C15 —- Beaten Prison Warden


What an unexpectedly innocent person, completely at odds with his apparently calm and collected appearance.


Feng Huai thought in his heart.


After seeing Yu Rui blush, the slightest bit of weakness in his heart was completely gone.



He leaned comfortably on the bed, as comfortable and natural as if he was lying on a nobleman’s couch, and surveyed Yu Rui.


“How long have I been sleeping?” Yu Rui was the first to move his eyes away, and asked in a hoarse voice.


He looked around, this was his room, apparently Feng Huai had brought him back, he whispered his thanks again.


“It’s eleven o’clock at night.” Feng Huai looked at the time and was slightly surprised, he actually laid in someone else’s bed and slept for so long?


He looked at Yu Rui without changing his expression: “You slept for nearly six hours.”



Yu Rui frowned: “You didn’t go back?”


Feng Huai wouldn’t tell Yu Rui that he was also unconscious, he paused and found an excuse: “There must be someone to watch you. If you have a sudden attack like before, you’ll have to go to the infirmary.”


Yu Rui faintly smiled and looked at Feng Huai: “I’m fine.”


Feng Huai knew he was lying but he didn’t poke holes in it.

After all, he also had secrets, so it would be easier for everyone to keep a line with each other.



“You can rest here tonight.” Yu Rui said to Feng Huai. He got up and turned his back to Feng Huai then he took off his bloody clothes.



Feng Huai squinted and looked over, the man’s complexion was slightly whiter than wheat, and his back muscles were beautifully shaped and fit, just like a Roman sculpture.


It was probably because Feng Huai’s sight was too obvious, Yu Rui’s movement became slightly stiff and a little unnatural.


He moved faster and changed into a clean set of clothes.


Feng Huai noticed Yu Rui’s change, he feigned a natural retraction and casually asked, “I’m resting here, what about you?”


“I’m going to the rose garden.” Yu Rui returned.


“Going over there that late?” Feng Huai originally asked casually, after hearing Yu Rui’s answer, he frowned slightly and said with slight disapproval, “It is too unwise for you to choose this time to go there in the middle of the night when the darkness is so heavy.”


Hearing the seriousness in Feng Huai’s tone, he looked over and said in a low voice, “I know, but there’s no time.”


Feng Huai was stunned: “No time?”


Yu Rui put on his trench coat and didn’t say anything more.


Seeing this, Feng Huai subconsciously followed his footsteps: “Wait a minute, I’ll go with you.”



He froze for a moment after he finished, not knowing why he became so impulsive, obviously it had nothing to do with him.


Yu Rui looked at Feng Huai suspiciously: “Are you sure?”


He looked out the window, there was no moon tonight, so it must be dark in the rose garden.



He didn’t think Feng Huai would be willing to go with him.


Feng Huai noticed his sight and unspoken look and said, “Of course. Besides, if you leave me alone here, aren’t you afraid of what I’ll do?”


“You can do whatever you want, that was never the point.” Yu Rui smiled, he opened the closet and took out a cloak, spun out a beautiful swinging corner and gently draped it over Feng Huai’s shoulders, “It’s cold outside.”



Feng Huai smelled a faint wood fragrance on the cloak, much like the smell inherent in Yu Rui’s body, and the similarity of the scent gave him a strange illusion, as if it was tainted with the other’s body heat.


He quickly withdrew his strange thoughts. Hearing what he said, he couldn’t help laughing: “Who said before that, prisoners can’t act alone and took me back?”


Yu Rui was stunned for a moment, and obviously didn’t expect Feng Huai to remember this.


He felt a little weak and glanced away.


The reason for that was to create more time together, of course. He thought about it, and then he suddenly thought of the hand that grabbed Feng Huai – cold body temperature, pale wrist delicate and fragile.


His eyelashes trembled.


Feng Huai suddenly seemed to understand something under the strange silence of these few seconds.


He slightly raised his eyebrows, “You…”


“Come on, hurry up.” Yu Rui interrupted and walked past Feng Huai with a stiff expression.



The hem of his coat brought up tumbling waves by his brisk steps, he looked extremely imposing.


Except that, looking at his pace, there was a sense of running away.


Feng Huai smiled gently. What a tender child.


Feng Huai fastened the collar of the cloak and quickly followed up.


Outside the building of the death row prison, even the street lamps were pitifully few. Only a thin street lamp was hung every hundred meters, scattering a precarious faint light.



Feng Huai secretly scolded in his heart, the infrastructure construction here wasn’t even as forward as his time.



You should know that there was no real dark corner in the Kyushu under the control of Emperor Feng Huai. There was always a warm light to light up and guide his subjects. Kyushu was also called the kingdom of light by outsiders.


Only a very small number of people knew that it was because the titular emperor Feng Huai was afraid of the dark.


Yu Rui used the corner of his eye to pay attention to Feng Huai, and slowed down his pace at the right time to let Feng Huai stay close to him.


“The rose garden has been deserted for a long time.” Yu Rui’s voice dispelled the terrifying atmosphere spreading in the silent black night.


Feng Huai took a few seconds before he uttered, “Hmm.”


It was as if his reaction had been delayed along with it.


Yu Shuo was amused at the situation, and found this Feng Huai rare and cute.



“In other words, the streetlights there have also been deserted for a long time, and no funds have been allocated to repair them.” His voice was like a beautiful Violin, but he said something completely unpleasant, “It will be much darker there than here.”



Feng Huai stiffened slightly.



“Do you still want to go?” Yu Rui confirmed again, “There’s no need to force it.”



Feng Huai took a deep breath and was zapped by those four words from Yu Rui: “Lead the way Warden, there’s no reluctance.”



Yu Rui smiled: “Before that, I want to take a tool.”



Feng Huai looked at Yu Rui with slight confusion.


When Yu Rui got the tool he was talking about, Feng Huai winced – it was a shovel.



“You look like a thief who digs tombs in the middle of the night.” Feng Huai said bluntly.


He didn’t refute it.


As he said, there was no light at all in the deserted rose garden.


The moon tonight was covered by heavy clouds, not a trace of moonlight could be seen.



Feng Huai couldn’t see the road in front of him at all, and after his vision was clouded, his hearing became even sharper.


The sound of boots breaking dead branches, the flutter of crows sweeping through the treetops, the cries of stinging insects creeping through the grass and fields ……


“We’re here.” Yu Rui stopped.



Feng Huai followed suit and stopped. He looked around and asked in a low voice, “Why did you come here?”



“Because I realized that those children are not the source of so many deaths in the death row prison.” Yu resigned and spoke, “The dean, the doctors, the caretakers, are the root of the disease here.”



“In that case, I once again compared the similarities and differences of those death cases.” Yu Rui looked at Feng Huai, “The vast majority of deaths here have a similarity, the ears of the deceased are missing, only some are obvious and others seem like a matter of course.”



The first deceased’s head was rolled into pulp by a fan, and his ears rightfully became pulp.



the second victim suffocated, his face all stuffed into the toilet, and because of the suction of the pumping and the abnormal decay, most of the five senses were bloody.



the third victim was shaved into a skeleton, except for the heart, the rest of the organs were still unaccounted for.



“So many dead bodies, only one, even though it was decomposed, still had all its organs.” Yu Eui looked at Feng Huai.


Feng Huai: “Tang Jieming.”



Yu Rui nodded slightly, “Right. Tang Jieming has something in common with the dean, doctors, and nurses, they are all existences that symbolize a kind of power and authority here, Tang Jieming was to the death row prison as the dean was to the orphanage.”


“Tang Jieming’s death is the only case of a different nature.” Feng Huai said in a deep voice, he felt the coldness, the wind blowing through the treetops sounded like ghosts crying, “He was the only death those dozen little kids were involved in.”



He didn’t feel that the death of the dean, the doctor and those caretakers would be any kind of inexplicable accident, he never underestimated the children.


Feng Huai was silent.



He thought of the “doctor” he met in the “infirmary” during the day, and wondered which kids were involved.


Yu Rui didn’t notice Feng Huai’s silence, he continued: “Tang Jieming’s death must have a meaning.”


“This is the place where Tang Jieming’s body was found.” Feng Huai looked at Yu Rui, “So you brought me here with the intention of ……”


He paused, his eyes fell on Yu Rui’s hand holding the shovel, and frowned, “Digging something?”


Yu Rui nodded, and didn’t hesitate to bring down the shovel.


A white bone suddenly emerged from the black soil.



The two looked at each other, Feng Huai squatted down to take a closer look, “This is a male skull, the upper edge of the orbit is blunt, the distance between the eyebrows is more model, the arch of the eyebrows is prominent, and the forehead is rough.”



The shovel was shoveled down twice, turning out more white bones.



“The pelvis is narrow and long, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, with the jawbone pinched at a right angle and a more pronounced degree of pubic bone laxity and wear.” Yu Rui added.


“In summary, these white bones should all belong to a middle-aged male between the ages of forty and fifty.” The two men looked at each other, “The biggest possibility is the dean.”



Feng Huai mused, “It’s a great ironic echo to overlap the scene of Tang Jieming’s death with the old dean’s burial place.”


As soon as he spoke, he heard the system beeping in his ears.


“Congratulations to player Feng Huai for completing the main quest and successfully passing the novice game copy, you have been awarded 5 points.”


“Player can choose to leave the copy at any time. Note that after more than forty-eight hours, you will be forcibly kicked out by the system.”



Feng Huai froze, it was time for him to leave?


Not knowing why, he subconsciously turned to Yu Rui.

After finding the bones of the old dean, Yu Rui was still looking for something.


The shovel bumped into some metal object and suddenly there was a crunching sound that startled Feng Huai and almost made him move.



YuRui bent down to pick up the metal object and said in a deep voice: “Found it.”


That looked like some kind of candy iron box, the image of cartoon was still vaguely visible on it.



He opened the top clasp, gently flipped open the iron lid, and a rotten smell came to their nose.


He turned turned head and coughed twice. Feng Huai covered his mouth and nose to look at it. His eyes were slightly cold.


It was like a pile of rotten meat slices. There was no good antiseptic measures so it had turned rotten.


But obviously, they were carefully stored in this once beautiful iron box, just like treasures.



“Are they the ears of those little kids?” Feng Huai asked in a deep voice.


Yu Rui hummed as he fished a lighter out of his pocket and said, “This is what they wanted us to find.”


A part of the body was buried here, so much so that the soul was also bound, unable to leave this old place and put into reincarnation.


Yu Rui threw the fire into the iron box, and eerie greenish-green flames sprang up that quickly burned out in just a few breaths.



The rotten meat slices under the roasting, emitted a smoky smell, Feng Huai turned his back and took a few breaths of fresh air.



“Ah sorry, I suddenly found this in my pocket ……” Yu Rui moved his hand into the pocket of the windbreaker and touched something.



Feng Huai heard the sound and subconsciously turned around to look.


He saw that Yu Rui happened to turn on the mini flashlight, and a beam of light hit his face, which was obscure and indistinguishable, like the scary figure in the horror film.



Feng Huai caught sight of this scene unpreparedly. He was so nervous that he snapped. He suddenly opened his eyes and subconsciously punched.

Yu Rui was even more unprepared. After taking Feng Huai’s fist his left eye socket immediately became so sore that tears came out.


Feng Huai: “…… sorry.”



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