C13 —- Singing A Song

It was the first time for everyone to see a child in a death row prison, with a face that was almost dark purple and gray. It didn’t look like a living person at all.



“Ghost… It’s a ghost!” The scream was like a heavy bomb, falling into the silent crowd.


All the people immediately dispersed as birds.



Feng Huai and Yu Rui rushed into the building and rushed to the tenth floor at one go.



The entire tenth floor was used as miscellaneous storage, filled with cardboard boxes and rows of metal shelves, and the walls around them were faded to reveal patches of original cement due to age.



The white curtains at the windows were blown up by the wind, and at first glance, it looked like a woman in a white gown was standing against the window.


As soon as Feng Huai entered the tenth floor, the blood-melting ants in his sleeve became a bit tumultuous.


He gently pressed the cuffs with one hand while warning Yu Rui in a low voice: “That thing is still here. It’s dangerous.”


“Mm.” Yu Rui nodded slightly in response.


“Hee hee hee …… twelve ears la!” The child’s bronze bell-like laughter sounded like it rang out from the other side of the distance, echoing in the empty tenth floor.



Feng Huai heard the sound and turned around violently, glancing at a short figure flashing by an iron frame in the afterglow.



He frowned, something was wrong so he didn’t move.



As expected, the next second, the iron frame suddenly fell to the ground with a bang, a few hundred kilograms of iron frame, if it smashed into a person, they’d be smashed into mush.


Feng Huai inhaled lightly, the kids here were really poisonous.


The two of them stopped side by side and looked around.


Feng Huai said in a low voice: “Did you hear what that little kid said? It’s the ears again.”



“Well, the twelve ears are gone, referring to the five people who died in the prison and the rabbit hair that had his ears removed.” Yu Rui said in a deep voice.



If they didn’t find Rabbit hair in time, then he’d be dead.



“The nursery rhyme over the intercom earlier was also talking about the ears.” Feng Huai recalled, “Do you remember how to sing in the nursery rhyme?”


After a pause, Yu Rui replied: “Whose ears are long, whose ears are short, whose ears hear far?”



“Whose ears hear far, Dean’s ears hear far.” Feng Huai corrected, “Twenty-six ears, all gone.”



“Twenty-six ears, that’s thirteen people.” Yu Rui continued, “In that case, the thirteen people in that nursery rhyme are also dead.”



Remembering the notebook, Yu Rui said, “The children adopted in the orphanage at the beginning were also thirteen in total.”



Feng Huai’s eyes sank slightly: “Those thirteen children are dead?”



“It’s not clear, I didn’t have time to look at the notebook after I got it.” Yu Rui paused for a moment, “The notebook is in my office.”



As soon as he said that, the door of the security passage to the tenth floor closed with a bang, and the windows on both sides also fell in unison with a neat loud bang.



“It seems that the owner here doesn’t intend to let you go back to get the notebook.” Feng Huai said.


Yu Rui narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked around and said in a deep voice, “Then let’s beat it into submission before we go back.”


Feng Huai laughed, “Okay.”



The two men acted separately one after the other with great tacit understanding.


The raised corners were like ghosts on the 10th floor, which shuttled quickly between dozens of iron frames.




The figure of the gray and white ghost was seen everywhere throughout the tenth floor, as if playing hide-and-seek with the two.


Gradually, Feng Huai and Yu Rui sensed that something was wrong, and they unknowingly moved closer to each other, finally panting slightly against each other again, back to back.


“It’s not right.” Feng Huai coughed lightly twice, and a vague dull ache rose in his chest.


“There’s more than one kid.” Yu Rui spoke at the same time.


He heard Feng Huai coughing.


Immediately, he turned his head to look over and saw that the man’s lips were pale and his eyebrows were slightly furrowed, looking like he was holding back something.



He turned around and held Feng Huai: “What’s wrong? Does it hurt again?”


“Nothing.” Feng Huai frowned and pushed away Yu Rui’s hand, obviously not happy to be treated like a sick person in need of care.



Seeing this, Yu Rui slightly restrained his movements, his eyes rested on Feng Huai’s chest, as if he was confirming something.



Feng Huai uncomfortably avoided his gaze, Yu Rui’s sight gave him an illusion, as if the other knew something.



This body had a bloody hole in the chest, he took over when its condition wasn’t good, if memory served right, that place should be the morgue.



Although he didn’t know what means the system used to revive him, it was clear that this matter should be the secret between him and the system, rather than being known by a third person.



“You said there’s more than one child?” Feng Huai said, avoiding the sight that made him feel strange. “If they want to kill us, we can’t play hide and seek with them here leisurely.”


Yu Rui nodded approvingly, “In other words, what purpose do they serve by keeping us here?”


“The purpose ……,” Feng Huai murmured.


As far as he could see, a child poked a head out of the iron frame, it met Feng Huai’s line of sight, and then darted back in – like hide-and-seek.



A crisp sound of metal hitting the ground came from the metal frame, and Feng Huai noticed an old rusty metal inscription card falling on the ground.


He bent down to pick it up and gently wiped away the rust stains on it: “Wang Yanming.”


As soon as he said that, the little kid suddenly appeared behind the iron frame above his head.


With a cold look in his eyes, You Rui stared at the child, the dagger in his hand glowing with a cold light.


“Wait a minute.” Feng Huai called out to Yu Rui.



He tilted his head to look at the child, from the brat’s gray and dead face, and tragic white eyes, he saw a trace of fear and aggression.



Feng Huai felt some incredulity, he tentatively asked, “Wang Yanming?”



The little ghost abruptly got down from the iron frame and appeared in front of Feng Huai in a twinkling of an eye, standing straight and upright like a good child.



Feng Huai and Yu Rui looked at each other.


Yu Rui walked forward with a cold expression: “What do you want to do?”



The little ghost tilted his head and took two steps backward to look at Yu Rui, and after two seconds, it suddenly disappeared in place.


Feng Huai glanced at Yu Rui with a disgusted expression: “You scared the little ghost away.”


Yu Rui: “……”


He thought the clue was broken, Feng Huai cupped the old metal inscription card in his hand, slightly puzzled: “That little kid gave me this, what exactly does it mean ……”



Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a “clattering” sound of an iron box falling open.



The two went over and saw a somewhat old tin box on the ground, a small brass lock fell open and similar metal inscription card rolled to the ground.



Feng Huai and Yu Rui were obviously stunned.



The two of them were surprised to see that there were thirteen inscription cards on the floor, for the thirteen children who had been in the orphanage.



As the two pondered what the cards meant, little kids who looked almost identical to each other appeared around Yu Rui and Feng Huai without saying a word.


Seeing this, Feng Huai tentatively read out the names on the cards one by one: “Mao Xiaoli?”



A skinny little girl with a ponytail stood out, expressionlessly rolling her miserable white pupils to look at Feng Huai.


“Lu Weikang.”


“Jin Xiaokai.”





The thirteen children whose names were named stood neatly together and looked at Yu Rui and Feng Huai without saying a word.



Feng Huai inhaled gently and inclined his head to Yu Rui, “I think they want to say something.”



Thirteen little kids moved in unison, they walked to the window and stood straight, facing the same place.


Yu Rui looked over and frowned slightly: “Rose Garden.



Feng Huai understood: “There must be something hidden there, something they want to get.”



Yu Rui turned to the thirteen little ghosts, “In that case, we can get the things back for you and return them to their original owners.”



The thirteen little ghosts looked at Yu Rui in unison.



“But you have to withdraw the boundary, or at least let us leave here.” Yu Rui said.



When he finished, he didn’t expect the thirteen little ghosts in front of him to suddenly panic, revealing a trace of fear and anxiety.



Seeing this, Yu Rui frowned slightly and said in a low voice to Feng Huai, “Is there something else here that makes these little ghosts afraid? It’s not that they won’t let us leave?”



Feng Huai froze at his words and then reacted violently – the Blood Melting Ants that had started to stir since he approached the tenth floor didn’t react more violently when faced with these ten or so little ghosts.


That was to say, the thing that caused the blood melting ants to stir here was something else!


He secretly cursed and sharply warned, “Be careful.”



No sooner had the two of them spoken than the thirteen children in front of him suddenly disappeared without a trace, but in the air, the creepy chant suddenly rang out again –



“Whose ears are short, Lilly’s ears are short ……”



“Whose ears are pointed, Xiaoming’s ears are pointed ……”


“Whose ears hear far, Dean’s ears hear far ……”


“Twenty-six ears, hehehe, all gone!”



The blood melting ants in Feng Huai’s sleeve once again stirred up and were almost about to burst out of his sleeves.


His pupils shrank and he whispered a warning, “Something’s coming!”



At the main entrance, a big-bellied, round man strutted in like a patrol.



Yu Rui and Feng Huai quickly ducked between the iron frame and the cardboard box.



The man was wearing an ill-fitting Zhongshan suit from the last century, and his whole body looked like a gray ball.


His face was ashen, just like other little kids, with rolled eyes and white pupils, walking like a crooked penguin, with both arms turned back.



He tilted his head up, sniffed hard in the air, and suddenly shouted.


“Come out! Come out!”


“Bad boy! Naughty boy! I hear you!”



“Can’t you hear what I’m saying!


“Yes, yes, I will punish you.”



“Since your ears are an ornament, let them become a real ornament!”


Yu Rui and Feng Huai both looked at each other.



The air once again resounded with the song sung by the thirteen little kids, and this time the song seemed to be more urgent and harsher than usual –



“Whose ears are short, Lili’s ears are short ……”



“Whose ears are pointed, Xiaoming’s ears are pointed ……”


“Whose ears hear far, Dean’s ears hear far ……”


“Twenty-six ears, hehehe, all gone!”


This time, Yu Rui and Feng Huai both understood the meaning and felt cold from the bottom of their hearts.



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