C12—- Disobedient Children Have No Ears

The old letter paper was yellowing, and the crooked handwriting was propped up on the pages.


Steeply, the air also seemed to have stopped flowing, and no one spoke or made a move.


“Signed: Fang Shan.”


Yu Rui lightly finished the last word on the letter paper and raised his eyes to look at Arthur and the surrounding prisoners.


The prisoners who stayed here all knew who Fang Shan was.


This letter belonged to Arthur’s first roommate, the unlucky one whose head was cut open by the fan.


Obviously, several prisoners who were attached to Arthur approaching over stopped in their tracks and kept their distance from Arthur, a trace of surprise and suspicion flashed in their eyes.


Yu Rui took in the actions and faces of these people, and he curled his mouth without surprise as he continued to open another envelope.


Feng Huai looked at Yu Rui, he realized that Yu Rui had long ago calculated these people’s reactions in the whole game, that was why he was so calm and unhurried.



“To the warden: I hope that upon receipt of this letter, you can approve my resignation request. I can endure working day after day under the suspecting gaze of a dozen death row inmates, I can endure those strange noises that appear out of nowhere in the middle of the night, they are nothing.”



“But what I can’t stand is the so-called ‘rules’ that everyone here acquiesces to. If mistakes can be unconditionally forgiven, if injuries can be ignored, if death row inmates and guards agree, all because someone made the ‘rules’, then this is simply a place outside the law.”


“I don’t want to stay here anymore, for personal reasons only.”


“Signed: Luo Nan.”


Everyone except Feng Huai and Yu Rui froze and snapped their eyes at a middle-aged prison guard standing in the corner of the clearing.


Luo Nan stared closely at the letterhead in Yu Rui’s hand, “How did it get in your hand ……”


Yu Rui didn’t respond, he immediately opened the third letter.



“To the warden: Since my resignation was rejected, my situation has become very difficult. It is suffocating to live and work here. I am bullied and suppressed by the old guards, ignored and ridiculed by the inmates, and no one will listen to my voice, which is painful.”


“If absolute violence is the only way to make myself heard, then I guess I have to do something about it.”


“Warden, the significance of this letter lies with you, whether you are willing to step in to curb the deterioration of such a situation or let it go, will be a matter of the future.”


“Signed: Luo Nan.”


Luo Nan clenched his fist and pursed his lips.


He knew Yu Rui had another one in hand.



“To the warden: I don’t want to be a second Tang Jieming, although his methods do work. I understand where the dirty pranks in my locker originated, and I understand that the inmates’ indifferent ridicule came from the tacit approval of their peers, and because of this, I am even more disgusted by his so-called methods.”


“He just forces everyone to be like him. He used the baton to make people obey and bullying to gang up on them. The root of the disease that makes death row prisons a place outside the law is in him.”


“But I think it’s fueling his anger that the warden should have seen this long ago and never saw any measure of acquiescence, or maybe you’re the ones who are in the same boat.”



“I knew that after this letter is sent to you, it would certainly be forwarded to Tan Jieming, just as the two letters before it had been. I know that my situation is bound to be more difficult than ever, and you may be more than happy to see such a good drama after tea.”


“In that case, please look forward to it.”
“Signed: Luo Nan.”



Luo Nan exhaled lightly as he gathered the courage to look at Yu Rui.


However, Yu Rui didn’t make any comment on the content of the letters, and in his hand, he still had half of the letters unopened.



“Fuck you, warden, can’t you see that your guards are using their batons to electrocute prisoners to excess? And the prisoners deserve to be your punching bag? Anonymous.”


“Today a prisoner was electrocuted to pseudo-death by Old Tang, this really should be managed. Anonymous.”


“Tang Jieming threw the uniforms of the new guards into the cesspool. Warden, that’s a bit much. Anonymous.”



“Why didn’t you approve my resignation request? Do I have to stay for a full week before you can transfer me? That stupid old guard makes me want to throw up every day I stay! Anonymous.”




“Arthur is saying that weird shit again and I’m tired of hearing it. I don’t want to be Arthur’s roommate, I don’t want to be a second Fang Shan, let me change cells. Anonymous.”



“God, I’m going to die, soon. If I die, I’m going to haunt the warden, haunt every guard here, and no one will be innocent. Anonymous.”




The remaining half of the letter was mostly accusations and evasions against Tang Jieming, against the warden, and against Arthur.


With a flip of his hand, the letters fell in a sprawling stream.



Through the gaps in the scattered letterhead, the faces of all the prisoners and guards became very different and unnatural.



Arthur’s face was cold, gloom brewing in his eyes.


He looked at Yu Rui: “Why do you have these letters?”


Yu Rui gave a mocking laugh and seemed to think of something, raising his eyes in Feng Huai’s direction, his voice lowered, as if he was talking to himself, “The traces of time gone by will always be left behind, no matter how much you try to cover it up.”



After the daytime hearing of the first trial, he left his seat and was stopped at the stairway in the lobby by the previous prison warden and handed this set of keys.



All the envelopes were stored in a narrow box, and when he read all the letters, he also read the look on the previous warden’s face when he delivered the key.



Guilt tinged with fear, hesitant and retreating, but finally gathering courage like a desperate man, he slipped the keys into his hand.



“I heard about another unnatural death in the death row prison, and what’s in that box might help you.” The previous prison warden said.


After Yu Rui went back to the prison, it took a lot of time to find the small box, which was hidden by the previous warden between a nondescript cabinet and a gap in the wall, looking like a discarded box that had accidentally fallen in, covered with dust.



Just as Yu Rui took out the box, he noticed that in the same location, in a deeper crevice, something was wrapped in a cowhide bag and thrown inside.



He wasted a little effort to take out the two items.



The box was the old prison warden’s letters, and the cowhide bag held much older notes.


Just as he was flipping through the notes, he received a notice of a strange self-inflicted injury in the cafeteria.



“The official autopsy report of Tang Jieming isn’t yet available.” Yu Rui looked at everyone, “But I think the forensic pathologist will be wondering why there are so many horizontal and vertical cuts on his corpse that are not uniform.”



Feng Huai quickly understood.



No wonder when he and Yu Rui conducted a rudimentary first-hand autopsy, he found that the marks left by certain knife marks were again so haphazard and amateurish that they were completely at odds with the stunning techniques he noticed at the scene at the beginning.


Then Feng Huai spoke: “Even if it seems that every piece of the decomposed corpse is uniform and the knife technique is decisive, you can see that there is more than one knife mark at the place where the knife is cut .It is a messy cut that is covered by the sharp knife work.”


The faces of the individual prisoners and prison guards at the scene changed.



Feng Huai narrowed his eyes at the men; “Also, there wasn’t a lot of time to commit the crime.”



“To avoid other inmates and guards, to lay a deadly hand on a senior veteran prison guard, and to complete a wonderful crime scene like that in just an hour’s time, how could there be only one mastermind behind the crime.” Feng Huai smiled faintly, “However, as long as there is the assistance of the prison guards, some troubles can’t be called troubles.”



No sooner had he said that than a prompt sounded in his ears.


“Player Feng Huai has completed the side quest Decipher: Death of a Prison Guard, rewarded 2 points.”



Feng Huai curved the corners of his mouth, it seemed that the decryption mission wasn’t that hard.


The faces of several prison guards centered on Luo Nan became somewhat stiff.



Jiang Fang oddly looked at the scene in front of him, with the identity of a death row inmate, he ran to do the job of forensic identification, this was simply messed up.



“But the cause of death of Tang Jieming, shouldn’t have much to do with them.” Feng Huai turned and looked at Yu Rui.



Yu Rui walked to Arthur’s front, picked up Arthur’s arms with his baton, and slapped the end of the baton not lightly but heavily on an inconspicuous bulge under his armpit.


Arthur’s expression changed and with a burst of strength, his fist struck Yu Rui.



Yu Rui had expected Arthur’s reaction. When Arthur waved his fist, he leaned back, but his legs quickly sent him forward. His knees quickly gripped Arthur’s wrists, and he used his whole body’s strength to make a beautiful spin, and then he pinned Arthur to the ground.


At the same time, a prisoner beside Arthur also rushed forward, waiting for an opportunity to attack.



However, Feng Huai didn’t wait for him to make any moves.



He stepped forward and took off lightly. He kicked on the other person’s paunchy waist and leaped up in the air. His legs clamped the man’s head and neck, and his waist spun at the same time, bringing the man to the ground.



The other prisoners took a light breath and held down their little thoughts.



It was clear that Feng Huai and Yu Rui’s movements were not exactly the same, but visually they were surprisingly neat and tacit, and even, if the two prisoners weren’t the ones being beaten, the people on the sidelines would have been happy to applaud this beautiful action show.


The two of them almost simultaneously put down the prisoner in their hands, with their knees firmly against their neck, which made them unable to move.


Then You Rui unwrapped Arthur’s prison clothes. Under his armpit, a transparent blister like bag was slightly propped out of the skin and flesh. Inside, it was crystal clear. A blood red worm could be seen sleeping in it.

Yu Rui’s pupils slightly trembled, then he murmured: “Blood Melting ants?”



He moved a little, and then tore open a larger area, and saw that underneath that transparent bulge, there was a small piece of skin that had been pierced and was slowly repairing itself.



Feng Huai noticed the situation there, he slightly narrowed his eyes, that piece of skin should have once also raised a Blood Melting Ant, presumably the one he had abducted.



However, actually using his own body to confine the blood melting ants was really a choice that wasn’t appealing to most people.



Arthur jerked his head up and glared at Yu Rui: “How do you know?!”



Yu Rui looked at him coldly, grabbed Arthur’s hair and slammed his head to the ground fiercely.


Arthur instantly passed out.


Yu Rui coldly spoke: “Take him down, don’t wake up the bugs on him, or else you will be responsible for the consequences.”



“Yes!” The prison guards trembled.


They dragged Arthur up and walked out.



However, a small piece of explosion-proof glass fell from the sky within a few steps.



Two prison guards, one on the left and one on the right, subconsciously stepped aside and listened to a loud crash. The explosion proof glass weighing several kilometers fell from the sky, and the gravity acceleration reached the extreme. Arthur was hit with inpartiality. Arthur was almost instantly beaten into a pool of flesh and blood.



Yu Rui and Feng Huai looked up at the top of the sky the first time, and they saw that on the tenth floor of the prison building, which was full of creepers, a window glass had disappeared, and the white curtain was blown up by the wind.



Behind the curtain, a gray child’s face stayed at the window for a few seconds. Only the whites of its eyes were visible, it looked at them without focus and slowly opened the corners of the mouth, then a child’s shrill laughter sounded in the open space:


“Disobedient children have no ears.”



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