C12- Yun Zheng Is My Brother

 ”Gu …… Boss Gu …… “The director of the city administration was confused as he wiped his sweat vigorously.

 Gu Yan’s name, everyone with a bit of status in China knew. The eldest young master of the Gu family, the handpicked successor of Master Gu. Although he had been abroad all these years, his means, that was, even the ones above him, praised him favorably.

And he had personally called him. On an occasion like this now, praise was definitely out of the question. The only answer was that great misfortune was at hand.
After wiping another handful of sweat on his forehead, Li Wenyi’s hand holding the phone had been trembling without stopping, and his panicked heart also seemed to have come near his throat.

“Director Li.” Gu Yan cut to the chase, “The child that your city administration is trying to kill is I, Gu Yan’s …… brother.”

A thunderbolt from the clear sky. Li Wenyi’s phone fell to the ground with a bang, and his entire body was stunned.
Although there was a subtle blur and pause in the middle of Gu Yan’s words, it did not detract from the intimacy of his words in the slightest, but rather highlighted the cautiousness with which he treated Yun Zheng. But it was precisely because of this that Li Wenyi felt even more afraid.

It was because Yun Zheng, whom Gu Yan regarded so carefully, was actually counted into the police station by his subordinates, and the point was to threaten and kill him. Now, there was no need for the provincial hall leader to explain anything more, Li Wenyi himself already understood that this was going to be the end.

“Do you know what to do back there?” Seeing that he couldn’t slow down in the middle of the day, the leader of the provincial department took a sip of his tea, and a hint of irony flashed across his expressionless face.

“Got it.” Li Wenyi replied with difficulty, and he watched as the leader grinned. Even how he ended up leaving the provincial hall was unknown.


The thunder from this end of the provincial hall soon spread back to Xingcheng. Li Wenyi went out the door of the provincial hall and called the Xingcheng side, the first sentence at the beginning was, “All city officials involved in the Yun Zheng case, immediately suspend them. Especially the one who is lying in the hospital and the small captain, administrative detention on the charge of accepting bribes, the rest, there is one count, quickly go to the police station to apologize and invite him out.”

“If you make any more mistakes, you don’t need the provincial hall leaders and Boss Gu, I’ll be the first to f*cking chop you!” Li Wenyi slapped the car window, the deafening sound made the person on the other end of the phone clearly understand his fury at the moment.

At this time, the director of the police station where Yun Zheng was located was sweating.

Carefully speaking, he was much more innocent than Li Wenyi. Originally, he was planning to go on a business trip to the field today, but as soon as the train started, he received a call asking him to immediately return home, the point being that this call was not from the top boss of the city bureau, but from the provincial hall.

“The city manager’s beating this time, the branch comrade did a good job. But even if it was for the purpose of protection, it’s a little too ugly to just cuff someone. Don’t you think you should immediately go back and pacify the victim?”

Wha… what victim? The head of the police station was so confused that he didn’t respond for a while, but subconsciously obeyed and said, “Yes, I’ll go back immediately.”

“That’s good, you’ll return at the station, I’ve asked my colleague at the other end to prepare the ticket for you so that you don’t have to delay the extra effort.”

“Thank you for your concern.” The head of the police station hung up the phone with trepidation, feeling cold in his heart. Although the provincial hall leader was really polite in his words, that gloom between the words almost scared him.

“Hey, what’s this all about ……” Feeling helpless, he didn’t even finish his sentence, the phone rang again. This time, it was his mother. It was a straight-up scolding. This made the police station director more and more baffled.

“No, Mom, calm down a bit, what’s going on.”

   ”You don’t know?” The old lady on the other side was also anxious: “It’s all over the Internet now, and you’re still asking blind questions like a fool, thanks to me, you’re still the director!”

“Trouble on the Xingcheng side?” Finally finding the keyword, the director took the phone of the subordinate next to him, logged on to the webpage, and flipped through a few pages, his face turned ugly.

“Fuck! This f*cking City Hall is looking for a death sentence.” He gulped in horror, then quickly shouted to his subordinates, “Go ask how long it will be until the next station so we’ll get off. Then call the station over there, just release the child!”

“Quickly, as fast as you can!” After saying that, he seemed to have lost all his strength and collapsed on the seat, unable to move even a single finger. He understood that in the city’s high-level power game, this kind of case occurred, Xingcheng’s sky, most likely to change.

He only hoped that his own lineage could retreat intact, not to be used as a scapegoat, and sent out to be a living target.


Under Gu Yan’s intervention, the wind at this end of Xingchen City had turned the entire tide. Those who were still flustered completely lost hope.

In the Gu family house, Lu Ran locked himself in his room, in great fear. Right now, Lu Ran’s adoptive father seemed to be still tripping over things and staying outside. As for his adoptive mother, she was also called back to her mother’s house to discuss measures because of the peculiar nature of things.

As for Lu Ran, although he hadn’t received any reproach or curses, or even a single word of inquiry, he still clearly understood that he had been abandoned by the Xingcheng Gu Family.
Even though he held something like that in his hand, it still wasn’t enough to keep him safe.

“Why exactly!” He hissed out in pain, completely unable to understand why things weren’t going as perfectly smoothly as he thought they would. Yun Zheng’s unexpected means of coping and the skilled frame of stirring up public opinion completely made him even more confused, it was not at all clear why Yun Zheng, who was supposed to be single-mindedly thinking of him, was suddenly out of control.

Could it be …… that he had regained his memory?
This terrifying thought had only just flashed through his mind, causing Lu Ran to be so afraid that his body went cold and even his breathing began to become uncomfortable.

One must know that at first, after seeing with his own eyes the scene where Gu Yan was almost tortured to madness, Yun Zheng had vowed, “As long as I don’t die, I will personally repay the pain you inflicted on Gu Yan a hundred times over!”

So right now ……
This must be revenge after Yun Zheng regained his memories. The more Lu Ran thought about it, the more scared he felt. It was like being in a secret room without light, and the despair of being pushed step by step was so thick that it almost swallowed his entire body into the abyss of darkness.


The trouble became even worse. As for the topic of “Xingcheng City Manager treats people’s lives with disdain”, it had become the most discussed topic on Weibo in a short span of half a day.

But in the end, the whip couldn’t reach, everyone was so far away from each other, so even if they had the intention, it was hard to really help Yun Zheng. So, many people followed the source of the contributions and picked up on the Weibo that Yun Zheng asked Chen Jun to apply for.

After carefully flipping through it, they found that the name of the owner of the thingy was Yun Zheng’s real name. At the same time, the location of the IP was indeed in Xingcheng.

“This Master is not afraid, we support you!” Someone left a message of encouragement below, and at the same time rewarded 500 yuan under the latest release, and said that the money was not much, just a token of their appreciation for the orphanage where Yun Zheng was staying.

And after someone took the lead, many people who paid attention to this matter, as if they had found a willing channel, rewarded this Weibo page one after another.
  Ten, fifty, one hundred, two hundred. ……
Although there was no such thing as throwing money at the earth, every reward represented the heart of the ardent netizens who were following this matter from all sides.

The human heart was always soft. Even though they were different, good thoughts still existed between them. At the most critical moment, even strangers could be the power to support faith and justice.

Chen Jun, who was in front of the computer, wiped his reddened eyes viciously as he looked at the tips on Weibo one by one, and finally, let out a sigh of relief.
Having done this, Yun Zheng’s instructions were complete, and all that remained was to wait for his safe return.


However, on the other side of the city, Yun Zheng was similarly in shock.

Half an hour ago, the wealth value in his system had suddenly changed. At first, it increased by five hundred, and then, as if some kind of acceleration switch had been turned on, the number jumped violently.

But in just half an hour, it had broken the twenty thousand mark.

This, what was going on? It was said that there was no way to get money from the door, how come this wealth value suddenly skyrocketed?

Yun Zheng frowned, puzzled, and even a little unable to decide whether the situation was good or bad. However, reality didn’t give him time to speculate, the clock on the wall showed six o’clock at night, and the policeman who was previously protecting Yun Zheng also happened to push his way in, carrying two buckets of instant noodles in the plastic pocket in his hand.

“Have some food!” He greeted Yun Zheng warmly, his intimate attitude was like treating a neighbor’s younger brother who was on good terms with him, and he didn’t see in the slightest that Yun Zheng was now a prisoner under him who needed to be tried.
He was originally dissatisfied with the police request from above, and after bringing the boy back, he was also as protective as possible. Right now it was time for the evening meal, so he naturally couldn’t starve Yun Zheng.

However, Yun Zheng understood his intentions, but looking at the instant noodles in his hand, he somehow wanted to laugh a little.

“Is this what you usually eat?”

“I can’t help it, it’s so late and there’s no one in the small cafeteria.” Shrugging helplessly, the policeman put the instant noodles on the table in a somewhat mournful tone, “It’s good to have instant noodles!”

As he said so, he stared at Yun Zheng for a moment as he suddenly had a flash of wisdom and the words popped out of his mouth, “Why don’t you do it?”

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