C10—Death Threat

“Player Feng Huai triggered the branch copy: Arthur’s Threat, completed the defeat copy BOSS plot, and received two bonus points.”



“Player Feng Huai’s current monster collection progress: 3/???”



“Trapped Undead: A pathetic undead trapped in a place of death, repeating the day of death day after day, living forever in anger and resignation, in a never-ending cycle of reincarnation. Fortunately, it fades into dust after it’s defeated. A practice monster for novices to try.”



[Light up the new icon of “Trapped Unead” monster, reward 1 point]


Feng Huai looked at the slowly opening monster icon in front of him and mockingly smiled, the system prompt had already revealed the cause and effect of the scene just now.



Arthur’s threat was nothing new, as he had expected, but Jiang Fang’s unexpected involvement had added a little difficulty to the challenge.



However, this made Feng Huai even more certain that there was indeed an inextricable link between Arthur and the strange deaths in the death row prison.


Feng Huai lowered his eyes, more concerned about the explanation of the doctor in the monster illustration than his suspicions about Arthur’s identity.



“The pathetic souls trapped in the place of death, repeating the day of death day after day.” Feng Huai read out in a low voice, that was, injecting mor|phine to the patient was what the doctor did on the day of his death.


He thought back to the time when the doctor called them “children,” meaning the soul trapped here were serving the children in the orphanage, and it didn’t seem unusual for him to inject morphine to stop the children’s cries.



The dose of mor|phine was undoubtedly harmful to young underage children, this body’s memory reminded Feng Huai.



Those children weren’t stupid, and when they found out that a companion was having problems with the injection, they would definitely resist the shot and run away.


He subconsciously curled his fingers and tapped the wall at his side, slowly running through the information known so far, connecting one seemingly independent thing to another.



When the doctor saw the puddle on the floor, he showed a completely uncharacteristic anger, which might have been the trigger for the doctor’s death in the first place, Feng Huai thought.



Maybe it was a careless fall that led to the doctor’s death that day?


But he quickly shook his head again to overturn this guess, he thought of the crude stitching technique on the doctor’s neck, and said softly as if to himself.



“Or perhaps it was an unfortunate fall while chasing a naughty child, and reviewing the previous scene’s placement, it could easily cause irreversible injuries.”



“Perhaps there was no on-the-spot death, just a serious near-death neck laceration.” Feng Huai guessed, “And the children who were frightened and wanted to make up for their mistake, sewed back the doctor’s torn open neck.” He muttered, this both aggravated the doctor’s pain and hastened his death.


Feng Huai simply pieced the scene back together, processing it according to his own guesses, not realizing how shocking a story he was telling.



“Player Feng Huai restored the branch hidden plot: the death of the doctor, 80% restoration, and received 3 bonus points.”



Feng Huai was stunned, there was a reward? But the restoration degree was still lacking, where did he miss it?


He pursed his lips, but didn’t dwell on this small detail.



He had already accumulated 8 points, and he realized that in this so-called “copy game”, unlocking the main storyline wasn’t the real intention, and triggering as many hidden and monsters as possible was the direction of the system incentive.


After all, the more clues were unearthed, the more the main line would no longer be a problem.



Feng Huai quickly figured this out, he let out a smile, touching his chest that hadn’t stopped hurting since just now.



Jiang Fang was standing right next to Feng Huai, and was ignored by Feng Huai completely, but that didn’t stop him from listening.


The whole process.



Jiang Fang gulped and wanted to ask Feng Huai what he meant by that, but he noticed Feng Huai covering his chest and his attention was immediately taken away: “Are you uncomfortable again?”


Before Feng Huai could answer, he heard the prison guards rush in and scolded, “Hey you two! Why are you in the corridor!?”



Jiang Fang spoke up before Feng Huai, all innocent and roguish: “I don’t know, he said he was going to take us to the infirmary, but halfway there, no one was there. Fortunately, we are both honest people, we stayed where we are, and didn’t go anywhere.”


Jailer: “……”



Feng Huai narrowed his eyes and said nothing.


He looked at Jiang Fang, this person was a bit interesting, he was always ready to talk nonsense.


When the prison guard saw Feng Huai, he knew that this was the new prisoner that had the attention of the prison warden, so he sniffed, “Forget it, come with me.”



Jiang Fang sighed with relief.


He whispered to Feng Huai: “Fortunately, we met a young guard who was nice to talk to today, if we had met the old guards, especially that Tang Jieming – fortunately he’s dead – if we had met him, he would have come up here without a second thought and swing his baton”



“I can guarantee that Tang Jieming !ust have privately adjusted his electric baton’s current, it was more painful than others.” Jiang Fang pursed his lips.


Feng Huai heard a pause and asked, “He always did?”



“You are lucky. He died before you got in.” Jiang Fang nodded.



He thought for a moment and added: “But I heard that Tang Jieming not only always attacked us prisoners, he also bullied those new prison guards unless they gave him protection money. He was the head of the prison guard squad, so he could always get away with things.”


“For example?” Feng Huai raised an eyebrow.


Jiang Fang looked at the prison guard walking in front, the other didn’t seem to hear their discussion, and didn’t reprimand them, so he thought about it, then gave an example: “Arthur, you know how difficult he is, if the new guards were directly assigned to Arthur, they must come back with a black nose and a swollen face.”



“A prisoner beat up the guards, and no one cared?”


“Control. After being beaten, Tang Jieming took them to the basement for two days and put them in detention. The two of them probably made a deal privately. The former prison director also turned a blind eye.” Jiang Fang said.



“Fortunately, the new director came later. Although his style of conduct was very violent, he first beat those who didn’t agree with him to the point of obedience, and then drastically changed the prison guard team. Tang Jieming’s small privileges were directly cut down, which was very gratifying.” Jiang Fang smiled, he couldn’t stop talking.



Feng Huai smiled and nodded slightly: “So, whether it’s the prisoners here, or the guards here, on the case of Tang Jieming’s death, they all have motives?”



Jiang Fang paused, “You sound like a criminal detective…”


Feng Huai ignored him and looked ahead thoughtfully.



The prison guards quickly took the two men to the infirmary. With the shadow of the previous “infirmary”, Jiang Fang dared not ask the doctor for more morphine. He waited patiently.



As for Feng Huai, the doctor was supposed to have been ordered by the prison warden. He did have a general examination, but nothing was found.


“Nothing? But he kept having chest pains and coughing, he’s sickly looking ……” Jiang Fang couldn’t help but ask.



The doctor nodded and looked at the examination report, “The report shows that this is the case. If the pain is frequent and strong, I suggest you look for psychological factors.”



Feng Huai was well aware of his problem, the dying flesh-body that had been forcibly repaired by the so-called system still worked well, and it was impossible to find any problem.


He put on his clothes, nodded to the doctor, and left.


Jiang Fang gave an “eh” and hurriedly followed him.



“Psychological problems?” Jiang Fang asked.



Feng Huai looked at him lightly: “A person like you should understand one thing.”



Jiang Fang:”?”


“The more you know ……” Feng Huai said slowly.



Jiang Fang choked and whirled to cover his mouth.



They returned to their cells under the guards’ watch, and after a short time, it was time to assemble.



“What do you think the prison director is shouting for us to gather together for?” Jiang Fang asked Feng Huai in a whisper.


“How would I know?” Feng Huai glanced at him strangely.


Jiang Fang thought about it, the reason why he would have such an illusion was probably because the prison director’s attitude towards Feng Huai was too different.


Feng Huai noticed a grim line of sight betraying him, and he didn’t need to think about it to know who it was.


He smiled at Arthur, “Sure enough, your threats are boring.”


Jiang Fang looked at Feng Huai and then at Arthur in confusion, it felt like, obviously, he had followed the drama episode by episode, but he still seemed to have missed a certain episode.



“Line up! Count!” The prison guard walked past Feng Huai and yelled loudly.



“One, two, three …… ten.”


There were eleven prisoners, but only ten were here.


Where did one more go?


“Report to the prison warden! Total prisoners twelve, the actual number of ten, one absent, one unknown.” The prison guard shouted.


Yu Rui came over, holding a thick cowhide bag in his hand, and after looking around, his eyes finally fell on the prison guard who reported the number.



“Unknown?” He spoke in a low voice and asked rhetorically.


“Prisoner number three, who was rooming with Arthur, is missing.” The prison guard replied nervously.


Yu Rui walked up to Arthur, who was half a head taller than Arthur, and looked down at the other man, examining him, “I think you should know where he is.”


Arthur looked up slightly and grinned: “Don’t wrong me, Warden.



“Wrong?” Yu Rui responded with a cold laugh.



He handed the cowhide bag to the prison guard at the side, and then suddenly, he grabbed Arthur’s neck with one hand, held his head and pressed it down, followed by a knee attack.


Arthur trembled in pain.


Yu Rui released him coldly: “Don’t play tricks in front of me.”


Arthur looked up and spat out a mouthful of blood, still looking like the villain: “I don’t know anything. Even if you abuse your power to k-ill me, I can’t help it. Oh, but you already abuse your power. I heard that you destroyed whose body at the scene? That body is still missing?”



“The first hearing didn’t get you down, so you seem to be pretty good. In that case, I’m really scared that you’ll abuse your power again.” Arthur said smilingly.



Feng Huai smiled slightly as he looked at Yu Rui and found that this man had more than enough secrets to be intriguing as well.


It was a pity that the system’s hidden plot about him couldn’t be triggered.


Yu Rui coldly stared at Arthur, Arthur’s every eye roll was in his eyes.


When Arthur finished those words, he coldly turned his head and instructed his men, “Go check the southeast corner.”


“Huh?” Several of the prison guards under his command were stunned.


The smile on Arthur’s face froze at the same time.


Several prison guards saw this, and quickly reacted, even if they didn’t know how the prison director guessed the direction, they didn’t say anything and hurriedly searched according to Yu Rui’s instructions.


The southeast direction, was still the deserted area, full of weeds and thorns of the rose garden.



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