C11-Hello, I’m Gu Yan

“Young Master ……” looking at the teenager’s fingers that were clenched to the bone because he was too angry, even the old housekeeper who had served him for a long time, thus changed his face and was frightened to the point of fear.

“First pick up the person …… Forget it, I’ll call personally.” After a pause, the young man’s tone took on a bit of gloom: “Send someone to follow up later and check on the Xingcheng Gu family by the way. Since he is in Xingcheng, there was no reason why he couldn’t be found for so long, I’m afraid that the Xingcheng Gu family has a big heart.”

“But didn’t Young Master Yun say before ……”

“He said I wasn’t allowed to look for him, but he didn’t say I couldn’t reach out when the man showed up. What’s more,” the young man’s tone quickened a little, but the coldness of his voice became more piercing, “What’s more, if my man doesn’t return, it’s not a broken promise!”

“Too skinny.” He couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at the video that was subsequently exposed online, but his deep eyes were tinged with phallic obscurity due to extreme remorse.

If it wasn’t because he wasn’t too weak back then ……

The young man closed his eyes, and the dusty memories came like water. And at the end of the picture that was filled with darkness and despair, all that was left was the face of the five-year-old little Yun Zheng full of determination.

“Gu Yan, without my orders, you are not allowed to come back or look for me. Otherwise, I’ll never forgive you!”

The teenager pressed his chest and even breathing hurt his lungs.


Someone from the UK had made a move, but the chaos on this side of China had only just begun.

The city manager was domineering, to most people, but the city manager in this video had not only bullied but planned to take a life.

A child who was only in his second year of junior high school, though an orphan, was a good student, and even managed to use his good craftsmanship to help a bunch of people in the orphanage. Such a teenager who was only lightly touched, how rotten did the city manager’s bones have to be to go against his conscience for money and try to cut off his future?

At Xingcheng, the reporters who had heard the news soon arrived.
They were divided into two groups, one went to the police station to get an update on Yun Zheng’s situation, while the other went to the front of the city hall to interview the retired old cadres who wanted to petition for Yun Zheng’s sake.

“This kid is a capable one. Moving his hands has pushed up the whole public outrage.” Looking over the netizens’ comments on the microblog, a reporter “tsked”.

“No, people are really better than people. When I was this old, I couldn’t calculate so much.”

“Take a break. There might be a ruckus on the city hall side. It’s said that forty or fifty retired old cadres have gathered over there, demanding a petition.”

It was so, and the other two reporters shut their mouths. The petition scene, they had covered it more than once or twice, and every time, it was a mess. And that was why their previous discussion was pejorative in nature. But it was just because of the anger caused by the displeasure at work.

However, when they actually arrived at the city hall square, this kind of anger turned into a naked smack in the face.

It was a lot more than forty or fifty old cadres. The main point was that the atmosphere …… was also quite harmonious.

There were no troublesome chaotic contents such as posters, protest banners, crying, and shouting in the old petition scenes. The means of these veteran cadres were much more stable and rational.

Under the shade of the trees in front of the city hall, many old men and women were sitting there chatting, or there was a chessboard, the radio was turned on to listen to music, even birds were there. Looking at that branch, in the bird cage carved with old plum, the yellow finch with a red mouth and golden feathers cried tactfully and lightly, and every sound seemed to dispel the heat and replace it with leisure and coziness.
  A few student-like older children just accompanied, giving water, fan, or whatever. As for the younger children, they also did not make any noise, just stared at the city hall door, the poor and helpless look, people simply could not bear to refuse.

Was this still the petitioning scene they remembered?
The three looked at each other. The words they said at the back even made their faces hot because of the malicious belittling in the car earlier.

“Aunt and Uncle, Brother Yun Zheng is great. He’s been protecting us since we were young, and this time, he’s only out to earn money because the orphanage has no money. Please, don’t arrest him, we’ll definitely eat less and save more money in the future.” This was Yun Zheng’s younger sibling at the orphanage.

“Yun Zheng is an exceptionally good student, from elementary school to now, he’s topped almost all exams. This time, his second-year final grade is even in the top ten in the province. It would be too much of a pity if he were to be cut off like that or carry a case record.” This was a teacher in Yun Zheng’s school.

“When Little Boss was a little taller than the table, he came out to help out at Old Wang’s noodle stall during the winter and summer holidays. The rain and wind didn’t stop for a day. Now that Old Wang and his son are gone, that’s why he’s left the noodle stall to him. How old is a child, if not forced by life, how can he practice his good skills. Are those city officials losing heart oh!” This was the lady who often ate at Yun Zheng’s noodle stall.

The crowd spoke in a calm tone, angry but still remaining sensible. Even the young children at the orphanage all held back their tears and didn’t cry out. Even though it was a petition, it was somehow heartbreaking. The Yun Zheng that was pieced together from their words was even more excellent to the point that one had to admire him.

In the end, the director of Taoran Park was kicked over by his mother at home.

“Hey, it’s a fly in an ointment.” He sighed as he wiped sweat from his head, “The morning market in that part of Taoran Park has been passed down from the Republic of China. Many of the stall owners who sell breakfast in that area are also family. It’s not just an illegal stall, it’s a chance to apply for intangible cultural heritage. And those city officials, they’re also here for no reason.”

Lucking out, the park director’s tone also had a bit more anger in it: “When Taoran Park was first planned, that stone path in front of the gate was a stall prepared for the morning and night markets. It does not delay pedestrians, nor does it delay the normal movement of vehicles. As long as the formalities are a complete mobile food truck, we are open to welcome. Now that the city administration is holding the charge of illegal operation and arresting the small business owner, won’t he push our Taoran Park administration into the limelight?”

“Comrade Reporter, as the director of Taoran Park, I want to clarify here for the record. This matter of Yun Zheng’s arrest has nothing to do with our Taoran Park. And, as a business partner, we will definitely pursue the City Hall for knowingly breaking the law to the end!”

These three reporters opened the live broadcast. In just a few minutes, however, the words of the crowd in front of the city hall spread throughout Xingcheng as the lunchtime news was broadcasted. Immediately after that, someone else recorded the report on TV and forwarded it to the internet. Now, the online public opinion, which was already exploding, was even more lopsided in its demand for a vocal condemnation of the city manager.

Even quite a few Weibo verified pages, followed suit.

“Honestly, the news is about to make me cry. Kids can lie, and the calendar year’s grade book can be called a show, but the human eye can’t fool anyone. To be able to get so many people who could be called fans to volunteer their lives, I have to admit that this teenager called Yun Zheng is really good enough! May he return safely, and may the city manager who broke the law be severely punished!”

“According to the rule of law, the credibility of the state is reflected in the fairness and strictness of the law. If one day the law becomes a commodity that money and power can buy and sell, who will safeguard the interests of citizens?”

“Spare the child and give justice a blue sky!”

Different tones, different angles, but they all represented the same purpose. Every netizen’s vocalization was like a sharp blade, ruthlessly stabbing into the lifeblood of the Xingcheng City Management Office.

In the city administration office, the little captain had but just returned, and was interrogated by his boss.

“This, what’s going on?” The little captain who had wanted to comment on Yun Zheng’s bad attitude to his boss was suddenly confused. Sitting on the chair, he was unable to speak for a long while.
 ”Rubbish! Look at the big basket you poked down, now the entire city management office will follow to eat melon fall.” Slamming the phone down on the small captain’s body with all his might, the supervisor’s eyes were gloomy and fierce, staring at him like he actually wanted to swallow him alive as if he was stinging.

The little captain was so scared that his legs went weak, he picked up the phone with shaking hands, and after reading it, his face immediately turned pale. He never expected that he was just catching a kid from a noodle stall as usual, but the result would be so serious.
Looking at the online abuse sentence after sentence, the little captain almost cried out directly. To be honest, things are really different from what those netizens had made up in their heads. All along, they hadn’t even touched a finger of Yun Zheng. Instead, they were brutally beaten up. As for Yun Zheng, he was also temporarily guarded by that piece of police and no one could touch him. But then again, even without the sheet police protecting him, he didn’t dare to really do anything to someone.

With a casual kick, the person flew out over three meters away, and with a casual lift of the hand, the handcuffs could be broken. Such a fury, who the hell would dare to fight him? And they’re pushing people over the edge? I’m afraid the new compilation of the Arabian Nights couldn’t come up with such a strange scenario.

“I don’t care about anything else, you think of the aftermath yourself.” The calls on this end of the supervisor’s end came one after the other, but the Gu family that was pressured in the first place hadn’t come forward. Thinking of this, the eyes he looked at the little captain became more sinister again.

And the little captain, who also comprehended what he meant in an instant, his heart went cold.

He understood that the supervisor was planning to push the pot to save his life. And the best person to take the blame was him.

At the same time, the director of the city administration, who was having a meeting in the province, was similarly horrified, so frightened that cold sweat permeated the entire back of his clothes.

Ten minutes ago, he had just been carried to the office by the provincial leader and yelled at. Immediately after, and under the leader’s sneer, he got a call from abroad.

“Hello. I’m Li Wenyi, the director of Xingcheng City Administrative Office.” The director of the City Administrative Office was trembling with fear, yet the voice on the other end of the phone was surprisingly young, but then the name that popped out almost scared him directly into peeing.

“Hello, I’m Gu Yan.”

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