng Huai understood some of them, he became more and more curious. He turned to the little girl watching the store and asked, “Don’t you think …… this is weird? Aren’t you afraid?”


The little girl with a ponytail blinked at the words, with a frank expression: “What’s wrong with that? They are all crafts.”


Feng Huai slightly choked, crafts? It was true that they were also considered that.


“What’s more, where can I find such a beautiful single boss?” the little girl added grandly.


Feng Huai raised his eyebrows slightly and touched his face.


He hadn’t seen his body shape since he woke up. It seemed pretty good.


“It’s really good,” Yu Rui suddenly interjected beside him.


Feng Huai glanced sideways at him, but Yu Rui pretended not to see him.

“You can get off work.” Feng Huai said to the young girl.


“Okay.” The little girl happily answered, packed up her things, put on her small slant bag, and said to Feng Huai before she left, “Ah yes boss, I have an express delivery later, please collect it for me, thank you boss!”


She put her hands together and smiled as she bowed at Feng Huai, it looked like this wasn’t the first time she had asked her boss to collect a delivery for her.


Feng Huai was still thinking about what “express” was, and casually responded.


After the young girl left, only Feng Huai and Yu Rui were left in the store.


Yu Rui looked at Feng Huai: “You seem to have a lot of questions?”


Feng Huai said, “How about this, I’ll ask and you answer.”


Yu Rui nodded slightly: “Yes. But the rules of the game, three questions.”


Feng Huai snorted. Petty.


“First, where is this place?” Feng Huai looked at Yu Rui.


Yu Rui weighed his words and replied, “After each game copy, you will return to the so-called real world, which is here.”


“My world doesn’t look like this.” Feng Huai hummed a laugh.


Yu Rui lowered his eyes and replied in an inaudible whisper, “I know.”


Feng Huai didn’t hear: “What did you say?”


“I said, this is the real world, and everyone who generates a strong will in the real world will only be chosen to enter the game, complete the game tasks, and fulfill their hearts’ desires.” Yu Rui said.


Feng Huai gave a “ha”, the same old condition.


“The fact that you don’t think this is your world can only mean one thing.” Yu Rui looked at Feng Huai, “You’re the one who forgot.”


Feng Huai frowned, as if he was thinking to assess the possibilities of what Yu Rui said.


After a long silence, Yu Rui opened his mouth to break the silence, “It’s time for the second question.”


Feng Huai thought for a moment and asked, “What effect will that so-called game have on this place?”



“If, you die before you receive the game’s main task completion prompt, then you here will also die. Any degree of injury other than death will be healed after the game ends.” Yu Rui continued.


“As for the rest, you can explore it yourself.” Yu Rui looked at Feng Huai, “the time of entering the game is relatively static with here, that is, even if you stay in the game world for thousands of years, even forget who you really are, in the display world, it is only the last second.”


Feng Huai raised his eyebrows in slight surprise at his words, “What game quest would be such a long span of time?”


“There are.” Yu Rui said no more, “There are always accidents.”



Feng Huai narrowed his eyes noncommittally, “One last question, how did you know I was here?”


He looked at Yu Rui.


“Because I came here.” Yu Rui back.


“…… Just that?” Feng Huai waited for two seconds to make sure there was no more answer, then raised one side of his eyebrow high, “That’s an answer?”


Yu Rui shrugged.


Feng Huai stared at him for a few seconds before deciding that this person was planning to play the game to the end.


He rolled his eyes, tapped his knuckles on the armrest, and slowly said, “That voice said that my newbie quest copy is over, and there are still three days until the next time I enter the game.”


“What’s the difference between the game after that, and the newbie copy?” He looked at Yu Rui.


“It’s beyond three questions, and you need to pay a small price for me to answer you.” Yu Rui said.


Feng Huai paused: “What small price?”


“Take me back to your place to have a look.”


Feng Huai: “……”


Without hesitation, he got up and lifted the beaded curtain at the door for Yu Rui: “It’s upstairs, please.”


Yu Rui laughed lightly, and as he walked past Feng Huai, he inclined his head, “Let’s go up and take a look together. Since you don’t even remember where you live or who you are, it’s good to get familiar with it together.”



The corner of Feng Huai’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t refuse.


The two of them went up to the second floor and opened the door to a more spacious two-bedroom apartment.


The front door faced a cozy little hall with a plush carpet spread out, and in addition to a double sofa, there was a huge lazy sofa on the side.


Yu Rui praised Feng Huai’s taste in decoration.


Feng Huai readily accepted, even though he had no impression of it at all.


The two of them wandered over to the open kitchen at the side of the living room, where the dishes were neatly tidied up and the fridge was full of food and fresh fruit and drinks.


Feng Huai vaguely felt something strange somewhere, he frowned, but couldn’t say.


“Do you mind if I go to your bedroom to take a look?” Yu Rui opened his mouth to ask, he looked like a courteous guest, making Feng Huai want to laugh.


“Look if you want to, don’t be polite.”


Yu Rui smiled.


Feng Huai opened the bedroom and led Yu Rui inside.


He also followed to take a look around.


The plain white wallpaper, a pair of watercolors hanging above the bed, bright and vivid tones, like the only color in the whole room.


The corner of the bedroom was decorated with a pumpkin-like night light, and the floor was covered with a ground of small, starry lights, obviously tailored for Feng Huai.


The bed was a bit bigger than a standard double bed, enough for two people to lie on it and fight.



The bed was made of black goose feather, which looked extremely fluffy and good for sleeping.


After Yu Rui around, he went back to the bathroom.


“You want to visit here too?” Feng Huai pulled the corners of his mouth twice.


Yu Rui nodded “Feel free to take a look, you’re welcome.”



Feng Huai: “……”


Yu Rui stared at the two mouthwash cups on the side of the sink, “The cups are quite nice.”


One was mint green, and the other was dark blue, which wasn’t beautiful enough to warrant a special compliment.


Feng Huai looked over unconsciously, slightly stunned, a toothbrush was inserted in each of the cups.


He suddenly realized the difference he had vaguely felt since a moment ago was coming from – all the furnishings here weren’t set up from the perspective of a solitary person.


The double sofa in the living room, the excessive number of dishes and stocked food in the kitchen, the king-size bed and the set of a pair of black pillows in the bedroom ……


Who else lived here besides him?


Feng Huai looked fiercely at Yu Rui, but Yu Rui looked as if he hadn’t even noticed, just looking around, even commenting on the shower gel in the bathroom, “The one I use also smells like this.”


“You ……” Feng Huai slightly paused, he didn’t know what to say next.


“What’s wrong?” Yu Rui turned around and looked at Feng Huai.


“Nothing.” Feng Huai pursed his lips, “Where else do you want to visit?”



“That’s about it.” Yu Rui smiled politely, “It’s my turn to answer your question.”


Feng Huai froze before he remembered what question he had just asked – what is the difference between the next game, and the newbie copy.


“The next game is a real multiplayer game, and the people you meet are both characters (NPCs) that already exist in the game, and player characters like you and me.”


“Players can grab items and system props from each other, and even, experienced gamers, know how to grab other players’ quest progress and take it for themselves.”


“All task progress will only be determined at the moment the key point is triggered. In short, whoever triggered the task progress will not be counted. What happened before and after the trigger will not be counted.”

“So, from the next game on, you not only have to distinguish between NPCs and real players, and beware not only of the dangers inherent in the game, but also of the competition from the game players.”


Feng Huai nodded with some interest, “Seems interesting.”


Yu Rui smiled helplessly, he raised his eyes and took a deep look at Feng Huai and said softly, “Then enjoy the game.”


The two of them went downstairs and returned to the store while talking softly about the “game”.


It wasn’t until they got to the store that the two noticed a man standing in the small store.


“Hello, I’m a courier, is Miss Tian Xiaofeng courier here?”


Feng Huai reacted, this was what the little girl wanted, right?


He told him to put it here, the courier then said, “Please check the item in person for damage, and then sign here to accept it, thank you.”


The courier boy said, while opening the package.


It was a butter cloth bag wrapped up in all directions, with only an open letter inside.


Feng Huai didn’t want to read much, but when he was putting it up for the little girl, his eyes inadvertently glanced at a bit of the content on the top–


“To me who received the letter today”


“I don’t know how many games ended today, I hope there is a smooth return.”


“If you feel strangely bewildered when you see this letter, then unfortunately, I received the letter today or finally lost in the game, I hope these letters can help you ……”



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