C7– Laps And Results

The fans in the group were still confused, Su Zhe had quickly logged into the S Province’s athlete registration information platform from his phone, logged into his registered athlete account, and then posted a picture in the background.

Along with a screenshot of the account, and the Baidu encyclopedia of Su Yinsheng, Su Zhe solemnly posted on Weibo.

[Chasing speed is my dream as a teenager, and in the process of chasing my dream, I’ve strayed from the track, but I don’t regret these two years of learning and working hard. The two years have introduced me to a different world and allowed you guys to get to know me. I am eager to stand at the top with my strength, and in the coming days, I will work hard as an athlete and with my coach to win outstanding results on the track. If you can, please support athlete Su Zhe next].

After thinking about it, Su Zhe contacted Weibo’s customer service and prepared to change his certification to a former member of the third boy band and current athlete.

His Weibo post, which was launched just in time for the peak of melon eating, was quickly rounded up by the shocked masses with tens of thousands of comments.

[What the hell?! Athlete? Did I read that right?]

[I’ve checked, and this account does exist, and he’s a registered athlete who has risen all the way up from junior athlete.]

[Shorty, isn’t the speaker a famous meme himself?]

[So this is the story of an athlete who enters an idol talent show, becomes a member of a boy band, and after two years, retires to continue his athletic career?]

[Boy band idol turned professional athlete, what kind of magic plot is this…?]

The forward comments were filled with all kinds of shocked comments, and of course, there were some dissonant voices.

[To put it nicely, he didn’t make it, which is why he went back to being an athlete?

[He went into the entertainment industry. Now he’s going to the sports industry?]

[Why support a guy who can’t make it in the entertainment industry when there are so many other athletes in the country with good grades?]

[Idol-turned-athlete? Can you still be any good without training for over two years? It’s not a reverse wrestle for position and exposure, is it?]

There were not many harsh comments, but there were definitely quite a few, some were fans of other boy-band idols, while others were solid passersby.

In the hearts of most people, the sports world and the identity of the athletes were with a holy aura, competitive sports were by desperate training, non-stop hard work, and outstanding talent, to stand at the top of the industry.

Now, the sudden arrival of a guy who didn’t look like an athlete just by looking at him, declared that he was going to be a professional athlete next, of course, triggered concern in the hearts of the masses – this kind of boy band idol in the entertainment industry wouldn’t bring down the sports world when he came to the sports world, right?

Soon, information about Su Zhe’s past competition results, his relationship with Su Yinsheng, and so on were quickly picked up by melon eating netizens.

[Su Zhe was a Level 2 athlete awarded for participating in the S City Games when he was 17 years old and finished fourth in the 100 meters.]

[Only 4th place?]

[Don’t underestimate the sprinting results in S City, S Province is the cradle of the domestic sprinters, and S City is the first to bear the brunt, all because of that head coach. Coach Su Yinsheng is a national coach, several sprinters in the national track and field team were brought out by him in the first place!

【Wow…such a good coach is here to take Su Zhe? Is he well endowed?]

[Looking at his track record before he entered the entertainment industry, he’s got potential, right? But that’s not why Coach Su brought him, didn’t you notice they’re all named Su?]

The internet was so hot with gossip that Su Zhe didn’t expect to climb to new heights of heat after quitting the entertainment industry instead – and it was the out-of-the-loop kind.

  [And, if you want to see the pup live, tickets to one of those sporting events are cheaper than the next, and there are plenty of freebies to claim! Isn’t this better than tickets to meet and greets?]

[Think, everybody, think! We can see the pup in trainers on-site, showing his arm collarbones and long legs! Ah, I can’t, my imagination has flown to heaven!]

Seeing this series of speeches, the “philosophers” has been running to tell each other, celebrating with their foreheads. The little fan named “Zhe Baby’s Little Mengmeng” had become a celebrity in the Su Zhe fan circle.

The philosophers were philosophers, so why do you stand out so much?

I’m already looking forward to the cub’s first game! Let’s make the banner light up and make the pup the brightest one on the sports field!

After some ups and downs, this crisis of Su Zhe’s was considered to have passed.

When Su Zhe returned to the gymnastics team, Big Brother Shao was already in the gymnastics team for training.

Seeing Su Zhe’s late arrival, Su Yinsheng stared at him fiercely and taught him a lesson: “People’s big star went with you to take photos, he’s already arrived for an hour of training, how about you? It’s a full hour late! Do you remember in your heart that you’re an athlete now?!”

Under Su Yinsheng’s lecture, Su Zhe didn’t explain anything and obediently bowed his head to listen.

In the gymnastics team, the manager’s words were absolute authority and could not be provoked. Even though in private Su Zhe would have nothing to do with Su Yinsheng, on the training ground, he must respect his father’s authority.

After a full 10 minutes of lecturing, Su Yinsheng glared and drove Su Zhe to the locker room to change into his training clothes.

“Move fast, come out and warm up, and try your 100m speed again today on the track outside.”

By the time Su Zhe came out of the locker room, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe were already ready, and this time the electronic timer of the outdoor gymnastics team had been turned on, they were ready to see if Su Zhe’s condition was stable, and they were most worried about the short-lived results of yesterday.

After all, although the results of Su Zhe’s physical test was okay, but compared to the long-term practice sprinters in the team, he didn’t have any advantage, but two years without training, but once ran at a sportsman’s performance standard, which made the long-term sprint coach Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe still a little uncertain.

While everyone was preparing, many of the crew members who were making preparations for the gymnastics team also turned their attention to this place.

Quite a few people didn’t see Su Zhe’s trial run with their own eyes yesterday, and today they saw a wave of Su Zhe’s news on the Internet, and at this moment, everyone wanted to know if Su Zhe arrived on the ground was really athletically gifted, or if he was just retreating to the sports world to muddle through.

When Su Zhe was warming up, someone quietly took videos, not just anyone else, but the staff in charge of publicity in the crew, and these contents were the material for future episodes of publicity.

By the time Su Zhe made his preparatory moves on the starter of the 100-meter track, there were already quite a few people gathered in the stands around the training ground, even Shao Xingchen and Li Cheng was among them.

People were discussing what kind of performance Su Zhe could actually run.


With a gunshot, Su Zhe quickly popped out of the starter and swept forward in a flash like lightning.

The slim figure in the red training uniform flew past in front of everyone’s eyes like a ball of fire, and everyone subconsciously held their breath, occasionally someone let out an oh sound laced with an exclamation.

“My god, this is too fast… is this the speed of a professional athlete?”

Someone in the stands screamed.

And the people around him couldn’t help but agree with that in their hearts.
  Su Zhe’s speed was like a whirlwind, and everyone felt that if he were to sweep by them right now, the wind he brought up would surely lift them.

The early ten seconds passed in a flash.

When they realized that Su Zhe had reached the finish line, everyone subconsciously looked at the slightly rudimentary electronic timer at the finish line.

“How many how many? How many seconds did he run?”

“Huh? 10.35? Does anyone know how this grade went? I remember all those whatever 100m records were 9:00+ seconds, isn’t that a bit common?”

There were also people who had taken special tuition in track and field competitions because of this light-by-light shoot, and they quickly shook their heads.

“This achievement is very good! My God, that’s already running in a national sportsman standard, and that’s a speed that, if it was any faster, would be an international sportsman!”

“Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun?”

“Doesn’t it? 10.3s is pretty much a sure thing for a tournament in Asia! And he’s just gotten back here, so it’s not like he has started his training again, right?”

Hearing this person’s statement, the surrounding crew was in an uproar, and Shao Xingchen’s eyes also flashed.

Li Cheng lamented on the side and boasted, “I didn’t think Su Zhe was so great, the previous two years in the entertainment industry were really a bit of a waste, eh, Xingchen, with Su Zhe in it, I’m sure if it will be able to make waves in the future, a certain track and field competition sprint champion is participating… Oh my, that will definitely be a hit! ”

There was a lot of chatting from the crew, and even more noise from the gymnasts.

“Fuck, what did I see? That kid ran a 10.35?!”

Only those who really practiced sports knew what the weight of this performance was.

The domestic sportsman level, the performance standard was 10.50, of course, it wasn’t that you could be declared a sportsman if you normally ran this score, you also had to run in an event that met the standard before you could, but running in this standard line meant that you already had the strength of a sportsman level.

Not to mention that Su Zhe ran a 10.35 today!

The track and field fans in the crew were right, this was the kind of performance that was expected to win a medal in a sprint event at the Asian level. If yesterday’s hand count of 10.43 wasn’t accurate enough, today’s electronic timing made it clear to everyone in the track and field team.
And it was only a day later, and Su Zhe had jumped from yesterday’s 10.43 to 10.35?!

Even if there was an error in hand timing, it was a better performance today than yesterday, and let’s not forget, he hadn’t even started formal training yet!

All the track and field team members looked at Su Zhe as if he was an immortal.

Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe looked at each other, then also quickly made up their minds to let Su Zhe try out the water at the Provincial Games next month.

Seeing the look in Su Yinsheng’s eyes, Zhao Changhe naturally understood the meaning, but then he looked at Su Zhe’s improved performance again and couldn’t help but touch his chin.

“Eh, I say, Old Su, with this performance, wouldn’t it be bullying for you to let Ah Zhe go to the Provincial Games?”

Su Yinsheng rolled his eyes when he heard this, “Competitive sports, it’s all about strength, what kind of bullying? Besides, Su Zhe is a guy whose results seem pretty stable right now, so who knows how his psychology is when he’s running? Provincial Games, let him try his guts too, it’s just right.”

In the middle of the conversation, Su Zhe suddenly heard a prompt, he distractedly looked into the system and found that the target mission had changed from “participate in an official competition” to “participate in the athletics sprint event of the Provincial Games of S Province and win the championship.”

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