C9-Hit the face (I)

  On July 13, the Provincial Games of S Province officially opened.

This year’s Provincial Games had attracted a lot of attention because of the topic #Su Zhe roll out of the sports industry#, especially the schedule of the track and field events, which was announced early on the official weibo page of the Provincial Games of S Province with everyone’s attention.

On July 15 at 8:20 am, the preliminary round of the track and field sprint events in Group B (professional) would be officially launched.

There were 10 prefecture-level cities under the jurisdiction of S province, plus the public security system, etc., and a total of 13 teams, with a total of 39 runners, would send their members to participate in the 100-meter sprint Group B competition.

In the 100m sprint alone, it was expected that there would be 5 groups of preliminary rounds, and the top 3 in each group would enter the rematch, which would be held later in two groups, and the top 8 runners would enter the final round in the afternoon.

At this time, it was 8 o’clock in the morning, beside the 100-meter track, there were quite a few online media that had applied for the live broadcast of the stadium temporarily, and their actions were much more flexible than those of the TV media that needed to take care of the coverage of the entire provincial games.

A number of 100-meter runners had already arrived on the scene, observing the track or gathering in groups to chat by the side of the track.

“Ba Zi Video” was a well-known anchor of the Weibo live broadcast platform. After seeing the topic of ‘Su Zhe get out of the sports industry’, he found that the protagonist of this hot topic on the Internet was in S City. Ba Zai, who was a native of S City, immediately applied for the qualification of live broadcast and interview at the provincial games with a keen sense.

At the moment he had been in the 100 meters next to the track, he opened the live and began to warm up, the name of the live studio was called – Ba Zi will take you directly to the 100m scene to Su Zhe!

“Hello friends! Ba Zi has now arrived at the Provincial Stadium in S City, and Ba Zi is now broadcasting live for you from the side of the 100-meter track!”

“As we can see, there are already quite a few athletes waiting at the venue, and Su Zhe has not arrived yet.” Ba Zi swept the camera towards the athletes chatting beside the stadium, “Now, I’ll bring you to interview the athletes who were there first!”

“Hello contestants, may I interview you?” Ba Zi leaned over to a small team of athletes who were chatting.

“Excuse me, do you guys know Su Zhe?” Ba Zi didn’t hesitate to ask the crowd what his biggest concern was.

Several runners looked different, but they all nodded unanimously.

“Then do you know how strong Su Zhe’s run is at 100 meters?” Ba Zi continued to pursue the question.

“Ah ……” one of the taller players opened his mouth, “Didn’t they say that? The best time he’s competed in so far is 11.34 seconds.”

“Can you explain to our readers if 11.34 seconds is a good time?”

“11.34 seconds Well …… “The athlete was still relatively straightforward: “This is his results from 3 years ago when he was not bad, there is a certain talent. But if he participates in our S province’s Provincial Games Group B competition, this result may not be able to pass the preliminaries, not to mention that he hasn’t trained for two years ……”

At this time, more than 30,000 people had already flooded in from Ba Zi’s live stream, and many people on the pop-up screen agreed with what the tall athlete had said.

【If he can’t even get through the preliminaries, will that Su Zhe still have the face to keep appearing?

[Hahahaha, I guess so. After all, he’s in the entertainment industry, doesn’t he have a little bit of thick skin?]

[Speaking of which, wasn’t that Su Zhu made into a bunch of memes, wait you can see it yourselves!]

As Ba Zi was interacting with the netizens, there was a sudden commotion, and Ba Zi hurriedly turned the camera around, and a figure that seemed to glow luminously suddenly appeared in the middle of the group of black-skinned and pristine sprinters.

It was Su Zhe coming!

  This was Ba Zi’s first thought when he saw Su Zhu, who was not at all a picture in contrast to the surrounding athletes as if he had crossed the gap from a country drama to an idol drama.

The netizens in the live broadcast room were also shocked by the difference.

[F*ck, Ba Zi, did you put a filter on this Su Zhe?

Some people on the pop-up screen couldn’t help but spit this out, and while everyone understood that it was impossible, it was just that a lot of Su Zhe’s memes from the past had been back in vogue lately with the hashtag #Su Zhe get out of the entertainment industry.

In a deliberately blackened comparison of Su Zhe’s memes, the live footage of Su Zhe made netizens momentarily lose their words.

Accompanying Su Zhe and two other gymnastic team sprinters was Su Yinsheng himself, many S province track and field coaches after seeing Su Yinsheng, came to greet him, but also with a strange gaze at Su Zhe.

Tao Sheng, who posted a crusade against Su Zhe on Weibo, also arrived on the scene today, but he sat in the spectator stand and did not enter the stadium area.

He was prepared to come to witness Su Zhe’s elimination in the preliminary round, for which he had prepared a more severe article to properly rebuke Su Zhe for wasting his quota and force Su Yinsheng to stop abusing his coaching power in the future.

Just near Tao Sheng’s position, there were five or six girls holding a banner and a small flag and other things into the empty stands, one of them was also holding a very professional camera, it seemed that their expressions were a little nervous and a little excited.

Tao Sheng looked curiously at the back. Games like the provincial games were still only preliminaries, and there were very few spectators who would be there to watch them, not to mention these kinds of little girls with banners and cameras, more like an idol’s fans.

When there was only commotion in the arena, those few young girls also let out excited cries.

“Ahhh! Look! It’s Su Zhe!”

“Geez, Su Zhe has gotten even more handsome! Woohoo, awesome pup in a sweatshirt…… pup check out Mama!”

Tao Sheng instantly turned black – these were all Su Zhe’s fans! See, where was this kind of entertainer who brought fans to the sports world, these kinds of chirpy little girls, how could they be serious sports fans?

Thinking of this, Tao Sheng’s heart recorded a new crime for Su Zhe.

The time of 8:20 was approaching in a flash.

Su Zhe’s preliminary race was ranked in the third track of the fifth group, and it wasn’t his turn to take the stage for the time being, Su Zhe followed his two teammates and stayed in the player preparation area to chat.

“Ah Zhe, you’ve been placed in the guaranteed group.” Jian Zheng, who was also Su Zhe’s teammate who had trained together with him many years ago, laughed and teased.

“Right.” Zhao Zhixuan, another member of the gymnastics team, also laughed, “The only group with only seven participants can give you a better chance of making it to the top three!”

These days, the track and field team members of the gymnastics team, from the beginning of righteous indignation about the topic on the Internet to the end of light-hearted ridicule, all of them were waiting for the moment when Su Zhe would make a splash at the Provincial Games.

While the three of them were chatting, a sturdy athlete with a slab of hair and a long face walked up to the three of them.

“You’re Su Zhe? Do you look like you’re a sprinter? Can you have the explosive power of a sprinter with that body?” The man was clearly one of the people who was dissatisfied with Su Zhe.

“The internet has exposed you, if I were you, I would have been too ashamed to appear, thanks to the fact that I have always admired Coach Su very much, I didn’t expect his son to be a character like you, what a disgrace to Coach Su’s once-in-a-lifetime reputation!”

Su Zhe, Zheng Jian, and Zhao Zhixuan were still very calm when he first appeared, but after he shifted his attack to Su Yinsheng, Su Zhe and the three of them all turned pale.

“Deng Wei, that’s a bit too much for you.” Jian Zheng knew the man.
  ”Nah, I’m not one of you gutless guys who can smile even at his son for the sake of licking Su Yinsheng’s boots. Wait till this little white guy can’t even pass the preliminaries, let’s see how you guys can comfort him!” Saying that, Deng Wei gestured with a scowl and turned around.

“F*ck this guy, what the he*l!” Zhao Zhixuan’s face was dark and raging with anger, “Just because you ran into the final at the Grand Prix East Lake Station before, you think you’re dominating S Province, right?”

“Tiger Su had praised this guy before, saying he was explosive, good at sprinting, and had room for improvement, and I heard that he was commissioned by his coach to instruct him on technique …… yuck! What a white-eyed wolf this is!”

Deng Wei’s provocation had disgusted both Jian Zheng and Zhao Zhixuan to no end.

Su Zhe’s face looked quite calm, but if you saw his eyes, you could understand that he was furious at the moment.

“Ding, receiving opponent hostility and host anger value.

Get a random mission: 3 consecutive races, defeat opponent Deng Wei.

Mission reward, personal attribute panel open, attribute points to obtain mission activation.”

The system’s prompt caused Su Zhe to be stunned, this was the first time he had received such a random mission.

After hearing the system’s cold mechanical voice, Su Zhe calmed down slightly, since so many people looked down on him, let’s see the real thing on the field.

The 100m preliminaries were going fast, with the first 4 groups advancing at almost a 5-minute pace. Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan also passed the preliminaries easily.

When Su Zhe stood on the track for the preliminaries, it was Deng Wei who was on the fourth track on his right. He let out a disdainful snort of laughter when he saw that Su Zhe was located on the third runway.

“Each in position! Prep!”

When the referee’s words sounded, all the runners quickly made their preparatory movements on the starters.

In the far stands, Tao Sheng and Su Zhe’s little fans were already focused on the arena.

The coaches who had runners competing were gathered together at the moment.

Deng Wei’s coach Yu Zhensheng said with a smile, “Oh my, your Su Zhe is running with Deng Wei, he just resumed training for less than a month, right? Participating at such a time when he encounters strong hands is not good for his competition psychology ah.”

Hearing this, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe both swept Yu Zhensheng over with an expression that looked baffled by looking at a retard.

On the arena, the preliminaries were ready to start the race.


With a gunshot, the 7 preliminaries of Group 5 quickly popped out of the starting machine and rushed forward.

The starting times of the 7 participants were comparable, and if it came down to it, Su Zhe’s starting reaction time was probably still slightly behind. It was true that his recovery training time was still insufficient, and his body hadn’t developed fast enough muscle reflexes to react to the start, but with the buff added to the sprint Lv1, it was enough to get him off to a fast start.

On the track, the seven sprinters were clearly divided into Su Zhe and the other six.

His dazzlingly white skin allowed everyone to recognize him at first glance.

It was only after the start that he immediately took the lead and opened up a distance of at least a meter from the other runners!

“Engage in what? Is he crazy? That fast?”

Yu Zhensheng also looked shocked at Su Zhe’s speed, and then looked back at Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe.

On the racecourse, Deng Wei was also shocked by the white light that passed before his eyes, he calculated his starting speed in his heart and was at a normal level, so it was the little white guy who was much faster than him after the start!

How was that possible?

Although he was saving energy because it was a prelim, he was making sure he’d be around 11.10 seconds, enough to come out on top of this prelim group!

Wasn’t that guy’s best time at 11.34? Two years of no training and now he was still running 11.10s?
  Within a few seconds of Deng Wei’s distraction, the District’s 100-meter race was already halfway through.

Deng Wei was unwilling to be passed by such a little white face by so much, no longer retaining his strength and enhancing his burst to sprint forward, but his sprinting speed was not able to overtake Su Zhe, still, it took a few moments before Su Zhe ran across the finish line.

All those who were following the preliminaries were stunned for a moment, and only a few teenage girls in the closest grandstand position to the 100-meter track let out excited screams.

“Aaahhh! Long live Baby Su! The pup is so great!”

The little girls waved their banners and jumped, making the dumbfounded Tao Sheng on the side stand out.

“Quick, look at how fast that Su Zhe is!”

A coach in the group of coaches reacted and quickly looked at the speed of Su Zhe as shown on the electronic timer: 10.40?!

“Oh my God, 10.40?!”

“Didn’t you say that this Su Zhe’s best past score was 11.34?!”

“Wind speed, what’s the wind speed, 0.5 meters per second? It’s a valid score!”

The coaching group at the moment was stunned.

Surrounding the network platform anchors who were allowed to do live broadcast also exploded, they were in the live broadcast, they had done their research about track and field, some hosts were simply, track and field enthusiasts.

10.40, What did this performance mean? Not to mention at the provincial level, that was an extremely competitive result at the national level! In terms of previous years, that was almost a surefire winner!

It was a bit of bullying for him to use that in a 100m prelim, wasn’t it?

Deng Wei, who had just run across the line, was also staring blankly at the results, his speed was a bit faster than he had originally expected, 10.98, the result of his full outburst in the second half of the race. But facing Su Zhe’s completely crushing performance, his face instantly began to change.

A long while later, Deng Wei mocked at Su Zhe again, “In the Preliminaries, you went all out like this, the rematch, you’re waiting to eat dust behind my a*s!”

While 10.40 had also been a good time for Su Zhe, who hadn’t ran in a while, he still didn’t believe in Su Zhe’s ability.
Going all out?

Su Zhe looked blankly at Deng Jian who turned away, clapped his hands, and dialed 5 points of the skill he had been storing into the Sprint skill, upgrading the Sprint Lv1 to Sprint Lv2.

Su Zhe squinted at the surrounding online media, as well as the astonished-looking coaches.

Since he said he was going all out, he would feel the true full force of it.

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