C11— An Unseen Cry For Help

The first thing some guards noticed were two ears strung on the stems of roses.


The ears carried blood splattered out in all directions, indicating that the ears had been cut off while the owner was still alive.


The guards accelerated their search.


As they approached the depths of the barren garden, the silence around them was terrible, and the grass and thorns grew almost to the height of their chests.


In the thick grass, there seemed to be a pair of eyes hidden in it, staring at them silently.


The obstructed vision deepened the fear of suspicion, and any slightest sound was infinitely magnified at this moment, a shadow of terror was cast over it.


Then something rang out, like a rambling, like a muffled hum, like a whisper.


“Hey, do you hear something?” A prison guard spoke in a whisper, looking around.


“A buzzing, like someone talking?”


“I can hear it, but it doesn’t sound like a human voice ……”


The prison guards looked at each other and wanted to retreat.


“Keep moving forward.” Yu Rui’s voice suddenly sounded from behind, calm and strong.



Some prison guards who already had the idea of escape turned their heads, and saw their calm prison warden’s face across the barren grass and thorns, striding in front of them.


They didn’t know if it was a psychological factor, but the guards suddenly felt that the grass and thorns that were obstructing their view and movement seemed to be making way for the prison warden.



Yu Rui’s arrival was like a shot in the arm for the search team.



He walked in the forefront, his slender black windbreaker moved with the wind, as if opening the wings of the night, noiselessly blocking the danger behind him.



Even if he didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything, and just appeared in this place, it was enough to calm their hearts.



Feng Huai followed right behind Yu Rui, he came with him at Yu Rui’s request.


He looked at the other’s inexplicably familiar back and confirmed more and more that he knew this person.



But as his memories fused and adapted to this body, he became more and more uncertain as to which “he” knew the other, and which of him the other knew.


Feng Huai lowered his eyes.



As he walked through the deserted path of the rose garden, the autumn wind blew through the hall and his oversized orange prison clothes, made him look even thinner, his face was pale and bloodless, as if he was blending in with the deserted garden.



Suddenly, the prison warden, who was walking in the front, looked to the rear and reached out to pull Feng Huai to his side: “You’re walking slowly.”



Feng Huai slightly froze, then he sped up a few steps, walking side by side with Yu Rui.


The autumn breeze coming through the hall was mostly blocked by Yu Rui, and the cool chill dispersed a little.


The prison guards who fell behind the two men looked at each other – being allowed to walk alongside the prison warden was a warning from Yu Rui that the other was included in his domain and was on a par with him.


Even though the guards didn’t understand why the new prisoner had received special treatment from the warden, they didn’t dare to raise any questions.


In the death row prison, Yu Rui had already proved to everyone that he was the absolute authority.


As the group went deeper, the “buzzing” sound in their ears became heavier and clearer.



Feng Huai’s ears twitched slightly and he stopped Yu Rui, “Go this way.”


Yu Rui looked over and noticed that there was a faint trace of something being pushed out and crimped on that piece of wasteland – a drag indentation.


He raised his eyebrows and pointed to the path on the ground that had to be carefully observed to be barely visible, “Here.”



Following the trail that disappeared from time to time as they walked, Yu Rui brushed aside a patch of weeds in front of him, Rabbit Hair was the end of the weeds, tied to a tree trunk with thorns in the air.


The barbs of the thorns were deeply rooted in his flesh…..


The blood was haloed on the prisoner’s clothes and dripped down to the mud at his feet, where it was absorbed by the dark soil that had dried up, like nourishing nutrients.



His ears were cut, and his mouth was stuffed with a small piece of beehive, and the swarm was going in and out of his mouth.


It was from here that the buzzing sound came.


The prison guard who was at the back sucked in a breath of cold air and found his voice only after a long time: “That fucking ……”



Rabbit Hair’s chest still had an inconspicuous rise and fall, Feng Huai spoke: “He’s still alive.”



Behind him, the prison guards reacted to the sound, forcing their nausea and fear back as they approached.



As long as one of the bee’s poisonous stinger stuck to Rabbit Hair’s trachea, he would suffocate within five minutes due to toxins and allergies.


Fortunately, Yu Rui came with people.


The guards didn’t dare to move the thorns that were wrapped around Rabbit Hair’s body, so they could only use a knife to cut the thorns, and then find a stretcher to take Rabbit Hair to the infirmary temporarily while waiting for the ambulance to drive up from under the cliff.



At this point, the strange “rustling” suddenly sounded around again.



Several guards coincidentally held their breath to distinguish the source of the sound.


As they listened carefully to the source of the sound, everyone’s face changed abruptly.



The sound didn’t come from the surroundings, but from the ground.



“Rustle …… squeak …… rustle ……”



“Sha Sha …… whose ears are short, Lilly’s ears are short ……”



“Whose ears are pointed, Ming’s ears are pointed ……”


“Whose ears hear far, Dean’s ears hear far ……”




“Twenty-six ears, hehehe, all gone!”


“Sha Sha …… Zee …… Sha Sha ……”



The eerie nursery rhyme that once appeared over the intercom rang out again, this time it was more like a number of children humming in uneven layers.



The prison guard looked at Yu Rui in panic and anxiety and fell to the ground with weak legs.


Yu Rui frowned slightly, while listening to the sound, he pulled out the Swiss Army knife at his waist, and plunged it into the mud at his feet.



He pried open the loose soil until the tip of the knife touched a hard metal.



Then he reached out and brushed away the soil.



There were four walkie-talkies buried here, and it was from the walkie-talkie’s small speaker that the ballad sounded.



“How did it appear again …… It clearly wasn’t kept here ……,” A prison guard spoke incredulously with wide eyes.



Yu Rui inspected the traces around: “The color of the soil here is lighter than everywhere else, indicating that it has just been turned over not long ago, the walkie-talkie was dug up and hidden here.”



“Then it’s man-made?” The prison guard reacted.



At the same time, the guards couldn’t help but think that the prison warden was explaining to appease them?


However what Yu Rui didn’t say was that the batteries of the four intercoms that were buried underneath, the batteries had all been removed and it was impossible for them to make a sound.



Talking too much was useless.


The group of people returned to the same place. Nine prisoners in the playground were still in the same place, watched by several old prison guards. Nobody dared to slack off.


“The warden is back.”



Arthur, with a pair of dead eyes, looked coldly at Yu Rui and Feng Huai, who were walking towards him.



There was no expression on the faces of the group, and several young prison guards still had a trace of heartfelt exhaustion on their faces, looking like they had made a trip for nothing.



He smiled at this, then he lazily stretched his back, wiped the corner of his mouth with the blo-od marks from the previous punch by Yu Rui, and stood up from the bench in the open space.


“You guys look like you came home empty-handed, tsk.” Arthur sarcastically spoke.


Feng Huai glanced at him with a lazy expression and moved himself to the prisoner’s field and sat next to Jiang Fang.



Jiang Fang was flattered.



He looked at the big brother, and then looked at the prison warden’s dark expression, was Arthur right?



He let out a soft “ah”, which was a bit sad: “It seems that rabbit hair is probably gone. Even you and the warden went out and didn’t find it. It’s simply… there’s no bones left. ”



Feng Huai was blown by the wind for a long time, so he covered his mouth and coughed twice.



Jiang Fang saw the situation and sighed. The big brother was perfect, but his body was too poor, he made people feel like he’d cough up blood in the next second.


Feng Huai heard this sigh and the corners of his mouth twitched, seeing Jiang Fang’s eyes that looked at him as if he was soon to die made him want to cut him up.



He narrowed his eyes and said coolly, “Rabbit Hair must be crying in pain that you cursed him to death like this. I suggest a face-to-face retelling, I’m looking forward it.”



Jiang Fang: “?”


He quickly reacted: “You found him?!”


Jiang Fang’s voice was so loud that everyone heard it.


Arthur was visibly stunned.



Yu Rui stood in front of him and looked at him with downcast eyes, “No matter what kind of deal you had with the last prison warden and the old prison guards, you have no privilege with me.”


“You two, take him into the severe punishment room.” Yu Rui inclined his head at the two old prison guards behind him.



The old prison guards hesitated for a moment and stepped forward to grab Arthur’s shoulder.



“Why should you take me in? What was I forbidden to do?” Arthur broke free from the hands of the two old guards at once.



He was like a ferocious beast ready to attack, his eyes stared dangerously at Yu Rui, just waiting for Yu Rui to reveal a hint of weakness, then he would attack.



“Questioning the prison warden and committing a crime.” Yu Rui’s cold, clear voice rang out with a hint of careless playfulness.



Arthur giggled and rolled his eyes as he turned to the other death row inmates, and the other death row inmates who were attached to Arthur came around from all sides of the clearing.


A second riot seemed to be brewing.


Feng Huai saw this and frowned, he stood up from the bench and lifted his foot to walk towards Yu Rui.



“Eh eh, don’t go ah.” Jiang Fang shouted in a small voice, “If you help the prison warden, the other death row inmates will definitely deal with you afterwards.”



Feng Huai sniffed and raised his chin slightly as he smiled, “I should be afraid?”



The afternoon dusk light hit his eyelashes and the cool wind blew his prison clothes, in this moment, he was arrogant, but it made Jiang Fang freeze.


He seemed to have never seen such a good-looking person, so special and yet he seemed to be born so.



Jiang Fang suddenly figured out the reason why Feng Huai had always made him feel out of place, because Feng Huai had never seen any of them as a kindred spirit, he always looked down on them, like an outsider looking at someone in a play.



While Jiang Fang was a little confused, Feng Huai had already walked over.



He heard Yu Rui speak again, “You can line up if you want to fight.”


Feng Huai laughed a little, You Rui’s style fit his.



Yu Rui unsealed the cowhide bag he brought, pulled out a bunch of envelopes from inside, and dropped them in front of Arthur.



“I want to apply for a change of cell, my cellmate scares me. If ever I die, then the murderer will undoubtedly be him.”


“Ever since he came back from his trip to the Rose Garden, something’s not right.”



“He’s got a strange, old handbook full of people’s names, only to have them crossed out one by one with a red pen. He would kneel in front of his bed every night with the manual in his hand, whispering to himself as if someone was responding to him from a place he couldn’t hear.”



“Last night I heard him say, My Father who art in heaven, Thy will be done on earth, Thy voice shall go forth from heaven, give me the glory of the first man’s consecration …… Surely I will find the right man …… ”



“I didn’t know what he was talking about, but his gaze was like a sticky, poisonous snake that wrapped itself around my body. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen …… Please let me change cells with Arthur.”




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