C7-The Unique Taste Of Burning Noodles

The words that were originally very obscene came out of Yun Zheng’s mouth, but they unexpectedly seemed well-behaved, to the point where it really was a bit like a younger brother being spoiled by his big brother when he lacked money.

However, to the thugs under Cao Ming’s cousin, it was no less than a life-taking post from the King of Hell. They had just finished watching Yun Zheng, who had easily demolished Cao Ming and Cao Ming’s cousin like a dead fish, and right now they were terrified that Yun Zheng would even take one more glance at them. Afraid that the next one, it would be their turn.
After all, it was still a law-and-order society, where there was no real Black Society. These, headed by Cao Ming’s cousin, were just young people who had not passed the second stage, thinking that if they got a debt, they would be able to walk sideways in Xingcheng. When it came to blood, they were more unintelligent than anyone else.

Yun Zheng’s eyes were more than a little sarcastic, repeating his own words again, “Didn’t you hear? I said I’d borrow money instead.”

He raised a hand to a shoulder as he spoke. His voice was gentle and wordy.

But the punk who was patted on the shoulder had a steep white face, his knees were shaking, and he was close to peeing out of fear.

The place where Cao Ming’s cousin was lying was right next to his feet. The smell of blood hadn’t dissipated yet, and the fury that hurt him was standing in front of him. As for the pair of slender hands on his shoulders right now, it also looked to him like a man-eating beast that could strangle him at any moment. But even so, he didn’t dare to resist. Shivering, he turned up his pockets and pulled out all the money inside in one go.

“Yun, Yun, Brother Yun Zheng, the money is all here.”

Yun Zheng took a look at it and raised his eyebrows to indicate to Chen Jun, who was beside him, to pick it up.

“Is that all right?” Chen Jun, who was still sluggish, subconsciously asked, and when he saw Yun Zheng nod again, he matched his movements and took a handful of money in the hand of the gangster.

One of them opened his mouths to “borrow money” and the other followed to “receive money”, and in just a few minutes, the pockets of these thugs were ransacked. It has to be said that these people were really poor, a group of old men in their twenties, the total amount of money they had was less than five hundred.

Teacher Yun Zheng, even Chen Jun, a collector of money, felt humiliated. However when it was the last one’s turn, this kind of speechlessness was completely at its peak, just this last thug, his pockets were actually cleaner than his face.

“Big, big brother, is it okay to owe first?” He was also really scared out of his wits, and couldn’t say a shaky word for half a day.

“How long and how much do you owe?” After such a long time of choking, Chen Jun had finally calmed down. He couldn’t help but cough when he saw that the punk was about to cry.

“Just, just ……” that punk was also really cowardly and couldn’t say anything for half a day, but his legs went weak so he just sat on the ground.

“Forget it.” Yun Zheng shook his head, indicating that Chen Jun didn’t need to continue tossing him around.

He had originally only wanted to teach Cao Ming’s cousin and his people a lesson and abolish Cao Ming by the way, he didn’t really plan to do anything to them. Right now, seeing that he had no money on him, he was ready to pack up and leave. It was already almost six o’clock, if he didn’t hurry, he was afraid that he would delay the opening of the noodle stall.

However, Yun Zheng’s tone of voice, which he thought was normal, scared the penniless punk even more. His brain mapped out that Yun Zheng would want to find an empty place to kill him because he had no money. Therefore, as soon as he saw Yun Zheng pushing the noodle stall cart to leave, he hurriedly followed up to help with the cart.

“Big, big brother, I’ll help you. I’ll work for you, please don’t kill me.”

“…… “When did he say he would kill him? The paranoia of victimization? Yun Zheng looked at him speechlessly.

However, in the eyes of that gangster, his fascination changed into the meaning of “can”, and now, he was even faster in pushing the cart.

“Brother, don’t worry, I’m hardworking, I can do any job.”

Yun Zheng was too disturbed by him to do anything, so he simply let him be.


The morning was always fast, and by the time Yun Zheng arrived at the park, it was exactly six-thirty. It was an hour later than usual, but with the bum’s proactive openness, there was much less time to get ready instead.

“Yun Zheng, your brother?” The lady selling buns on the side greeted Yun Zheng warmly, and incidentally took six buns and handed them to Yun Zheng.

The people of Xingcheng were simple, and although these breakfast stalls were a bit xenophobic towards Yun Zheng at first, they had gotten along well after so many days. Especially after Yun Zheng told them some tips on how to improve their taste, these people became more enthusiastic towards Yun Zheng.

Now that they saw that Yun Zheng had brought the bum over, they assumed that he was also from the orphanage, so they gave the bum a bag as well.

“This ……” the punk didn’t know what to do and looked at Yun Zheng’s face vigorously.

Yun Zheng saw the situation and nodded gently. He quickly reached out his hand to receive the bun, but he didn’t dare to eat it immediately, still respectfully guarded Yun Zheng’s side and helped him with the preparations before opening.

After a little while, the seven o’clock chime of the park sounded on time, the morning fog dispersed, and the morning exercises were over, and people came out to buy breakfast. The water in Yun Zheng’s pot also happened to be boiling.

It was best not to have noodles in soup.

Especially after possessing the golden finger of the Kitchen God’s tongue, Yun Zheng’s skills had become more and more unpredictable. And his tiny noodle stall didn’t just have one type of Yangchun noodles. The new addition of Burning Noodles came later, and it was even more popular than the Yangchun Noodles that originally had a great reputation.
  Salty dishes paid attention to the taste of thick, heavy, rich flavor, and burned noodles as a member of these three characteristics, but also embodied the most vividly.

 The lean and fat meat filling was influenced by the crushed rice sprouts, which removed the fishy taste of meat and left a unique richness. Then a layer of peanuts, sesame seeds and walnuts was sprinkled, a handful of peppercorns and chili peppers to taste were added, the crunchy chewy texture of the nuts, mixed with the spicy chili peppers, that could make the taste of the meat foam, become more attractive. When it was done, just dab a few drops of sesame oil, plus salt and soy sauce, and you’d get the perfect seasonal mix.

“Yummy!” The thug was standing in the back, drooling. As for those in line, they were even more eager to eat the noodles immediately.

“Little Boss’s craft is getting more and more divine.”

“No, I can’t wait to stay at the noodle stall three times a day.”

“Hey, don’t say you, which of us isn’t? It’s finally my turn, two burning noodles and one yangchun noodle to take away.”

“Okay.” Yun Zheng nodded and asked Chen Jun to collect the money, then proceeded to get busy again.

Unlike Yangchun noodles, the method of burning noodles and the ingredients used had its own set of rules. Heavy oil without water and igniting the fire was the core subtlety. Therefore, Yun Zheng added an additional process of shaking the noodles as they were being cooked.

The yellowish noodles were placed in the compact bamboo cage, and a few spoonfuls of fragrant oil went down, and the sweetness of the noodles was mellowed out. And just the right amount of power was the most crucial point. When the water was completely drained, after the fried heavy ingredients went down and was stirred, a bowl of mouth-watering burning noodles would be ready.

“Absolutely!” Those in a hurry, as soon as they received the bowl of noodles, they hurriedly took a bite first, and then were overcome by the deliciousness that burst on their tongues.

The strong noodles were covered with a fusion of fat and oil, adding a rare smoothness to them. The spicy and fragrant sauce seemed to be thick, but it actually woke up the taste buds after a night of slumber with the most intolerable and fierce temptation. With just one bite, one couldn’t stop.

“Delicious! Little Boss, one more!”

“Me too, pack it up, I’ll take it back to my wife.”

As time went on, Yun Zheng’s noodle stall became more and more crowded, and  Chen Jun was a bit too busy when he was alone in the back. The punk, seeing this, quickly took the initiative to help clear the table, and occasionally even had great eyesight to run errands for the noodle-eating customers to buy some other food from the other side of the stall. Only then did Yun Zheng have time to rest a little.


The busy morning passed quickly. Yun Zheng was already used to the intensity, yet Chen Jun and that bum were both exhausted. Especially that thug, when it finally ended, he simply sat on his butt in the shade, not wanting to get up.

Yun Zheng took a glance from afar and turned around to explain a few words to Chen Jun. Then he took a bowl of noodles and handed the gangster a hundred yuan along with it as his pay for helping out today.

Yun Zheng was a man of clear grudges. The gangster had never hurt him in either his last life or this one, and he wasn’t willing to do much to make things difficult, so it was best to settle things. But the punk panicked because of Yun Zheng’s extremely normal move.

“Here, for me?”

“Right, here you go.” Yun Zheng put his stuff down, then he turned around and closed the stall with Chen Jun.

However, until he put the stall away, the punk was still standing stupidly with the bowl of noodles in his hand, and he didn’t move for a while.

“What are you standing there for?” When Yun Zheng saw this, he couldn’t help but walk over and slap the back of his head.

“Won’t do anything.” Hearing that Yun Zheng didn’t blame him, the punk giggled a few times.


He was certain that this was really a foolish one. Yun Zheng couldn’t do anything about him, and seeing that his face was yellow and he looked like he hadn’t had enough to eat, he couldn’t help but say a few more words, “Don’t hang out with Cao Ming’s cousin from now on, you have your hands and feet and you’re young and strong, what’s wrong with you? Support yourself.”

After saying that, he put all the money he had scraped from the gang of thugs into his hand: “I see that you still have a bit of conscience, send this money to their families later. A bunch of old men in their twenties, all together, not as rich as a kid selling noodles at a stall, it’s too shameful to say.”
  After saying that, Yun Zheng pushed the car and took Chen Jun away.

The bully who remained in the same place, however, almost cried out because of his words.

This was the first time that someone opened their mouth to teach him a lesson.

By the way, this punk’s situation was similar to Cao Ming’s, the only difference was that Cao Ming’s mother raised Cao Ming, while this punk’s mother didn’t want him, and later even disassociated from him directly. As for the other elders in the family, they were also snobbish and he had no one to take care of him food since he was young. Let alone someone like Yun Zheng, who advised him to think about his future.

Watching Yun Zheng’s back as he left, the gangster’s eyes suddenly turned red, and his heart was filled with mixed feelings, unable to describe what he felt. He felt aggrieved and sour from the inside out.

He rubbed his face vigorously, separated his chopsticks, picked up a mouthful of noodles, and stuffed it into his mouth.

It was hot, and the bowl of noodles in his hand was hot. But it was this temperature that ironed him everywhere soothingly. He wolfed down the noodles and only felt that it was the best thing he had ever eaten in his entire life. He also developed an endless disgust for Cao Ming and the Lu Ran behind Cao Ming.

These two bastards were simply not a thing, how righteous his brother Yun Zheng was!

Thinking so, the gangster carefully hid the hundred yuan given by Yun Zheng in his innermost pocket. Then he divided the other money among each of them as Yun Zheng instructed, then singled out a few brothers who were close to him and repeated Yun Zheng’s words during the day.

“I think Zheng is right, although we haven’t studied much, we have the strength! The man surnamed Cao usually treats us as grandchildren, and when we divide the money, he doesn’t give a penny. ”

“That said, but with this reputation of ours, let alone finding work, it’s good not to be arrested by the police.”

“And now that we’ve offended Brother Cao, I feel …… that when he gets out of the hospital, he won’t let us off the hook.”

The atmosphere fell silent. The future described by that punk was good, but to them, it was like a mirror, without any sense of reality.

The few people gathered here, most of them were from bad families. Many of them came out to follow Cao Ming’s cousin because they couldn’t afford to go to school. Now that that punk had asked them to leave, what was the point of talking about a brighter future if it wasn’t daydreaming?

And the punk who was encouraging everyone before said with certainty, “What’s wrong with not having studied? No, let’s go to the province.”

“The province?” The crowd was shocked.

“Right! To the provinces!” Perhaps with the sharpness of a broken boat, the gangster’s tone was more than a little crazy, “I heard people say that there are big opportunities in the province, and even if you go to a construction site to move bricks, you can still support yourself. If you can’t stay in Xingcheng, let’s go to the province together! China is so big, and you still can’t find a job that supports you?”

Well, it seemed to make some sense, a few people looked at each other for a while, they all felt that this method was feasible, and gradually got excited as well.

And the leading gangster, seeing that the time was almost right, this was the only way to slowly put another plan out, “But we don’t have any money on us in the end, I asked around before I came here, and the provincial ticket is over sixty a person.”

“What should we do then?”

“One more job!” His eyes were extraordinarily bright, as if he had been infected by Yun Zheng during the day, no longer cowardly: “The two surnamed Cao are both in the hospital, but isn’t that one, Lu Ran, rich!”

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