C3– Hit Lu Ran In The Face

“Brother, are you mad at me…” seeing that Yun Zheng didn’t speak, Lu Ran took the initiative to take a step closer. His voice was low, like a child who had done something wrong. In particular, that word, brother, was so intimate that it almost melted the heart.

But Yun Zheng, however, avoided it like a snake.

In fact, many people didn’t know that Lu Ran was a few months older than Yun Zheng, so it was only a habit to call him “Brother Yun Zheng” with the children in the courtyard, but his private name was a little secret between him and Yun Zheng.

When Lu Ran first came to the orphanage, he was under Yun Zheng’s protection. Before he went to the Gu family, he was inseparable from Yun Zheng. Every time Lu Ran made a mistake, all he had to do was to call out and apologize, and then Yun Zheng would turn over a new leaf. And Lu Ran’s approach this time was no different from the past. The only difference was that Yun Zheng, who had lived an entire lifetime, no longer treated him as his younger brother.

Yun Zheng’s heart was as clear as a mirror, and Lu Ran’s life in the Gu family was not as miserable as he said it was.

The ruler of this generation of the Gu family had no children, so after Lu Ran was taken away, he was the only young master of the Gu family. Even though in the eyes of many people, the adopted son was a layer apart, but the Gu family was the “Earth Emperor” in Xingcheng, so Lu Ran’s identity, could completely stand.

Looking at Lu Ran with cold eyes, Yun Zheng only felt utmost sarcasm. He was afraid that he was completely blind in his last life to feel that Lu Ran who was calculating at every turn was a good one.

“Directly state your purpose, no need to act in front of me.” Not bothering to look at Lu Ran’s act, Yun Zheng directly picked out his thoughts, “You’re a smart man, the words I asked Cao Ming to bring you before were not a joke.”

“So is Yun Zheng trying to have a showdown with me?” Seeing his indifference, Lu Ran also finally removed his thick disguise.

When Cao Ming had sent him a message before, he had vaguely felt something was wrong, and then the persecution in the hall had made him aware of Yun Zheng’s change. And now Yun Zheng’s clear attitude made Lu Ran even more aware that the feelings between them were irreversible.

Although he wasn’t sure how Yun Zheng had suddenly become enlightened, things had developed to the point where these processes were no longer important.

Lu Ran’s face hidden beneath his meekness was completely exposed, and his hatred and disgust for Yun Zheng was on full display.

“Why?” Yun Zheng asked calmly.

“Because I’m not happy.” Lu Ran’s tone was exceptionally vicious: “I actually hated you from the start. Acting like a good big brother all day long and caring for everyone. In the entire orphanage, you’re the most sensible, you’re the best student, you’re the most likable. You put all the praiseworthy aura on yourself, and then in turn, you just give us a little bit of charity and make us grateful, on what grounds?”

“Heh, and who are you to bark at me here?” Yun Zheng laughed, as if he was talking to Lu Ran or his past self: “When you were in the orphanage, without me, who would have taken the initiative to play with you? If I don’t protect you in elementary school,  would have gotten beaten up every day. Including the eligibility to be adopted by the Gu family, your current privileged life. Everything you have, I gave you. Lu Ran, you’re calling me a hypocrite now, do you have the right?”
  ”You’re right, the leftovers rewarded by others are indeed not good. That’s why, ever since I entered the Gu family, I’ve calculated it all. I’m going to take everything you have, everything you care about, and make you regret your arrogance. But unfortunately, you were too stupid to easily give me all the benefits, which is why I’m standing here now.” Lu Ran’s eyes gradually burst out with a deeper resentment, and even his face, which had always worn a shy smile, became distorted.

“Yun Zheng, don’t be too naive. Money can make the devil do the work, and now that I’m a Gu family member, if I want you to die, you’ll have to kneel down and beg for mercy! Just like this time the Gu family withdrew their funding for the orphanage.”

“So you’re the one who did this?”


” You’re a fool.” Yun Zheng sneered, “You yourself are from an orphanage, yet you crossed the river and cut yourself off. Aren’t you afraid that someday the Gu family will kick you and you’ll live on the streets again?”

Yun Zheng’s tone was contemptuous, and his next words were even worse: “What’s more, you call yourself a Gu family member, so let me ask you, why have you been calling yourself Lu Ran until now? Why isn’t your last name Gu?”

In a word.

The Gu family was different from other families, and it was all about one prosperity and one loss.

In the words of those in Yanjing’s top families, the Gu family were all vicious wolves. If you offend one of them, the whole nest came out. What was most frightening was that although the Gu family was small in size, each was an elite, and in private they were extremely close. Even for those with little or no bloodline inheritance like the Xingcheng Separated Family, if one wanted to gain the support of the Gu Family, you had to follow the rules of the Gu Family on the surface.

Therefore, in the Gu family, no matter if you are an adopted son or a biological one, as long as you were recognized by the Gu family, you would change your surname when you entered the door of the Gu family. However, the funny thing was that Lu Ran went to the Gu family at the age of seven, but until now, he was still called Lu Ran.
It had already become a joke.

Yun Zheng’s words were clearly poking at the most inferior point in his heart. Lu Ran clenched his fingers and stared at Yun Zheng with hatred in his eyes.

“So what? Even if I’m not good enough, it’s more than enough to suppress one of you, Yun Zheng.”

“Take a break, Lu Ran. If I were you, I’d think hard about how to get the Gu family’s approval now, lest I be banished one day.” Sensitively detecting the little sounds outside the door, Yun Zheng’s lips slowly curved in mockery, “Like today, being evicted from the courtyard.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Ran vaguely sensed that it was bad.

He saw Yun Zheng stride around him and open the door slowly and methodically.

Lu Ran never expected that outside the kitchen door, the old director, the other teachers of the orphanage, and the children in the courtyard were standing there.

In other words, the conversation between him and Yun Zheng had all been overheard by everyone.

“You’re calculated against me!” This time, Lu Ran was completely panicked.

“Use the other’s way to return the favor.” Yun Zheng was frank and didn’t have the slightest intention of covering up, “I’ve already considered it before you came. If you sincerely admit your mistake, I’ll forgive you one last time. Unfortunately, your heart is black, so of course I can’t tolerate it.”

“Tolerate what?” Before Yun Zheng could finish his sentence, an impatient person interrupted his unfinished words, “With that dirty-hearted, white eyed wolf Lu Ran, only Brother Yun Zheng would have pitied him in the past, and we would never let him!”

“Oh, I was saying that the Gu family didn’t want to be in the business of funding the orphanage, so it’s clearly Lu Ran himself who’s playing tricks.”

“What else did you say to him? This kind of person doesn’t deserve to be our family. Dean, kick him out, we don’t want him!”


  A revulsion filled with anger fell directly on Lu Ran, and the timid girl who had accompanied Yun Zheng to cook before was even more furious, and in a heartbeat, grabbed a handful of the vegetable leaves left behind by Yun Zheng and ruthlessly threw it at Lu Ran.

“Get out!” The young child’s voice was filled with disgust and hatred. Although she was young, she was wise, and could already understand the meaning of Lu Ran’s words. She understood that everyone’s current difficult life was all designed by Lu Ran. At the same time, as she acted, more and more children, echoed along with her.

“Right! Lu Ran get out!”

“Get out! The yard doesn’t want a white-eyed wolf like you!”

In the end, even the old dean opened her mouth with a heavy face and said to Lu Ran, “Go, since you’ve gone to the Gu family, live your life well. This orphanage, there’s no need to miss it in the future.”

“Heh, you think I want to miss it?” Now that the matter had been completely resolved, Lu Ran’s formerly submissive façade had finally been completely uncovered and turned sharp and mean: “You are just a bunch of mangy dogs raised by the Gu family. There will be times in the future when you will cry and beg for me…”

However, before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by intense pain. He saw Yun Zheng lift his foot and kick him in the abdomen without hesitation, followed by Yun Zheng carrying his collar and dragging him all the way to the orphanage door.

“Yun Zheng you dare!” Lu Ran was covered in wretchedness.

“Of course I dare, why else do you think I want everyone to recognize your true face? The reason is to make a complete break with you. As for such trivial matters as money,” Yun Zheng paused and pushed Lu Ran harder and harder: “If I, Yun Zheng, was able to protect you back then, I could afford to raise a family, so there’s no need to kneel down and lick the floors of the Gu family!”

After saying that, Yun Zheng threw Lu Ran away, closed the door heavily, and turned around to walk to the orphanage.

From now on, he and Lu Ran were done for good, and when they met again, it was never ending!


Not a happy ending.

Lu Ran stood outside the orphanage in a mess, being pointed out by passersby and feeling doubly humiliated. Yun Zheng’s sudden and unexpected move caught him off guard. However, even though he was furious, he didn’t dare to really do anything to Yun Zheng immediately.
Still, he had to endure.

Lu Ran had concerns, so he hated Yun Zheng before, yet he could only do some small actions in private, not daring to hurt Yun Zheng at all. Especially when it came to his foster father’s orders, the more he could not act rashly.

After all, although ten years had passed since the events of that year, Yun Zheng still hadn’t recovered his memories, and the one from the Gu family was still recuperating abroad. But Lu Ran’s foster father didn’t dare to gamble, so Lu Ran’s bottom line was limited.

He was now in a very awkward position, and unless the Gu family could completely erase Yun Zheng’s existence, he would be better off doing nothing at all.

They were all orphans that no one wanted, so why should Yun Zheng be able to be so privileged? Thinking about the past events he heard from his foster father, and the identity hidden behind Yun Zheng’s surname, Lu Ran trembled with jealousy and wished he could immediately take his place. But he could only persuade himself to be patient, and sooner or later, he would trample Yun Zheng, completely underfoot.
  After ousting Lu Ran, the orphanage also resumed its usual bustle. Except for the old director and a few delicate girls who were slightly sad, the other children and teachers didn’t seem to be too sad. Especially the older children who had gotten along with Lu Ran in the past were even happier. It was as if they had finally gotten rid of some large piece of trash so easily and happily.

Faced with such a situation, all of the words Yun Zheng had originally wanted to comfort the crowd were also useless. He could only walk up to the old dean and persuade her to eat more.

The aroma of the food ironed the stomach and eased the atmosphere. Gradually, the crowd finally let go of their feelings and returned to their original harmony.


It was night, the children had fallen asleep, but the teachers of the orphanage, were all gathered in the old director’s office, discussing the way to follow up. The Gu family was the biggest sponsor of the orphanage, and if they lost it, then the future operation of the orphanage would definitely be overstretched and difficult.

The atmosphere in the office was very depressing, until for a long time, the old dean sighed and slowly spoke, “I still have a house at home, if I sell it…”

“Dean!” Several teachers were busy opening their mouths to stop her. They knew that this house was the last thought left to her by the old dean’s husband, and if she sold it, the old dean would have nothing at all.

Several teachers’ eyes turned red, but they couldn’t say anything. Outside the door, Yun Zheng listened to all this and felt equally sad.

In his last life, the old dean had spent her whole life worrying about them. Not only did she spend all of his savings and sell her house, she even couldn’t even eat when she was in the most difficult of times. Therefore, living again, he said that he didn’t want to make this old woman’s life so hard again.

But now, Yun Zheng was only in junior high school, even if he made a promise, he was afraid it wouldn’t be credible, so he might as well earn the money first.

With this in mind, Yun Zheng knocked on the door and began to discuss with the old dean: “Dean, I went out with Uncle Wang during the summer vacation. Now Uncle Wang has gone to his son’s place, so I want to try it myself. Can I push the noodles stal he left out tomorrow? ”

“You’re going by yourself?” The old dean was stunned for a moment, but thinking about Yun Zheng’s good cooking during dinner, she finally nodded her head and agreed.

The children in the orphanage were independent early, and after what had just happened to Lu Ran, it was normal for Yun Zheng to want to earn money. What was more, Yun Zheng was always smart and steady, and the old director was a hundred times more at ease with him. But still, she instructed with one more sentence, “It doesn’t matter if you earn money or not. Don’t ever get exhausted.”

“Don’t worry.” Receiving the old dean’s agreement, Yun Zheng smiled and responded. Then he hurried back to his room, meticulously planning for tomorrow.

He had previously counted his wallet, and it was only less than three hundred, which was still saved for buying reference books after the start of the third year of school.

Therefore, the most important thing for Yun Zheng right now was how to use the least amount of raw materials to make the most impressive food and thus get the first bucket of gold.
  And now it was still daylight on the other side of England.

The exquisitely handsome boy sat expressionless in the flower room, charcoal pencil between his fingertips, moving with his fingers over the paper. And it was the look in his eyes that was the most enchanting, as if he was painting a beautiful dream or fondling an untouchable treasure.

“Master, are you going back this year?” The housekeeper came in from outside and saw his silent appearance, his tone was somewhat distressed. As he handed over the documents in his hand that needed to be approved, he carefully asked the question that he had asked countless times over the years.

However, the teenager did not answer, and even the warmth around his body was abruptly reduced the moment he entered the door, becoming cold and stern. He casually took the folder handed over by the housekeeper, looked at it carefully, and after making sure that there were no problems, he signed his name with ease and handed it to the housekeeper, gesturing for him to leave in the meantime.

“Eldest Young Master…” the housekeeper opened his mouth, as if he still wanted to persuade. But due to the teenager’s imposing presence, he eventually retreated in silence.

The young man who was left alone, however, whispered to himself after a long time, “Do you… allow me to go back?”

He focused on the sketchbook in his hand, the suppressed thoughts in his eyes almost materializing. If someone who was familiar with Yun Zheng saw this scene, they would definitely be surprised.

It was because on every page of the sketchbook in the boy’s hand, the boy’s smiling face was lifelike as if it had been engraved into his soul – it was the four or five year old Yun Zheng.

  The little episode here in England could not affect Yun Zheng in the slightest.

The next day, Yun Zheng got up early, put the ingredients he had prepared last night on the stall cart, and pushed it to the park where Master Wang used to set up his stall.

The orphanage was still some distance from the park, and the noodle stall cart was heavy, even supported by a little child so Yun Zheng came a little late, and there was no good spot here in the park, so he simply followed the other stalls selling breakfast and supported the noodle stall in the corner.

“Brother Yun Zheng, we won’t be able to sell it.” The little boy who followed Yun Zheng over was a little worried.

“How come?” Yun Zheng pinched his cheeks to comfort him, “The aroma of wine is not afraid of deep alleys.”

However, as soon as his words fell from this head, he heard a not-so-small snort of laughter from the side.

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