”Who would come to eat noodles on this hot day, is it not hot enough. Oi, I’m speaking to you! You guys move to the side, this heat is smothering, don’t delay my business!” It was a middle-aged woman who sold porridge and buns. She was already a bit irritated by her late arrival and bad location, and with Yun Zheng cooking the noodles, the heat was directly on her side with the wind, so she spoke very harshly for fear of affecting business.

“You’re too overbearing!” The boy who followed Yun Zheng over to help couldn’t help but squeeze out, immediately blushing and opening his mouth to continue speaking.

“It’s fine.” Yun Zheng quickly pulled him back and shook his head to hold him down. A line of business had its own rules, and the most important thing about doing business was harmony. This part of the park, he was new. People had been afraid of being robbed for a long time, so it was normal for her to say a few words. These were just small things. As long as he had the skills, he would naturally have a foothold here.

Ten minutes passed in the blink of an eye. The main road of the park, which was originally deserted, gradually became more crowded.

Taoran Park was next to the largest residential area in Xingcheng, and was usually the most representative attraction that could showcase Xingcheng’s humanistic green landscape, but in the morning and evening, it would turn into a food street with many snacks. The morning market, in particular, was unique. The morning market was a unique event, and Xingcheng people were used to coming here to get their first meal of the day, just after waking up from their sleep.

The weather in July was the hottest time of the day. Cooking noodles in this temperature was torment in itself, and if it wasn’t for the cooler weather in the morning, it would have been no different from being directly put on the fire. And Yun Zheng’s noodle stall was also different from other noodle stalls in that it had a full three pots. Two pots boiled water and one pot burned oil.

But the most baffling thing was the case board that he placed in front of the stall, which had nothing else on it but a few onions.

Was this kid bringing his brother to play house. The few stall owners around were all speechless when they saw Yun Zheng’s actions. Even those who came to eat breakfast at this end couldn’t understand what this was all about.

On a hot day, they didn’t do their summer homework well at home and came here to fool around, wasn’t it a waste of things?

For a moment, the sight of the crowd fell on Yun Zheng a little harshly. What Yun Zheng cared about the most in his two lifetimes wasn’t the eyes of others. But the boy who followed over was a bit unable to carry it and looked a bit embarrassed.
  ”Brother Yun Zheng,” he tugged on Yun Zheng’s corner and asked in a small voice, “How much longer do we have to boil this water?”

“Soon, you go to the back and rest first.” Seeing his discomfort, Yun Zheng sent him to the back and continued to wait by himself.

After another five minutes, many of the stalls were already patronized by customers eating breakfast, and the stall owners, too, were busy. At seven o’clock, it was the busiest time. How much money one could make depended on how good the business was at this time of the day.

The water that Yun Zheng had boiled for ten minutes also happened to be on at this time. After turning down the heat, trying the oil temperature and getting everything ready, he smoothly placed the sign he had written yesterday in front of the noodle stall.

“Yangchun noodles…” the first person passed by, took a look at it, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “That’s a nice word.”

However, in the end, he was still afraid of the heat, and with the hot air puffing from Yun Zheng’s three pots, he felt more and more disgusted. He hurried up and turn around to look elsewhere. On this hot day, just going out made him sweat, so it was unappetizing. As for the others passing by, they had the same attitude.

Early in the morning, who would want to eat a bowl of yangchun noodles with nothing in it? This small boss was afraid that his brain was broken.

“Tsk, your business is bad, but you still want to get others involved.” Next to Yun Zheng, the woman selling buns couldn’t help but be mean again. If it wasn’t for the fact that the man kept holding her back, she would have to open her mouth to chuck Yun Zheng out. As for the other stallholders on the side, they looked on with cold eyes and had no intention of persuading her to make peace.

“Heh, I thought he was so capable. But a noodle stall that no one patronizes, and yet he’s so bold as to say that he can feed the entire family. Not afraid of the wind flashing his tongue.”

Gu Family, Lu Ran was very happy to return.

Yesterday, he was kicked out of the orphanage by Yun Zheng in public. Xingcheng didn’t have secrets, so right now a lot of well-informed ones had heard about it. He knew that the next time he went to a banquet, more ridicule would be waiting for him.

However, the loss of face was still a small matter. Lu Ran’s foster father’s side was the most serious. After hearing the whole story, Lu Ran’s foster father immediately called Lu Ran and scolded him because he was too impulsive. Even his pocket money was cut down quite a bit. At the end, he warned him in a stern voice, “If you mess things up again, just get out of the Gu family!”

For Lu Ran, what he was most reluctant to part with was the Gu Family’s wealth. Therefore, right now he also had to be obedient and restrained for the time being and not deal with Yun Zheng. But that didn’t prevent him from seeing Yun Zheng fail, and his heart rejoiced.

His face, which had been gloomy for a long time, finally became much better looking, and Lu Ran’s tone was also lighter. After mulling over the situation for a while, he ordered the people on the phone, “Continue to keep an eye on it, and if there’s anything that’s going on, call me immediately.” After receiving an affirmative reply, he ate his breakfast contentedly.

After all, there was nothing that put him in a more pleasant mood than Yun Zheng having a bad day.

However, it was a pity that this gloating of Lu Ran’s was destined to fall flat in the end.

Yun Zheng was a future top figure in the Chinese culinary circle, and in his last life, he had even worked as a chef at a state banquet. The current disadvantage, however, was all temporary. In Yun Zheng’s words, there were no seasons in food, and all kinds of food possessed unique properties that made it seasonal in its own right.

  Right now, the heat of the oil in the pan had risen. The wide backed chopper was held in his hand, and with a crisp and sharp sound, the seemingly ordinary onions became distinctive.

Yun Zheng’s method of deep-frying the onion was taught by the master who was best at Suhang cuisine. The large onion was left white to render the flavor, and the small onion was covered with golden yellow over a low flame. And when the smell of the onion oil wafted out, Yun Zheng’s originally deserted noodle stall finally began to attract people’s attention.

They said that spicy onions stunk of garlic, but the unique smoky smell of vegetable oil was able to transform this annoying smell into a distinctive fresh fragrance.

“What is this?” A young girl curiously came over, but was inevitably a little disappointed after seeing the sign for Yangchun Noodles. However, she saw that Yun Zheng had opened for a while and was too embarrassed to turn around and leave, so she could only reluctantly ask for a bowl.

“Wait a moment.” Yun Zheng let the child collect the money and neatly began to cook the noodles.

Unlike the usual process of using a machine to cut the noodles at an early noodle stall, Yun Zheng’s noodles were freshly cut with a cleaver. The Suhang cuisine emphasized the strong and light in the middle, fresh and crispy, and the original soup was light and tasty. As for the knife work, it was extremely delicate.

It was still the same ordinary, unimpressive, broad-backed kitchen knife. But this time, Yun Zheng’s grip on the knife was a little more forward than before.

Sorting flour, cutting noodles, scattering noodles, cooking noodles.

 Yun Zheng’s hand was like a measuring tape. Almost every noodle that was cut out was the same width. And after getting into the pot, the chopsticks stirred, and the seemingly scattered noodles became extra smooth.

The ease and naturalness of the technique was pleasing to the eye, and the noodles, when cooked and placed in the bowl, was mouth-watering and overwhelming.

A spoonful of meat oil, a spoonful of onion oil, and a little soy sauce and MSG according to personal taste was enough to create a bowl of soup that was extremely tasty. And in the soup, the noodles were rooted and crisp, and the original blandness became distinctive with this mellow rendering.

“Wow! The little boss is good at it!” The young girl who bought the noodles was at first only upset that Yun Zheng would be embarrassed, so she said she would pay for a bowl. However, she never expected that it was only five dollars, but she got a huge surprise. But the real surprise was much more than that.
  After the smooth noodles were wrapped around the chopsticks and sent into the mouth, the combined fragrance and mellow freshness of the soup base, along with the noodles, also traveled between the lips and teeth with the most appropriate force, waking up the taste buds that hadn’t fully awakened in the morning, while warming the empty stomach that had been empty all night.

“Yummy!” The young girl’s eyes lit up and she was not stingy as she showed a big smile towards Yun Zheng, “This is the first time I know that Yang Chun Noodles can be this delicious.”

After saying that, she continued tasting without lifting her head. The small noodle stall, too, gradually became lively with the successful sale of the first bowl of noodles.

Yun Zheng was warm and handsome, and although he was young, he looked more graceful because of his composure. The longer the time he spent, the more people paid attention to him, as his noodle stall also looked good, and the aroma of the noodle soup after mixing was overwhelming.

In addition, the people who sat behind his noodle stall and ate the noodles all had exaggerated expressions and sighs, which made even those who didn’t eat the noodles itchy. Gradually, there were more and more people, followed by the children who helped, and couldn’t even collect money.

The woman who bought the bun next to her frowned three more times at the sight of it. She couldn’t do business because of her bad location. Now that Yun Zheng’s head was in the wind, it made her stall look more and more depressed, and she was so angry that she stared at Yun Zheng for several times.

“Forget it.” Her husband, who was busy at her side, gave her a hand, “It’s not easy, people’s children are capable, so what are you staring at them for? It’s not a bad day to buy and sell, let’s get up early tomorrow and take up a good spot.”

“You’re the only one who can talk!” The woman was only anxious, but after being persuaded by her husband, she casually nagged him a few times and then stopped speaking. At the end of the day, she saw that there were many people on Yun Zheng’s side and she couldn’t spread out, but she also hinted to her husband in a weird way that he should lend his own table and chairs to Yun Zheng’s side.

“Thank you.” The two stalls were not far away, and although there were many noisy people, the conversation between them also fell equally in Yun Zheng’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but feel some warmth in his heart.
Although people were all selfish, there were still a few pure white wolves like Lu Ran in the end, and many more, still had good intentions.

“Little boss, I’m adding an extra portion of noodles.” Someone at the back table raised his voice and shouted.

“I’ll take a share of this medicine too.”

There were quite a few people in the back who were still eating with intent, and Yun Zheng turned around and smiled, advising, “The noodle pressure portion, I’m afraid I’ll accumulate food if I add an extra portion, so why not have two buns. The Yangchun noodles are light, with a meat or bean paste filled bun, both have a different taste.”

“That’s right.” The one who was originally yelling for more noodles was also moved, and turned around and ran to the couple selling buns on the side. And the one waiting in line behind them for noodles, hearing Yun Zheng’s words, bought noodles as well as two buns in passing. But for a while, the two couples selling buns, business was getting better as well.

“This… thank you.” The middle-aged man was a simpleton, blushing at the sight, unable to speak for a long while.

“No, I’m the one who has to thank you.” Yun Zheng pointed to the customers sitting behind his stall eating noodles, “This is also my first time here today, thank you and auntie for taking care of me.”

“Also not, this, hey.” Yun Zheng’s gentleness made the middle-aged man more embarrassed. Just now, his wife had even said a few words to Yun Zheng, but as a result, not only did he not mind, but the child took the initiative to help out, making him ashamed of himself.

Now that it was hot, the buns couldn’t stay. If Yun Zheng didn’t help, they would definitely have to lose money today. The middle-aged woman was similarly ashamed of her previous attitude. But she couldn’t bring herself to apologize, and seeing that Yun Zheng was too busy to eat, she quickly picked out a few buns and a bowl of porridge with a moderate temperature for the man to give him.

Yun Zheng didn’t refuse and asked the child who came to help to take it. But the money for the buns and porridge ended up being quietly stuffed into a box containing money in front of the bun stall.


The sale on Yun Zheng’s side went smoothly, however, on Lu Ran’s end, he was furious. Lu Ran had never expected that Yun Zheng would actually succeed in pushing his stall out to sell some kind of Yangchun noodles. The point was, from what the people following Yun Zheng said, that Yangchun noodles were very good. Over at the park, it could be said to be the first of its kind.

This was a newly written Grimm’s fairy tale ah!

Lu Ran, who was just a little more comfortable, got angry again, which made him talk a little untidily: “Don’t talk to me about this useless thing, I spend money to raise you, not to listen to your nonsense and jokes. Good workmanship? Why don’t you say that Yun Zheng is the reincarnation of the imperial chef? ”

“What? There’s still a long line? Even a few of the surrounding businesses was brought up?” The more Lu Ran listened, the more furious he became, and finally he simply hung up the phone and cursed fiercely, “Get out!”

Leaning weakly on the sofa, Lu Ran’s chest rose and fell violently, unable to calm down for a long while.

He used the Gu Family to pressure Yun Zheng, wanting to see the ugliness of Yun Zheng kneeling down and admitting defeat after the orphanage was desperate. Sadly, however, Yun Zheng had actually found a way to make money and tried to turn the tide.

Thinking about the contemptuous look Yun Zheng gave him yesterday, Lu Ran’s mood became increasingly difficult. Coupled with the news he heard just now, every word was like a hard slap on his face, causing his skin to swell with pain.

“Yun Zheng… ” Lu Ran gritted his teeth until he couldn’t regain his composure for a long time.


Lu Ran was enraged until he exploded, yet the orphanage at the other end was excited by Yun Zheng’s return.

“Brother Yun Zheng, Brother Yun Zheng, how was business?”

“It’s so hot, are you tired, Brother Yun Zheng? Have you eaten yet?”

“Was the morning market hot? Isn’t that fun? Can I help next time, too?”

Yun Zheng pushed the noodle stall cart, but as soon as he entered the courtyard gate, he was surrounded by a crowd of children. They were chattering and asking about the noodle stall. Yun Zheng answered all the questions with a good temper, and then left the boy who helped him to describe to them the specific picture of selling noodles. He turned around and went to the dean’s office to say hello to the old dean.

Five hundred, this was the total that Yun Zheng had earned this morning. Throwing out the costs, the profit was also three to four hundred yuan. Although it didn’t seem like much, it was enough to prove that Yun Zheng had made the right choice. It also added an extra layer of peace of mind for Yun Zheng, because at this rate, it would only take at most three days to reach the one thousand wealth value required by the system.

This time, it was truly life without fear.  
Three days was enough time for Yun Zheng to gain many repeat customers in this area of Taoran Park.

“I’m sorry, the stall is closed today.” Packing up the last portion of noodles and handing them out, Yun Zheng extinguished the fire on the stall and smiled apologetically to the crowd who were still in line.

“So early?” The people who heard it grumbled. They were now used to waking up early to eat a bowl of noodles made by Yun Zheng, and once they couldn’t eat it, it was like something was missing. However, Yun Zheng’s business was so good that there was no day when he didn’t close the stall early, so if they wanted to eat it, they had to queue before it was too late.

“Hey, hey, little boss, save me a bowl tomorrow!”

“Me too, don’t forget!”

“All right!” Yun Zheng responded, and then he brought the children who had come to help him to close the stall with him.

Unlike his previous slow and methodical behavior, today’s Yun Zheng’s steps back to the city seemed to be bigger than ever. The reason was none other than the fact that the moment Yun Zheng’s wealth value reached one thousand, he suddenly received a long-awaited system prompt: “The wealth value has reached the standard, and the Talent Auction House System has officially opened.”

Officially opened? Were they all locked up before? Thinking of the grey interface everywhere in the system, Yun Zheng was moved and had a few more guesses. But even so, his face still didn’t show it, and he waited until after the stall was closed before showing some excitement.

Yun Zheng couldn’t tell what changes would happen when this system was turned on, so he wanted to find a quiet and private place to check.

Parking the noodle stall at the usual place, Yun Zheng quickly returned to his room. He vaguely felt that the advantages that this system could bring him might be far greater than what he had made up in his head. And right after that, the System’s newbie rewards were released, which also happened to validate his suspicions.

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