C13- Gather A Crowd For Instant Noodles

“…… “Yun Zheng was suddenly speechless because of his jumpy thinking.

The policeman, however, stared at him as if he had opened some new door. Right now he was the only one left on duty here at the police station. Besides, now that things were getting so big, in the end, the end of the city management office would definitely not find his head if they pursue it.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was reliable, the policeman ran to the office to look around, touched an induction stove, and put together the leftover materials from the outside Yun Zheng’s noodle stall, holding them together, he went back to the interrogation room.

“There’s not much stuff, what do you think?” The policeman fiddled with plugging in the electromagnet as he tilted his head and stared at Yun Zheng expectantly. At this moment, Yun Zheng thought he resembled a white husky.

Gathering at the police station to eat instant noodles, it was almost like a funny paragraph.

Yun Zheng went over to the induction stove and looked over the ingredients that the policeman had brought over.

A few cloves of garlic, half a green onion, a box of eggs, a handful of vegetables, and two bags of instant noodles were all the ingredients. But for Yun Zheng, it was enough.

The noodles boiled in boiling water and fried in oil had a special and enticing aroma in itself. But the dehydrated vegetables, which were better than nothing, were able to use color to make the monotonous soup colorful. Yun Zheng didn’t intend to cook the noodles in the soup, however, so no more than five minutes before it was cooked, he turned off the heat and pulled the noodles out of the pot.

Immediately after, a hot pot of cold oil, garlic burst charred fragrance, followed by the pot of vegetables, also under the heat of the oil, became more lush and colorful. A spoonful of soy sauce, half a spoonful of sugar, a few peppers, and a few drops of vinegar. The simple and homely seasoning was enough to foil the unique fresh taste of green vegetables to the fullest. These were the special magic that could bring different tastes to instant noodles.

“Ooh, this technique is perfect!” Eagerly picking up a chopstick of vegetables and placing it in his mouth, the taste bursting in his tongue made the policeman squint in satisfaction.

Yun Zheng was completely helpless at his grin and simply ignored him, pouring the cooked noodles into the pan and stir-frying them on his own.

The most important thing in stir-frying noodles was the fire. The noodles would be too soft, if it was too short and had a hard core, they would not be enjoyed. However, to Yun Zheng, this was only the most basic technique. In just a couple of minutes, a plate of aromatic fried noodles with vegetables was placed in front of the policeman.

On top of laying an appropriately fried sugar-hearted egg, some sesame seeds were sprinkled to lift the aroma. Even if it was the most ordinary evening snack, it would bring the most unique satisfaction.

“I’m convinced, I say, Xiao [little] Yun, you can be my brother from now on! I’ll take care of you in Taoran Park. How about just one meal a day? I’m easy to feed.” The policeman had been completely conquered by Yun Zheng’s culinary skills and was staring at the fried noodles in front of him with both eyes wide open while trying to sell himself to Yun Zheng.

However, Yun Zheng didn’t reply and just handed him a pair of chopsticks, “Aren’t you hungry?”

“Hungry.” The man took it in stride and couldn’t wait to enjoy it.

The not-so-sharp chopsticks punctured the yolk of the sugar-centered egg. The golden yellow egg white poured down from the top, evenly wrapped around the outside of the noodles that still emitted heat, it added a thicker, mellow flavor.

The police officer ate quickly, not even bothering to lift his head, and even had an extremely unreliable idea that instant noodles was the world’s most delicious food. At this time, however, the interrogation room was suddenly opened, a dusty middle-aged man strode in, he desperately rushed back to clean up the mess of the police station director.

“It’s all about to f*cking go down, and you’re still here leisurely eating noodles, it seems you don’t care!” The police station director was rushing with thoughts filled with “this time I’ll be finished”. The result was that when he opened the door, he saw his subordinate and a child about to eat together, he became annoyed, he walked forward and slapped the back of the policeman’s head.
  ”I’ll kill you if I can!”

“Boss, you’re back! How about a bite too?” The director was always easy-going, and the policeman could see that he was just anxious and not really angry, so he had the guts to go up and say a few words. In the meantime, the fried noodles that Yun Zheng had just made were also served up, and it looked really attractive.

The director was also really hungry for most of the day, and although he had something on his mind, he was attracted by the aroma and couldn’t help but take a bite.

Ho! This tastes awesome!

It was just ordinary instant noodles with simple ingredients, but it was somehow very satisfying. Even the usual appearance of the noodles became real. Especially the green vegetables inside, the small fresh aroma, and the noodles itself perfectly blended together, and with the nutty chewing sensation of the sesame seeds, and the spicy flavor of the garlic, each wonderful blend on the taste bud, became more layered and rich.

“Good, right! Hey, boss, what did they say about the internal affairs of the small boss?” The policeman winked suggestively towards Yun Zheng, wanting to mention him to the director.

“This was simply stepping on a hornet’s nest.” Saying this, the director quickly put down his chopsticks and raised his hand to slap the policeman again, “It’s all because they’re delaying it here, the head of the provincial department can give an order for it to be taken care of, just wait for the head of the city administration to publicly apologize.”

“Normal.” The policeman raised his eyebrows, “Just those dog-eyed sons of b*tches at the City Hall, they should have been taught a lesson long ago.”

“Cut the cr*p!” The director frowned at Yun Zheng, stopping the policeman from speaking.

However, Yun Zheng, who never interjected beside him, had already gotten the information he wanted from their conversation and was more than a little surprised.

Unlike his previous prediction, the efficiency of the provincial department this time was so fast that it was unexpected. Even if there was a special factor of the Xingcheng top-level people in it, Yun Zheng still felt something was a bit wrong.

Someone higher up might have made a move?

Yun Zheng tried to recall memories from this period of his last life, but he had no luck. But no matter what the reason was, it was good for him. An enemy of an enemy could become an ally. As long as he could make the Xingcheng Gu Family lower their heads, it didn’t matter how the process was.

Yun Zheng lowered his head and did not speak. However, his silence fell into that director’s eyes, but it turned into a good-natured and considerate action. Plus, Yun Zheng was so handsome, sitting there quietly eating noodles, it was almost like a painting. The director liked him and asked in passing, “This kid is nice, your relative?”

“No.” The policeman scratched his head with an innocent face, “Small boss was arrested.”

“F*ck!” The director went white and looked at Yun Zheng, he was so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to say for a while.


So, an hour later, the comfused looking police station director, personally drove Yun Zheng back to the orphanage and took the initiative to apologize to Yun Zheng and the director of the orphanage, even the noodle stand cart was pushed back by the original party. It was also stated that the head of the city administration, Li Wenyi, was already on his way back from the provincial hall, and as soon as he arrived in Xingcheng, he brought his subordinates over to apologize to Yun Zheng.

“The higher-ups are taking this matter very seriously, don’t worry, the government will definitely not wrong any good citizen.” After awkwardly finishing his official rhetoric, the director brought the policeman who was still clinging to Yun Zheng back to the police station.

As for Yun Zheng, he was also surrounded by the crowd that had been worried for a day.

“It’s good that you’re back, you can’t be so active in the future.” The old dean pulled Yun Zheng’s hand in shock. As for the smaller children, they hugged Yun Zheng’s thigh to keep from crying

“Don’t go in the future, Brother Yun Zheng, we’ll all eat less and save more money.”

“Yes, yes, we’re all worried about you.”

“Don’t cry, it’s fine already.” Yun Zheng lowered his head and kissed the little ones one by one, and then hurriedly sent the old dean upstairs to rest.

However, before he swallowed a mouthful of water, he was hugged by Chen Jun, who had been waiting beside him for a long time.

“You’re silent, what was with that big idea?!” Chen Jun’s voice trembled, his worry overflowing.

“Didn’t I tell you all about the plan? Why didn’t you get down to it?”

“How is that the same! The Bureau, ah, is not a place to just go.”

“Got it, pay attention next time.” Patting Chen Jun’s shoulder, Yun Zheng told him to relax, intending to check the specifics online first. His doubts about the wealth value skyrocketing before still existed in his heart, and now that it was quiet, Yun Zheng was somewhat eager to find out the exact reason.

However, as soon as he opened Weibao, he was startled by the phone’s non-stop vibrating beeps. Upon further inspection, it was rewards.

So that was it, Yun Zheng was able to figure out the reason. Previously, when Chen Jun applied for Weibo, he used his name, so these donations from enthusiastic netizens from all over the world were counted by the system in his head.

“Awesome, you’re almost catching up to a little star.” Pointing at Yun Zheng’s follower count, Chen Jun couldn’t help but exclaim. It had only been just one day, and Yun Zheng’s account had already reached 10,000 fans. This speed was even faster than any third or fourth tier minor star that had risen to 10,000 fans.

“A star?” When Yun Zheng read the two words, another word “net-popular” flashed in his mind. At the same time, a special thought came to his mind.

Right now, being net-popular was still new, although many young people had already started to pursue it, Yun Zheng knew clearly that the real spring of this profession would be in two years. At that time, the rise of major live-streaming platforms and social networking sites would make the earnings of popular netizens, reach their peak.

Perhaps this time, he would be able to occupy the lead for once.

Looking at the messages on the internet, Yun Zheng didn’t reply immediately, but he slowly had an idea in his heart.


Yet at this moment, it was still daytime on the other side of England.

Gu Yan, who hadn’t slept all night, listened to the latest reply brought by the butler, and his icy face finally eased up by three points. He saw that others were offering rewards to Yun Zheng, and he wanted to do it himself, but after thinking about it, he didn’t feel right. Afraid of offering too many rewards and then having Yun Zheng targeted by the villains and hung up on the suspicions of malicious speculation.

Although he didn’t think Xingcheng’s gang of idiots would have such brains. But it was necessary to take precautions before it was too late. What if someone doggedly did something?

Putting down the phone, Gu Yan mulled it over for a moment and asked the butler to donate to the orphanage where Yun Zheng was staying through the name of the charity foundation.

“Half a million first, Xingcheng is too small, don’t make it too noticeable.” He said as he followed Yun Zheng. Then, he stared at his avatar next to his own avatar, side by side in the latest follower column, and secretly decided that he would not follow anyone else on Weibo in the future.

Carefully taking a screenshot of the headshot of himself and Yun Zheng, Gu Yan cautiously put this image into a separate folder, while discreetly making a backup copy. Only then did he look up again and instructed the butler, “Now it’s time to go meet Lu Ran.”

There were some old scores that had to be settled – like the kidnapping case that Lu Ran’s father had carefully planned back then.

Gu Yan pursed his lips, and the aura around his body suddenly became fierce, while the suppressed obscurity underneath his eyes also made people feel chilled.

In fact, ten years ago, Gu Yan, Lu Ran, and Yun Zheng, originally knew each other.

At that time, Lu Ran’s father was a highly paid tutor employed by the Gu family. However, the most ironic thing was that behind his moralistic hypocrisy, he hid an extremely perverted hobby, child abuse.

The more exquisite and beautiful the child, the more he coveted them.

Therefore, as soon as he arrived at the Gu family, he set his eyes on Gu Yan. Even though the Gu family was monstrously powerful, it couldn’t stop the demon that kept screaming in his heart.

As for Yun Zheng, it was an accident, because when Gu Yan was arrested, Yun Zheng happened to be beside him. Lu Ran’s father was afraid that Yun Zheng would run away and do something bad, so he kidnapped him as well. This led to a series of tragedies that happened later. At the same time, a knot that could not be untied for the rest of his life was also laid in Gu Yan’s heart.

After all, back then, it was because he was too weak that he broke down mentally and failed to immediately give out clues about Yun Zheng’s location when he was found by the Gu family. But a year later, when he finally regained consciousness, everyone around him told him that Yun Zheng was dead.


In the City Bureau’s interrogation room, Lu Ran clearly saw Gu Yan’s face through the computer screen. After a moment of surprise, he immediately returned to his normal state.

“After ten years of not seeing each other, is it considered settling a father’s debt now?” Lu Ran’s tone was light, but filled with an unspoken sarcasm.

But Gu Yan on the other side of the screen didn’t reply, he only stared at him with eyes that became more and more regal. Lu Ran instinctively trembled, and at the same time, the deeply buried memory of that year became clear once again.

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