C5– I’ll Buy You Dinner

“Initial Talent Upgrade… Food Class – Kitchen God’s Tongue.”

What was this?

Yun Zheng was stunned by the term that was filled with fantasy painting style, but soon, the explanation that naturally surfaced in his mind immediately helped him figure out the true situation of the system.

It turned out that the Talent Auction House, although similar to the Bit Trading System often mentioned in online novels, had many differences. One of the biggest differences was that in this auction house, what was being bought and sold was not a physical object that could be held in one’s hand, but a more ethereal commodity – talent.

Three thousand large and small worlds possessed countless facets. In these worlds, there were many gifted and talented people. The talent auction house system collected talents that were far beyond the norm. And for system holders like Yun Zheng, as long as they had enough wealth value and met the conditions released by the system, they could include these talents in their pockets.

Yun Zheng’s current wealth value was only a thousand, but as a novice, the system gave a reward for upgrading the talents it already possessed. But Yun Zheng’s talent happened to be closely related to his previous profession. Therefore, after screening it, the system granted him the talent of a top culinary artist, the Kitchen God’s Tongue.

[Kitchen God’s Tongue]: the possessor had absolute sensitivity to ingredients, even if it was two peas in the same pod, the small difference in taste between them could hardly escape the taste buds’ touch.

For a chef who was proficient in private cooking, this was definitely enough to defy the heavens.

Yun Zheng dipped his hand in a little of the leftover onion oil from the morning in order to verify this, it was followed by sudden nausea in his stomach. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had enough self-control, he would have thrown up directly.

The taste, which was usually quite good, unexpectedly became greasy and inferior after he got the gift of “Kitchen God’s Tongue”.
But at the same time, the feedback from his taste buds also made him understand where the deficiencies were. Even how to improve it was immediately clear to him.

What a strong talent! Yun Zheng once again silently sighed. He was already well-versed in the art of cooking, and with this kind of talent added, as long as he wasn’t as stupid as in his last life, the future would only get smoother and brighter.

His mind was made up.
The dark clouds that had enveloped Yun Zheng’s head since his rebirth were finally gradually dissipating. At this time, another item of the novice reward had finally caught his attention.

It was a spinning wheel lottery.
There wasn’t much of a description, so Yun Zheng tried to spin it. The pointer ended up stopping at the place where the item was consumed. However, when the wording of the description on the wheel surfaced clearly, Yun Zheng almost spewed out water from his mouth.
  Aura of Mastery – Effective immediately, the user can immediately understand the ultimate martial arts, flying over walls, crossing rivers, invincible, invincible. It’s very worth having [good.jpg].

Worth having…

Yun Zheng was struck by the system’s sudden emoticon. He didn’t want to pick any Martial skill, this thing was a bit too garbage. But it was better than nothing, at least his personal safety was guaranteed. Yun Zheng persuaded himself, finally easing the subtle pallor on his face.


Another week had passed, and Yun Zheng’s noodle stall business was also booming.

In this part of Taoran Park, his skills were already the best, and with the addition of his upgraded talent, the taste of his noodles was even better.

In just a few days, the neighbors on this side of the park were all praising Yun Zheng. Especially in the morning, as soon as Yun Zheng came out, even before the stall was set up, he would immediately be surrounded by noodle eaters, afraid that they wouldn’t be able to buy it if they were late.

“This bowl of Yangchun noodles, even a six-star hotel chef at that end of Yanjing probably can’t compare.”

“That’s right, what sustains me to get up early every day is this bowl of noodles from Little Boss!”

“Hmph, where’s the exaggeration… “Yun Zheng’s business was too good, and there were a few other stall owners who were uncomfortable. However, they complained with their mouths, but their bodies remained honest as they walked up to Yun Zheng to greet him, “Ah Yun Zheng, remember to save a bowl for us later!”

They couldn’t help it, but Yun Zheng’s cooking was too seductive, so if they couldn’t eat it, they’d miss it too.

But it was not the same as missing. Taoran Park was the largest residential area in Xingcheng. Many students from the second school where Yun Zheng was lived here, and they had met with him a few times over a long period of time.

Yun Zheng was very open about many things, and when he bumped into them, his attitude was also very open, and he didn’t have any inhibitions or an inferiority complex, instead, he took the initiative to greet his classmates and ask them over to taste the food. One after another, many students in the second school said that Yun Zheng’s cooking was simply amazing! Those who were close like Chen Jun would even take the initiative to come over to help in the morning if they could get up.

So within a few days, almost half of the students in the second year had heard about Yun Zheng’s story, and Cao Ming had also gotten the news in the class chat group.

“Oh, a bast*rd, just worthy of setting up a stall and doing something to wait on people.”

In the class group, Cao Ming couldn’t help but scoff as he watched those people who had been discussing how delicious Yun Zheng’s noodles were.

In Cao Ming’s mind, the morning market in that part of Taoran Park was a gathering place for a bunch of village cannons dressed in dirt and wearing ugly aprons, making a few dollars by selling breakfast. What could Yun Zheng get out of hanging out with those people? However, as soon as he sent out this message, he was drowned out by the rebuttals.

“I think you’re just jealous of others who are powerful!” A girl who was already looking at Cao Ming’s displeasure was the first to speak up.

“That’s right! Usually, he doesn’t talk, but now that he sees Yun Zheng having a good time, he speaks ill of him.”

“You’re a bast*rd yourself, but you still have the nerve to call Yun Zheng a bastard. Now all of Xingcheng knows that your uncle was fired, and it’s not even certain if you’ll be able to come to school at the start of the third year, so why don’t you hurry up and call your wandering mother back to give a gift to the new principal!”

“F*ck, you…” this last sentence poked straight at the part of Cao Ming’s heart that he hated the most.

What Yun Zheng had done at school had brought bad luck to his family and made life difficult for him as well. If it wasn’t for the fact that his mother had gone on a business trip with her new thigh [thigh: backer, sugar guardian ^~^], he would still be locked up at home.

“Don’t pretend, I won’t find someone to beat you to death when school starts!” Cao Ming was so angry that he cursed out.

“Stupid fork.” The group management of the class group was also ruthless enough to directly ban him.

But the other administrator was even more ruthless: “Banning is too light, didn’t you read the school announcement before the holiday? He has been dismissed, not only our second class but kicked straight out!”

After this, Cao Ming’s phone directly displayed a message that you have been moved out of the second class of the second year by the administrator.
  ”D*mn it!” Cao Ming was so angry that he slammed his phone down.

In Cao Ming’s eyes, the second class were all a bunch of snobs who stepped on the high and took the low. When he was in power, they didn’t dare to let out a single fart. In the end, it was Yun Zheng’s fault. If he hadn’t caused him to get into trouble in front of the Education Bureau leaders, how could the incident where his uncle was pulled down have happened?

The more Cao Ming thought about it, the angrier he felt, and new and old hatreds sprang up in his heart, he wished to cut Yun Zheng alive immediately to reduce the humiliation he had endured these days. Even if he wanted to do what he did before, pulling in a group of friends and foxes to block Yun Zheng and beat him up, he couldn’t find anyone without money on hand.

Irritated, Cao Ming finally calmed down quite a bit as he drank all the water in his cup. He lowered his head and pick up the phone from the ground, he dialed Lu Ran directly.

It was rare for Cao Ming to be shrewd, both he and Lu Ran looked down on Yun Zheng, he was broke, but that most pretentious Lu Ran was a rich one.

“Brother Lu, have you heard about the recent events? That bastard has opened a noodle stall by himself and seems to be doing quite well.” Cao Ming asked a probing question.

“So what?” Lu Ran narrowed his eyes, his tone wasn’t good.

Cao Ming was a fool who got him into trouble. He hadn’t even sought to settle the score with Cao Ming, but Cao Ming had the face to take the initiative to come to his door.

However, Lu Ran’s mind, Cao Ming also understood a little bit and quickly compensated with a smile, “Brother Lu, don’t be angry, the last incident was really an accident. This time I’ll definitely do a beautiful job for you. I have a cousin who is a Taoist and has more than a dozen brothers under him. I’ll invite them to dinner tonight, three days at the slowest, and I’m sure I’ll stir up this mess for Yun Zheng!”

“Heh, three days?” Lu Ran didn’t comment, “You’re short of money.”

“This…I have to give someone something.”

“I know, I’ll send something later.” Lu Ran sneered, “Say what you have to say from now on and don’t beat around the bush at my place. I don’t care if you want to take care of Yun Zheng, but don’t hang on to my name!”

After saying that, Lu Ran directly hung up the phone. Originally, he didn’t want to pay any attention to Cao Ming and even wanted to teach him a lesson because Cao Ming had done something bad. But what Cao Ming had just said made him change his mind again. His foster father didn’t allow him to act recklessly now, but it had nothing to do with him if someone else was looking for trouble with Yun Zheng.

Also, regarding Cao Ming’s cousin, Lu Ran had heard a few things about him, and it was said that he had some influence in Xingcheng. And that area of Taoran Park was mostly filled with honest, ordinary people, so if Cao Ming’s cousin was allowed to bring people to make trouble for two days, he wouldn’t believe that Yun Zheng’s business could still continue!

As long as it could make Yun Zheng unhappy, Lu Ran felt happy.

Lu Ran’s speed was fast, and within ten minutes after Cao Ming put the phone down, he received a moving account notification on his phone, showing that there was an extra five thousand in the account, but there was not a single word in the notes.

This kind of high-handed attitude of charity made him very unhappy. But who asked Lu Ran to give the money, Cao Ming could only continue to be patient.

“Bah! These wild bast*rds that nobody wants!” Cao Ming cursed in his mouth, flipping through his cell phone’s phone book to find his cousin’s number.
Avenging new and old hatreds together, he wanted to make Yun Zheng regret it.
  That night, Cao Ming pinched the spot, dressed up, and headed to the appointed place.

Taoran Night Market, the most lively place in Xingcheng at night. It was summer again, whether it was students out partying, or working-class office workers, all liked to come here and order two bottles of beer, it was also considered a gathering place for the three religions. And Cao Ming’s new casual clothes that he deliberately wore to pretend to be something else, so it didn’t look too eye-catching.

“Looking for the brothers to come out today, there’s something I want you to do.” With his legs crossed, Cao Ming put on a “big brother” style: “Yun Zheng! Is the bastard who I told you to teach a lesson. It was all for fun before, but this time it’s going to be tough. Right here in this spot, tomorrow morning, I want you guys to smash that noodle stand he’s pushing.”

“Where’s that guy?”

“As long as he doesn’t die, do anything!” Cao Ming’s words were big. In the past, he would never have dared, but now that his anger was on top of his head, he couldn’t care less about anything.

Cao Ming’s cousin was also painfully quick, and after seeing the four thousand that Cao Ming had in his hand, he immediately responded, “No problem, we’ll take this job.”

The two of them were on the same page, and their conversation went very smoothly. Their words, however, happened to fall on the ears of a man sitting at the next table.

It happened to be Chen Jun who was out to meet up with his primary school classmates.

Chen Jun was originally talking with several people. Now Yun Zheng was making great achievements, not only studying well but also earning money to supplement the orphanage. And he made an appointment to find Yun Zheng and try his craft when he had time.

However, while chatting happily, a few sensitive words coming from Cao Ming’s side caught his attention. Chen Jun was attentive and listened, but he didn’t expect that it was really about Yun Zheng. Still, it was the kind that he didn’t want to know. He was a little panicked for a moment.

But he didn’t dare to talk to the others, so he could only find any excuse to hastily end the party. After leaving the night market, he hurried to the orphanage, wanting to report to Yun Zheng in advance.



When Chen Jun found Yun Zheng, Yun Zheng was packing up the ingredients he would use tomorrow.

“Cao Ming that grandson is too f*cked up, but that cousin of his is not easy to mess with. I secretly took a look at him at night, and he has such a big blue dragon tattooed on his chest, and the claws take up half of his arm, it’s scary! What do you think we should do, Yun Zheng?”

Chen Jun’s mouth was like a firecracker, and he hadn’t stopped crackling since he saw Yun Zheng. After talking about the whole story first, he scolded Cao Ming and his cousin and then he had a little rest. However, while he was so fired up, Yun Zheng didn’t respond at all.

“Hey, you’re really not in a hurry!”

“It’s no hurry.” Yun Zheng smiled and gave him a mouthful of soup, “If you’re here, you’re here, I wanted to invite you for dinner.”

“You…” at Yun Zheng’s calmness, Chen Jun was speechless.

Chen Jun didn’t know that Yun Zheng’s calmness was because he knew the truth.

Cousin Cao Ming’s background was very clear to Yun Zheng. It wasn’t at all like what Chen Jun said about the big brother, he was just a horse leader under a pheasant debt collection company. He understood that Cao Ming was looking for this group of people, so he must have paid for it. And this money was most likely given by Lu Ran. What the purpose was, was also obvious.

It was still really a ghastly spirit.

The emotions swirling under Yun Zheng’s eyes were obscure and unclear, and he looked at the martial arts expert’s purchase access floating in the system space and had an idea.

It was time for Cao Ming to stop completely, and to make Lu Ran stop thinking that he was easy to bully.

Bowing his head and tasting the bone broth that was simmering, Yun Zheng calmly added another fragrant leaf to it and asked Chen Jun seemingly casually, “After all this talk, do you know where the address of Cao Ming’s cousin’s gang’s debt collection company is?”

“Why do you ask?” Chen Jun was puzzled.

“Not doing anything.” Yun Zheng’s smile was gentle, and the kitchen knife in his hand was sharp enough to split the cylinder bone on the case board in two: “I’m planning to set up my stall in a different place tomorrow.”

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