C15-Do You Want Another One?

There were no ordinary and unremarkable ingredients, only unimpressive cooks. For Yun Zheng, no matter how simple the dish was, he was able to show the most mouth-watering textures with his skillful technique.

The seemingly clumsy broad-backed kitchen knife became light and dexterous with the movements of his hands, and the rounded sweet potatoes were then transformed into thin, wing-like slices. Evenly arranged on a flat plate, the cold water went on the pan, ready to steam.

“Wow! Awesome.” A handful of children were shocked by the sharp knife work. Even the old dean and the teacher who was usually in charge of cooking couldn’t help but follow suit, “This hand movement of Yun Zheng’s is much better than all of us.”

Although they knew that Yun Zheng’s noodles were good, they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes. Now that they were watching from close range, they finally understood why the patrons of Taoran Park held Yun Zheng in such high esteem.

A few children, like little tails, came up behind Yun Zheng and said they wanted to help, but they were laughed away by Yun Zheng. In such a warm atmosphere, the unique sweetness of the sweet potatoes gradually filled the air along with the rising moisture between the cracks of the pot lid.
At the same time, the preparation of the next step could also begin.

Fatty meat, in most people’s minds, was one of the fattiest of foods. But squeezing the fat out of the dregs surprisingly satisfied most people’s appetite. Especially when mixed with chopped wild herbs, this combination of nature’s gifts of mellow flavor could capture the taste buds with just one bite.

It was then wrapped in a mixture of sweet potato and white flour pastry and pan-fried over low heat. The result was a special dish filled with childhood memories.

The fireworks in the world were the most compelling. However, through the camera, Yun Zheng’s characteristic seriousness and gentleness in cooking was also as beautiful as a picture scroll.

“Our Brother Yun Zheng is so good-looking!” Some of the older little girls couldn’t help but hold their faces and sigh. Immediately afterward, more children chimed in.

“That’s right! Brother Yun Zheng is good looking!”

“No, he’s the best looking!”

“He’s the best of the best!”

Even Chen Jun, who had been in charge of filming, was equally dumbfounded. It was only after a long time that he suddenly came back to his senses and asked Yun Zheng, “Is this video going to be posted directly on the Internet later?”

“No, there’s still post-editing to be done,” Yun Zheng kept working, “Also, I’d like to add a fixed theme.”

“What theme?” Chen Jun felt that he couldn’t follow his thoughts, Yun Zheng directly spoke his own thoughts.

“I want to add a line at the end of the film, only food and love can’t fail.”


After dinner, Yun Zheng and Chen Jun stayed in the room in front of the computer, thinking about the matters related to Weibo.

The news of the previous city administration still had some heat left. Although the rate of fan growth had gradually decreased these days, overall, it still made Yun Zheng very satisfied.

After all, even at the time when the new netizens were most active in the last world, a micro account with tens of thousands of followers initially was enough to be considered a fairly high starting point.

As the webpage opened, the prompts for private messages and new comments continued to sound. Ninety percent of the comments were concerned about his current situation and whether the orphanage had successfully overcome the difficulties.

No matter what the situation was, kindness and love would always warm the heart. Yun Zheng lifted the corner of his lips, typed the most appropriate title for the video, and then pressed the Enter key.

#Thank you all for your concern, we are all fine.

A simple little video with a clean and soft filter. The orphanage was quite old and dated, but with this effect, it turned into a cozy and comfortable artistic freshness.

The most important thing, however, was the content of the video.

It was different from other food thin masters, who focused on teaching the steps of cooking. Yun Zheng’s video was more like a simple food temptation.

From the very first handling of the ingredients to the moment when the food was hot, every detail was edited to perfection. The visual perfection also brought a distinctive imaginary stimulation to the tastebuds. Even though they couldn’t smell the aroma or taste the flavor, it was still mouth-watering.

“Motherf*cker, what the hell is this! I just want to eat QAQ.”

“So sad, yet all I have is instant noodles.”

“So annoying, who is this kid! Late-night posting, inhumane. Hurry up and claim it!”

As time went on, such replies came in an endless stream. By the end of the day, even the students in Yun Zheng’s class followed suit and commented on the Weibo post

“I never thought that you, Yun Zheng, would be such a bully!” Wang Hao was a classmate of Yun Zheng’s, and at first, he was just curious, so he clicked on Yun Zheng’s video, but after watching the beginning, he regretted it.

It was ten o’clock at night! It was the time when the food was digested and the stomach was empty. Yun Zheng was in a hurry to post a food video, what else was it if it wasn’t a deliberate trap?

   Wang Hao unhappily forwarded Yun Zheng’s Weibo’s page in passing, then tagged the class group, ready to denounce Yun Zheng’s evil deeds.

“The one who trapped people, get the hell out of there!”

“Hahahahaha, another abused one!”

“Why so pathetic!”

“Don’t laugh! I don’t believe you’re not hungry after watching this. The first time I watched this, I had to take a screenshot.”

“F*ck, don’t send screenshots. @Yun Zheng, Brother Yun Zheng, my own brother, begging for food.”

The class group was in an uproar, and on this end of Weibo, as time passed, this little video of Yun Zheng quickly spread and gained a lot of attention.

Among them, some were attracted by the unique style, some were simply compelled by the food, and some were infected by the warm atmosphere of the video.

Only food and love were worthy of its name.
The short sentence at the end of the video perfectly illustrated the deepest little beauty of this video.

They didn’t have fancy clothes or extravagant ingredients, but they were able to get the purest happiness from the simplest details.
For those who were busy in the big city where the pace of life was very fast, this kind of scene, however, had not been felt for a long time.

Especially for many people in the north, the seemingly ordinary sweet potato gnocchi in this video was one of the most awaited snacks in their childhood by the school gate after school.

The sweetness of sweet potatoes, the aroma of white flour, and the freshness of wild vegetables and a little animal fat, these seemingly opposite flavors, after the passage of time, became a perfect blend, as long as they spent 50 cents, it could fill up their empty stomachs after half an afternoon, but also open the appetite, so that the footsteps back home, became more brisk.

After watching Yun Zheng’s video, a “Northern Drift” who had been working in Yanjing for six or seven years, couldn’t help but feel a little sad. ……. But then, more people left comments, expressing the same sentiment.

“This is the first time I know that food can also be a great source of inspiration.”

“When I saw the City Manager’s report before, I wondered if it was intentionally hype. After all, how amazing can a junior high school kid be if he’s good at his craft? Now that my eyes have seen the truth, I am convinced and apologize to the Thin Master.”

As time went by, the number of hits on the video climbed one after another, and the rewards also came.

At first, it was only ten or eight dollars, or even a few cents from the number of people offering rewards, but in just two hours, Yun Zheng made more than a thousand for this video.

“This is much faster than a noodle stall ……” Chen Jun opened his eyes wide in amazement, looking at the reward amount displayed in the background of his Weibo wallet over and over again, feeling that his whole world had been turned upside down.

He never imagined that the video that Yun Zheng seemed to release casually could actually earn money, and it was still a huge sum of money for his current cognition.

However, Yun Zheng only smiled and didn’t reply, because he understood that this was only the beginning.


United Kingdom

Gu Yan was a person who decided then moved, and since he made the decision to return to China, he immediately began to prepare. However, after five or six years of operating here, it was a bit troublesome to pack up and leave.

  Right now, he was explaining to his men what he was going to do next, but a special ringtone on his phone interrupted his words.

“We’ll talk later.” Gu Yan interrupted his subordinate’s report and looked down to check, and found that it happened to be a reminder that Yun Zheng had posted something.

Looking at the video and the satisfied smile at the corner of Yun Zheng’s eyes, Gu Yan’s eyes softened considerably. He watched the video over and over again, and finally, in passing, saw the reward list at the bottom of the video.
The highest was two hundred, and the lowest was negligible. So Gu Yan carefully thought about it for a while, and simply offered a one-time reward of 20,000. Seeing that his name was ranked first on Yun Zheng’s Weibo reward list, his mood became much clearer.

However, on the other side of Yun Zheng, he was shocked by his seemingly random rewards. He even wondered if Gu Yan’s phone got stuck, so he added three extra zeros to the reward. Although Yun Zheng knew that there were a lot of tycoons on Weibo who were very generous to their favorite posters, he was just starting and the amount of the reward Gu Yan offered, no matter which way he looked at it, seemed a bit exaggerated.

“Yun Zheng, do you know this person?” Chen Jun, who was next to him, was equally shocked.

“I don’t know, there’s no personal information on his Weibo page.” When he clicked into Gu Yan’s Weibo, Yun Zheng looked at the empty homepage and had a headache. However, just as he was considering whether or not to send a private message to Gu Yan, asking for more information, there was a new message on his end.

As if he had guessed Yun Zheng’s thoughts, he took the initiative to send a private message to Yun Zheng.

“There’s no reward mistake, you’re too thin, you need to eat more.”


So this was the legendary good-hearted philanthropist? Yun Zheng didn’t know what to reply. He could only reply after thinking for a while, following the pattern of the netizens in the future, “Thank you, Mia-Mia-Da~.”

With a bang, the phone in Gu Yan’s hand slipped to the floor. He was completely unprepared for it and suddenly stiffened because of Yun Zheng’s overly intimate tone. Although his face remained expressionless, his ears slowly reddened, and even his heartbeat involuntarily accelerated a bit.

Wouldn’t it be a little less reserved to suddenly do something?

Gu Yan intellectually thought so, but his fingers honestly tapped on the Weibo reward icon and once again gave Yun Zheng a reward of 20,000 yuan. Then, he continued to wait for Yun Zheng’s new reply with a straight face, with some inexpressible expectations in his heart.

But unfortunately, he waited for more than ten minutes this time, but Yun Zheng did not reply.

In the final analysis, Gu Yan had brought this on himself.

The reason why Yun Zheng didn’t reply immediately was because of Gu Yan’s sudden second reward, which caused his total wealth to reach 70,000, and accidentally triggered a new round of the lottery.

The point was, the items obtained from this lottery were more pitiful than the previous two. The name, in particular, was so embarrassing that Yun Zheng couldn’t bear to look at it directly and didn’t want to see it at all.

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